YRs in Indianapolis–Congressman Thaddeus McCotter

At the 2009 Biannual Young Republican Convention in Indianapolis, I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter.



Thaddeus McCotter is a unique individual in politics for one reason that goes beyond politics. The man is simply hilarious. He could easily do stand-up comedy if called on to do so.

While most Congressmen are going on the Sunday morning talk shows, Congressman McCotter appears on “Redeye.” He even has a rock band, the “Second Amendments.” The guy is just funny.


He is very serious about his positions on issues. He was staunchly in favor of the Iraq war, and equally vocal against the stimulus bill. Yet he is able to communicate in an easy and lighthearted manner that went over well with the Young Republicans.

I would like to say that I heard every word of his speech, but the previous night’s carousing with other Young Republicans left me unable to write fast enough or process information accurately enough. Besides, who starts meetings at 9am on a Saturday anyway?

Ironically enough, Congressman McCotter addressed this very topic during his remarks. With that, I present some remarks from Congressman Thaddeus McCotter.

“Good morning. Some of you Young Republicans had a long night last night. I read about it in the newspaper.”

“Congressman Aaron Schock and Mike Pence are here this weekend. If they ask, tell them I said nice things about them.”

“The cap and tax bill is all about money. The proponents want to tax you, control your job, and regulate the weather.”

“In the 1970s it was global cooling. I was told every waking minute that I would freeze to death in the next ice age. Now it is global warming. My kids are being told that they will roast alive.”

“I told my dad that I was going to freeze to death in the coming ice age. He said, ‘Do what you want.’ We had a close relationship.”

“To prepare for the coming ice age, I tried to ride in the Iditarod. Unfortunately, my dog was too small.”

“I put a lot of miles on the tires when I was in Young Republicans.”

“Rights don’t come from government. These are not my revolutionary insights.”

“The alternative to God given rights is tyranny and anarchy.”

While the crowd was loving every minute of it, much of the day would be spent on procedural battles, parliamentary maneuvering, and political duels. Congressman McCotter recognized this. Politics is politics wherever one goes.

“I will take one more question and then I will let you get to your intercine warfare.”

A question was asked about the role of labor and business, given that Michigan has a strong union presence and a collapsing economy.

“Labor and business need an arbiter. I am not anti-labor. If you take away the unions, where will these people go? They will become disaffected, and be recruited by National Workers Parties and other left wing movements.”

After a standing ovation, I had the chance to meet Congressman McCotter. I asked if he was open to being interviewed by email, and he stated that he was. I met with his legislative aide, and look to present that interview in the coming weeks.

I did ask him one question, and he was, as always, quick with a quip. I wanted to know if he was open to having the detainees at Guantanamo Bay relocated to Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district. His response was great.

“That would be cruel and unusual punishment, even for terrorists.”

I would like to thank Congressman McCotter for being able to deal with serious issues without losing his sense of humor. While there was only one Great Communicator, Congressman Thaddeus McCotter is a very good one.


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  1. He doesn’t really say much, does he? ‘Rights come from God, Global Warming/Global Coooling,’ bla bla bla. Nothing of any substance at all. just hackneyed GOP talking points. And that comment, “Labor and business need an arbiter…” Really? Gee, what an original thought! Someone reallly needs to tell him that they already have that, and that arbitrartion, if anything, heavily favors business. And he’s pro-Iraq War – which unnecessarily helped to created the economic morass we’re in now, but he’s against the stimulus – which was absolutely necessary to help us out of that morass! What a genius! Talk about cognative dissonance!

    Enjoy being in the political miority for a looooooooooong time to come. You guys have really got to start thinking of some newer and smarter ideas. This pandering to the lowest common denominator is going to get you guys, or the rest of us, nowhere good.


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