Henry Waxman + Link Love Saturday

I normally put politics on the back burner on weekends. Despite the fact that I was the victim of political thuggery this past Thursday at a Henry Waxman function, the continuation of the story can wait until Monday.

For those just getting updated, Seth Horowitz, the General Manager f the Luxe Hotel and board member of the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, behaved toward me in a most abusive manner. He is hiding behind his lawyers and refusing to explain to me why he targeted me. I honestly do not know. He also accused me of trying to sue the Luxe Hotel.

This is a smokescreen. My beef is with him, not the institution. His boss is the owner of the hotel, and the owner’s executive assistant was very polite and friendly over the telephone.

I believe that it defies logic to assume that Mr. Horowitz acted in a hostile manner toward me for sport. Most likely, he was following instructions from the Waxman people. Simply put, while the official word is that they wanted to target potential problem causers, it seems that they were targeting any registered Republican at their event.

My goal is not to destroy Congressman Waxman. I disagree with him on issues, but he is my opponent, not my enemy. If my investigation exonerates him, I will loudly declare him innocent of wrongdoing. Maybe overzealous members of his staff acted without his knowledge. My goal is simply to get to the truth.

For those who have deluged me with support, I offer thanks. For those that have offered to deluge the Luxe Hotel and Congressman Waxman’s office with phone calls and letters, I implore you all to be polite.

Anger will have a boomerang effect. The goal is not to rip people to shreds. It is to solve a problem. Be courteous, and get your point across.

As for Seth Horowitz, I guess that is why God created Yom Kippur. He has plenty of apologizing to do, and I hope he has the guts to apologize privately to God rather than hide behind lawyers on that end as well.

Anyway, Monday will be here soon enough. Today is a football Saturday. The Oakland Raiders play the New Orleans Saints. More importantly, my football team “Slamathon” has a critical game on the road to the playoffs. I have my game face on. Time to get mad dog mean. Sunday will be a day of recovery physically, and hopefully a day to blog about Raiders and Slamathon victories.

With that, I leave you with some links and events around the country.

Matt Drunk at the Drunk Report. Mr. Drudge has some competition.


The Constitutional Crawfish


Lighthouse Patriot Journal


Stix 1972


Andrew Ian Dodge combines heavy politics with heavy metal music.


The public diplomacy can be improved here.


Paul Elam just became the editor in chief at Men’s News Daily.


Saturday, August 29—Ari David for Congress event at the Casting Office in Studio City at 8pm.


Sunday, August 30—Celebrate Freedom America in Redondo Beach.


Tuesday, September 1—Monthly meeting of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club. Dick McDonald of Rise Up America will be speaking.


Wednesday, September 2—Hollywood Congress of Republicans in Burbank.


Wednesday, September 2—The Westside Republicans will be protesting outside Dianne Feinstein’s Los Angeles office at 11111 Santa Monica Blvd. at 6pm to counter a protest by Moveon.org. Contact Daphne Turban for details.


Thursday, September 10—I will be speaking to the Tri-Valley Peninsula Women’s Republican Federated Chapter in Alameda County near Oakland. The exact venue is Cattlemens in Livermore.


September 10 through November 19—Bruce Herschensohn will be lecturing on Thursday nights on foreign policy, starting at 6:00 P. M. sharp, at Pepperdine School of Public Policy.

Saturday, September 12—Rally at the Federal Building in Westwood.

Sunday, September 13, 10am—NFL Sunday Kickoff. http://www.nfl.com

Sunday, November 13, 5pm—Chabad Telethon. http://www.chabad.com

Monday, September 14—Norman Podhoretz will be speaking at the Skirball Center. Details to follow.

Wednesday, September 16—I will be speaking to the Long Beach Republican Women’s Federated at their monthly luncheon. Please contact Helene Belisle for details.


September 25-27—The California GOP State Convention in Indian Wells. Details to follow.

Wednesday, October 14—RJC Leadership Meeting in Washington, DC.

Friday, October 16—I will be speaking to the Conejo Valley Republican Women’s Federated at an 11:30am luncheon. Please contact Dianne Alexander for details.

Thursday, October 22– I will be speaking to the Diamond Bar Republican Women’s Federated at an evening cocktail party. Please contact Tricia Bowler for details.

Friday, October 23—I will be speaking to the Palm Springs Republican Women’s Federated at an evening dinner. Please contact Sharon McCabe for details.

Saturday, October 31—I will be Emceeing the Ari David Halloween Event.

Tuesday, November 3—I will be speaking at the San Fernando Valley Republican Club. Contact Gary Aminoff for details. My friend Larry Greenfield lit up the group recently.


November 13-15—I will be speaking at the Texas Republican Women’s Federated State Convention.


Saturday, January 9, 2010—I will be speaking on my birthday to the American River (Near Sacramento) Republican Women’s Federated at their monthly luncheon. Please contact Bonnie Williams for details. Their guest on September 19, 2009 is Bill Simon.


March, 2010—I will be speaking at the California Republican Assembly (CRA) Convention. Details to follow.

Now for a relaxing weekend, where I can enjoy God given gifts such as freedom and liberty. After all, this is still America, despite what a certain thug at the Luxe Hotel may think.


7 Responses to “Henry Waxman + Link Love Saturday”

  1. FYI: I just picked up a trojan horse from your site. Looks like someone’s out to get ya’, Tygrrrr. I cleaned it out, but I’m still stuck with a trace. I’ll fix it later, but I want to wait. I want to catch the s.o.b.. And I will and I will post my findings here. They f’d with the wrong guy.

    Inform your blog service.

    Man, I hate this $#!+. I’ve been attacked from the Right, and I hated it. When I see this $#!+ coming from the “Left,” it really disappoints me. But when it happens, it happens. I don’t care who’s doing it – it stinks and the perpetrators should be ashamed of themselves.


  2. blacktygrrrr says:

    A trojan horse from my site?

    Who did this?

    I do everything I can to keep the bad guys out.

    How terrible. I hope this person gets caught.


  3. Dav Lev says:

    I would not bother to call the hotel. However, writing the owner (or manager) is okay, as long as it contains the message that as of now, unless an apology is forthcoming to Eric, I will not stay at that place or
    use it’s facilities.

    It’s like boycotting the LA Times. I received an email requesting I write
    the paper about an op-ed they had written by Neve Gordon an Israeli peace now type. He criticized Israel’s Palestinian policies publicly and advocated
    the two state solution, as defined by the Arabs (which Israel has
    not accepted) for peace.

    Whether thousands of emails will accomplish anything is another question,
    but it was worth the try.

    There is a movement to boycott Israel that is spreading throughout the world, even though Israel has been in discussions for years..and
    is still trying to reach out to Abbas (Fatah). Fatah has created pre-conditions for any talk..something our own President refuses to do
    with at least 5 dictators.

    As I have suggested previously, I would let this thing at the hotel
    be but a memory.

  4. Micky 2 says:

    yeah I’d be really scared if a horse wearing a condom came into my place.
    that would mean he’d broke in earlier and stole one of mine

  5. Micky 2 says:

    I think I’ll send some of my ole L.A. buddies over to the Luxe for cocktails.
    Big hair with a$$less chaps and everything

  6. I haven’t been able to find the source yet, but I did manage to get it out. I’ll let you guys know if I figure out where it came from. It’s difficult to do, though, even for me, and I’m pretty good at this stuff.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    you trying to hunt down an IP location ?

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