Worse than Henry Waxman

Yesterday I went to a health care “forum” featuring Henry Waxman that was definitely not a townhall. The event was a sham on so many levels, and I will deal with that soon enough.

However, an event occurred at the event that was absolutely chilling. I want to make it crystal clear at the very beginning that I have no evidence that Congressman Waxman was responsible for this negative incident, nor am I stating with certainty that he was.

My motives for attending this function were to have a story to blog about. My dream scenario would be Congressman Waxman putting his foot in his mouth, and giving me ammunition. He obliged. However, what I will not do is make up a story. I am not Dan Rather, Mary Mapes, or the Jayson Blair Times. My integrity supercedes the story. It is for that reason that when I do my recap of the event, I will mention some positive occurrences, including Mr. Waxman’s politeness toward me personally.

What I will never do is act in an unruly manner. My life is dedicated toward trying to force the left into being more civilized in terms of their discourse. Therefore, I am very mindful of my discourse. I will never hold offensive signs, shout hateful epithets, or engage in any other behavior.

This event was a luncheon at the Luxe hotel in Brentwood. The event was kept secret, and tickets cost $50. Supporters of Mr. Waxman were given preferential treatment. This was a tightly controlled campaign rally, not a real townhall. However, my main criticism involved a thug that works for the Luxe Hotel.

I have been to this hotel several times. The functions I attended probably featured more Republicans than Democrats, but they were non-partisan events. Many of these events are Pro-Israel events, which simply is a bigger issue in terms of passion among conservatives. However, I do not think I have ever attended an overtly political event there. I did sleep at the hotel once, because I had a coupon for a free night. It was a pleasant stay (obvious reasons–redacted), and I would have stayed there again had the hotel not been five minutes from my home.

Normally people just drive up, with no issues. This time, a pair of men stopped me as I pulled up. They asked what I was coming to the hotel for. I explained to them that I was there to see the Congressman, and gave them my name. They saw I was on the list, and let me through. I figured that was it.

I took my Republican Jewish Coalition tote bag, emptied the contents, and put them in my National Football League tote bag. This was before I exited my car.I simply wanted to avoid controversy. I entered the luncheon room, began to eat my salad, and was then accosted by a Vice President of the Hotel, Seth Horowitz.

I have never met Seth Horowitz before. Yet he claimed to know me. He told me that he knew who I was, and that if I had any intention of making a disturbance, I should leave immediately.

I was stunned by this. I was using my fork correctly. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about, and he emphasized that he wanted to make sure I did not cause any problems.

This was mind boggling to me. There is nothing in my background to suggest I would do anything improper.

He actually threatened me, and if I was anything other than a white male, I would probably have a pretty decent civil rights claim. He told me that he would refund my money if I wanted, and that if I was not satisfied, he could have the police escort me out.

I asked him flat out why he was even approaching me. He would not say. In fact, he kept saying over and over that he did explain it to me, but all he did was repeatedly say that he wanted to avoid problems.

(Only after insisting that I was there for peaceful purposes did he leave me alone.)

I never got an answer to a basic fundamental question.

Why did he think I would be a problem? What behavior triggered his reaction?

For those wondering why this matters, think about some basic things.

Everybody who registered for this event gave their name. This Seth Horowitz fellow, based on something, “knew about me.”

What did he know? Were guests investigated? Did the Valet people see the political tote bag, which I carefully turned around before giving them my car?

If somebody were to google my name, it would take them several pages to find something. A jazz musician who plays saxophone and lives in San Francisco gets most of the attention. I am fine with this. So to find something about me would take some serious time and effort.

More importantly, was this mere overzealousness by a hotel employee making sure his esteemed guest was happy? If so, why all the secrecy and evasiveness by Mr. Horowitz? He did not seem to be harassing most people, and was beyond rude. Another Republican in the room had somebody looking over his shoulder the entire time, checking out what the fellow was doing with his Blackberry.

For those who think I am being paranoid, explain to me how an unassuming guy minding his own business can be targeted without explanation.

Mr. Horowitz was willing to have me “taken care of,” which could mean anything from being asked to leave to something more violent. He is a physically imposing guy, and got right in my face. This was assault.

I cannot imagine that Mr. Horowitz acted alone. Either Mr. Horowitz acted on direct orders, or he is a liberal activist. Yet how would he know my views?

I am going to repeat over and over again that I have never at any time in my life engaged in any political behavior that could be considered dangerous or threatening to anyone. My conversations with Congressman Waxman were cordial. He is my opponent, not my enemy.

Seth Horowitz might be the second coming of Rahm Emanuel, at least from a tactical standpoint.

As for why he did what he did, he will not say.

I want answers. Why was I targeted? What did he mean when he said that he “knew about me?” What does that mean? Whatever he “found out,” through what means did he find out?

I have never given a political speech at the Luxe Hotel. None of my political speeches have ever been videotaped. I have never had an event occur at the Luxe Hotel that would be considered remotely controversial.

This was not a random targeting. This man had a beef with me, and is not offering an explanation.

Seth Horowitz is a bully on a power trip. The only thing bullies respect is force. I will be contacting every organization I have friends with, and plead with them to boycott the Luxe Hotel.

I want answers. This is America. Every citizen has the right to peacefully assemble.

Congress Waxman’s people may have had nothing to do with this, but that theory defies logic.

The whole situation stinks to high heaven.

Seth Horowitz must be held accountable for his behavior.

Otherwise, when he targets you, I will not be there to speak up.


Update: Seth Horowitz of the Luxe Hotel just called me and was very belligerent. He insisted that Congressman Waxman did not give the order to target me. When I asked if Congressman Waxman’s people gave the order, he clammed up. He said he did it based on my behavior. I asked him “what behavior?” He would not answer. He is hiding behind his lawyers, after accusing me of trying to sue the hotel.

I called back and emphasized to the very pleasant woman in the Executive Suite offices that I had zero interest in suing the hotel. I simply want an apology and an explanation. I also called Waxman’s office to find out more. While I suspect he may have an overzealous staffer or two, I do not have any evidence at this time that Congressman Waxman was directly involved.


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  1. Micky 2 says:

    “I was stunned by this. I was using my fork correctly”

    That caught me off guard, funny.

    “If somebody were to google my name, it would take them several pages to find something. ”

    Would it not steer them to your blog ?, Your book ?

    “am going to repeat over and over again that I have never at any time in my life engaged in any political behavior that could be considered dangerous or threatening to anyone. ”

    Yeah, but you must understand by now that liberals love to take confrontation as a national security threat

    If it were me I would of asked him if there’d been any recent salmonella outbreaks in his food service dept.

  2. Huh. Maybe they read that post your wrote about Teddy kennedy yesterday. It was way over-the-top.

    I guess there’s just been so much vitriol and crazy talk, people showing up at public events brandishing firearms, Hitler and Stalin references flying around, and so forth. I guess people are just tense. It’s a shame that the civil people end up getting lumped in with the fringe loonies. But that will happen. I’m sure it’s happened to many a liberal at a conservative luncheon.


  3. blacktygrrrr says:


    Seth Horowitz of the Luxe Hotel just called me and was very belligerent. He insisted that Congressman Waxman did not give the order to target me. When I asked if Congressman Waxman’s people gave the order, he clammed up. He said he did it based on my behavior. I asked him “what behavior?” He would not answer. He is hiding behind his lawyers.

    He accused me of preparing a lawsuit against the hotel. I let a very pleasant woman in the Executive Suite know that I had zero interest in suing the hotel. All I want is an apology and an explanation, nothing more.

    I also placed a call to the Waxman local office for the woman who was at the event with him. I am giving them time to deny any involvement. I am still not claiming they were responsible, but I am beginning to think the Congressman has an overzealous staffer or two.

    eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

  4. aminoff says:

    Eric, While I am not certain that this is what happened, I suspect this is the likely scenario. You had to pre-register. I am sure that Waxman’s staff did a background check on the names of those pre-registering. I suspect that they gave the names of Republicans, or more particularly, Republican activists, to the hotel and told them to have their security watch for potential troublemakers (that means anyone who registers Republican).

    There was no excuse for that treatment, however. I would send a letter to Uri Harkham who owns the hotel and let him know what outrageous behavior one of his employees exhibited. I would also send a personal letter to Waxman letting him know what happened.

    I have often said that the Democratic Party is run like a mob.

  5. Did he say anything else?


  6. Toma says:

    Mick is right eric, the Dems, Waxman people etc, apparently read your blog. You are on a “list”. Call the list what you will enemy list, terrorist list, “fishy” comments list. The Dems have a dosier on people (of consequience) who oppose their agenda. But the list is growing rapidly and I feel they will have some difficulty keeping up with the opposition.

    Americans are afraid of Obama and his Dems. Americans are becoming aware of their intentions and strongly oppose this cadre of usurpers.

    Monday last the wife and I were sitting under the live oak in the back yard having coffee and enjoying the morning. I looked through the garage and watched a black 4-wheel drive chevy pick-up truck rumble up the drive way. Two young men in camaflage, looking some what military, piled out of the truck. I recognized the driver as our grandson and went out to meet him and his friend. They had been on a weekend hunting trip on the river west of town and stopped by for breakfast on their way home. Grandma’s house is known as the best place in the area to eat. They related their adventures during the hunt and we had a good visit.

    After the boys had gone Grandma said. “The kids startled me at first. I did not recognize them and my first thought was ‘My God what has Grandpa written now. They’ve come for him.'”

    We had a laugh. But, that thought was very important. You can call it paranoid if you want. I call being aware that America is in danger and the bunch trying to run things are dangerous.

    Be aware we are in danger.


  7. Dav Lev says:

    One day at work, I had a confrontation with a fellow employee who happened to be black. He was a devotee of L. Farrakhan.

    I had loaned him a book, “The Torah” about one year prior. He was
    interested in it’s contents, (the book was a shortened version of the actual bible).

    After repeated attempts to get it back, I sort of gave up.
    This time I was insistent that he return it.

    He said, you have pulled my chain for the last time.
    I said, let’s discuss this away from the office.

    As we started walking, he started taking off his jacket, and opened
    his shirt.

    He was obviously ready to do battle.

    Smartly I continued walking (away) and another employee, seeing
    the incident and knowing him, grabbed him from behind..and pulled him away.

    I was advised to report it to my superiors. I did.
    I also reported it to security. They said, “we do not have jurisdiction
    over this”. Jurisdiction?

    I let it go.

    Afterwards my boss said, ” witnesses saw you walk up to him, in a confrontational manner”. “Had there been a fight, both of you would have been fired”.

    I knew the cards were stacked against me from the get go. I still think
    this was a set up..the co-worker, and superiors.

    My doing nothing, probably saved my job.

    To Eric: sometimes it’s better to just let things go. Get it!

    There are far more important things to be worried over than this
    minor incident wherein there were no blows exchanged..just hurt feelings.

    Everyone in public life..you included, make yourself a target. It
    goes with the territory.

    I mean, the Kennedys, king, and so many others who are conversial
    are targets for someone.

    It goes with the territory.

    My advice..leave it alone. In the end, you will suffer more.

    There are so few admitted Jews in Republican politics..we cannot
    afford these incidents.

    Sooner or later the truth comes out. Obama’s perpective on
    what is good for America, essentially a socialistic state, is
    becoming more apparent as the months go by.

    In end, I do have faith in American smarts..but sometimes
    we need a good blow to wake US up.

    9 trillion in debt, socialized medicine, a foreign policy
    which applauds dictators (while their people are being tortured
    and otherwise abused), will undue the CHANGE BROUGHT BY THIS

    Anyone read the LA Times yesterday. Some nitwit writes a public
    screed criticizing Obama’s adminitration for NOT promoting a single
    payer system vigorously enough letting down 66m voters.

    This is our enemy., the gullible, naive, fantasy believers..and
    people who see Obama as the new Messiah.

    BTW, the Messiah will be an ordinary citizen..heralding in the Messianic age (hardly our current situation).

  8. Are you guys for real? Toma thinks the balck helicopters are coming for his grandpa, Dan thinks people believe Obama is the next Messiah and that he applauds dictators, all of you seem to think the Dems are somehow any better wor worse than the GOPers when it comes to misbehavior… You guys are soooooo gullibly partisan.


  9. blacktygrrrr says:

    This is not a liberal or conservative issue.

    This is about a private citizen being harassed not for any actions I have ever taken, but because somebody thinks and feels that I think and feel a certain way. This issue is about a Congressman who may be abusing his power, who may have staff members abusing their power, or may not be doing so.

    This is a legitimate investigation. If a conservative Congressman was caught doing this to liberals, it would be equally legitimate.

    This is about freedom from persecution for merely disagreeing with a powerful person.

    Liberals are constantly talking about civil liberties, well this is a civil liberties issue. Unlike a hypothetical one with no named aggrieved person, this involves a real set of people being injured.


  10. Micky 2 says:

    “This is not a liberal or conservative issue.”

    Unfortunately there seems to be a lot more of this going on lately than usual
    I agree with you to some extent as its a professional issue in the way the staff was treating a patron thereby limiting your basic rights.
    It shouldnt make a difference what you were there for, having a cocktail or waiting for an event to start, the mans approach was unhospitable to say the least.
    Thats why I said go public with a statement against the hotel. And if the media wants to take it as far as suggesting anyone on Waxmans staff had anything to with it, and it turns out to be true, you’ll of killed two birds with one stone.
    More and more today were seeing conservatives who have anything to bring to a forum being categorized and labeled ahead of time as trouble makers, rabel rousers, plants sent by conservative operatives.
    The town halls, the resurgence of the tea party recently they’re all getting nailed from some direction, hell… I’ll bet Napolitano has a picture of you on her cars visor.

    Maybe you’re a Manchurian candidate ?

  11. Does any of this sound a little familiar to any of you guys by any chance?

    Our good host is absolutely correct, without a doubt, if what he’s saying is true, and I trust that it is. But when he talks about “hypothetical(s)” he forgets that hypotheticals sometimes come true. We liberals warned you guys about authoritarianism when the GOP was doing it, and one of our familiar refrains was to ask you, “How will you feel when these powers fall into the Democrats’ hands?” To wit, you all were without answer.

    Well, here ya’ go.

    Enjoy the fruits of your political labor.

    Just the same, I hope our good host does make something of this, contrary to Dan’s rather bleak and cynical advice. If our good host was “profiled,” so to speak, then I hope he brings it to the public attention beyond this blog.


  12. Micky 2 says:

    “You guys are soooooo gullibly partisan.”

    Not really Jersey.
    You guys are the party of art, expression, exuberance and emotion.
    You guys play the emotion card 1 to 10 against us. You wail on things from an emotional point of view and with that comes expressions that are not based on logic but rather extreme behavior sometimes.
    Outside of politics its you guys who are always doing the radical things so why would that change once you enter a political arena ?
    You’re the guys who are making spectacles and always talking things just a notch higher so as to break normal expectations thereby guaranteeing shock.
    You’re the ones that protest more often, make the most noise in more different ways. That same level of creativity is applied to your conduct in whats supposed to be professional forums also. Chasing people off stage, holding the most conspiracy theories.
    Did you know that most alien abducties are liberals ? Liberals see a shrink twice as much as a conservative ?

    Dan Lev.
    People have to stop taking crap.
    This world has just gotten to centered on letting things blow over, or hoping they will. Something like this needs to be confronted, especially if its found to be political.
    I let things go when the person is obviously stupid or menatally short changed. But if they’re of clear mind and they consciously do something like this to me the sh*t hits the fan.
    Once we start letting our rights be infringed upon in what seems like itty bitty ways and those doing the infringing think they can get away with it, well, we all know what happens then.

  13. Micky 2 says:

    “Well, here ya’ go.

    Enjoy the fruits of your political labor.”

    Oh puleeeeeeese stop with the drama. This kind of behavior has always been a part of the liberal doctrine with or without conservatives.

    I have a rash in my butt from my radiation so please dont make me laugh anymore

  14. rudemarc87 says:

    Right on Eric it just shows how powerful your voice is and the left is afraid of the facts. The more everyday joe shmoe bring these issues up in public forums the better. I think you were treated this way because of your jewishness not really because as much as because of your republicaness. I find it interesting that you call your self a white male to me thats an anomaly. To each their own but I think Dav Lev is right you cant get through to these people they have are truly ideologically bigoted and youre calling them on it. What ever course of action you take good luck.

  15. Rudemarc, I am of the “left” and I have no fear of fact. If you, and Dan, can’t fight fact then perhaps you’re just plain wrong.

    Micky, I’m with you. If Eric was abused, he should fight back, whether I agree with his position or not.


  16. Cooper says:

    Of COURSE Waxman via his “people” had everything to do with this. Wondering “IF” he/they did or not is like wondering why ocean waves break upon you on a shore — it’s the ocean, those are it’s waves, you’re standing where the ocean goes, thus, you get the waves.

    Like all Republicans (any of us who blogs, especially, and otherwise maintains any media profile to any degree), you’ve been “listed” — these Leftwing Congresspersons (Waxman is undoubtedly among those most Leftwing, and most untrustworthy accordingly as to recognizing rights for those he politically targets, which means, Republicans) — and thus, whenever you show up at any media event in which Waxman (and others like him) appear, the “list” is targeted for severe harassment if not banning altogether (prevented from even attending).

    I use the term, “list,” here as short-hand to represent all of us not among the current Democrats, mostly all Republicans who maintain any media presence. Waxman’s a bad man. And this thug from the Luxe Hotel is bad, too.

  17. Cooper says:

    But I’d never underestimate Waxman’s (OR his associates) ability and intent to harass American citizens once targeted. Waxman has existed within a small but opiated bubble for a long time now and it’s that which has made his offensive, long-standing presence in Congress possible. So they’re adverse to anything and anyone that or who they think may just not support the ongoing presence of that opiated bubble.

  18. Cooper, if you think Republicans don’t do this same sort of sleazy nonsense, then you are one heck of a partisan dupe. “Listing,” checking up on people, whatever, is an ubiquitious bipartisan activity.

    Also, you do all have to understand something here – there’s been a lot of over-the-top, hyperbolic, almost violent and racist rhetoric spewing around out there these days. Any politician, especially a famous one like Waxman, HAS to check up on people who show up at their events. It’s just good sense.

    The problem I have here with what happened to Eric is that Eric happens to be a well-known blogger and his reputation is of a person who prides himself in civility and civil discourse (though I really wish he hadn’t written that diatribe about Teddy Kennedy – that was most definitely NOT civil). His whole blogger idium centers around what he calls “ideological bigotry,” that is, the irrational, automatic bias against people of different political philsophies. Granted he seems to think the left is somehow more guilty of this than the Right, and with that I disagree, but the point here is that if Waxman’s people, or the Luxe’s people, did check up on Eric, they would discover that a troublemaker he most certainly is NOT. And that’s what makes this whole episode more than a little disappointing and troubling.


  19. Cooper says:

    Interesting attempt to change the subject, Jersey McJones, but Waxman’s a Democrat and I was speaking about Waxman and Democrats. Not about Republicans.

    And from the information eric has provided, eric wasn’t attending or attempting to attend a Republican event, but a Waxman/Democratic one, and attempting to attend peacefully at that.

  20. heigold1 says:

    CREEPY Eric.

    Very sorry to hear.

    All you can do is humble yourself, and present your case.

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