Obama’s Birth Certificate–The story behind the non-story

I have said that the controversy over President Obama’s birth certificate is a complete non-story. The story itself is a non-story, which is why I have not covered it.

However, an interesting angle was presented by Bernie Goldberg that I had not pondered.

As some people know, I recently added Bernie Goldberg to the Wall Street Journal/Charles Krauthammer Index of intellectual titans. When he speaks, I pay attention.

He pointed out that while the story was a non-story, beneath the non-story was a story.

For those who are already confused, let me channel Mr. Goldberg and straighten out the mess.

A very infantecimal fringe group in America are trying to prove that President Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. These conspiracy theorists want to prove that President Obama is not a natural born citizen, and therefore disqualified from being President of the United States.

No serious conservative has any interest in this story.

No major conservative or Republican politician or media personality has any use for this story. Bill O’Reilly, no liberal himself, has been fiercely defending President Obama with regards to this issue. O’Reilly has also been sharply critical of those pursuing the birth certificate non-story.

I have personally stated that this birth certificate situation is incredibly unimportant. The evidence was presented that he was born in Hawaii, and that is good enough.

If Barack Obama were to have illegally been elected, does anybody in their right mind think that the electoin would be overturned? Out of the question. The Democratic Party would have a scandal, and would perhaps be decimated in subsequent elections. Yet to overturn an election on a technicality, even one caused by President Obama, would not happen. There would be riots in the streets.

The bottom line is that nothing can change the fact that President Obama won the Electoral College.

What intelligent and realistic conservatives should do is fight the president when he is wrong in the political arena. We should debate policy, and only policy.

So if the birth certificate issue is a non-story, why is it all over the news?

Because liberals love this story.

Liberals are eating, sleeping, breathing, and celebrating this story.

The reason for this is simple. Liberals cannot succeed on their own. They need to destroy conservatives. Every conservative must be labeled either evil, or a complete imbecile.

Liberals have control of the White House and Congress, and they can’t govern. Their health care plan is collapsing under the weight of intercine liberal fighting combined with a genuine populist uprising. Attempts to paint the protesters as lunatics is failing.

Yet the birth certificate fighters make perfect patsies. To portray them as wild eyed conspiracy nuts is easier than demonizing a 75 year old woman in a wheelchair concerned about losing her Medicare.

By linking mainstream conservatives like myself to the fringes, a weapon of mass distraction goes unchallenged.

On a daily basis, the Pelosiraptor and other liberals are labeling people like me as Un-American. Liberals constantly cry about how their patriotism is being challenged, when the truth is that it is the left that deep hostility toward the right. I don’t question the patriotism of liberals. They don’t hesitate to question mine.

What the birth certificate non-story should show if truthfully told is that conservatives disavow their fringe elements. I have repeatedly stated that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

The left lets their lunatics run wild. They smear. They destroy. They bully. They refer to senior citizens at town hall meetings as angry mobs, when it is the left that worships at the alter of Saul Alinsky. Our President is a community organizer, and he is getting a taste of his own medicine. The only difference is that these seniors are fighting for their country. They see the president as stealing from them and their children what Americans hold dear.

President Obama has never shown any desire to organize anything for any other reason than his own advancement.

This is not a crime. He played hardball, and played it better than anybody else in 2008. This is legal. Anybody that gets in his way gets destroyed. Politics aint beanbag.

Yet it is one thing to destroy a poltiical opponent. It is another to destroy millions of innocent citizens.

This is not to say that the president is evil. He just has a vision of America from a policy standpoint that threatens many Americans. The left cam argue that these fears are unfounded, but that does not matter. Fear is a human emotion. Rather than address concerns, liberals in power are trying to steamroll over them.

The President believes that his health care vision is the right way to go. I don’t. Yet that difference is what we should be focusing on. Liberals need to stop elevating a non-story to drown out the real story, which is that once again, they have shown their inability to stand for anything that will benefit this country.

Barack Obama was born in this nation, and the story should die in this nation, along with his health care plan.


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  1. I understand what you’re saying here, and it has some merit (though your reaction is a bit contradictory…). Yes, the Dems are taking the example of this fringe element and trying to paint all Republicans and Conservatives with that loony brush. On the other hand, many prominent Republicans and Conservatives have been on board with this lunatic fringe – and not just regarding the “Birther” theory.

    Here’s a few prominent Republicans and Conservatives who either implicitly or directly support of promote the “Birther” theory…

    From the congress:

    Tom Coburn
    Richard Shelby
    Roy Blunt
    William Posey
    John Carter
    John Culberson
    Randy Neugebauer
    Ted Poe
    John Campbell
    Bob Goodlatte
    Dan Burton
    Marsha Blackburn
    Kenny Marchant
    Louie Gohmert

    From elsewhere:

    Sean Hannity
    Alan Keyes
    Col. Gregory Hollister
    Michael Savage

    And on and on and on…

    Worse still, according to this poll ( http://www.politico.com/blogs/glennthrush/0709/58_of_GOP_not_suredont_beleive_Obama_born_in_US.html?showall ) “A whopping 58 percent of Republicans either think Barack Obama wasn’t born in the US (28 percent) or aren’t sure (30 percent). A mere 42 percent think he was.”

    So, you see, it’s not really just a fringe belief. It proves something I’ve been warning Republicans about for years: your courting of the rightwing hicks is coming back to haunt you.

    And it’s not just this “issue.” It’s all these whack-job “issues.” Obama’s “loyalty” to the United States. Obama is a “secret Muslim.” Obama is “anti-Israel.” Obama will “euthanize your grandmother.” Obama is “raising taxes on the middle class.” Obama is “undermining the Constitution.” Obama is a “socialist” (re: Soviet Communist). Obama’s coming to “take your guns away.” And so forth and so on. The GOP has contracted to a base of lunatic fringe, disaffected, angry white hicks. You guys have got to elevate your discourse. You’re trying to do it here, but fail as soon as you debase yourself with such fringe-pandering rhetoric as “It is another to destroy millions of innocent citizens.” What the heck is that??? That is the stuff of the lunatic fringe itself.

    Worse yet, you seriously misinformed about a few points, which does not help to enlighten your fellow conservatives. Like here: “Their health care plan is collapsing under the weight of intercine liberal fighting combined with a genuine populist uprising. Attempts to paint the protesters as lunatics is failing.” You know it isn’t “liberals” who are fighting with each other. Liberals agree we need serious and dramatic reform. The internycene fighting is between liberals and moderates/conservatives, with the latter having their campaign bribes “donations” at stake. And the ingenuity of the of the “populist uprising” has long been proven, but it’s effects only prove what you also said – that “Fear is a human emotion.” No group in America employs fear tactics to more avail than Conservatives. It boggles the mind how many trillions of dollars the taxpayers have laid out, how many of our rights we’ve sheepishly surrendered, how many greedy, crooked politicians we’ve elected, all to assuage the fear manufactured by the right over the years.

    Me thinks you’re throwing rocks from your glass house again…


  2. Oops – I didn’t mean ingenuity (though it is a brilliant strategy, as evil as I find it) – I meant disingenuousness.


  3. Dav Lev says:

    I agree with Eric completely. Since Obama’s election, I have received
    numerous emails which allege that he was not born in the USA, and therefore the election should be annuled.

    Eric brings up a good point. Even if proven, the country would never
    go through the trama of dislodging a President as popular as Obama.

    I mean, the first black (in fact mulatto) person who became President
    having his Presidency overthrown.

    The Republicans tried to end Bill Clinton’s career..and got mud on their faces, even though Clinton did embarass the heck out of this country.

    Clinton, like Obama, was a popular President, faults and all., and he had

    Look, fellow thousands of those who come to this website, and applaud
    Eric’s take on things, we all have a mission, to survive another 3.5 years of the worst Presidency ever., ranking below the 10 Presidents (including
    Jimmy Peanut Brain) Carter).

    Speaking of Carter, this guy never quits. He has nothing bad to say about
    the Palestinians and their causes..and virtually nothing good about the people who defeated the Palestinian guerrillas (and army) in 67, and 73, and are simply trying to preserve their little democratic state.

    Dont we all remember Al Fatah..and the damage they inflicted and tried
    to inflict on the Israelites?

    How soon we forget.

    Obama and Carter, two peas in a rotten pod., both completely
    without any clue as to what is going on.

    For 2 years, I tried convincing several “liberal” friends of mine
    about the perfidy of Obama, and his advisers, mainly Rahm and
    Axelrod, (but not precluded to them). Rahm is a liberal rough house
    big mouth politician and Axelrod a smooth talking advertising man.

    Together, and with others, and a little bad economy under Bush and
    2 years worth of Democratic majorities…they fooled the minorities,
    and youth, into voting Obama in.

    Thank God for the Blue Dog Democrats..who I’m sure Obama will
    try to arm twist over his outrageous health cure for the USA (see Obama
    now on the road).

    I live in the Southland..(California). After the Yes on Prop 8, there were
    nightly demonstrations throughout areas of the city., which paled in
    comparison the town meetings which Obama and Pelosi are so against.

    There are 2% (approx) gay people in California (out of 38m). Yet they
    make it appear they are 25% or more. They just don’t get it.
    Most civilized people do not want same sex marriages. They want
    their children to jump into bed with them on Sunday mornings…before going to church..w/o the trama of seeing two people with the same genitals. They want parent-teacher day to be between teachers and
    parents, of both sexes.

    I am not gay bashing. I love gays..from a distance. (I have
    met gays who subsequently died of aids..and many did). So Hashem
    ultimately got his way. Moses wasn’t wrong.

    I want my children and their children to play with dolls (girls) and cap pistols (boys) the way I did, many years ago. I don’t want my sons to
    fondle boy dolls. Get it!

    Give Obama credit, he still hasn’t made any decisions about that group
    who voted for his idea of CHANGE., as with most other things. (Like

    3.5 years from now, I wonder just what kind of country we will have,
    if the liberals continue their march to the sea..from the Atlantic
    to the Pacific.

    Hey guys, have you read about Obama’s cap and trade? The LA Times
    reported about a coal plant, which will be using a special process to
    separate chemicals..at a huge cost to the consumer AND plant.
    But don’t fret, Waxman (H) is pushing a payment to the coal companies
    to negate the additional cost of the process.

    Maybe he will also give the Chinese a stipend?

    Back to the subject of this article…Obama’s claim to be born
    in the US of A. Is that why his people are hiding the rest of the story?

    This is a dead issue. I agree with Eric. But health care..and the socialization thereof, is NOT.

    I would tell those who want a single payer system..when your doc
    tells you you might need to be placed on a breathing tube, or perhaps
    need a trach…to survive longer, or while other support systems are
    being considered, ask a bureaucrat about the efficiency or effectiveness
    or cost related matters, first. Remember how that govt employee got his (her) job..through affirmative action. Oh boy!

    Folks, next time you are treated at an HMO, and the technician cannot
    speak English, (perhaps Pakistani), think about a gov’t run plan, where
    applicants (from abroad) will NOT be investigated for their credentials.

  4. Dan, you can’t just help yourself, huh? this is exactly why we Liberals are questioning conservatives’ sanity right now…

    “Even if proven, the country would never go through the trama of dislodging a President as popular as Obama.”

    Even if proven??? The facts are indisputable. HE WAS BORN HERE. He had a passport – years and years ago. You had to have a BIRTH CERTIFICATE TO GET THAT. What? Do you think his mother had the political sway to phony up a birth certficiate 40 years ago so Obama could get his passport??? You guys are UNBELIEVABLY INSANE.

    “The Republicans tried to end Bill Clinton’s career..and got mud on their faces, even though Clinton did embarass the heck out of this country.”

    Embarrass this country??? Clinton is hugely popular abroad! Much, much, much, much, much, much, much more popular than GWB! The IMPEACHMENT is what “emabarrassed this country,” NOT Bill Clinton! Ask any foreigner! I know. I worked with foreigners for many, many years. they mostly thought you conservatives were acting like lunatics over the Clinton affair!

    “Most civilized people do not want same sex marriages.”

    Civilized? No. Common? Yes. But this gets to a real “weapon of mass distraction.” God, gays and guns – the unholy Trinity of Conservative Distraction. Not a single solitary serious issue among them. WHO THE HELL CARES IF GAY PEOPLE GET MARRIED? Only an “imbecile.”

    “I would tell those who want a single payer system..when your doc
    tells you you might need to be placed on a breathing tube, or perhaps
    need a trach…to survive longer, or while other support systems are
    being considered, ask a bureaucrat about the efficiency or effectiveness
    or cost related matters, first. Remember how that govt employee got his (her) job..through affirmative action. Oh boy!”

    I’d rather a gov’t bureaucrat than an insurance adjuster who’s priority is not my health but his employer’s profits. Again, I think people who prefer the latter are “imbeciles.” I don;t have to “paint” them. it’s tatooed all over their brains.


  5. summa04 says:

    I understand what you’re saying Eric in regard to so what? The matter of his birth certificate doesn’t matter at this time (altho it does kinda rub me the wrong way for sure)…however, (trys to keep focused on the topic growling)…the fact that we come here for discourse says alot about cough, agreeing to disagree in a respectful manner. We are Americans and relish our freedom of free speech. …………………………………………….. I am so new to the political process and verbalizing my opinions online. My bad, I know, but I always trusted in my President and Congress to do what was right for America and its citizens. Raising a family was my first priority. It wasn’t until after my divorce that I began to see the political landscape and Lo! And behold! “We been getting the shaft for years!” So….now I have new eyes and and a new passion………….. Not so long ago, it dawned on me, “He doesn’t hold his hand over his heart when our anthem plays. He scoffed at a 29 cent flag pin, saying he doesn’t need to wear one to show his patriotism. I said, huh? Many died for that flag! Ok, so humongous contributions were made to his cause (many I still can’t find) and his presence (until this day I can’t abide to look at him) blitzed the airwaves. All that moolah paid out when it could have been channeled into America! (like now with big Pharma, ugh, how he sold us out.) My point now is: Americans are waking up to take their Country back from a socialistic administration, lacking of wisdom, fairness and justness (omg is that even a word? And don’t even get me started on illegal aliens) The nation is divided, that we know, but…one by one we will stand up for America and say, “No more Obama, no more Congress. Balance the budget. Let freedom ring! Climbs down off my soap box and with my hand over my heart sings my little heart out…our National Anthem. Would that I was as well versed in political knowledge as you all appear to be. All I have is my passion for the United States of America. God Bless!

  6. Well folks, there you have it. The entirety of the substance of the anti-Obama crowd. Happy ’bout that?

    Flags. Socialism. Hand on heart during anthems. Illegal aliens. Let freedom ring. God.

    Not one cents worth of substance.

    Summa, so yourself a favor. Learn about your country. Read the constitution. Watch the C-Spans. Watch the actual workings of our government. Watch your local cable access when they show your local government in action. Read, watch, listen to a variety of accounts, opinions, stories, news. Inform yourself. Try to get a firm grasp on the world around you. Then form an educated opinion, and not just the sort of regurgitated nonsense like ‘flags, socialism, hand on heart during anthems, illegal aliens, let freedom ring, and God bless this or that.’ Then maybe you really can have a real “dicourse.”


  7. MadeinAmerica says:

    I disagree that this matter should be dropped. We are facing a constitutional crisis because Obama has not showed his birth certificate, his college records, his medical records, his selective service records and many other records that any normal American would and should see. After all, the president of the United States must be a natural born citizen and there is no proof that he is, indeed that.

    He has paid well over one million dollars to Perkins Coie, the law firm who represents him on the birth certificate eligibility issue. The Citizens Grand Juries have found him guilty of fraud and deception, the many from the military have charged him with treason and his father never naturalized as he was under British rule when Jr. was born.

    Obama’s actions speak for themself. He is hiding his true identity and he hid his real intentions from Americans when he campaigned. As the sleeping giants awaken, there is a groundswell of patriots who recognize this fraud-in-chief is hiding behind a mask.

    Those who are still in a hynotic state over his mantra of “Yes we Can” better snap out of it before America becomes the next Nazi Germany.

  8. Micky 2 says:

    “Well folks, there you have it. The entirety of the substance of the anti-Obama crowd. Happy ’bout that?”

    Brother, you dont even want me to go into the substance (or lack of ) of the Bush bashers and todays Obama supporters.
    Anyone who votes on such vague unsubstantial issues such as “Hope” and “Change” are in serious need of some education into substantive issues.
    If I’m correct, in the last thread your argument against the anti healthcare protestors was to go after their persons and patriotism instead of going to the issue itself.
    Thats what happens when you have no substantial argument against the facts.
    You couldnt really argue the merits of their dissent, only the peoples actions behind it as “un-American” , “sleazy” and the typical ad hominem BS.
    Instead of addressing why they’re upset you questioned their legitimacy in being upset.

    You’re a fraud.

    “Flags. Socialism. Hand on heart during anthems. Illegal aliens. Let freedom ring. God.”

    Burning flags, Roseann Barr butchering the anthem, calling illegal aliens “undocumented americans” and attacking chrisatians but defending radical Islam…. thats you guys

    “Not one cents worth of substance.”

    Maybe, but its theres and they didnt get it from the fed.

    “Summa, so yourself a favor. Learn about your country.”

    Jeeez Jersey, you really are a condescending rump hole prick, you know that ?.

    Give the guy a break, he was humble enough to admit his shortcomings in this arena and instead you still come after him like a rabid lemming.
    Thats the way to get em to see it your way, isnt it ?
    Who the hell wants to be a part of a party full of people like you ?

    At least he got the basics down when it comes to respect for country and I see his discourse being elevated in the future way past what you hold now. The best part is, for the most part, as new as Summa is to this…. HES RIGHT !!!!!
    I see true passion and commitmentt in his post as opposed to your crap which is the true epitome of regurgitation.

    Thats was just plain mean dude

  9. hauk says:

    Hmmm…. you know, the other day, someone on Facebook posted a link to a story on this and prefaced it with “I realize the only reason any of you have to hate Obama is his skin color…”

    It pissed me off. And that person is no longer my friend.

    And then I read something like this.

    Eric- I have a challenge for you.

    Stop bashing liberals.

    Todays blog can be summed up as “I believe Conservatives are right, and liberals are always wrong, and usually screaming loudly.”

    This does no one any good when one of the few intelligent commentators out there resorts to long, drawn out name calling and conspiracy theories. “Ooooh- the liberals keep promoting the Birther story because they want to destroy Conservatives!”

    Who the bloody Hel cares?

    Unlike Michael Savage, you actually have something intelligent to say about what is actually going on in the country, like Health Care or the War. Unlike Rush Limbaugh, you’re not fighting for ratings against Howard Stern, and aren’t getting money for “Operation Chaos” t-shirts.

    My $0.02- when you write about liberals being out to stereotype Conservatives- all you’re doing is stereotyping liberals. And you’re better than that.

  10. Micky 2 says:

    “Ooooh- the liberals keep promoting the Birther story because they want to destroy Conservatives!”

    Who the bloody Hel cares? ”

    I think it goes to the fabric and quality of discourse liberals want to keep in the center ring instead of actually dealing with the issues that matter.
    This way it keeps them from being embarrassed as they really don’t have an issue they can argue on intelligently and win.
    So they gotta make stuff up or worse than it is.
    And that crap has to stop, so, Eric points it out for that reason. We have to be aware of a problem, identify it before we can approach it.

    Same as with the people who are acting badly at the town halls ( am I repeating myself ?)

    The left would like to have the whole country believe that their behavior is representative of the whole GOP. A huge organized fabricated conspiracy.
    Well, yeah, were all pretty pi$$ed but the majority of us are composed, informed and well aware of what the consequences of this bill will be.
    When we make that evident were put up in the DHS briefings as right wing nuts (domestic terrorists), called “un American’. McVey was un American, we are just doing what Americans are supposed to do.

    Its what they do Hauk, they always go to the style we engage in and blow it out of proportion instead of dealing with substance the real issues at hand. These are the mindsets on blogs that go after your grammar and spelling when their argument collapses
    Know why ? because they dont want us to focus on the real issues which a great part of are the miserable failures they’re imposing on this country from all directions. They’re too freeking arrogant and absorbed in themselves to even admit the buyers remorse
    In the last week we’ve seen more obfuscating , dodging, omitting of truth, flat out blatant lies from all of them than I’ve seen in 40 years of politics. even the POTUS has been busted in two whoppers.
    They’re falling apart, of course they want to say we all believe Obamas not a citizen.
    I think Eric has a valid beef, so lets stop this pi$$ a$$ stupid little movement of theirs before it becomes another truth only because they were allowed to say it so often for so long uncontested til it becomes truth.
    Like global warming. They got away with that one to a pretty good extent even though the debate is clearly not over.

  11. Exactly, Hauk. There was a time when “conservatives” were the intellectual elite. Erudite industrialists, classically educated, maybe right or wrong, but at least not Jerry Springer guests.

    Get with it, guys. We can argue, debate, discuss… but if we’re going to throw chairs at each other, than we may as well just drink ourselves to death in our double-wides to bad country-rock while we slap our wives around for laughs.

    What the hell ever happened to you conservatives? I used to admire some of you. Now I only feel sorrow for you and our country. What happened?


  12. hauk says:

    Yeah Micky- so lets IGNORE their crap and focus solely on the issues. If they want to scream about the birther lie, let ’em! Let’s be the better men and talk about our substance.

    At this point I have lost my faith (what little faith I had) in the Republican Party. All I’ve seen for the past 8 months is blind opposition to anything Obama supports. And while I may not disagree with it, that’s not the same as having vision or ideas.

    Prove me wrong. Let’s come up with a Health CARE system that works- not just an insurance copout. Having insurance is never a guarantee that you’ll ever get any treatment, and we need to stop saying it’s a solution- it isn’t. Neither is socialized medicine.

    Socialized medicine is fantastic if you have a cold or a fever- you can go to the local doc 24/7 and be seen. If you have anything more serious, you’re screwed by the waiting lists.

    We’re America- and despite Jersey’s objections, we really are the greatest and best country on earth. So why haven’t we been able to come up with a system that works and doesn’t have waiting lists? Show me a system that will work/is cost effective/doesn’t suck and I will happily vote for it.

    Obama can’t do that. And all the Republicans want to do is point out how wrong he is. That does no one any good.

  13. Micky 2 says:

    “All I’ve seen for the past 8 months is blind opposition to anything Obama supports. And while I may not disagree with it, that’s not the same as having vision or ideas. ”

    I hope this doesnt come off as snide, but, where have you been ?
    The opposition is not blind. it only appears that way if you limit your info intake to the generic brand. Theres been plenty of opposition with a plan in place to many issues in the last 6 months but good luck hearing about from the MSM.
    We had our input on the TARP, the bailoutss, housing, and even now on health care. but drama sells so all you see are the few cons raising their voices at townhalls instead of the message whithin which is that the system we have in place is a lot easier to fix than bringing on this trojan horse of Obamas thats designed to do nothing but trap people into being dependent on entitlements o they have no choice but to vote dem in 2012.

    “Obama can’t do that. And all the Republicans want to do is point out how wrong he is. That does no one any good.”

    Once again, this is not true. A cursory tour of the many conservative websites will show what alternatives have been suggested.
    Our ideas will not be placed out there for general consumption like the dems are right now until this 111th congress gets tossed out on its a$$ (which is almost a guarantee at this rate, according to all polls the majority thinks they suck) and the cons an take a stage thats at least viewable.
    TORT reform, frivolous lawsuits, pharma, all need to be reigned in.

    Think about it, weve regulated everything to the liberals need for their agenda in the last six months all under the guise of helping the economy.
    Banking, Wall street, S&L, etc… have all been regulated for cost management that allows them to streamline, be more efficient basically so they can pay the fed back. Well, that was the intention projected anyway. But we all know of the ulterior motives behind that.’
    If all these things can be regulated then why not the Health care field ?
    Ya know, learning from the playbook of either side we could present the impending regalations as necessary due to a national security issue. And frankly, to some extent it honestly truly is a threat to our national security if we cant keep our people healthy. With that premise we go forward and dictate to the health care field certain parameters they have to operate whithin, right ?
    Unfortunatley Obama is in the way of anything truly feasable and functional happening anytime soon because hes not really interested in anyones health. This health care bill is designed to be the last brick in the wall that wilkl contain society so as to be that much easier leading us into a socialist state.
    He wont amend or tweak the bill in place because the republican requirement to bi partisan solution would be for the governemnt to get the hell out of the picture and guarantee the private sector wong get squeezed out.

    Obama wont do that. Any compromise that even hints of less government goes totally against the grain of his plan.
    Were just going to have to wait until the media finally decides the honeymoon is over(its starting to happen) and we get somemore push on the hill. Unfortunately we wont see any change in direction til after 2010

    Jersey, you guys have all the power and all three stages right now. Were still there, always were. You guys had all the reasons to protes in the last 8 years, so got attention, you campaigned for damn near 4 years, you have all three branches, you have the freeking media, you’ve been loud and obnoxious and very noticable.
    Everything we have not been until now. Its simply our turn to come again, not that we ever changed or went anywhere.
    Trust me, we dont do what you see happening for any pi$$ a$$ little reason like liberals do. Jeez, you guys protest for rocks that are supposed to be endangered species and some the dumbest crap on the planet.
    We are upset about a real substantial issue here and you guys are just trying bury it as a bunch of con tweakers. No buddy, when we come out you better be careful. Everything that was supposed to support this lame terrible president and outrageously rediculous bill is fading FAST !!!
    And its not because we sat at home. Its because we are putting out the questions that the country wants this schmuck to answer. And hes blowing it, big time !

  14. hauk says:

    I’ve been reading multiple different news sources- including many conservative and neocon sites as well as CNN- they all state the same thing- we don’t like Obama. No alternatives, just blind opposition.

    If there is an alternative health care plan- where is it? Show me a weblink where I can read it in it’s entirety.

  15. Micky 2 says:

    Anyway, I got away from myself as usual.
    We need to take liberals to task on the issues no doubt. The problem is that they dont want to go there so they make mountains out of these hills like the birt cert thing. We need to point this sleazy little tactic out so that those who arenot as aeare as folks like us can identify it.

    CNN ? Moonbat central ?

    Hauk, just google “GOP” alternative health care plan/proposals.
    I’m on my new laptop andhave no idea yet how to shut down this page and go to a site I can copy. Sad huh ?
    One reason you dont hear of any grand plan coming from us is because the message has always been pretty much the same, because it works. If we just apply the basic principles of conservatism to a plan you get one with limited government intervention, supported by the private sector/free market. You’re not gonna get some huge newfangled convoluted ten flavors of crap bill like this one out of conservatives. You wont see the MSM pick up on it, its just not part of the chum they want us eating.
    People need to listen, our message/solution is pretty simple.
    Fix whats in place, and trash Obamacare

  16. rudemarc87 says:

    You are so wrong dude im not a hick or a fiscal liberal, I was a republican but i realized that it was just a game and became an Independent. I go to church but that doesnt make me a christian but I would hope to be one who makes it to heaven. Are you going to tell me that you drank the kool aid too that is Obama? Spirtual blindenss is one of the signs of the end times as well as political deception. Are you also going to tell me that you are going to believe that the Hawaii certificate of live birth is an official document when it has no embossed seal, no place of birth and no attending physician like yours and mine does? Why did Obama sign into law as his first act of president that none of his records are to be released unless he approves of it? I think your uninterest of the issue has led you to dismiss very compelling facts and anomalies in this issue. Your loyal readers deserve better investigation of this by you because you just categorized some if not half into the looney bin with the other liberal wing nuts. Either your in on the scam as an elitist freemason with something to hide while defending special interest or not but this post was the lowest rating i ever gave you but with all due respect you are wrong.

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