This weekend is the California State Young Republican Convention. The national convention was in Indianapolis.

Yet partying does not leave time for blogging, so today, just “think,” while I go have fun.

A philosopher whose name I will remember after this is published said, “I think, therefore I am.”

Ambrose once said, “I think I think, therefore I think I am.”

A college professor of mine had a picture of a baboon on his wall that said, “I think, therefore I am confused.”

(Another great sign said, “The more you study, the more you know. The more you know, the more there is to forget. The more you forget, the less you know. So why study?”)

A high school professor mine once said, “When all else fails…think.”

(“There are no stupid questions, just stupid people who ask questions,” according to the professors at the ESPN Bristol University College of Football in Connecticut.)

Philosopher and football columnist Peter King has a column entitled, “Ten things I think I think.”

With that, here are my thoughts.

1) I think speed laws should be recommendations, suggested guidelines, not arbitrary numbers.

2) I think I need to be more patient with people.

3) After dealing with one too many stupid people, I disavow # 2 and think I should be less patient with people. Prius drivers in the left lane deserve zero patience. They should be waterboarded, especially when I get to work at 9:01am instead of 8:59am.

4) I think that there is not an imitation product alive that tastes as good as the original. Diet sodas are mostly garbage, and will never be as good as regular sodas. Mountain Dew Code Red and Dr. Pepper Chocolate Cherry are tolerable in diet form. Veggie burgers and hot dogs are dreadful. The bottom line is people can live healthy if they sacrifice flavor.

5) I think that think rhymes with link, which means it is time for you to look at these links.

(I was too lazy to add the links. I will add them tomorrow. I think.)

6) I think that I put even less effort into this column than I usually do.

7) I think that women who dress hot and then get offended by men noticing that they are hot are hypocrites. I spend plenty of time picking out my necktie in the morning because I want people to compliment my tie.

8.) I think that there was life before the internet, but it is impossible to imagine a post-internet world.

9) I think that football is proof of God’s existence. No mere mortal could have created that game. I also think that because God is busy running the entire world, he is as grateful as I am for Tivo. I also think that he made the Jews his chosen people because no loving God would put the Sabbath on the same day as the NFL. Christian America would most likely say that this is an example of God testing his people. I would flunk that test. I do not know how Christians go to church when the game is on.

10) I think that women should never ask men what we are thinking. We are either thinking absolutely nothing, or that we like their yummy bouncies, and hope that they do not notice us staring, or perhaps we are thinking what I outlined above in items one through nine.

That is what I think.

I think.


16 Responses to “Think!”

  1. I think, therefore I’m constantly p!$$ed off. ;)


  2. summa04 says:

    Lawdy….I think you just gave me a headache (ugh!)….sing it with me now, “You better think (think) think about what you’re trying to do to me
    Yeah, think (think, think), let your mind go, let yourself be free

    Oh freedom (freedom), freedom (freedom), freedom, yeah freedom
    Freedom (freedom), freedom (freedom), freedom, ooh freedom … lalala! C’mon I know you know the words….hehehe….

  3. summa04 says:

    p.s. – ever since I flagged myself (ya ya) I can’t get Yahoo to open (have to use the back door) coincidence or???? (eyes do that zappy thing emote as I play twilight zone theme.)

  4. Dav Lev says:

    I have to ask myself, what would my tenure be (survival) in the US of A, if this were a Muslim country?

    Let’s assume there were 100 million Muslims..some of them Palestinian
    Arabs ( Arabs who are the offspring of the British Mandate Arabs and
    resided in the so-called “occupied territories”. (In fact, these territories
    have been disputed since 1948, when the Arab world rejected the
    legal creation of two states, one Jewish, and the other Muslim).

    If anything, it’s the Arab who occupy what should have been the
    Jewish state ( Balfour Declaration/League of Nations/UN Partition Plan
    of 1947).

    The real “Palestinians” are the Palestinian Jews (see Palestine Post, etc.)
    prior to 1948 in the British Mandate of Palestine).

    Hey guys, guess where Palestinian comes guessed it,
    the Philistines (see Romans).

    G-d, or Hashem (as we call him), created the Earth and Heavens AND

  5. Dav Lev says:

    mankind, in 6 days, then rested. We Jews have Saturday as our
    Sabbath, the Christians have Sunday. That’s fine with me.

    But we Jews and Christians do not attend Friday night services
    wherein the clerics call for Jihad against Jews and “Infidels” or Christians.

    That’s the difference.

    I sometimes am bemused when I hear that Muslims and Jews
    throughout the centuries got along better than Jews and Christians.
    Maybe, but so what! Or as Edgar Bronfman likes to say, that was then
    and now is now. Whenever I hear another mullah sermonizing the
    passages in the Koran about rocks and trees and Jews…I frankly cringe.

    Hashem made from Abram a nation….a nation that he chose to
    be a “light unto the nations”. That doesn’t mean we are special,
    or above everyone just means a lot more responsibility to
    do Hashems work on this planet.

    The other day I was told that chosen means what, to suffer? This
    was said by two converted Jews, Jews to Jews for Jesus., as if Christians
    haven’t suffered throughout the ages.

    Yes, we’ve suffered..because we have accepted the responsibility
    of Gods 613 laws, as given to ancient Israel through Moses. And our
    suffering goes on to this very day.

    We are a successful people, no doubt about that., thanks to
    education and perserverence and simple hard work. Instead
    of teaching our children Jihad and suicide bombings..we teach them
    how to operate a computer.

    I deplore the inroads of Sharia law (Muslim law) in parts of
    Europe and attempts here (USA). I deplore our Presidents apology
    to the Muslim world for our mis-deeds, mis-deeds? What mis-deeds?
    You mean our freeing 50m Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan..and hundreds
    of thousands more in Kosovo and Bosnia?

    Dick Cheney, a true patriot, said that Bush got too soft. I agree.
    And we are paying for it now with the uprise in the violence in
    Afghanistan, the insurgency in Iraq, the strength of the Taliban in
    Pakistan, the Russian adventures in Venezuela and Syria…
    while our sleeping President talks about socializing health care..with
    the rich and successful paying for all of it. Sure.

    Remember folks, vote out the liberals at every chance you get.
    Bring this country back to it’s senses..before we too start worshiping
    false prophets perhaps at the end of gun.

  6. I think that’s one of my favorite songs of all time! Gotta love Aretha!

    Why did you flag yourself?

    Man, Dan, can’t we ever get a little levity outta you?

    Just the same… Your theory about Palestinians has already been proven false. Genetic studies show that Jews and Palesitians share a common neolithic ancestor (also with Bedoins and such). Palestinians do not come from Jews, but rather Jews and Palestinians come from the same prehsitoric semitic ancestors.

    See this: (this is real science and not silly mythology)

    The Phillistines, on the other hand, were most likely a Mediterranean sea-faring people who settled in Caanan and eventually mixed with the population.

    See this: (even the Bible backs this up)

    Get your anthropology, history and theology straight, Dan.


  7. “What mis-deeds?”

    A, the hubris of the blindly patriotic!

    Ya’ know, I’m pretty sure your Bible says something about humility, honesty, pride and ignorance too, Dan. If you think we’ve never committed a misdeed against the Middle Easterners, then you’re one uneducated dude.


  8. Did our good host remove my post about the genetic study of the ancestry of Jews and Palestinians??? Why???


  9. Oh, there it is! I couldn’t figure out why you’d delete that. It seemed so harmless.


  10. Dav Lev says:

    And while this blog impels us to think, look what is happening
    in the Persian Gulf, nothing, zero, zilch, -0-.

    We have 3 battleship groups there, with nuclear aircraft carriers..
    and the ability to take out Iran’s mullahs and Ahmad..and their
    goal of nuclear parity with Israel, the US, and the West, within 2 years.

    And the farce goes on, with Iran now adding 25 more hapless individuals
    to it’s over 75 who are fighting for their lives, at the show trials.

    Included is a young Jewish teenager who I assume was singled out
    during the protests against the rigged elections just held in Iran. (Where was Jimmy Peanut Brain Carter I ask to supervise?).

    Recall that Carter was in the Gaza Strip when they had their elections.
    Oh me oh my. Now Carter will visit the same Strip, along with Mary
    Robinson and Tutu. to counter Israel’s defense that it only attacked
    Hamas after hundreds of provocations.

    Soooo, Iran is adding to it’s list of people to be hung..the reformists who
    dared oppose Ahmad and his bunch of thugs

    What does our President do..nothing, nothing, nothing, but continue
    to apologize for our (US) actions over the last 300 years., like freeing
    50m Muslims..and daring to those 3 meaningless sanctions (UN) against
    Iran’s violation of 3 UNSC resolutions against enriching uranium.

    Instead of using our B1s, 2s and F-18s and Cruise Missiles to take out
    the 30 nuke plants (Iran), and bring down the regime, the leftist, liberals and their media supporters..are looking the other way.

    Like Jimmy Carter, we have forsaken the Iranian people, and will rue
    the day.

    Only little Israel has the guts to tell it like it is..nyet to Iranian nukes.
    Hopefully Obama won’t be Presideent and his gullible Rahm to advise all
    the wrong things for our country.

    Hey guys, latest is that Obama’s people are reconsidering the single
    payer govt controlled socialized medicine for our US of A paid for by all of US.

    Maybe there is a God after all?

  11. Dav, you’re not much for discourse, are you? I just proved to you that you are wrong about the lineage of Palestinians and you just ignore it. What’s next? Is the Earth flat?

    How can you be expected to be taken seriously if you just ignore facts? You suggest attacking Iran? You really think that’s a good idea?

    When Bush (well, really Cheney) was suggesting a possible attack on Iran, five generals and admirals threatened to resign. Later, some 21 retired generals and other officials sent a letter to the Bush administration strongly criticizing the hard line on Iran and voicing serious dissent over any suggestion that we should attack.

    Before the Bush administration’s complete and total diplomatic failures, Iran and North Korea were non-nulcear powers and were at least being stalled from further development. Since Bush, the PRK is now nuclear-armed and Iran is moving along with plans to join them. The funny thing here, is that like you the Bush administration was not much for FACTS.

    Maybe you should look at facts instead of just your own emotional, paranoid, aggressive, mythology-based, knee-jerk opinions.


  12. Oh, and it really doesn’t matter if there’s a God or not. In the real world, only we people can and do make a difference.


  13. summa04 says:

    No disrespect met Dav, but methinks you think too much. Open up your heart, open up your mind. Mano to mano (so to speak)…no preconceived notions…no prejudices, no fears, no accusations based on the past. This is now, this is what matters. Sometimes I ugh “think” (thanks for that Eric, song still in my head, omg that was me) we live, we die, but each of us must live an honorable, just, compassionate, forgiving life. If people haven’t been given the tools to do so we must show by example best we can. Waits for Eric to delete this, but…see Obama wasn’t given the proper tools in regard to understanding or practicing the “American” ways. P.S. Jersey. Who better to cough, rat, on myself than me? I am an American. God Bless.

  14. Sunna, why would you say that about Obama? What exactly about him informs you that he somehow lacks the “tools” to understand or practice “American ways?”

    If you ask me, he’s the quintessential American story. Self-made. A product of ethnic diversity. A unique sort of exception-that-proves-the-rule kinda guy.

    Now, if you mean that somehow being a conservative is more “American,” I would strongly beg to differ. Conservatism, as we know it today, is a relatively recent phenomenon. Historically, Americans were classically liberal and progressive people. Only a minority of rather obscure religious sects resembled the sort of wierd religious rightism we have today.

    I would strongly suggest you read the book, “What’s the Matter with Kansas?: How Conservatives Won the Heart of America.” It tells the story of the rise of modern American conservatism. It’s hard to believe now, but Kansas was once a beacon of progressive politics in America. In fact, the whole West was. You really should read this book. You’ll discover just how “American” Obama really is, and how shockingly odd and anti-American today’s conservatives are.


  15. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah, quintessential appologist who thinks everything is Americas fault.
    Dan ignores your crap much probably for the the same reasons I do,its not his level of discourse thats in question.

    Conservatism a phenomenon ? recently ?
    Right. The democratic party was more conservative and religious back in the day than anything we see today.

    “Conservatism, as we know it today, is a relatively recent phenomenon. Historically, Americans were classically liberal and progressive people. ”

    BS, not by todays definition of liberal, nice try, Jeez, thanks for the laugh.
    Most of todays liberas would be shot on sight 200 years ago

  16. summa04 says:

    It seems I ate the whole cookie before I could leave crumbs to get back here, but I found ya! Hehe. Children are shaped by their role models in relation to society as well as fundamental teachings re: life, religion and morals. An American President never apologizes for his Country. An American does not commiserate, (buddy-up although he may offer an olive branch) with known enemies of the State, an American does not presume to bring his constituents under government control selling them out to lobbyists, banks, health insurers, pharmaceutical companies and let us not forget (my bad wait, the WH didn’t do it) etc. An American shows strength when faced with adversity (N Korea) and swift, hard action(s). Ya don’t pussy foot around waiting for the shoe (bomb) to drop. I understand the value of diplomacy, but… Three things stand out in my mind when he was running for president: he refused to wear a 29 cent flag pin (yes, he wears one now), he did not place his hand over his heart when our National Anthem was played and he plain out lacked experience. I realize that most politicians lie and are dishonest (snaps their suspenders hard!) I am not that naïve, just new to politics. I so respect you all for having conversations here and expressing your views in addition to listening to another’s. I believe Obama only wants to hear/listen to things pertaining to his own agenda and for him, it is personal. I give him props for “rising up” given that his childhood years were plagued with hurts, prejudice, drugs and abandonment by his father at an early age. He seeks to give his children balance and stability, if not for his grandparents, he had none. I must have read fifty biographies and lawdy, my eyes are buggy. What I found interesting is, for the most part, they are blah, blah, blah. Oh, sure some had more detailed accounts. The Authors, like our Congress/Press pick and choose the highlights and truths. One thing I came away with; he was an intelligent, sensitive, troubled child/youth in search of finding his place/identity in society (aren’t we all?) Change? (cha-ching) It’s all about the dollah! I do believe he would like to make a difference, however, his advisors, cough, are failing him. Perhaps brutal honesty, no more “misspokes,” trash the teleprompters and speak from his heart, adhere to the Constitution, accept blame where due and not pass the almighty “buck,” stop finding dire issues laughable and sloughing things off that he disagrees with or don’t meet with his approval (don’t get me started on Gibbs) and by all means just “answer the question! and never skirt an issue”…..then, maybe…a crack will begin because that’s the way the light gets in. Whew! Climbs down off my desk. In God we Trust. God Bless the USA! (P.S. I do this on micro. word, but when I cut n paste it never shows right, huh? Little help here? and thank you)

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