Jewish politicians to attend Jewish self-loathing conference

First a quick housekeeping note: Back from North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and DC, I got back to LA last night to sleep for a few hours before driving to San Diego, Diamond Bar and Palm Springs.

I have been a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition Leadership for a few years now. I have just been invited by the RJC to be a guest blogger. Given that they are bound by constraints such as tact, those that value those qualities can read my sanitized pieces there. The not-for-children versions will be posted here only after they appear on the RJC site so as not to cannibalize them.

The link contains the toned down version of the much harder edged story I have below.

We as Jews have survived the Holocaust, countless pogroms, and third world genocidal lunatics that want to kill us all because we exist and breathe air.

Yet while we have great survival skills when facing external threats, we are also the masters of self-immolation. With a 52% intermarriage rate, we are well on the path to cultural extinction.

With too many Jewish people becoming schoolteachers and social workers rather than stockbrokers and corporate executives, we are also on the way to economic extinction.

Now we have decided to complete the trifecta of stupidity with potential political extinction.

One mythical block from K Street, a new politically toxic organization is forming in Washington, DC.

The Group is called J-Street.  They are as helpful for Jewish interests in America and worldwide as Benedict Arnold was for America itself.

When I think of J-Street, I am reminded of the Dave Chapelle comedy sketch where he plays a blind black man who thinks he is white, is married to a white woman, and is a member of the Ku Klux Klan. After years of racism toward blacks, the character is forced to confront the fact that he himself is black. His response is to divorce his wife for her being married to a black man.

In the Jewish community, there was Groucho Marx, who once famously stated that he “would never belong to a club that would have me as a member.”

Yet Groucho was not self-hating. He was mocking the anti-Semitism of his day, and was rejecting the idea of joining an anti-Semitic club. He was standing up for his people.

J-Street does not stand up for or stand for anything remotely positive for Jews. Now to make matters worse, these people are using their constitutional right to assemble to hold a conference. Worst of all is that Jewish politicians are giving this organization legitimacy.

Dianne Feinstein, Al Franken, Russ Feingold, Henry Waxman, Bernie Sanders, and Adam Schiff are among many that are determined to contribute to the stereotype that liberal Jews are liberals first and Jews second.

For those liberal Jews that find my sentiments harsh, they should spend less time worrying about a Republican Jew typing on a keyboard and more time worrying over an anti-Israel organization getting its hooks into an eager White House.

For those not convinced, the agenda of J-Street is as subtle as a homicide bomber, and on an emotional level, just as destructive.

Their own website is all the evidence one needs.

“Israel’s settlements in the occupied territories have, for over forty years, been an obstacle to peace.”

“J Street supports President Obama’s call for an immediate and total freeze of settlement construction.”

“It is important to note that J Street supports the concept of a security barrier as an important element of Israel’s defense, but believes that the barrier must be located along an internationally recognized border.”

“J Street believes that the immediate imposition of harsher sanctions on Iran would be counterproductive.”

“we are strongly opposed to any consideration at this time of the use of military force by Israel or the United States to attack Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.”

Nowhere on this dreadful website is there any mention of anything that Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, or any other enemies of Israel have to do. J-street preaches a balanced approach to the Middle East, but places all the responsibility on Israel.

In addition to praising multi-lateralism and diplomacy, a new nonsensical phrase has entered the liberal lexicon thanks to J-Street. “Strategic Patience” is a fancy way of doing nothing and praying that baddy meanies decide to become goodie niceys.

Has anybody at J-Street listened to Armageddonijad? The guy wants to wipe Israel off of the map, not sit at the campfire with Jews, make Smores, and sing about what they would do if they had a hammer.

Like most liberal Jews, J-Street loves to attack “Neocons” and other conservatives as bellicose.

Well J-Street and liberal Jews everywhere need to answer some tough questions right now, or forever be denied the right to be taken seriously.

What specific steps must the enemies of Israel take in the name of peace?

Why should we make agreements with rogue leaders when they break every agreement they sign?

If we make an agreement with them, how can we enforce it?

What happens if they break the agreement?

Given that Israel has made concessions in the past, why not make any further Israeli actions contingent on the cessation of terror, as specified in the Road Map?

Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza led to more terror. Why would any further withdrawals yield a different result?

If liberals become conservatives after getting mugged, why have they not reacted upon their Jewish brethren getting bombed, shot at, and murdered indiscriminately? How many Jews have to be killed by Islamofacist enemies of freedom and liberty before enough is enough?

On October 25th through the 28th, a conference dedicated to the destruction of Israel will take place.

It will call itself a “Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace” event, but as we learned in “Hamlet,” for some people, “there is no right and wrong. Only thinking makes it so.”

Jews have given enough, voluntarily through hope and involuntarily through innocent and unwanted bloodshed.

I just thank Hashem that my Holocaust surviving grandfather did not live to see Jewish politicians like Al Franken and Henry Waxman attend a Jewish surrender conference.


5 Responses to “Jewish politicians to attend Jewish self-loathing conference”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    I am not so sure J Street are self-loathig Jews, as they are simply
    very, very, foolish, and naive.

    It is rumored that Arab groups are contributing, and Arab spokespersons have been invited. So much for so-called bright Jews.

    I have yet to hear one statement over the many years by ANY Arab or Muslim state, not to forget organizations or leaders, praising Israel’s defense of itself in seven wars which they (the Arabs) started.

    I cannot think of one time the Arabs supported, in fact, anything Israel has done, except go along with UN cease fires. Zionism is half-empty in their, completely empty, with absolutely no redeeming value.
    To the Arab, Israel must disappear, one way or another, piece by peace
    or piece by piece.

    Israel’s accomplishments are not even considered in their criticism.
    The fact that Israel has produced more Nobel Prize winners than the Muslim world combined has no significance. The fact that little Israel’s GDP is more than many Arab states combined is meaningless. The fact that Israel has produced more scientists and medical technology than the entire Arab world, plus most of computer and Internet capabilitiies,
    is not part of the Arab mind. The fact that the Arab world has lost it’s wars with a miniscule state, with less than one percent of the Arab populution
    is excused by blaming (as does Iran) the US and Britain involvement (oh those Russian Saggers and Sapper Missiles notwithstanding).

    I could go on and on and on, but won’t now..for later.

    As far as J Street, I will not attend. My vote is for AIPAC, the ZOA, and
    numerous other US Jewish organizations..which, unlike J Street
    live in the REAL world of Arab hostility and it’s ultimate goal, a Muslim state
    to replace Israel..and area, Judenrein (without Jews).

    But, J Street has every right to their views and conferences.
    Let them make fools of themselves..and Henry Waxman and others
    should be re-considering, as have many other legislators. Waxman
    will get his votes.

    Jim Jones, the security adviser to Obama, should think twice and then twice again about giving any credibiity to this group of nitwits.

    I defend their right to express views which are not like mine, or
    the majority of US Jews and informed Christians.

    This conflict is not now, and has never been about settlements.

    The conflict goes back 100 years, long before the settlements, whch are
    in fact defensive postitions extending Israel’s abiity to defend itself (Israel is the size of New has NO depth per strong but vulnerable).
    The settlements give it some more clout in it’s conflict with 300m Arabs with a land mass greater than the US.

    I wonder how Henry Waxman and Diane Feinstein would react if Waxman’s district was hit by 10,000 Kassam Rockets. Knowing Jews
    we can all just imagine the outcry and DEMAND on OUR own military to stop them.

    As far a the liberal connection…Jews are wired to think liberal. They believe in Tikkin the world out of it’s misery, no matter whose
    interests are adversely affected.

    My own feeling has been for years that most Jews simply dont’ get it,
    living in states of denial about most everything, including their own religion. I am excepting the Orthodox, the more religious, whose
    guidelines are derived from their Torah (or bible) not some liberal

    I have said repeatedly, that it’s okay to help others to help themselves..but consider your own first. everyone does.

    Then you can have the luxury of your fantasies.

    We Jews are disappearing at over 35,000 year according to some surveys.

    Groups like J Street are aiding the disappearance of our brethren across the world.

    When the first Iranian nuke is exploded over Tel Aviv, or a surrogate built
    nuke is detonated (thanks to Iran’s technology), in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, Waxman and J Street will have something to ponder about as to their loyalties.

  2. “Israel’s settlements in the occupied territories have, for over forty years, been an obstacle to peace.”

    An irrefutable and undeniable fact. I have NEVER once heard a legitimate excuse for the sleazy, underhanded, self-defeating, stupid settlement of the West Bank. It is the NUMBER ONE reason the Jews are now hated in the Middle East. And for what? Israel has NO intention of annexing the territory. They’re leading the settlers on, which upsets the leving heck out of them, and leads to internal discord. And even if you are for the “one-state solution,” whereas the West Bank is somehow reabsorbed by Jordan, the settlements are in the way of that too! The settlement of the West Bank is sleazy and two-faced. It is wrong and needs to come to an end. You don;t have to be a “self-loathing” Jew to see that obvious fact.

    “J Street supports President Obama’s call for an immediate and total freeze of settlement construction.”


    “It is important to note that J Street supports the concept of a security barrier as an important element of Israel’s defense, but believes that the barrier must be located along an internationally recognized border.”

    That’s called “intelligent.”

    “J Street believes that the immediate imposition of harsher sanctions on Iran would be counterproductive.”

    I’d have to read up on their reasoning for that one.

    “we are strongly opposed to any consideration at this time of the use of military force by Israel or the United States to attack Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.”

    They’re probably right about that. An attack would only retrench the hardliners in Iran. I would only condone and attack if they actually started building weapons.


  3. Dav Lev says:

    Attending a liberal Jewish organization’s first major conference, by
    both Jewish liberals and non-Jews ( see Jim Jones-btw, a local Muslim
    leader who pretends to be pro-peace but who blamed Israel on 911, was also invited), is typical of some “Jews” who see the US and Israel as the fault of most of the planet’s problems, both economically and socially.

    Read todays LA Times ( a very liberal paper) for more evidence of the liberal and defeatest regime now in the White House.

    The latest “engage”, “talk”, “promote diplomacy to resolve conflicts”, is behind our approach towards the Sudan.

    The President of that dicatorship, which has waged war on the black Southern part of the country ( it has the oil), for years, is wanted on
    charges of genocide, made at the International Court of Justice.
    Yet, our do-nothing President, is reaching out to the leaders of the Sudan ( not the President however), to talk about their continuing destruction of
    the black South, prior genocide, failure to provide for millions of refugees from the slaughter and other barbarism.

    The “carrot and stick” approach is what we hear from Hillary Rubber Stamp Clinton.

    The LA Times approves this new approach towards world conflicts involving the US…an attempt to shower our enemies with rewards
    IF they adhere to our demands?

    They also say that in the main, this approach HAS NOT WORKED.

    Gosh LA Times, tell me something I didn’t already know.

    Let’s look at it this way. If Hitler and Tojo wanted to “talk, engage and
    seek compromise through diplomatic channels..AND Obama had been President (vs Roosevelt), there is no doubt in my mind that no blacks, Hispanics, Jews or Slavs in the US would be alive today, and we would be
    speaking Deitch (not Spanish or English).

    It is well known, that Hitler had planned to use long range bombers, operating out of bases north of the US, to bomb East coast cities..then
    set up administrators in conquered areas. As the Krauts did in France
    and other countries defeated, he would have utilized local police forces to quash any uprising or protests. Jews and others would have been “resettled” in numerous camps..”Away from the battle”. “Brown bread” would have been offered them asd a reward. ( In the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943, Jews were offered fresh bread as an inducement to
    go peacefully in the trains to their deaths. (Not known).

    Soooo, the impoverished and beaten blacks in the Sudan, now can look forward to the USA begging for it’s leaderhip to behave themselves.
    Yeah right.

    Tavis Smiley asked Michael Oren, author of Six Days at War ( the 1967 Israeli-Arab war), and Israel’s ambassador to the UN, several questions
    during an interview this week on PBS. Tavis, not shy to inject his
    own feelings in interviews, said he wondered why the US was so lopsided towards Israel? He qualified his statement by then saying that he could debate that with Oren for hours. But he got his message across to the viewers, including me.

    Oren should have said that the US helped create Israel at the UN, as part of a two state solution to the ongoing problem. Israel accepted, the Arab world didn’t. 6 armies defeat later and 6,000 Israeli deaths (one percent of the population), there was an armistice, with Israel adding somewhat to it’s original territory, AND Egypt and Jordan gaining territory. The war resulted in about 500,000 Arabs moving a few miles into Arab countries, AND 700,000 Jews being evicted from their homelands in Muslim countries.

    The US did not aid Israel..but had in place an embargo against any arms
    going to Israel AND the Arabs. The Arabs however were armed to the teeth, the Jews had to improvise and receive some arms clandestinely from supporting countries.

    True, the US has helped Israel to survive subsequent wars, in 56, 67, 73, the War of Attrition and 2 Intifadas (one still going on) by equipping Israel
    with arms and monetary aid.

    The US also is now fostering a plan for both sides, which in my opinion,
    is a waste of time and futile, the two state solution. The US gives Egypt 2billion/year, and did force Israel to return the Sinai 3 times (read D. Eisenhower’s warnings). The US supports Jordan and Saudi Arabia with
    state of the art weaponry. Egypt alone has as many F16s as Israel, not to exclude it’s missile ships and land to land missiles, supplied by the Ruskies.

    The US has extensive trade with the Arab-Muslim world, amounting to tens of billions each year..we buy their oil. Saudi Arabia’s OPEC membership returns over 300 billion dollars in oil revenues, which they use to buy US state of the art warplanes.

    I would have answered what, Israel, like the US is a democracy, has the same G-d, has freedom of speech, the press and assembly, and
    treats one-half of it’s population kindly ( it’s females). They are not
    clocked with outrageous burkas, etc..which in effect make them invisable.
    Israel does not behead people in public squares or lash them 1,000 times
    for minor crimes. Israel does not have a government controlled press or restrict the Internet. It is a parliamentary democracy, NOT a theocracy or dictatorship. It allows dissent (hear that Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and Syria).

    There is also an interesting op-ed about the Aghan election, which will
    be repeated ( President Obama is pressuring another election). The problemo is that the Taliban cannot lose, no matter which way it goes.
    Yet Obama cannot see the trees through the forest, he is so
    blinded by fantasy, ignorance, undue optimisim and advisers like
    Rahm, Axelrod, Reid and Pelosi.

    Even M. Albright (not so bright) who I deplore states that our concern should be Al Qaeda, NOT the Taliban.

    Folks, this is a civil war between the Pashtun and other Afghan
    Islamic groups. The Taliban has the sympathy of the majority of the

    Obama campaigned on our leaving Iraq (we are still there). He campaigned on the “good war” in Aghan.

    In my opinion, none of these wars are good or bad..they are just
    wars, mainly between rival Muslim groups..and we have gotten involved
    in no win situations..only lose, lose…more dead US guys and gals and need for doctors and nurses to mend their damaged heads.

    What can we do? Well for starters write our legislators. Tell them that if they attend the J Street conference, forget support in their own campaigns. We can write the President and Hillary…

    But mainly, we can support anyone in the Nov 2010 election who is
    NOT a liberal do-gooder, with our money, our children’s money and our grandchildren’s money. It’s called capitalism and private iniative.

    Or do we want more agencies like the IRSS to involve the government
    in our lives, from the cradle to the grave, and hospitals inbetween?

    I think we know the answer. Consider April 15th each year and the penalties for not paying timely.

  4. Dan, with all that bloviating, I notice not a single opinion about the settlements. how the heck can ANY solution – one state, two state, whatever – be acheived as long as Israel wants to get the milk without the cow, re: settling the West Bank without annexing it????

    just once, I’d like to see one of you “conservative” Jewish people answer that simple and straightforward question.


  5. No answer. Sur-prise, sur-prise.


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