Barack Obama, Meet Mike Tramp

Awhile back I recommended that Hillary Clinton meet Joey Tempest, the lead singer of 1980s hard rock group Europe.

Once again it is necessary for an 80s hard rock band to explain a Democratic politician.

It is time for Barack Obama to meet Mike Tramp.

Yes, the Mike Tramp from White Lion.

Today the Black Tygrrrr, known as the Tygrrrr Express, is endorsing White Lion.

No, this is not about the great remake they did of the Golden Earring classic “Radar Love.”

It is not even about their hit song “Tell me.”

No, it is about the White Lion ballad that should be the official anthem of Barack Obama and the entire Demagoguic Party.

The song is called “When the Children Cry.”

You see, the left is throwing another one of their temper tantrums due to their own inability to actually accomplish anything.

They blame Rush Limbaugh. They blame Fox News. They blame insurance companies. They blame everybody except the people that they should blame…themselves.

Now I know some of you still have not figured it out, so let me sum it up quickly and then catch my flight back to the left coast.

Rush Limbaugh, despite what I said recently, did not cause 9/11.

Fox News is not responsible for the Holocaust.

Neither Glenn Beck nor Sean Hannity have ever cast a single vote against Obamacare, because no bill even came up for a full vote. Even if it did, they cannot vote.

People on the left despise George W. Bush, but there is no denying that he was more effective. After all, if he was ineffective, they would have no reason to despise him. Liberals love conservatives that fail to accomplish their goals.

President Bush had a 50/50 Senate, yet he got his tax cuts through.

Barack Obama has 60 Democrats in the Senate, and can’t get them to agree on anything except to blame Republicans.

When the Children Cry, let them know we tried.

The Pelosiraptor refers to the voters opposing her as Astroturf. The St. Louis Rams and Indianapolis Colts won many games on Astroturf.  Maybe she is blaming Republicans for the recent failure of the Rams. Then again, her opposition to Limbaugh buying them means she wants them to fail.

Ok, enough silliness for now.

Islamofacist terrorists are trying to kill us all. Conservatives care about this. We don’t have time for the absolute nonsense that consumes the left.

We do not have time to hold full time jobs in the private sector and come home to babysit screaming liberals children neglected by the nanny state the left loves.

The left has two options. Either accomplish something, or don’t.

Just quit the crying. Quit railing against other private citizens.

George W. Bush did not complain about MSNBC, which truly does exist to spread left-wing bile. He did not complain about the Jayson Blair Times. He did not make Gunga Dan Rather and Mary “fake but accurate” Mapes commit fraud and cover it up.

Barack Obama has not and will not ever encounter 10% of the criticism is his predecessor did for existing and breathing air.

It is nobody else’s fault but is own that he is seen worldwide as a likable wimp, as opposed to is predecessor, who as hated by those who hate this country no matter what.

Barack Obama and the left can either put up or shut up. Until they do the first, they may wish to try the second.

In the meantime, I am recommending that the Gerber company create a new line of baby food for Democrats. Perhaps the makers of Castor Oil can give them some before bed.

Until then, they can enjoy some White Lion songs.

The adults will be back in charge soon enough, and the children will be sent to their rooms again. Naturally, they will learn nothing from their experiences.

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi can join White Lion, and they can rename the band “Lady and the Tramp.”

Just kidding. She is no lady. Ladies are adults.

I am off to work, because that is what productive people do. I am hesitant to leave the Obama spokespeople at home alone, but at least if we give them a few pacifiers to suck on, the rest of America can get some piece and quiet from their bellyaching for awhile.


4 Responses to “Barack Obama, Meet Mike Tramp”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    I am an Independent voter, and voted for the Republican top of the ticket
    the last 3 elections. I also voted for Feinstein. I did not vote for B. Boxer.
    I won’t divulge who I voted for to represent me in the House.

    I am an American born Jew, affiliated with the Conservative movement
    (between the more religious Orthodox or Modern Orthodox and the Reform
    and Progressive).

    I have fought anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry from the day I realized that blacks, Jews and Hispanics were loathed by some Americans.
    I fought bigotry at my employers.

    Frankly, I wish I had fought more strongly, looking back.

    I still meet people, who, now knowing I am a member of the Hebrew
    people, come out with vicious anti-Semitic statements., such as
    “The Jews have all the money”, and “The President will never do anything
    to upset the Jews, after all, they financed him”, and “The Jews control all the retail estalishments most especially the accounting and taxation of department, but they are smart”. I admit that one floored me. Also said to me was, “It’s the Hispanics and Koreans that are bringing down this country”.

    Yes and this one, “The Jews are responsible for all the wars and conflicts
    in Africa”. That one got to me, considering our involvement in the civil rights movements for decades.

    There is an expression, “Tikkun Olam”, which translates, help the world.

    More often than none, we help the world at our own expense, sorry to say.

    The latest slap in the face, or kick in the butt which is more appropriate, is Turkey’s actions towards Israel, it’s one time friend. Turkey scolded US Jews for involving themselves in the fight (by Armenians and others) to include the Turkish massacres early last century as genocide. Some heavily Armenian districts have Jewish legislators who have pushed
    for the definition in the legislatures.

    Turkey recently cancelled maneuvers with Israel ( for rescues at sea), while publicly blasting Israel’s representatives for Operation Cast Lead, the latest Israeli attempt to stop Arab aggression ( firing of 10,000 small rockets into Southern Israel ). It has treaties with Iran and conducted
    a joint maneuver with Syria..In other words, it has joined the Muslim axis
    of evil with Iran and Syria, even though it wants to join the EU.

    Of course US Jews and other liberals, will continue to insist that the genocide label be put on Turkish actions 100 years ago, actions which
    strictly are not genocide.

    Oh those liberals what will they think of next?

    We don’t have to go far. I watched Roger Cohen being interviewed.
    He is a reporter for the New York Times, the same paper that during WW2, allowed few sentences to describe what was going on in defeated Europe to the Jews.

    Mr. Cohen spent some time reporting in Iran..I read at least one of this
    articles. He interviewed Iranian Jews and others, who applauded the current regime. ( What else is new?).

    During his interview, he predicted that if Iran or it’s surrogate terrorist groups threatens Israel, Israel will turn it into a sheet of glass. He faulted Israel as making mistakes (Operation Cast Lead) and noted that youngsters were shot at throwing stones out of their homes.
    ( Israel begged Hamas for years to stop the firing of rockets, to no avail ).

    If 10,000 rockets were fired into Beverly Hills, I wonder how their residents would react?

    This same Iran has now told the world it will “crush” those who were responsible for the deaths of several Revolutionary Guard leaders recently. From what I understand, the blame has been put on the West
    for creating a provacative atmosphere against Iran and Sunni Muslims.

    Yet our do-nothing positive President has come out codemning the

    Folks, the Revolutionary Guards number over 170,000, have their own
    weapons manufacturing plants, and parade weapons each year with signs
    death to Israel and death to the US. Do I have to say any more? Oh yes, one leader said that if the US attacks Iran (nuke plants), Iran will strike
    back at Israel’s heartland.

    President Obama, quick to please the wrong side, should have said nothing.

    To Rush: I may not agree with everything you say, but I will fight
    to defend your right to say it.

    More later.

  2. I think the Obama administration is making a mistake going after Fox. he should just stick his nose up to them – or better yet, just ignore them. Refuting Fox’s incessant lies only elevates the faux news network. That’s not helping anything.

    Limbaugh, on the other hand, is a great target. Limbaugh makes more intelligent and respectable conservatives and Republicans very uncomfortable, lumping them in with the Jerry Spring guest crowd. It’s a great strategy.

    So, I think Obama is 1 for 2 on that score.

    But to say that “liberals” are blocking healthcare reform, or other initiatives, is a rather pathetic display of ignorance. Liberals are completely united on the major domestic issues of the day (on foreign issues, we’re still trying to figure out how to clean up the disaster of the Bush years). It is the bought-and-paid-for conservative Democrats that are the problem, and who is buying and paying for them? The insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Baucus is the perfect example of this. Just look at his contributors ( and you’ll quickly see why he votes the way he does.

    Of course, you also have to look at the districts these Blue Dogs and other more conservative Democrats represent, and you again see why they are an obstacle to reform. The Redder (and therefore less educated) the district, the more the constitutents fall for Fox-esque propaganda, the more pressure to vote regressive. So, between the bribes and the lies, these Democrats are just as much a stumbling block to reform as the GOP – and now much moreso. On the other hand, if they don’t pander to these lowbrow contituencies, the Dems will lose the majority and we’ll lose everything instead of just some things. Some things are better than nothing.

    But there is good news. An expansive new ABC/Washington Post poll ( shows 57% support for Obama, above 50% for all his major initiatives with only the exception of the deficit (perfectly understandable), and only 20% of people polled now idetifying themselves as Republicans. Support for Democrats in congress is now in the double digits above support for congressional Republicans, half of the people said Obama has accomplished a good or great amount of his initiatives, and a steady 57% of those polled want a “public option” to compete against private insurance.

    The conservatives and Republicans are LOSING this fight and this post is yet another example of the insecure lashing out from the right because of this. Just take a look at White Lion. White Lion is and was always a corny band, but of course those that pine for Reagan would love them – they’re yet another example of conservatives still living in the eighties.

    Get with the times, guys.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    Theres a handful of polls that also say the guy sucks.
    Wanna se em ? Rasmussen and few others all show that the majority do not like the way hes handling Afghanistan, do not want public option, do not think dems should be fixing the economy, the present congress would be replaced by conservatives, his approval is below 50%, most feel were headed in the wrong direction and on and on.
    Just give the word and I’ll bring it on.

    ABC/Washington post ?
    You might as well of taken the poll yourself.
    You really do think people are stupid, dont you ?

  4. Micky 2 says:

    “they’re yet another example of conservatives still living in the eighties.”

    While democrats try to employ the failed methods of the 30s to fix the economy.

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