Nobel Nonsense

I usually reserve Saturdays for complete filler. The week is politics, and Sundays are about football. Saturdays are for the lighthearted stuff that does not matter. So before getting to this week’s NFL picks, let’s get to some irrelevant filler.

I can’t think of a pair of topics more suited for Saturdays than Barack Obama and the Nobel Committee.

This story really does not bother me. He is on his way to complete uselessness, and a desperate attempt by even more useless Europeans to prop him up has only created a backlash that has even liberals scratching their heads.

(I once scratched a liberal’s head. I did it with a dime. I found three ticks and won a free hot dog at 7-11.)

Awhile back I wrote about the worthlessness of Nobel Prizes, with Yassir Arafat, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter and Paul Krugman all winning this badge of honor for those who value ideological bigotry.

It is very simple. Loudly announce that you despise George W. Bush, and people throw money and awards at you. Despite the idiocy of Sean Penn, Harvey Milk does not do a body good. Any moment now Barack Obama should win an Emmy and an Oscar. The only award that would be less consequential would be an honorary doctorate.

(People who win honorary doctorates are often even more insufferable than average run of the mill PHDs.)

Barack Obama was rewarded for an arduous 10 days in office with an award nomination. Yes, just showing up is enough. After all, when Pittsburgh Steelers Owner Dan Rooney thanked Barack Obama after the Steelers won the Super Bowl, that went unchallenged. After all, Why give credit to Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes when one can praise somebody who embodies athleticism with bowling scores of 37.

This award was nothing more than a bribe. It was one of those “free gift, send no money now” type of awards. Mr. Obama is now expected to deliver, which begins with removing all troops from Afghanistan and closing Gitmo.

I do not blame Mr. Obama for this. His supporters worship him. He is their new deity.

Yet when he falls from Mount Olympus, it is going to get ugly. His biggest supporters will turn on him. This will be somewhat unfair to him, but he chose to raise the bar rather than tamp down expectations.

Gay activists, anti-war protesters, self-defeating Jews, and other left-wing groups will either confront their own original views, or will sink further and further into denial.

Let me spell it out for them. Barack Obama is full of cr@p. He is a politician. Most politicians are full of cr@p. This does not make him evil. It makes him human. Humans have frailties. His frailty, as I have said many times, is that he wears “Eau D’Obama Anus” cologne.

After all, why wouldn’t he? If I ran a campaign dedicated to my own fabulousness and won, I would start believing that my own scent is divine. Who is going to tell him otherwise? His toadies or his sycophants?

(Some of them are both.)

By building him up and inevitably tearing him down, we are cheating ourselves and him.

We need to stop judging him based on his words. That is what the campaign is for. We need to judge him based on his deeds.

It is easy to be popular when one does absolutely nothing. Yet foreign policy does not allow for this.

He may end up taking positions that offend his left-wing base because his leftism is no match for his own political survivalism. His supporters are a means to an end, nothing more.

So if he does keep Gitmo open, and sends more troops to Afghanistan, and does nothing to advance gay marriage, the real fun will be if the Nobel Committee takes the award back.

After all, there are plenty of people less deserving of actual recognition, and therefore more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize.

Nancy Pelosi and Wanda Sykes, I congratulate you both in advance.

You may not have freed 50 million people from Muslim dictatorships or millions of people from Communism, but you did so much more. You despise the people who did, and with left-wing award ceremonies, that is all that matters.

As for Mr. Obama, he may not have secured the Olympics, but if he can lobby to have blathering added to the list of sports, he may win a gold medal just yet.

It would be another “accomplishment” that his supporters can point to as evidence of his perfection.

He would completely agree with them.

Ok, enough with the First Dilittante in Chief. Now on to people that actually have to earn the trophies they hold up. Here are the Week 5 NFL picks.

Raiders at Giants

(Giants by 15, they win but fail to cover)

Jets at Dolphins

(Jets by 1.5, they cover)

Vikings at Rams

(Vikings by 10, they win but fail to cover)

Bengals at Ravens

(Ravens by 9, they win but fail to cover)

Steelers at Lions

(Steelers by 10.5, they win but fail to cover)

Browns at Bills

(Bills by 6, they win but fail to cover)

Patriots at Broncos

(Patriots by 3, they cover)

Buccaneers at Eagles

(Eagles by 15, they win but fail to cover)

Cowboys at Chiefs

(Cowboys by 9, they cover)

Texans at Cardinals

(Cardinals by 5, they win but fail to cover)

Redskins at Panthers

(Panthers by 3.5, they cover)

Jaguars at Seahawks

(No line, Jaguars win)

Colts at Titans

(Colts by 3.5, they covered)

Falcons at 49ers

(49ers by 2.5, they cover)

Now to spend a relaxing NFL Sunday without Dr. Spock babbling while I try to watch the games.


12 Responses to “Nobel Nonsense”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    I like Obama as an individual. I think he means well.

    I liked my doctor, until I realized he failed me for years, by not
    discovering a few maladies..or advising me to take medicines which
    I simply did not need, or made things worse.

    Finally, I changed doctors and my heath has improved significantly.

    I agonized about changing…but should have picked up the clues about
    how incompetent he was. He once said I am the type that sues doctors.
    Sue? Oh come on!. First of all it isn’t easy to sue a doctor, to put it

    I feel the same way about Obama, except I didn’t vote for him. I saw through his inspirational speeches, to college students, and groups
    which believed he was the messiah.

    I knew that while at Harvard, he sided with the Conservatives on the paper. I knew who supported him in Illinois. I knew that he had
    attended a church whose pastor is unAmerican..( and yet he continued
    for 20 years going there).

    My thinking was, if this guy who wants to become President someday,
    were smart, he would have switched churches..(there are many in
    Chicago), just as I switched doctors. In fact, he could have
    gone to a mixed black and white church, or a white church.
    After all, his mother and grandmother were white..and possibly
    there is “white blood” in his wife’s family?

    So what’s the big deal?

    This same Obama used his race, to gain votes..and at the end of
    the day, he won. Sooooo, his campaign advisers were smart.

    He knew when he took office what challanges lay ahead. I do not
    pity his difficulty.

    Winning the Nobel Peace Prize is not a laughing matter, it is serious.
    He is still revered by Europe, and most Americans…but not the Taliban, and other jihadist groups.

    They have conveniently spoken from both sides of their mouths…saying his award did not move either way, the peace process.

    In other words..they want a much more aggressive Obama..rewarding them, and punishing our allies. They want US out of the M.E. Pakistan,
    Iran, Syria, Iraq and Aghanistan. They want Israel to go out of existence, including it’s Jews, Arabs and Christians. They have admitted so.

    Now, Obama must make a decision about fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda. He is waffling..and they know it. So do the Afghans.

    If he backs down…these groups will rule Afghanistan within 2 weeks.
    If he continues to draw down troops in Iraq..we can expect
    a unity among various Jihadist groups..Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic
    Jihad, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, the Taliban and Al Qaeda..all
    with 2 purposes…to take over the area, take over the nukes,
    and make the region Judenrein (sans Jews).

    Then, they can concerntrate on Europe and finally the US.

    Remember, that Iran has intermediate range 1 year from the bomb..and is developing missiles which can reach the US (combined
    with No. Korean technology).

    All the above know that the US is tired of wars and we have a weak
    President..incapable of making the big decisions.

    I am not optimistic.

  2. The Nobel Prize was given for two reasons: as a pat on the back of America for having the smarts to get rid of the neocons, and to remind Obama that the world wants him to live up to his words. Let’s hope he does. And we’re not talking about the little stuff here – stupid, hot-button social contrivances and such – but the big stuff, like positive world leadership and cooperation, piloting the ship of American state away from the waterfall of laizzez-faire failure, and getting the #@!! out of the Middle East.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    I would of really repsected him if as soon as he got to the podium to give thanks he instead said:

    “And now once I’m done with my security panel I’m going to launch hundreds of drones over Afghanistan and Pakistan blowin the crap out of and killing hundreds of radical muslims”

    “as a pat on the back of America for having the smarts to get rid of the neocons,”

    Too bad the dems are loosing in all the polls just about everywhere right now. No one got rid of anyone Jersey.
    Independants are moving right and you’re going to lose alot of seats next year. In addition, at “The Ones” rate I’ll be surprised if he even considers campaigning for 2012.

    10 days into his term and he gets nominated.
    Eric is right. If there was ever such a blatant display of ideological bigotry that has to be it. Even the people in their seats gasped when the winner was announced.
    Keep it up guys

  4. Micky 2 says:

    “like positive world leadership and cooperation, ”

    He cant even lead at home, or get cooperation from his own party.
    How many times has healthcare been moved down the calendar ? I lost count already.

    I dont get it. On one hand the dems want us to butt out of everyones affairs yet you hear from moonbats that Obama should be a world leader ?

    Oh, I get it.
    They’ll accept his socialist agenda since most of the money will come from us. But if they try to blow us up we should leave them alone, uh huh.

  5. Micky, Republicans have a plurality of voters in just FIVE STATES. That’s FIVE STATES. The only thing stopping the Dems from doing what they want is that the Dems, as a party, never know what the heck they want in the first place. Such is life. But when you look at the numbers, the public STILL prefers THAT to the ABJECT FAILURE of conservatism.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    From Rasmussen:
    “Republican congressional candidates have moved ahead of Democrats this week in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot.

    “National telephone survey shows that 43% would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate while 39% would opt for his or her Democratic opponent.

    “This past summer, support for Republican candidates ranged from 41% to 44%, while support for Democrats ranged from 36% to 40%. Looking back one year ago, support for the two parties was strikingly different. ”

    “Support for Democrats fell two points over the past week, while support for the GOP rose by one point.”

    “The latest results match those found two weeks ago. Last week, Republicans held a two-point lead over Democrats.”

    “Forty-nine percent (49%) of Americans now say that the U.S. economy will be stronger in five years than it is today. That figure is down from 64% in March. ”

    ” only 43% of voters believe the United States and its allies are winning the war on terror. That’s little changed from a month ago but down 12 points from 55% the week President Obama took office in January. ”

    “Forty-four percent (44%) say the United States is safer today than it was before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Fifty-one percent (51%) felt that way at the time Obama became president.”

    “54% of voters believe that the health care system needs major changes, but just 41% support the comprehensive reform proposed by the president. ”

    “Most voters (62%) continue to believe the nation is heading down the wrong track. ”

    Jersy, the numbers say otherwise.

    I know wishful thinking is great for the spirit but the fact is that right now the country and even the MSM is beggining to see you guys for the failures you are.
    Where do you get all your crap from when evey policy or agenda of the presidents is either failing, incomplete or being pushed forward for the 5th 6th time ? You’ve had all the power in all three sectors for the last 9 months and what have you done ?
    The biggest fight on the hill right now is between members of your own party and not with the right.
    Afghanistan is failing.
    Our allies wont work with us on the GWOT
    Our major trade partners are ditching the dollar
    We have the largest debt/deficit ever.
    Unemployment is as high as its been since the 30s.
    Social security, medicaid and medicare are going broke yet this moron wants to take 400 million from medicaid even though its projected to fail in 8 years

    “The only thing stopping the Dems from doing what they want is that the Dems, ”

    That makes me feel better, seriously

    “But when you look at the numbers, the public STILL prefers THAT to the ABJECT FAILURE of conservatism.”

    Not the numbers I gave you. The public in all polls is not happy with the direction of the country so stop with your bull. You trying to tell me that as unhappy as everyone is with this leadership that they are willing to have more of it ? You’re high buddy.
    Which by the way, where are these “numbers”? Or is this more of the same in that I’m supposed to just believe you?

    hah !

    “Micky, Republicans have a plurality of voters in just FIVE STATES. That’s FIVE STATES. ”

    Nice try, but my reference was to what the country will be doing next year.
    You will loose states, and as a consequence, seats

  7. Micky, you can selectively get anything you want from any poll, but if you’re going to look at things intelligently, then you have to put polls in perspective. National polls of congress are virtually meaningless. The nation doesn’t vote for representatives, their districts do. National polls of the entire congress almost always show public disapproval of the body, yet a constant majority of polls, by district, of representatives always show a preference for the represenatitve those particular voters have. That’s Civic’s 101 stuff right there, Micky.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “lose states,” unless you mean some state houses, senates and governorships may shift one way or the other. Sure, that’s possible, but it’s national consequence may not be much to speak of.


  8. Laree says:


    I am following the Other McCain’s blogging outlines here Alabama whopped Ole Miss.

  9. Sorry I missed the Politics on Sat. As it’s now Sun I’ll have to properly stick to the NFL picks for week 5:

    Raiders at Giants

    (I agree, Giants win. Sorry Raider Nation, I really do feel your pain)

    Jets at Dolphins

    (I agree, the Jets drown the fins in Miami)

    Vikings at Rams

    (Agree again the Vikings win and they Rams media starts talking 0-16 season ahead)

    Bengals at Ravens

    (Still with you with the Ravens winning this hunt. This game will be one of the better ones to watch today)

    Steelers at Lions

    (My Lions will be skinned today by the Steelers. Oh what a glorious upset it would be……….. Time for another hit off the hookia)

    Browns at Bills

    (This is my upset of the week. Browns get 1st win against the Bills at home. If I got this right I’m moving to Vegas baby!)

    Patriots at Broncos

    (Broncos hand a narrow defeat to the Pats at home. The Patriot’s dynesty is officially over today)

    Buccaneers at Eagles

    (Agree with you, the Eagles keep the Bucs winless)

    Cowboys at Chiefs

    (As above the Boys hold the Ciefs winless as well. I’s say we have three potential 0-16 seasons brewing except the Rams and Chiefs do play each other. At least one of the HAS to win there.)

    Texans at Cardinals

    (Interesting, I though I was the only one who have Card over Texans.)

    Redskins at Panthers

    (Nope, disagreement #3. Skins beat the Pathers. Can anyone explaing why the hell the Panthers can’t win a game. The logic escapes me)

    Jaguars at Seahawks

    (Concur, Hawks continue to slide into the bottom of the pile. Jaguars win)

    Colts at Titans

    (Agree. I have the score as Colts 30 and Titans 10)

    Falcons at 49ers

    (And finally I agree and have the S.F. over Atl.)

    Not a huge pic difference, but I we’ll declare bragging right over the three differing pics. Good luck and may the best pissed off tree rat win!

  10. Laree says:

    John McCain weighs in on the tension between Steven Schmidt and Sarah
    Palin, and her new book Going Rogue. This interview with John King of

  11. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey. with all you yappity yap yap yap you still couldnt convince the average layman.
    With some statistical representation from a reliable pollster such as Rasmussen I have a hell of alot better chance of getting thru to people than you do.

    “show a preference for the represenatitve those particular voters have. That’s Civic’s 101 stuff right there, Micky.”

    Wise up, the polls represent that those “preferences” are changing.

    Get it ? Thats basic communication 101

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