Rush Limbaugh Fights Back

Rush Limbaugh is a conservative. He exists and breathes air. For those reasons, people on the left hate his guts. It is called Ideological Bigotry.

Luckily for decent society, Rush has a platform to fight back.

Some will say that Limbaugh is an unsympathetic figure. This is code for politically incorrect. Unsympathetic figures are the very people we absolutely should stick up for if freedom of speech will mean anything.

Carrie Prejean had a crown stolen from her.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger was bullied off the air.

20 year old Hannah Giles is being sued by a liberal criminal enterprise named ACORN simply because she proved they were a liberal criminal enterprise.

Andrew Breitbart is being sued for supporting Hannah Giles.

Now Rush Limbaugh is being blackballed from participating in a sports league, despite the fact that Mark Cuban owns a team and Keith Olbermann spends much of his non-sports time engaging in left-wing bile.

By every professional standard, Limbaugh was qualified to own a team. Yet with the left, qualifications are irrelevant. All that matters are feelings.

Keep in mind, they do not believe conservatives are human beings, so they do not have feelings.

This is not about mere politics. It is about smearing people with incendiary charges. Dr. Laura is against gay marriage, so she was labeled a homophobe. Carrie Prejean was ambushed, and treated as if she were an anti-gay bigot.

Rush Limbaugh, despite worshipping at the alter of the National Football League just like I do, was labeled a racist for saying a black player was overrated and the NFL promotes social engineering. That is an opinion, and hardly anywhere near as inflammatory as the stuff the left says about the right on a daily basis.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton stepped in, because they refuse to get real jobs and benefit society in any way, shape, or form. These two race hustlers are anti-Semites who dress nicely, and nothing more. Limbaugh made his money honestly. Jackson and Sharpton are the ones who spent their lives peddling bigotry to make money.

This is not about agreeing or disagreeing with Limbaugh. This is about disagreeing honestly, without poisonous attacks of bigotry that have no basis in fact.

Nobody is entitled to own a football team. If they were, I would have gotten way ahead of Rush and everyone else. Everybody is entitled to a fair hearing.

Rush Limbaugh needs to take his bigoted left-wing critics and go after them with all the fury that the power of his position brings him. Those who engaged in libel and slander of him must be sued until they are bankrupt. Nobody is allowed to make false charges. If his critics have evidence of racism, they had better put up or shut up right now. Since they can’t put up, they should just shut up. If not, Rush must shut them up.

The left-wing bullying has got to stop.

Make ’em bleed Rush. They deserve it.

Once he crushes the leftist haters that made the false charges, those people will not be around to attack other innocent conservatives that have been subjected to slurs and accusations just for being alive and expressing an opinion.

Yes, I mean me.

The gloves are off.


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  1. Micky 2 says:

    “This is not about agreeing or disagreeing with Limbaugh. This is about disagreeing honestly, without poisonous attacks of bigotry that have no basis in fact.”

    Four days after Rick Sanchez apologized for repeating statements that rush never said Rachel Maddow finally stepped up with her own mia culpa for doing the same.
    Amazing how these apologies do not come til after the damage has been done, and days apart from each other when it was evident to everyone (except Jersey I guess) early on they were not true.
    And then right after that, seconds after, the idiot wench runs off a bunch of Limbaugh statements that were racial in nature but not racist in any way but were somehow to solidify the claims that hes racist.
    To top off its gone beyond just the media and the liberal eliote crowd its even happening within the white house and their attacks on FOX.
    When the administration decides to go after a single news outlet simply because they air views that go against their ideology its gone past just ideological bigotry by way of a medias smear campaigning and entered into a realm of the fed wanting to control free speech. Its reached a point where its not just about Rush anymore but instead our countrys right to speak without being intimidated or threatened by asking other outlets to follow suit in their agenda

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