Hanukkah Epilogue–Jewish Republicans Everywhere

As Hanukkah 2009 enters its 8th and final night, I just want to pay tribute to Jewish Republicans everywhere.

Too many people think that being Jewish and being a Republican are incompatible. This is totally false. The greatest good deed in Judaism is Tzedakah, which means charity. The highest level of charity is helping somebody become self sufficient by starting their own business. Judaism and political conservatism are a perfect match.

There are many more Jewish Republicans than people think. The problem is that Republican Jews are the new gays. Too many of us are in the closet.

Well today I offer a loud tribute to Jewish Republicans helping make America better all across this nation.

Linda Lingle is the Governor of Hawaii.


Norm Coleman and Rudy Boschwitz were both Senators Minnesota.



Eric Cantor is the House Minority Leader in Virginia.


Adam Hasner is the House State Majority Leader in Florida.


Dan Lederman is an influential South Dakota legislator.


Gary Emineth is the Chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party


Howard Epstein is the Chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party.


Jeff Wald is a vital member of the Oakland-Alameda County Republican Party.


Ari Fleischer was the White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, helping us all heal as Rosh Hashanah came shortly after 9/11.


Florence Shapiro is running for the Senate in Texas.


Joel Pollak is running for Congress in Illinois.


Josh Mandel is running for Secretary of State in Ohio.


Ari David and Mattie Fein are both running for Congress in separate Los Angeles districts.



Evan Sayet is the most influential Republican comedian in the country.


Larry Greenfield of the Claremont Institute honored Ronald Reagan in Berlin on the 20th anniversary of the falling of the Berlin Wall.


Sam Fox of Missouri was the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium.


Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Dennis Miller, Marc Levin, and Alan Stock are influential radio talk show hosts in America, located in Los Angeles, Seattle, Los Angeles again, New York and Las Vegas.





Bernie Goldberg is the top media critic in the nation.


Sir Charles of Krauthammer remains the finest mind on Earth.


Campbell Brown of CNN converted to the Jewish faith to marry a Jewish Republican.

Norman Podhoretz has capped off his brilliant multi-decade career with the book “Why are Jews liberal?”


John Podhoretz has honored his father’s legacy from the New York Post to Commentary Magazine.


Bill Kristol sets the journalistic standard of magazine excellence with the Weekly Standard.


Mona Charen has a long and successful career as a writer and author.


Dr. Daniel Pipes runs the Middle East Forum, tracking Islamofascism worldwide.


David Horowitz runs the Freedom Center, tracking Islamofascim on college campuses.


Richard Baehr in Illinois of the American Thinker is one of the most respected political analysts and health care consultants in the country.


Sheldon Adelson is a casino magnate in Las Vegas.


Leo Bletnitsky in Las Vegas helped with the Republican Party Animals.


Joe Gelman in Las Vegas is a very respected blogger of the Neocon Express, one of the top 2 blogs in America with the word “Express” in it.


Susan Duclos out of Phoenix is the brilliance behind the blog Wake Up America. She goes by the name Spree.


Mande Wilkes blogs at Fits News out of South Carolina.


Ben Shapiro is a rising columnist, author, and attorney.


Lynn Lechler has helped the Republican Party with her service in Pennsylvania.

Andy Levy offers “Redeye,” the lighter side of life, from New York.


Andrew Breitbart of Los Angeles broke the ACORN story through his site Big Hollywood.


Burt Prelutsky is a successful television writer who wrote for MASH and many other shows.


Roger L. Simon is the brains behind Pajamas Media.


Jonathan Hoenig runs Capitalist Pig Asset Management from Chicago.


President George W. Bush had many Republican Jews in his administration.

Paul Wolfowitz was the Assistant Secretary of Defense.


Douglas Feith was the Under Secretary of Defense.


Elliott Abrams was the Deputy National Security Director for Middle East Affairs.


Michael Mukasey was the Attorney General.


Michael Chertoff was the Director of Homeland Security.

Josh Bolton was the director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Scooter Libby was the Chief of Staff for Vice President Dick Cheney.

Henry Kissinger was the Secretary of State for President Richard Nixon.

Federal Reserve Chairmen Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke have both faced tough challenges.



Milton Friedman was the brightest economist the world has ever known.

Comedian Jackie Mason has entertained people for decades.

Comedian and Actor Adam Sandler has written many versions of his now famous Hanukkah Song.

Comedian Julia Gorin is as tough as she is funny.


Actress Stephanie Zimbalist starred in Remington Steele with Pierce Brosnan.


Actor Ron Silver left us way too soon.

Ben Stein has been an actor, writer, and even game show host.

The Republican Jewish Coalition started as a dream, and is now a thriving organization with chapters all over America.

Israel has had some phenomenal Likud Prime Ministers, from Menachem Begin to Yitzchak Shamir to Ariel Sharon to Benjamin Netanyahu.

Lastly, there is lil ol’ me. The Tygrrrr Express is more than just a blog and the conduit to the book “Ideological Bigotry.”


When all is said and done, I am a Jewish Republican.

Happy Hanukkah and beyond to the Jewish Republicans of the world, and all of those who show solidarity with us.

Hineni. Here I am. Republican, Jewish, and proud always.


8 Responses to “Hanukkah Epilogue–Jewish Republicans Everywhere”

  1. Hey, there are a lot of Jewish Republicans! LOL! Okay, okay, so I already knew that. Growing up where I did, and living where I have, I’ve know lots of Jewish folks, and like everyone else, they come in all different stripes. People still stereotype Jews quite a bit. I find it offensive and knock it down whenever I can. The only thing I warn Jewish Republicans about is the Religious Right – please, for the love of God, beware of those people. No matter what they say, no matter what positions they support, please, God, remember – they are not your friends.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    Unfortunately the Jews tend to do things, big time, including

    Bernie Madoff and Jack Abramoff have done more to damage
    those named in this post, than all the achievements and successes.

    People tend to look at the negative, and why go further than the above
    named individuals, who besmerched our good name. Madoff
    also took money, mainly from other Jews, who trusted him, in the
    millions. Abramoff stole from the indians and got involved in
    schemes (something about cruise boats I think?).

    The anti-Semites (anti-Israel) crowd, point fingers…at those Jews who
    they can link to controversial issues.

    I perused abortions on the “Net” for a debate with a friend.
    Lo and behold, who has a website, but David Duke, not exactly
    my favorite Southerner. He links abortions with radical Jewish doctors.
    Now maybe there are a few docs who may, or may not be Jewish (some
    have never really been Jewish), so what?

    My friends, religious Judaism is against abortion, except when
    it can impact the life of the mother, and or the fetus. A fetus
    is considered a life..albeit not yet born. That is it, point blank.

    Many Jews favor abortions….if fact most., but not for the religious reasoning. They don’t want government interfering with their bodies.

    For example, if a women wants plastic surgery, to look better, or
    even to correct a perceived deformity, the government cannot tell her
    or her doc what to do. It’s that simple.

    If a women wants an abortion, due to rape, incest, a mistake in a
    parked car, or some other reason, that’s HER business, and most
    Americans agree, if not always on when.

    As my physican (who is Jewish) told me, “Many of my patients
    say Hitler was right” ( Madoff swindle).

    Looks like there are many more closed David Dukes than wed like
    to believe.

    Hey guys, hows about the revelation that some Islamic groups have
    organized into militant camps (back East) and are teaching women
    how to behead a captured “infidel”.

    The authorities cannot stop this..as they claim a right under their
    religious beliefs.

    While back in Washington D.C., John Kerry inadvertently told
    an interviewer something about “Goldstone” and the debate
    in Congress ( which has slowed down other issues under discussion).

    It seemed to me that Kerry was concerned that Goldstone was right
    about Israel’s retaliation for 12,000 rockets fired., wherein he
    alluded to 22 war crimes (not yet proven).

    Israel of course has told the world that it has the right and obligation
    to protect it’s citizens and sovereignty.

    Hmmmmm, the same Kerry who denounced the Vietnam War, threw away
    his medals, and confronted Congress, while our boys were dying in battle.

    David Duke, Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Mel Gibson, birds of a feather.
    a preditor I would say.

    But compared to Assad, Ahmad, Abbas, Hitler, Goering, Himmler,
    Striker, Coughlin, Nasser, they are pikers.

  3. “Unfortunately the Jews tend to do things, big time, including

    Dan! What the heck was that???

    “My friends, religious Judaism is against abortion…”

    What? Are you just making this stuff up??? Only some Orothdox Jews are theologically averse to the right of women to get an abortion even within a reasonable period in the pregnancy.

    “Many Jews favor abortions….if fact most., but not for the religious reasoning.”

    A lie. MOST Jews believe that a fetus is a “partial life,” coming closer and closer to life until “the head appears from the womb,” and then it is considered a full-fledged human. Obviously you are just making this stuiff up.

    “As my physican (who is Jewish) told me, “Many of my patients
    say Hitler was right” ( Madoff swindle).”

    What the h@ll kind of “patients” does this guy see? Mental patients?

    “Looks like there are many more closed David Dukes than wed like
    to believe.”

    Well, you sure got that one right! I’ve been telling you La-La Land conservatives that for years. This myth that racism and bigotry are things of the past may be convenient for some, but in the end that willful ignorance will only come back to bite you.

    “David Duke, Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Mel Gibson, birds of a feather.”

    What the ….???



  4. blacktygrrrr says:

    When I get something wrong I admit it.

    Greg Gutfeld is not Jewish. Bill O’Reilly just wished him a Happy Hanukkah, and Gutfeld explained that he was not Jewish. He is Catholic, and a former altar boy.

    I thought he was. So he has been removed from the column. Mark Levin has been added.

    SE Cupp has not been added because even after interviewing her, I cannot figure out what she is and I wish not to pry. She keeps that to herself.

    eric :)

  5. Micky 2 says:

    I hope your 8 days were joyus and I’m wishing you well bro.
    I can still wish you a Merry Christmas in the hopes the day itself will be good for ya.

    Bless ya.


  6. Gutfeld! Of course! That’s a Catholic name if I ever did see one! LOL! Must be one of those Ellis Island name-shorteners from like “Gutfeldo” or “O’Gutfeld’ or “Gutfeldski”…

    Happy Hunnukah! Wait a minute… Is Eric sure he’s Jewish? Eric, are you sure your name wasn’t once Golubotti? McGolub? Golub-Khan? Golubowski? Tygrrrrodriguez?


  7. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah, I saw the same segement.
    Gutfeld also tried out for mall Santa and got fired for coming back from his lunch break smelling like beer.
    I guess its not as bad as Tom Arnolds last stint as St. Nick. Thats was too funny.

  8. Dav Lev says:

    Yes there are Jewish Republicans, but one would not know it looking
    at the legislators from my home state, California.

    Boxer, Feinstein (half), Waxman, Berman, Schiff, etc., the Democrats have
    us in their pockets.

    The problem is that those pockets rarely benefit we Jews.

    Take the abortion issue. Our bible does not specifically prohib condone abortions. And just because someone is raped does not mean the fetus should be aborted. After all, the born child was not resonsible.

    However, in cases where the health of both, or either are threatened
    that’s entirely different.

    In other words, the liberal Jewish woman, who voted against McCain/Palin
    over Palin’s abortion stand, where half-right.

    It’s like describing Obama. Is he half black, half white? What?

    Which side of our President governs?

    Jassie, and Al say the white side. Those who cry on the Tavis
    Smiley show, believe he is black, all black. Your guess is as good as mine.
    Personally, he thinks like, acts like, and walks like, a white.

    I am a Conservative Jew but do enjoy the holidays, even others.
    As a reward for a request for an auto part unavailable through the
    Internet but obtained from abroad, I am sending a Christmas present
    through Fedex. It’s my Christmas/Chanukah spirit guys.

    On the foreign and domestic scenes, our Pres was half successful, sort of
    like who he is.

    Let’s look at health refrom. The basic problem is insuring 45m Americans and a growing illegal, immigrant population with taxpayer dollars.
    The side issues here are pre-conditions (being born is a precondition),
    and those who lose insurance (Cobras) after being laid off.

    Most liberals wanted to destroy our medical system (the 250, who are insured), to allow those uninsured to obtain governmental insurance
    (paid for by US).

    Abortions were an issue finally..with Pelosi demanding the US pay for them (she represents a district where abortions are non existent), but
    was out of step with many others.

    Finally the House passed their bill, and now the Senate has. Rumors
    are that one legislator who was waivering got 300m from Reid to
    decide in favor.

    It’s interesting that according to my reports, Reid’s wife is an
    Orthodox Jew…if so, why would he vote the way he did?

    Anyway, now both chambers have to agree, before the Pres will

    Hmmmmmm, I wonder if my pay will go up commensurate with
    any increase in health premiums? Maybe I should just stay healthy.

    Did you see the latest Iranian gesture for the holidays. Now they are saying that their centrifuges won’t enrich uranium (high grade) for a few more years..and that their heavy water plant is still insufficient. Also,
    their 1200 mile missile has imperfections.

    While back in Iraq, I understand that Iraqi troops have kicked the Iranian
    out of an oil field…hmmmmmmmm, now the Russians can
    continue their attempt to grab a hold of Iraqs oil wealth.

    And what does Obama do, he gets off a plane in the middle of a snow storm into a waiting Cadillac or Lexus..just a few steps to avoid
    the snow. But, what if he had slipped? Oh well, Joe is waiting in the wings.

    Merry you know what.

    Oh, I received a thank you from the Republican Party.
    The year is ending well, better than last year, now that
    Obama is doing everything the Republicans could have only wished for,
    starting with health care, cap and trade, global warming, the card check
    vote, gays in the military, same sex marriages, reducing nukes worldwide
    in his fantasies, and stimulating the economy into a 12% unemployment state.

    There is a God afterall.

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