Ideological Bigotry–My book is now available


My book, Ideological Bigotry, is now in stores and available for purchase.

Ideological Bigotry is the hatred of people based on their political views. It is just as harmful as racial or ethnic bigotry, but gets less attention.

The book can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through iUniverse. freechatrooms

Below is the picture of the hard cover copy.

For legal reasons, I had to use a picture different than the one on my blog. Simply put, after much searching, I cannot find out who owns the rights to that picture.

Below are a couple of testimonials that will be found on the back cover.

“Many will find this reading highly charged, and most controversial. But hey, that’s what we have come to expect from Eric aka The Tygrrrr Express!”

Radio Host Armstrong Williams

“You don’t have to be a political ‘conservative’ or agree with every word in this book to appreciate Ideological Bigotry. In a society that professes to value tolerance and dissent, America has become infested with bigots who taunt, intimidate and even hate those who dare to disagree with them.  Eric exposes this evil in a witty and insightful manner that makes for very delightful reading.  Unlike many who beat you over the head about this problem, his wit and sense of ridicule are a welcome relief.  A great read!”

Ward Connerly—Chairman, American Civil Rights Institute

I am described as “politically conservative, morally liberal, and completely off kilter.”

If you would like me to come to your city to do a book signing, then invite me! I am arranging a book tour as we speak.

I am also available for television and radio interviews.

I had no say in the price of the book. As for free copies, please understand that if I gave the book away, this would not be a successful business venture!

I will be autographing copies of the hard cover version.

My goal is to visit all 50 states, so at some point, your hard cover book WILL be autographed.

If I left you out of the acknowledgments, again, don’t resort to verbal violence. Every person that I have ever corresponded with through the Tygrrrr Express has made it a special place.

After you have purchased the book, please let me know that you did so.

Lastly, just know that while I am the person who wrote the book, and writes the blog, every single one of you is what makes it worth while.

Thank you very much.

Now please go buy my book!

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

23 Responses to “Ideological Bigotry–My book is now available”

  1. prying1 says:

    Whoo Hoo! I was waiting for this posting. Off to see about purchasing my copy.

    When I met “eric aka the Tygrrrr Express” in person I found him to be “real people”, not a plastic person pretending to be something other or more than he is. The kind of person that if one does not like him it is that one’s loss not eric’s. Although we’ve only met once (so far) I know we will be friends forever. He is that kind of person.

    Support for him by purchasing this book will be putting another nail in the coffin liberalism abides in.

  2. Dav Lev says:

    A few years ago, I listened to Mario Cuomo (New York), who I admired
    say that in politics we should be all Americans, not liberal or conservative.

    That said it all. Let’s admit that conservatives, like liberals, are demonized.
    For proof, just read posts on thousands, if not tens of thousands of
    websites or blogs.

    This can go too far. I read recently posts calling for the arming by conservatives against the “dangerous liberals”.

    Like the warlike rhetoric coming out of UCLA Middle Eastern Studies
    Department, this must not be tolerated.

  3. Micky 2 says:

    Congratulations my friend.
    You’re the only one I know of that touches on this subject and I’m dying to see what the responses are from those who think they’re so fair and tolerant.
    I know that myself am becoming very intolerant of the antics on the left.
    I wonder if its worse for conservatives to be intolerant of liberals as it is for liberals to be intolerant of conservatives ?
    I feel a little bit of a hypocrite in that I usually assume from the start of any conversation that they are flawed.
    But I will bite my lip and progress into the conversation being as fair minded as possible and yet I always find myself shaking my head in disgust at these people, most of em.
    Giving them the benefit of the doubt without any contempt ahead of time is becoming harder and harder.
    I can pretty much not have any prejudgments against anyone ahead of time. Ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, none of it plays a role in my approach to these people.
    But once I know you’re a liberal, my defenses are already up and I’ve made up my mind that I’ll more than likely be dealing with an a$$ because although its not so much the political beliefs that put me off, its the character traits that almost inevitably come with those political beliefs.
    So, I guess i’m guilty of being an ideological bigot myself.
    Does it matter to what degree you bring on this bigotry ?

  4. Sanity102 says:

    It is this bigotry that has cost the GOP to lose. Independents like me get real tired of having to “prove” our honesty, principles, and ideals and we are just too pragmatic to fit into any groove that has straight and narrow passages to ideological utopia.

    Hey Eric, any chance in doing an audible? I have a long commute to the office and back and enjoy listening to audio cds or mp3s.

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  6. hauk says:

    Awesome bro! I’ll order a copy as soon as my first unemployment cheque arrives!

  7. thepoliticaltipster says:

    Eric, congratulations on the publication of your book. As I am in the process of editing my thesis I appreciate how difficult such a process is.

    By the way, did anyone here read Gingrich”s comment about the North Korean missile? Given that he has now “found God” and is now making a pitch for the hawkish vote, it is clear that he is going to be making a bid for the GOP nomination in 2012. I gave up tipstering after the last election but there might be some value in backing him at 64/1 at for the White House (with the aim of laying the bet off once his odds tighten – rather than betting to win).

  8. Toma says:


    Thank you sooo much for making me part of your extended family. I look forward to reading “Ideolgical Bigotry”. I’ve grown quite fond of the contributors to your blog and look forward to the exchanges. I hope your book is a great success.

    Be well my Friend


  9. Toma says:

    OOOPS! “Ideological Bigotry” It doesn’t matter how many time I proof a post I still find a type-o or miss-spell or something. It is aggravating.


  10. JMK2006 says:

    Congrats, eric! And best wishes for the rollout.

  11. Laree says:

    Gave you a shout out on my Blog Eric so did Sarah Palin 2012.

    Divide and Conquer it isn’t a new concept. Are we Mice or are we (Wo)Men. I am an American First I don’t need any Political qualifiers.

  12. I’ll pick up a copy as soon as I have some extra cash. Being among the millions of Americans who’ve fallen on hard times over the past year, even $31 is a lot for me these days.

    I’ve been a little confused about this whole “ideological bigotry” thing since I’ve been coming around this blog. When I hear the suggestion that to be “tolerant” one must be toelrant of intolerance -well, that’s just contradictory logic. When I hear conservatives use the expression “Bush haters” all I hear is a derogatory against Bush’s detractors – as if we liberals should really love Bush but we’re all just idiots who’ve been sold a bill of goods about Bush’s ideology. In reality, of course, we detest the man because we find him, and everything he believes in, detestible. Not because anybody told us to think so – but because he stands for so very much that we stand against. It’s his history, his personal story, his accomplishments, his ideology, his disposition. We don’t “hate” Bush just for the sake of hating him. We hate Bush because he earned our hate. Given the state of the nation today, Bush will remain one of the most hated presidents in our history for the foreseeable future.

    I haven’t read the book yet, but I get the feeling it will include personal anecdotes about how personal relations can be affected by this “ideological bigotry.” I think this gets right to the heart of what I feel is wrong about this whole “ideological bigotry” concept. Bigotry is irrational hatred. It is prejudice without cause. But ideology is rationale. It is a cause. If you are against an ideology, you therefore must understand that ideology. I think our good host tries to frame his ideology in a way that makes it seem benign, but when you look around our country today, and you realize that this very ideology has brought it to where it is, you realize that it’s anything but benign. We get it – conservative don’t want old people to starve, but that very well could happen if you privatized social security. And your motive is not to help old people, but to avoid paying taxes. It’s not benign, it’s not malevolent, it’s just short-sighted and cheap.

    Now, if by ideological bigotry, one simply means “disagree agreeably,” that’s fine. I completely agree. That’s why I prefer to blog only with conservatives. I’d rather talk about these things with who disagree with me than people who agree with me. It gets boring talking with people who agree with you all the time. On the other hand, I most certainly wouldn’t marry a conservative woman. This isn’t bigotry – it’s that if someone is a conservative, to my mind, something is wrong with them. To me, conservatism is inherently wrongheaded. They can be my friend, my kin, my freindly acquaintance – but not my spouse.


  13. Dav Lev says:

    There is no question that we Conservatives are demonized by the

    In my prior post I said that Conservatives also demonize the liberals.

    Barbara Boxer and Feinstein (Senators) from California like to call themselves Progressive.
    What exactly is the difference? Progressive reminds me of
    Muslim suicide bombers (see latest attacks in Pakistan and Iraq),
    who are called (in the leftist media), “Militants”. I understand that
    now our great leader in Washington D. C. will refrain from describing
    terrorists using their faith. (But they do it all the time. They boast
    about it, They use it as their cover).

    Well, tell that to the victims and their families, that these people are militants. Militants doesn’t have the sting of terrorists, who are in fact
    murderers wrapped with their particilar faith.

    Progressives are liberals, let’s not kid ourselves.

    And what is a liberal? A liberal is someone who wants all the benefits
    that society can offer , paying for it with other people’s money.
    (Money isn’t just paper, it represents achievement, success, successful competition, hard work, years of study).

    A Conservative is someone who also wants these benefits, but is willing
    to pay for it.

    Under Clinton, Bush and now Obama, a liberal is someone who
    thinks we should wait to fight the Jihadists, Communists, etc., when they
    are here, marching down main street.

    Conservatives (mainly, but not all Republicans) are people who want to
    fight the Jihadists, Communists, etc., THERE, WAY OVER THERE, ON THEIR
    MAIN STREETS. Get it!

    Look folks, I ride around the city, and see a lot of signs on cars,
    No on Prop 8. Sometimes two guys or two gals are in those cars,
    kissing at traffic lights. I also see signs Out of Iraq. This morning I saw a sign, Not fighting means peace, fighting means war, on a car. In fact
    this car had both signs.

    Well, to that car owner, if the Jihadists had THEIR way, you would not dare to have those signs on your car. You would not dare to walk the streets, You would not dare to kiss in your car. You would not be alive for long.
    Don’t believe me, read today’s news from Turkey.

    I recall what the leader of Iran said at the UN regarding gays in his country. “We don’t have any”. Hmmmmmmm, I wonder why?

  14. Laree says:

    A Progressive doesn’t like to be called Liberal. A Progressive will align themselves with Socialist.

    Contemporary progressivism

    The fourth and current liberal Progressive movement grew out of social activism movements, Naderite and populist left political movements in conjunction with the civil rights, GLBT (Gay rights), women’s or feminist, and environmental movements of the 1960s-1980s.[17] This exists as a cluster of political, activist, and media organizations ranging in outlook from centrism (eg. Reform Party of the United States of America) to left-liberalism to social democracy (like the Green Party) and sometimes even democratic socialism (like the Socialist Party USA).

    Barack Obama is a proud Progressive, he has stated so for the record. It can be easily Googled. Barack H Obama isn’t a Liberal,he doesn’t have a Liberal Agenda. He does have a Progressive Agenda SEE Alinsky. The Percentage of Progressives with in the Democrat Party are not the Majority, however they are all filling the leadership roles in the Presidency, The House – Nancy Pelosi and The Senate – Harry Reid. They are not in the majority in the 3rd Branch of Government “The Supreme Court”

  15. macbigot says:

    “For legal reasons, I had to use a picture different than the one on my blog. Simply put, after much searching, I cannot find out who owns the rights to that picture.”

    Have you tried ? It’s saved my bacon a couple of times when clients insisted they had rights to an image, when I had a strong suspicion that they’d lifted it from Google Images and felt that their ‘need’ was justification enough for ‘redistributing’ it throughout their printed and web collateral.

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