Ideological Bigotry Part XXIV–Maureen Dowd’s Sexual Temper Tantrum

Today I am off to Fresno to headline their County GOP holiday party. Between Hanukkah, a nameless hot girl, and the Raiders beating the Broncos, I have been way too exceedingly pleasant lately. Time to put on my Hebrew version of the Grinch hat and get back to scorched Earth politics.

Water is wet. The sun rises in the East. Liberals on the Upper Westside of Manhattan delight in the scent of their own bottoms. The Jason Blair Times engages in Ideological Bigotry.

Whether it is Jewish self-loathing from Richard Cohen, a Bob Herbert racial temper tantrum, or Pinch Sulzberger giving away secret American troop movements, the Jason Blair Times is truly becoming a collection of raving lunatics in the Town Square. Their intellectual train has long since left the Union Station.

In the name of gender equality, Maureen Dowd fills the victimhood quota required by this long since scratched and broken record excuse of a media instrument.

This woman is so grating that when she tried to interview Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the ACLU stepped in on behalf of the poor sheik and reminded us all that the Eighth Amendment against cruel and unusual punishment protects him from torture. This is a shame because he was ready to say everything under the condition that she say nothing.

This woman is so vicious that she makes Cruella DeVille look like a Dalmation lover volunteering at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

I don’t know what species her parents belonged to, but no wonder she love the Prius. She is definitely a hybrid of something herself.

(If a liberal were writing this, it would be considered satire and be given a Pulitzer. I could go on all day. Bring it on Maureen.)

Her latest sexual (or in her case perhaps asexual) temper tantrum is a screed against Sarah Palin.

I would link to the article but I wish to avoid innocent readers of my columns contracting swine flu from Miss Piggy’s more repulsive twin.

Her column entitled, “Visceral has its value,” was meant to be a slap at Sarah Palin. Maureen Dud calling somebody else visceral? Talk about the pot calling the kettle African-American.

Below is some of the filth she wallows in.

“It’s easy to dismiss Sarah Palin. She’s back on the trail, with the tumbling hair and tumbling thoughts. The queen of the scenic strip mall known as Wasilla now reigns over thrilled subjects thronging to a politically strategic swath of American strip malls.”

Wow, a cheap shot at a woman with gorgeous hair. Now that is what the feminist movement has brought us. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott are trying to come back to life so they can put either a muzzle or a feedbag on this creature. Betty Friedan is muttering to her friends that this witch needs to put a sock in it.

An entire town is nothing but a “scenic strip mall.” Now that is beautiful. Denigrate an entire town just to make sure one woman gets hit.

The town is not enough. Now everybody who goes to malls is in her snarling cross (nasal) hairs. Maybe had Black Friday shoppers in 1969 bought her lumps of coal, she could have used them to stuff her bra, snare a boyfriend, and have a family.

(Wow, doing her job is quite easy.)

Hell hath no fury like a she-beast scorned, as Stuart Schwartz ably points out.

So why does Maureen Dowd hate Sarah Palin with a passion and ferocity so blinding that it makes over-the-hill and kidding herself exotic dancer Katie Couric seem fair and reasonable?

Her contrast of Barack Obama to Sarah Palin reveals everything.

“He struggles to transcend identity politics while she wallows in them. As he builds an emotional moat around himself, she exuberantly pushes whatever she has, warts and all — the good looks, the tabloid-perfect family, the Alaska quirkiness, the kids with the weird names.”

Actually, he is identity politics, but that is for Bob Herbert’s next meltdown. Maureen Dowd hates Sarah Palin because Sarah Palin has virtually everything and Maureen Dowd has virtually nothing.

Sarah Palin is gorgeous. She is a former beauty queen. She was a successful jock and cheerleader. Boys want to date her. Yet despite needing administrative staff to send the declination letters on the deluge of marriage proposals, Sarah Palin is in love with her husband, and he is in love with her. They are happy.

Can anyone picture Maureen Dowd as a cheerleader?

“D-O-W-D-I-E, that’s the way we spell Dowdy, Dowdy, Dowdy, I’m Maureen and I’m Dowdy.”

The “tabloid perfect family” is a grudging admittance that the Palins are good parents. Those that dare go after Bristol Palin had better be prepared for a fusillade against Al Gore’s son.

Sarah Palin lives in a world of sock hops, campfires, and sing-a-longs. Maureen Dowd spent decades rotting away in a city that was rotting itself under drugs, crime, and sewage.

Sarah Palin is a conservative who succeeded. Maureen Dowd is a liberal who failed. Sarah Palin is authentic. Maureen Dowd is a fraud, although by New York Times standards, plagiarism is not fraud when done by a liberal.

All the protesting about how she does not need a man will not change the fact that she knows that she could never get a catch like Todd Palin. She would never even put the worm on the hook, for fear of chipping one of her typing nails. As for the kids with the “weird names,” Miss Dowd apparently has never met a Hollywood celebrity.

Some will correctly point out that Maureen Dowd is a failed human being living a menial life at a long since disgraced and discredited publication. Yet in the same way she advises that Sarah Palin cannot be ignored (She is starting to pursue Palin in a “Fatal Attraction” Glenn Close menacing kind of manner), Dowd must not go unchallenged. Idiocy is still dangerous when the platform is large.

(Perhaps the movie “American Beauty” offers a better theory. Maybe Dowd hit on Sarah Palin. Sarah rejected her, and Maureen went ballistic, targeting her as if she were Kevin Spacey.)

Dowd applies the platform logic to Palin.

Angry feminist pot, meet exploding hysterical kettle.

Maybe if NASA would land a man on Maureen Dowd, she would mellow out. We can even make “Maneater” by Hall and Oates her wedding march.

Never mind. KSM won’t date her. That pesky Eighth Amendment again.


11 Responses to “Ideological Bigotry Part XXIV–Maureen Dowd’s Sexual Temper Tantrum”

  1. Athur Sulzberger committed treason? When did this happen? This is a pretty slanderous accusation. Is there proof of this?

    Ya’ know, it’s really not good form to comment on a column with linking it. No one has any proof of what you’re reviewing if you don;t post a link.

    I assume you’re referring to the above month-old piece from the Times.

    You completely take Dowd’s column out of context. She’s writing about how Palin is much more of a potential force in American politics than many give her credit for.

    Dowd warns, “…Democrats would be foolish to write off her visceral power.”

    She compares Obama in a way almost unfavorably to Palin, “Palin can be stupefyingly simplistic, but she seems dynamic. Obama is impressively complex but he seems static. … She nurtures her grass roots while he neglects his. … He struggles to transcend identity politics while she wallows in them. As he builds an emotional moat around himself, she exuberantly pushes whatever she has, warts and all — the good looks, the tabloid-perfect family, the Alaska quirkiness, the kids with the weird names.”

    She even mentions the “good looks,” a point of (shallow) pride among conservatives.

    And as far as conservatives are concerned, this is a complimet: “Just like the disastrous and anti-intellectual W., this Visceral One never doubts herself. The Cerebral One welcomes doubt.” Conservatives hate doubt. They only welcome certitiude.

    “On Afghanistan, Palin says, W-like, that the president should simply give Gen. Stanley McChrystal a blank check.” this a nother thing conservatives endorse.

    Finally, Dowd pays Palin the ultimate compliment – that of imitation: “This time, Obama should adopt Palin’s straight-from-the-gut approach, call the generals into the Oval and tell them, “Your pie-holes you will shut or rise higher you will not. Because, dang it, the president I am!”

    No wonder you did not post the article. I find it hard to believe you even read it. Your “visceral” hatred of Dowd probably kept you from getting past that first paragraph, from which you apparently gleened your entire opinion.


  2. Oops: “without linking it.”


  3. Micky 2 says:

    “You completely take Dowd’s column out of context. ”

    The typical cyclops can only see things one way, as usual. As much as theres something else going on around his head he’ll still argue its not there just because he cant see it.
    Or else hes not a cyclops and just being typically argumentative to arguments no intelligent person would even approach

    I read it.

    She cleverly tries to make it look as if shes giving credit ot Palins methods while slamming her on a bunch of unsubstantial issues such as her specch methods and minimizing the city she managed by calling it a strip mall.

    Would you as mayor of a city like to be credited with running a strip mall ?
    Is that a compliment ?
    maybe to liberals

  4. There are things about Sarah Palin (and they have nothing to do with sex, though I know that is apparently always on the mind of conservatives) that we on the Left find abhorant, but those are her strengths as far as the Right is concerned. Is there something new or surprising about that? Dowd reminds us not to underestimate Palin, and to learn from Palin what works for her: speak directly to the common man, take care of your base, play to your strengths, downplay, divert from, and avoid your weakness. Dowd also reminds us along the way of just what a joke Palin really is. and not to forget that either. Palin is a joke, after all, but Dowd’s point is that she may be a dangerous one, but at the same time, Obama, who can seem aloof and nerdy at times, could learn from Palin’s style. A lot of Dems could learn that lesson from the Right. My neighboring reprsentative, Alan Grayson, has picked up on this, and he’s sure been turning heads. It’s time for the Left to play the Right’s game. It may involve getting a little dirtty, but it’s better than than have a return of the ultra-crooked Right.


  5. Dav Lev says:

    I perused the NYTimes online website and to my chagrin, noticed
    that there is a comment section, just like this website.

    Then it dawned on me that while Eric gets the same people posting,
    2-5 on his comments, the Times can get over 500.

    Considering the valid criticism today of one of their op-eds, me
    thinks something is remiss.

    Anyway, I occasionally read her columns, but prefer Krugman,
    Friedman and Brooks.

    How Brooks got in with these guys (and gals) is beyond me?

    He, as we all know, is a moderate Conservative, (like me), is a proud
    Jew (like me).but I am far more of an activist than he ever will be, w/o
    the explosure regretfully.

    He, like Friedman, believes the entire world’s terrorism is somehow
    linked to the “settlements”. For those uninformed, after the 1967 War
    (lasting 6 days before Israel completely demolished the Arab armies-
    soon to be refitted by the Ruskies with planes lost), many more thousands
    of Arabs relocated out of Western Palestine.

    The Israeli’s offered all the land back, in exchange for peace. They got
    3 peace, no recognition and no negotiations from the Arab
    League. That pretty much stands today, with one exception…until Abbas decided not to talk to Israel until Israel guaranteed the outcome of the talks, they were talking to one another (starting with Oslo 1-Peres/Rabin
    and Arafat),

    As far as recognition, Abbas (Fatah), says Israel cannot be a Jewish state in the finality..and must allow 5m Muslims to call Israel their home.

    Virtually no Arab now living who claims to be a refugee, ever set foot
    in Israel folks. Yet they claim refugee status and money from the UN (and US).

    The Arabs also demand East Jerusalem, sans Jews as part of any
    final agreement.

    This is strange because after the 1948, every Jew was expelled from
    that area, including the “Old city”, and every vestige of Jewish life
    was either destroyed or descecrated ( gravestones used to line latrines, etc.).

    Arabs replaced them of course, hoping that sooner or later, every Jew
    would be forced out of Israel itself ( see war cries from the Arab world ).

    It never happened.

    Now, that the Jews control the same East Jerusalem, the Arabs demand
    to reverse history back to after 1948, minimally, as part of the peace

    Something seems kind of fishy here, doesn’t it?

    Reading an article in Time Magazine, shows how the US is also
    being fleeced in other foreign arenas.

    Prior to our incusion into Iraq, the LA Times reported that many
    anti-war pundits and legislators (Southland), predicted 1m deaths,
    and that we were fighting to protect our oil interests.

    Well guess what, after 6.5 years of blood and treasure (US),
    the Iraqi government under Maliki has awared every oil future contract
    to foreign companies (no US), including France, Russia and China.

    Sooooo, 100b gallons of oil beneath Iraqs land area (and maybe more), will be owned by Iraq, but refined by non-US companies.

    As we say here in Beverly Hills, oy vey!

    Do we not get what’s happening over there? We spend 1trillion to
    secure a democratic of sorts government, which obviously has as it’s major asset, it’s oil fields, lose over 4300 men and women, have over 40,000 wounded seriously costing billions over their lifetime, have split
    the country over the why we invaded to begin with and have remained,
    have taken our sight off of Afghanistan which has it’s own peculiar problems of a govt dependent on opium and corruption, are allowing
    Iran to stick US in the eyes and elsewhere while out maneuvering
    Herr Obama and the other Western countries into believing their fuel
    enrichment is for electricity and medical technology AND 100b gallons
    of Texas T (or Iraqi T) will be drilled, refined, and sold either through
    OPEC or individually, or used for internal purposes.

    Hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder how much of this oil will go to Iran, which
    admittedly needs it for internal it can sell it’s own oil elsewhere
    at extortion prices (while enriching yellowcake for electricity).

    Another Times article on the “Net” reveals how Israel erred big time
    in attacking Lebanon (after 12,000 rockets slammed into Israel).
    The article’s author is writing from Lebanon. Where else?
    There have been negative consequences of Israel’s attack.

    Of course no country would allow 12,000 rockets, not even one before
    reacting harshly.

    Folks, the President of Lebanon is visiting with Syria’s Assad to
    coordinate their actions. Hezbollah has seats in the Lebanese
    Parliament..and exerts a strong influence. It now has combined
    with the Lebanese army (LAF), is getting more weapons illegally
    (has 80,000 rockets), has violated all the provisions of the UN cease fire,
    and is reported to be getting anti-aircraft missiles (to shoot at Jewish

    Hez said that IF Israel/US attacks Iran, it, and every other Islamic
    group will launch a Jihad against the Jewish state.

    Soooooooo, lets assume Israel attacks Irans nuke sites. Hez, Hamas,
    Fatah, Islamic Jihad, the DFLP, the PFLP, etc. will join the Jihad, the mother of all battles to rid “occupied Palestine” of the Jews.

    I wonder how Israel would react to this? Will they confer with
    the traitor Jew Goldstone, who reported 22 alleged war crimes by Israel
    in Operation Cast Lead (invasion of the Strip)? Will they ask his permission
    to strike back before Tel Aviv-Haifa-Jerusalem are burning?

    Thomas Friedman (NYTimes) says it’s all about the settlements.

    Klugman wants trillions more spent by Uncle Sam to bailout
    the crooks on Wall Street ( “Too Big too Fail”) or Moral hazard”.

    I mean Dowd is a loquacious fool, but she isn’t a Senator or
    politician, just a gullible, naive buffoon.

    One thing about Palin..she said that Jews have a right to
    live in East Jerusalem and the settlements.

    Next time around, maybe we Jews will remember that?
    Maybe, assuming there is still an Israel. Anyone taking bets?

  6. Dan, why is it with you that EVRYTHING comes down to Israel? We could be talking about the water rights fight in the Southeast between Florida, Georgis and Alabama, and somehow or other you’ll turn it into a lengthy discourse on the rivers Jordan and Rhein. We could be talking about Eric interviewing a GOP senator on tax policy, and you’ll turn it into a reminder of Nazi atrocities and how the Palesitinians are planning on building a Allah-bahn around the West Bank to facilitate an invasion of Israel. I Imagine your typical Saturday shopping list looks like this:

    Holocaust books
    Toilet paper
    Islamic conspiracy magazines
    Paper towels


  7. Micky 2 says:

    More idiocy and total fabrication.

    ” things about Sarah Palin (and they have nothing to do with sex, though I know that is apparently always on the mind of conservatives) ”

    Were the ones who get all upside down about gays, lesbians, transgenders and have parades displaying that lifestyle.
    We have abortions just so we can screw around some more.
    We bend over interns in the White House.
    We want kindergarteners to learn sex education.
    We run an industry that caters to every visual sexual need there is
    We run the music industry all about sex and the videos to go with it.
    Were raise hell because same genders cant marry.
    We tried to support institutions that protect boy rapists.

    I dont know. I’de be pretty willing to say you’re wrong…

    about everything

  8. Micky 2 says:

    “she may be a dangerous one, but at the same time, Obama, who can seem aloof and nerdy at times, could learn from Palin’s style. ”

    Look, you accused Eric of “COMPLETELY” taking Dowds article out of context.

    YOU’RE WRONG !!!

  9. LOL! Yeah, right! I swear conservatives are such a bunch of anal, banal, closet cases! You guys go on and on and on about the “homosexual agenda” and the “feminazis” and “political correctness.” Talk about insecurity!

    Just reread that rant of your’s above. All you guys do is complain about what other people are doing. You’re all like the nosey, gossipy, old lady neighbor, peeking through the blinds at all the goin’s-on outside, and ranting to your hapless, perpetually embarrassed husband who just wishes you’d shut up, leave people alone, and let him watch the game.

    If gays want to parade around or get married, who the hell cares? It doesn’t affect me. Why should I care? Heck, I used to go watch them parade around on Halloween down in the Village. I thought it was a blast!

    If someone gets an abortion, who am I to judge them? I don’t know their circumstances. I don’t assume anything about them. I don’t know if they are irresponsible, unlucky, a victim of rape, whatever. It’s none of my business.

    I don’t care who bones who, as long as it’s consentual and no one gets hurt. It’s none of my business. It doesn’t affect me.

    I have no problem with sex education. Better that than idiots teaching kids lies and getting them all hung-up, ignorant and uptight like conservatives.

  10. Well, I’ve tried everything and can’t get the rest of my comment to post.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    “LOL! Yeah, right! I swear conservatives are such a bunch of anal, banal, closet cases! You guys go on and on and on about the “homosexual agenda” and the “feminazis” and “political correctness.” Talk about insecurity!”

    yet you give no examples again, just baseless accusations along with your childish attempts at misrepresenting contexts like this crap here…

    “I have no problem with sex education. Better that than idiots teaching kids lies and getting them all hung-up, ignorant and uptight like conservatives.”

    I never said there was anything wrong with sex education now did I ?
    No, what I said was that you morons want to teach it to “kindergarteners”!
    We had to raise hell or else you morons were going to allow adult content, it never made it into law. I’ll give you one guess why.
    Hell, the main reason the secular left casts out religion is so they dont have any morality to answer to so they can screw away at will.
    The point is that sex permeates your parties foundation to where its more of an issue with you guys than it is with us.
    You’re more worried about pedophiles rights than you are the kids who are their victims.
    Yeah, the ACLU representing NAMBLA fell thru but that doesnt change the fact that you morons actually gave defending these pieces of sht a first thought.
    Thats about as disgusting as it gets !

    And even if I’m wrong about anything for whatever reason it doesnt change the fact that you’re dishonest in always trying this underhanded crap of yours where you try to change or misrepresent arguments.
    But then again, if I’m wrong you wouldnt have to resort to such dishonest methods to make an argument now, would you ?
    Sex plays into half of the liberals agenda. I gave you the examples and factual instances proving this.

    Grow the hell up.

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