It’s Called Radical Islam!

To quote Colonel David Hunt, “They just don’t get it.”

“They” are President Obama and Secretary Robert Gibbs.

I have stayed away from Robert Gibbs out of sympathy. He is the Barney Fife of the Obama administration, which says a lot given that Joe Biden is still employed in some capacity.

Yet Robert Gibbs finally reached the zenith of political idiocy in an epic press conference.

For those that wanted proof that the world has fallen off its axis, Helen Thomas asked a useful question.

Helen Thomas has faced sharp criticism from everything involving an anti-Israel bias to her affair that broke up Abraham Lincoln’s marriage. Yet whether her question was asked out of clarity or a lack thereof, she asked it.

She asked Robert Gibbs four words.

“Why do they hate us?”

(Some will say that is five words. The numbers add up because this is Obamaworld and he said so.)

Gibbs said he did not know.

Now admitting a lack of knowledge is often admirable, and would be refreshing if our President ever did so. Yet in this case Gibbs does know, and he is under orders from the boss not to go Biden and blab.

I will explain things so that even a Poison Ivy League Professor turned president can understand.

“They” are the terrorists.

“They hate us because of Radical Islam.

Islamofascists, also known as Islamists, or people who practice Radical Islam, want to establish a caliphate. Non-Muslims are infidels. The only hope for infidels is to convert to Islam or be murdered.

That is it.

They want to end Western Civilization and murder all Christians, Jews, Buddhists, atheists, and even Muslims allowing non-Muslims freedom.

Barack Obama is so scared of offending Muslims that he will not mention Radical Islam.

Decent Muslims hate Radical Islam as much as I do. They are as anti-murder as I am.

We cannot win a fight if we refuse to admit who we are fighting.

I was at the airport recently, and a 70 year old white lady needed ten minutes to get through security. She was in a wheelchair, and she was forced to stand up and walk through the metal detector. This held up everybody else.

The rocket scientists at LAX could have let her just wheel through and then dealt with her on the other side in a quick and unobtrusive manner.

Radical Islamists are getting on planes while Americans are held up because an old lady’s wheelchair is a concern. Also, making her stand up was cruel. So much for supporting the handicapped.

We keep hearing about “systemic failures,” but the failure is refusing to take concrete steps.

Until we start profiling, we are surrendering.

Everybody profiles. Ask any girl who dated me when I had long hair if her father profiled me as a slacker, drug user, or musician. I was fine with it. I passed the screening with ease.

70 year old white ladies in wheelchairs are not blowing up airliners. Middle Eastern men in their 20s and 30s are doing this.

We could have waterboarded the suspect, but the president refuses to allow this. He doesn’t get it.

When we waterboarded KSM, we got valuable intelligence that led to the foiling of other terror attacks.

Barack Obama instead has decided to roll the dice, even though he keeps coming up snake eyes.

He got lucky this time. Next time there will be dead Americans, and blaming his predecessor won’t cut it.

He can offer high minded blather until the cameras turn off, but nothing will change the fact that we are less safe solely because he refuses to deal with the actual problem.

The incident on December 25th was absolutely Barack Obama’s fault. It was his failure of leadership.

I don’t care of this offends anybody. I am not interested in feelings. I am interested in Americans, even liberals, not being blown to kingdom come.

The president better grow up in a hurry.

Radical Islamists are at war with us. We need to be at war with them.

Even Helen Thomas understands this.

Even Robert Gibbs understands this, even if he is not allowed to say so.


4 Responses to “It’s Called Radical Islam!”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    Come on Eric, you know better, you know who to blame the Detroit
    almost massacre on, the Jewish Zionist Conspiracy to control ( a la
    the Protocols of the Eldars of Zion), the world.

    To this very day, the Saudis, (which have been funding the Clinton
    foundation to the tune of millions), blame Mossad and the “Zionists”
    for 911. So much that they know thousands of Jews that got out of
    those buildings just prior to the planes hitting.

    Ahamd goes further, in not only denying the Holocaust (those
    were German dead soldiers and civilians in the pictures, and besides
    how can millions be burned in such numbers in’s physically
    impossible. No, the entire fiasco was the fleecing of the world
    to help create pity for a Jew state in Western Palestine.

    Anyway, I had an interesting chat with a friend who I debate with
    occasionally. I told him that HAD that plane bound for Detroit been
    blown to pieces, and hundreds on the ground killed or maimed, Obama
    would still blame Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice
    and Powell for not insuring the security of the America from time

    I certainly would not want it to have happened, but it was that close.

    Perhaps had IT exploded, Obama just might be rethinking his entire
    foreign policy approach, starting with those pending Iranian nuclear
    tipped Shihab Missiles. ( Not 6 ounces of exlosives guys).


    The Press Secretary doesn’t know? Hows about asking the good
    Christians of Bethlehem and Lebanon about extremism.

  2. Robert Gibbs gave the exact same answer the previous administration used to give. I don’t recall our good host complaining then.

    Whether they “hate” us or “why” is irrelevent. It’s too late now and it doesn’t matter. Besides, those are the sort of social concerns of little girls in the schoolyard. The relevent questions are “What are they up to and how do we deal with it?”

    They are up to making us into a single unifying enemy in the hopes of uniting the Muslim world under an new caliphate over which these terrorists imagine themselves the future leaders and founding fathers. So far, we’ve given them pretty much everything they’ve wanted. They wanted a war – we gave them one (actualy two, and made a mess of both of them). They wanted their status elevated – we elevated it. They wanted the people of the Arab street to turn against us – we turned them against us. They wanted us alienated from our allies and the rest of the world – we alienated ourselves from our allies and the rest of the world.

    So, how do we deal with these shmucks? Well, for starters – STOP GIVING THEM EVERYTHING THEY WANT. Then, we should stop buying so much oil. We need a new source of energy – one that doesn’t feed terrorism. We have to get out of their countries. That would be smart. We have to secure our ports of entry. For Christ’s sake, it’s been over eight years since 9/11 and we STILL haven’t don that! Let’s make that priority number one. Instead of wasting lives and countless of billions of dollars playing whack-a-mole with our ridiculously oversized military, we should spend the money on aide and investment. After all, our most powerful tool to lift the people’s of the world is not our military, it’s our money. And we’d better take better care of that too. Finally, we need to get back in the good graces of our allies and friends. We can’t do this alone.

    All this “why they hate us” pre-adolescent silliness or these goofball semantic arguments as to what to call these loonies are pointless wastes of time. Stupid.


  3. Oh, and another thing. Who the hell ever came up with that insipid “Islamofascist” thing? Fascist? Really? Do conservatives have a clue in the universe what a fascist is, or is just just that it hits a little close to home so they just project it onto others?


  4. Micky 2 says:

    “All this “why they hate us” pre-adolescent silliness or these goofball semantic arguments as to what to call these loonies are pointless wastes of time. Stupid.”

    You mean like the list of reasons you just gave above that, that goes to “why they hate us”?
    They hate us no matter what.
    Its not about what kind of enery we use. If we stopped buying middle eastern oil which is only 20% of what we use they’d say were oppressing them finacially and bla bla bla boo hoo.
    Alternative energies that actually would solve any problem are ten twenty years down the road.
    Blow up all the areses that even resembles harm to us and the rest will get the hint like even someone as crazy as Khadafi did.

    I got news for you, when you call something what it is instead of sematically dressing them up to be something they’re not its a hell of a lot easier to identify your enemy. Right now by this adminstrations descriptions the real threat is guys like me. Thats comes from incompetence that should be fired never mind hired in the first place like Janet “The system worked” Napolitano. That idiot has gotten it wrong everytime so far but hey, gotta keep the wheels of equal opportunity employment greased, dont we ?
    El Al which has not had an incident on any of their liners since the early 70s is where we should be taking our heads up from. They profile, they know what the enemy is and looks like and dont play any of these panty a$$ liberal concessions to crap that has nothing to do with defense

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