Ding, Dong, the Dodd is Dead

I love it when liberal bullies run crying for their mommies.

With Ted Kennedy it took death. With Eliot Spitzer it took the threat of jail.

With Christopher Dodd, being too liberal and too corrupt for even Connecticut meant it was game over.

(He could always run in New Jersey though.)

With two Senators down, only 58 more remain in the way,

Christopher Dodd was just another liberal that portrayed mainstream conservatives like me as the enemies of America.

He never had a bad word to say about an Islamist, but he bragged about having the courage to stand up to Bill O’Reilly.

He is better off leaving the senate anyway. With Kennedy gone, he had nobody to get drunk with or sexually assault waitresses with. When one is liberal, these things get whitewashed.

(Her name was Carla and she worked at La Brassiere.)

The Island of Gasbagistan just lost another member.

He does not need a golden parachute. He has already received enough golden gifts.

I know I am being harsh. I mean after all, except for being one of the main contributors to a world economic crisis while raking in corrupt sweetheart deals from people he should have been regulating, Chris Dodd was a pretty good guy.

It takes a ton of courage to quit to avoid having to face the voters. It also takes a delicious irony that those skewering a certain female governor will praise Senator Dodd. They will say he at least finished out his term. That would mean something if Senators actually did any real work. Maybe I missed the hundreds of pieces of legislation passed this year, or the bad bills repealed.

By not leaving right now he gets to change his mind if the polls improve. Some will claim that he will miss the deadline, but the left repeatedly breaks rules. Frank Lautenberg came back to the Senate because he found a judge to ignore the filing deadline.

Now Dodd can bask in self-serving glowing testimonials about how special he was.

Maybe he can go be a financial lobbyist in Angelo’s office. The poor baby will make millions, and will finally be above the law.

I hope he and his family live quiet lives in the private sector far away from television cameras.

He is not getting a tribute from me.

He was a lifelong bully.

He should be indicted, but most likely he will find a cushy job where he gets to excoriate conservatives for being alive. CBS News does need a new anchor.

Good riddance to a bad guy.

Government just got slightly better today.


2 Responses to “Ding, Dong, the Dodd is Dead”

  1. Funny, I never heard Dodd referred to as “too liberal.” That’s a new one. Though he was cleared of the inprpropriety charges, his ties with certain players in the mortgage meltdown were just too close for comfort with CT voters. Dodd’s downfall was his appearance of conflict of interest. At least some Democratic voters actually care about things like that.

    Unlike the Dorgan retirement, the Dodd retirement actually helps the Democrats chances of retaining that seat, so I’m not sure why any Republican would be happy about this. Had Dodd stayed on, he very well may have lost his next election to a GOP candidate. Now, the odds of the GOP winning there are slim-to-none. I don’t see any GOP candidate beating Richard Blumenthal. And Blumenthal is the kind of guy Republicans really hate – he fights corporate corruption. The best the GOP seems to be able to come up with is the wife of a pro-wrestling magnate. Ya’ just can’t make this stuff up! I don’t think CT has enough “Stone Cold Steve Austin” fans (let alone those that can actually put down their beer and chips long enough to vote) for McMahon to win.

    Like Dorgan, though, Dodd isn’t getting any younger, so yes, it’s time for the ol’ “let’s make a fortune lobbying” period of his career. It’s the ultimate bipartisan destination for big pols.

    I’m also not sure why our good host referred to Dodd as a “bully.” Not sure who he actually bullied. I’d like to know, but get the feeling I’m not going to find out. “Bully,” in GOP lingo, seems to refer to anyone who stands up to bullies. Sort of like “racist” refers to people who fight racism, or “feminazi” to anyone who stands up for the rights of people’s mothers, daughters, aunts and such.


  2. Laree says:

    Hey Eric where’s the football post?

    Imus In The Morning’s Warner Wolf Picks Alabama to Win The Rose Bowl.


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