Massachusetts Blue Shirt Republican Wednesday

Ted Kennedy is rolling over in his grave.

Good. I never liked him and still don’t.

In Obamaworld, that comment would be considered bipartisan.

At least with me you get sincerity.

Welcome to Massachusetts Blue Shirt Republican Wednesday.

Republican Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley by a slightly bigger margin than Barack Obama defeated John McCain.

(Do not confuse Martha Coakley with Martha Moxley. Martha Moxley was the woman murdered by Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel.)

There will be no recounts, hanging chads, liberal lawyers, or any other attempts to steal one for Teddy.

Ms. Coakley gave a very gracious concession speech. Her comments about Mr. Brown’s daughters were very classy. I have no beef with her.

As for Barack Obama, his plan was to scare the daylights out of Massachusetts voters by letting them know that Scott Brown was good for “Wall Street bankers,” as if they are the ones trying to ram through a health care plan that is the biggest toxic asset in history.

Barack Obama put his prestige on the line. Can we now finally admit that this guy doesn’t matter?

He is utterly and completely irrelevant, a victim of his own arrogance.

Massachusetts had the closest thing in America to Obamacare. If it was working, the people would not object to it nationally.

This race was a referendum on Obamacare, and only Obamacare.

In early 1994 Bill and Hillary Clinton were advised to moderate or risk losing the congress. They ignored Dick Morris, and listened to liberal pollster Stanley Greenberg instead. Greenberg advised them to make the election a referendum on Clinton vs. Reagan. Reagan won by a landslide. Bill did not care about losing the jobs of others. Only when confronted with losing his own job did the First Narcissist in Chief moderate.

Barack Obama will make the same mistake. He could moderate now and try and work on piecemeal legislation. Instead he will double down, and make the midterms a referendum on his own policies vs. George W. Bush.

Bring it on Mr. Obama. It won’t work this time. Just ask the people you promised a tax cut that never got one. Better yet, ask the 300 people that were nearly blown to kingdom come over Detroit. Even better yet, ask the New Yorkers watching helplessly as you let KSM get a civilian trial. Mr. Obama, your State of the Union speech should be a blank piece of paper, keeping with the empty blank slate that is your empty suit.

Dubya had a 50/50 senate and got his tax cuts through. Obama can’t get legislation passed with 60 because nobody respects him.

People can claim that Scott Brown ran a good campaign and Coakley did not. This desperate attempt to shove Coakley under the bus will not save Mr. Obama. He was the albatross around her neck.

So what happens now? Will the Democrats try to delay seating Senator-Elect Brown?

Let them try.

Democrats win because they possess a ruthlessness that Republicans never seem to match.

If Democrats try to pass Obamacare through crooked means, then people should storm the d@mn building. They can turn on the fire hoses if need be. Mess up Barbara Boxer’s hair (not that people would notice any difference).

Hide Robert Byrd’s wheelchair if need be.

Yeah, I said it. For all we know he died five years ago and the Democrats have the guy from “Weekend at Bernie’s” making him look lifelike.

Insensitive? Democrats fight to the death. Ed Schultz advocated lying, cheating, and stealing to win.

For those wondering why I am so combative when my side won, it is because I am not going to be complacent. Celebrate Tuesday night, and get back to work on Wednesday.

Liberals did everything they could to try and steal this seat. First Ted Kennedy took the power of choosing a Senator away from Governor Romney. Then when Kennedy was dying, he tried to cancel the special election rule he had enacted and give the power to Deval Patrick.

Republicans are crazy if they get happy over this for too long. Democrats will do whatever they can to pull tricks like this in every race in 2010. For those who thought the Washington State Governor’s race was thievery, that was a pebble. The Democrats are planning the mushroom cloud of surprises. Republicans had better be ready.

On a happier note, Massachusetts voters really seem to like tall, handsome guys with good hair. Scott Brown even looks like Mitt Romney,

Speaking of looks, Scott Brown’s daughter Ayla is available. She is hot, and I will be sending my resume.

As for the election, now only one tactic remains.

I can’t wait until the left blames the voters for this.

Chicago thugs just got some push back. They are going to retaliate harshly.

Republicans had better be prepared for reprisals.

The Democrats are on a scorched Earth campaign. They suffered a setback yesterday.

This was a big win, but there is more work to do.

As for the blue shirt reference, several of us Republicans at a stockbrokerage firm a few years ago used to wear blue shirts on Wednesdays.

Today is as good a day as any to break them out again.

Now to sit back and watch the liberals tear each other’s eyes out.

It couldn’t happen to nicer people.

Regime change is now complete in Massachusetts. The people have been liberated.

Emperor Obama has no clothes.

Republicans are storming back.

One senate seat down, one John Kerry anti-war protester gasbag to go.

Now that is change I can believe in.

Rest in peace Senator Kennedy. Give my best to Mary Jo Kopechne.


19 Responses to “Massachusetts Blue Shirt Republican Wednesday”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    The arrogance is amazing.
    Pelosi and Obama have both basically said that what happened in Mass. changes nothing in their agendas. By now I’ll bet they’ve commited themselves to so may lobbyists and special interests they’ve passed the point of no return.

    Whats HCR going to look like once all is said and done ?
    Obamas HCR doesnt even resemble what it originally was supposed to look like.
    The average moonbat doesnt care. As long as it has the great ones signature on it they’ll all jump up and down claiming victory regardless of how compromised, dangerous and useless it becomes.

  2. Well, I wouldn’t say Republicans are exactly “storming back.” Fewer people identify themselves as Republicans than ever. It’s just the the Democrats are so torn and dissolute, voters are turning on them now too. If BOTH parties don’t watch out, there’s going to be another Ross Perot sorta thing coming down the pike. From what the people on the streets of Mass have told reporters, this election was a protest against the Dems in DC, not sio much for healthcare reform or taxes or anything like that, but for not getting enough done. All that said, back in 1983 Reagan was polling at 35%, the economy turned around, and bango, he won again in ’84. Obama’s fate rests on the same turns of fate. If the eocnomy rebounds, he rebounds. As for the Dems in congress, that’s another matter. People, especially today with all the independents running around, will often vote split tickets. It’s an old American tradition. We won’t know the real impact of this election for a time to come. Will this unify the Dems and make them stronger? Will it encourage them to get more things done – or less things done? Will people get sick of a political quagmire, blaming the Dems for not working with the majority they already have, or blaming the GOP for not finding any middle ground to get anything done whatsoever?

    It seems as the government gets more and more partisan (it is now far more partisan than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime), the people get less partisan. I have a funny feelling a shake-up is coming soon…


  3. Micky 2 says:

    “Fewer people identify themselves as Republicans than ever. ”

    More bulldoodoo.
    The fact worth paying attention to is that the majority of the country identifies itself as conservative.

    “Gallup, which has also polled the ideology of Americans, has presented the data in a much murkier way. While the Battleground Poll allows respondents six options — “very conservative,” “somewhat conservative,” “moderate,” “unsure,” “somewhat liberal,” and “very liberal,” the Gallup asks (or reveals) only whether respondents identify themselves as “conservative,” “moderate,” or “liberal.” Nevertheless, three Gallup Polls this summer have shown just how profoundly conservative Americans are. On June 15, for example, Gallup revealed that conservatives are the largest ideological group in America: 40% of us call ourselves conservative, 35% of us call ourselves moderates, and 21% of us call ourselves liberal. Moreover, Gallup shows that since 1992 conservatives have become an increasingly larger share of America.

    Then, on July 6, Gallup revealed that Democrats were becoming more conservative, independents were becoming more conservative, and Republicans were becoming dramatically more conservative (a whopping 58% of Republicans said that they had become more conservative in the last few years.) Viewed from every angle, both Gallup and the Battleground poll identify conservatives as the largest ideological group in America and a group that is growing fast. ”

    So you see folks, dont be misguided by the kind of asinine info leftist loons will try to make you believe by using the kind of misnomers you see above.
    Its not republicans that are the threat to the progressive liberals who call themselves democrats. Its the countrys overwhelming desire to see the country return to trye conservative principles in which the people actually have some say in their lives and the operation of their government.
    It only took one short year for the tides to turn and for the people to say were sick of your sht.
    Harry Reid has shown his ounce of sanity in saying he will seat Brown ASAP. Of course with the beating hes taken lately only a rock wouldnt get it by now.

    “or blaming the GOP for not finding any middle ground to get anything done whatsoever?”

    Another example of questions designed to decieve, or an example of cluelessness.
    The left has pratically forbidden the right with all its suggestions and proposals to be able to be a part of anything never mind establish any kind of “middle ground”.

  4. Toma says:

    A shake-up is an understatement. The average American citizen paying any attention at all to what this Congress and Administration is doing is angered by their power grabbing agenda. People do not trust their leaders and the people have not trusted their leaders for a long time and they have decided to take action. It is not a Republican/Democrat/Independent movement it is a “we don’t like the way you are doing business and you will listen to us or we will replace you” thing.

    The majority of American People don’t like leftists and don’t like rightists. Perot was a rightist and they didn’t like him. Obama is a leftist and they don’t like him.

    The question is what are the Obama people willing to do to maintain power? Some of the options scare me.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    Watch now , all the dem toadie liberal moonbats are gonna go out buy themselves GM pickups with at least 200k on them. They’re gonna have to scrape off the McCain/Palin stickers before they can drive them.

  6. Toma says:

    It just so happens that I drive a GMC pickup with 233,000 miles on it. Also It sprots a sticker, “I’ll Keep My Guns, Money, and Freedom”. You can Keep the change” I get a lot of compliments on the sticker. Another sticker says “God Bless the American Soldier”.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah Toma, I was just reflecting on what the lefts next bag of tricks might contain as they discover that if they’re going to survive they’re going to have to start moving back to the center. They’re clueless right now all arguing amongst themselvers on what to do next.
    Its gonna be fun watching them patronize and act like a bunch of chameleons trying to blend into the changing atmosphere. Hillary will probably go down south and turn on her southern drawl again with a six shooter on her hip. I dont know how well thats gonna match up with a polyester pants suit. Napolitano might actually say she wants to defeat our enemies, Geithner might become a sacrificial lamb, Pelosi might kiss some CIA a$$, who knows.

  8. Micky,

    It’s not true that most Americans identify as conservative. I don’t know where you get that from. It is true, though, that there are roughly twice as many Americans who identify as conservative (around 40%) as those who identify as liberal (around 20%). 40% is a lot, though. But it also means that about 40% of Americans define themselves as somewhere in the middle. That 40%, by no conicidence, is about the same percentage of Americans who identify as “independent.” Now, that’s not to say that all conservatives are Republicans or all liberals are Democrats. They’re not. There’s a percentage of independents who lean one way or another and a percentage of liberals and conservatives who think beyond the partisan. For example, I’m a liberal, but many’s the time I have voted for Republicans or third party candidates because my considerations are more complex than the blindly partisan.

    Also, Micky, you are not considering just how many ways people define conservatism. Liberals tend to think the same about a broad spectrum of things, with most variances involving things like foreign policy or trade. But when it comes to domestic politics, most liberals are Keynesian progressives, and when it comes to social policy most liberals are… well… liberal. Conservatives – not Republicans, but conservatives – are all over the place. There are the Pat Buchanan conservatives, David Duke conservatives, Neo-conservatives, social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, the Religious Right, and on and on. When the GOP alienates too many among these groups of thought, they lose elections.

    The GOP has to hold all these disparate groups together, with only their whiteness to bind them (whiteness is about the only thing most all conservatives have in common). These groups will either stay home or spilt their tickets if the GOP pisses them off. Right now the GOP has nothing to lose, so they can promise all sorts of crazy stuff and never have to make anything happen because they’re in the political minority. If they win a lot of seats back too soon, and once again fail to appease the conservative voters, they’ll be right out in the cold again.

    Like I said, if the economy turns around, Obama will bounce back. He reminds me of Reagan, politically. Like Reagan, Obama is personally very popular even though his policies are not. Like Reagan, people seem to think of him as above and beyond his party, and so they may well vote in the midterms without much consideration for the partisan picture and his place in it. Like Reagan, he will live or die on happenstances that are mostly beyond his control – the economy, peace, how congres behaves, etc. But again, like Reagan, whatever happens, congressional election results will probably not have much to do with Obama. It just depends on the temporal mood and whims of the people.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    All of Jerseys bull aside the fact is that the majority of this country is right of center, conservative. Has noting to do with “republicans” They are not the threat to liberalism(progressives)
    All polls, Rasmussen, Gallup, recent elections in blue states back my claim.
    You can bla bla bla all you want but it really holds no water since the majority of loons like you who make these claims were the same loons who all said it was the end on conservatism and the GOP.

  10. YEs, Micky, I agree that a majority of Americans are a little dumb.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    Monday, November 2, 2009
    Scott Rasmussen: Only 56% of Conservatives Call Themselves Republicans

    “Rasmussen Reports also has surveyed Senate races in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and the special election in Massachusetts. Most portray a troubling electoral picture for Democrats in this November’s midterm elections. ”

    “The sweet spot for Republicans are core issues that unify conservatives while dividing more moderate voters. One such issue is health care where conservatives are united in their opposition to the plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats, and 37% of moderates are opposed, too.

    Looked at from that perspective, nominating a GOP candidate who supports the president’s health care plan is likely to drive away more voters than it attracts. The same logic applies to the stimulus package, card check and other such proposals. That’s just what happened in NY-23. Nationwide, 42% currently support the health care plan working its way through Congress.

    Mr. Rasmussen’s advice is unassailable. If the Republicans nominate genuinely conservative candidates who not only campaign on conservative platforms, but govern that way as well, they will once again become the dominant party.”

    October 26, 2009
    Conservatives Maintain Edge as Top Ideological Group

  12. Micky 2 says:

    “I agree that a majority of Americans are a little dumb.”

    J.D. Longstreet puts it best;

    “Americans are tired, nay, exhausted, with the intellectual, elite, “Progressives” telling their constituents to sit down and shut up, and telling us THEY know better than we what we need, what we want, and what we are going to get because, well, they are smarter than we are. If you dare question how much smarter they are than you and me, ask them. They’ll tell you, in no uncertain terms, just how dumb YOU really are.”

  13. Micky 2 says:

    I give up.
    Eric, please, if theres any possibility of your tech friend who designed your site to do something about posts not being able to submit it would be really cool.
    It only happens here and God knows how mant readers have tried to post and finally refrained after repeated attempts, such as what I just went thru trying to get the rest of Longstreets opinion on the elitest shmucks who think they’re so much smarter than than anyone who doesnt think like them

  14. Laree says:

    The Sharks In A Feeding Frenzy? There Is Blood In The Political Waters Over This Scott Brown Win In The Bluest Massachusetts. The Kossacks are Attacking Hillbuzz for their PUMA stance on Scott Brown.

    Meanwhile Billy Jeff Weighs In On Hog Futures ;)

    I linked to Monica Crowleys’s article, and post on this topic The Return Of 42. Bill Clinton met with Barack H Obama to give him some advice. I think it’s a mistake to underestimate Bill Clinton at anytime, anywhere but the Obama administration isn’t strong on their learning from history….If I was Barack H Obama, I would be watching my back. On Michelle Malkin’s Blog she has a post up The Kossacks are attacking Hillbuzz, how stupid is this to attack Hillary Clinton Supporters?

    There is blood in the water over this Scott Brown Win…battle lines are being drawn.

  15. Awww, JD Longstreet, that consummate genius, thinks Americans are tired of intelligence… Poor wittle anti-illectual lowbrow…


  16. Micky 2 says:

    Liberal intelligence has made its mark this year.
    I bought stock in pooper scoopers

  17. Micky 2 says:

    Liberal intelligence.

    “the system worked”

    “Theres no war on terror. lets convict Bush as a war criminal”

    “Lets bring terrorists to the table”

    “911 was an inside job”

    “Mass euthanasia is the only hope for the earth”

    “Were 1.5 trillion in the hole, lets go borrow another 3 trillion”

    “He said ‘hope and change’ and he’ll be the first black president…
    lets vote for him.”

    “He said he’d broadcast everything on CSPN while giving everything 3 days to be viewed online”

    “He said 750 billion dollars would bring unemployment down”

    ” Lets have the Olympics in the crime capital of the country”

    “Lets do everything that failed in the 30s and call it ‘change’

    Jan 20th 2009, “conservatives and the GOP are a thing of the past.”

    Jan 18th 2010 … ” Oh sht !”

  18. Micky 2 says:

    Liberals seem to confuse complex thought with constructive thought.

  19. Micky 2 says:

    Heres the perfect example of liberal idiocy cloaked as intelligence.

    Obama with George Stephanopoulos in reference to Browns victory;

    “People are angry and they’re frustrated because of whats happened in the last year or two years but whats happened in the last 8 years.’

    Right, this guys arrogance preceeds any intelligence hes claimed to have. Instead of confessing that its a democratic congress, him and his administrations fault he still thinks he can blame Bush as being the reason a republican was elected in Mass as an answer to 8 years of republican failure.
    And hes just a fricking dumb for thinking that the same crap that got him elected is going change the inevitable slaughter. But hey, you avante garde` intellects fell for it once already, and like most things in history that have failed, you might fall for it again

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