Trojans–Under Sufist Control

It seems that USC now stands for “Under Sufist Control.”

As somebody who has his MBA from the University of Southern California, it is of deep concern to see a proud university sink to what math classes referred to what kids now call Liquid Crystal Display.

A recent symposium on campus was entitled “Islam and Nationalism: Transnational Charisma and Traveling Spirits.”

Liberals scoff when I point out that they want to sing “Kumbaya” with people who want to kill us. For those born after 1990, the left wants Osama Bin Laden and America to settle their differences on “Dancing with the Stars.”

The key word to this conference was “charisma.” Radical Islam inspires many images, but Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are not part of the equation. Only a university symposium would suggest otherwise.

The main event at this gathering was Professor Laurie A. Brand, the current director of the University of Southern California School of International Relations. Among her qualifications is a degree in French. I went to Hebrew school as a child, and look forward to being the ambassador to Mozambique.

Five small tables were set up for the throngs, but even with lunch being served, there were empty seats.

The flyer for the program itself offered food for thought, if one defines thought as a deep sleep.

“The Arabic word for charisma, baraka (the source of our president’s name), refers to a god-given power to lead people on a holy struggle for liberation.”

“While Islamic liberation has reached the West primarily as a war against ‘American imperialism,’ it is also present in such disparate practices as Sufi dances and whirling dervishes, the spiritual quest for transcendence.”

Oh, those adorable, graceful Islamists, elegantly whirling and dervishing their way into our hearts and universities. Maybe they truly are trying to kill us with kindness, but 9/11 suggested otherwise.

It is easy for Ms. Brand to be the whirler-in-chiefat UCLA. In the Islamists countries she would have her limbs cut off for being an outspoken woman at the moment she twirled. Islamists prefer their women do less  whirling dervishing and more indentured servicing.

As for the “substance” of this surprisingly brief event, it consisted of standard thinly veiled excuses for the poor misunderstood Islamists.

One misunderstood group were the “Tar-tars,” a saucy group which have been spread out throughout history on fish and chips.

Ms. Brand began offered Tar-Tar saucy words that were not even the fifth cousin of wisdom.

“Tar-Tar’s made a point to those willing to listen that they weren’t like the Huns.”

“Buldars, the ancestors of the Tar-Tars, converted to Islam voluntarily.”

“They take pride that Islam wasn’t foreign conquest but instead voluntary.”

Conversion to Islam is not necessary. We infidels can be killed. Now if that is not the freedom of choice that the Founding Fathers fought to preserve, I don’t know what is.

As with anything else, these conferences would not be complete without the obligatory worship of everything politically leftist.

“Communism can be a fit, and should be a fit for Islam too.”

After that came USC Professor of Anthropology Janet Hoskins and USC Assistant Professor of Sociology and American Studies and Ethnicity Macarena Gomez Barris.

She is not believed to be the same Macarena Gomez who appeared in the movie “Sexykiller,” found on the website “Terror Hotties: Women of Horror.” Nevertheless, she is most likely the most terrible Macarena Gomez on campus, and her remarks were horrid enough.

Ms. Hoskins and Ms. Barris offered the typical remarks about the European colonizers and the poor Arab and Muslim victims. Great pains were meant to differentiate Algeria, which was violated by the French, to the poor British Empire victims of Egypt and Jordan. Lebanon was mentioned in passing, but colonization of Lebanon by Syria was shockingly omitted.

Ms. Hoskins did ask an important and refreshingly honest question.

“How do we reproduce history if we don’t have archives from the past?”

Honest answers were not forthcoming. The solution was to blame the French. After all, evil colonizers destroyed the true history.

Yes, the poodle ate their homework.

Despite Macarena Barris awkwardly dancing 1990s style , she did offer another honest sentence that provided the real glimpse into the thinking of campus “historians.”

“Narratives don’t change much, yet are not fixed.”

A more truthful interpretation can be offered by those admired Communist Russians. They are fond of saying, with regards to their historical narrative, that “The future is known. It is the past that is always changing.”

A less fancy way of explaining this is that when it is difficult to create a narrative, just create a narrative.

This is how students learn that peaceful and tolerant Muslims were abused by Huns and other European crusaders.

No. The problem is the caped crusaders. They are not Batman, and the only Joker gave this lecture. Like Gotham City, our campuses will not be safe until students learn that there is nothing romantic or culturally beautiful about radical Jihadists. There are no dervishes. The only whirling consists of the trajectory of the planes into our towers.

USC might wish to teach that lesson. No more “Dancing with the Tar-Tars.”


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  1. Micky 2 says:

    “She is not believed to be the same Macarena Gomez who appeared in the movie “Sexykiller,” found on the website “Terror Hotties: Women of Horror.”

    Hah, had some time on your hands one day ?

    ““How do we reproduce history if we don’t have archives from the past?”

    All you need is a bunch of idealistic but historically ignorant fools like todays liberals to make this happen

    ““The future is known. It is the past that is always changing.”

    This is how moonbats convey their arguments, like global warming.
    No matter how the past dictates their predictions are wrong they claim they have the future down pat.
    The only answer is to come up with prevarcations based on selective research and do their best to hided anything contrary

  2. Dav Lev says:

    There is an email going round by a professor ( has a foreign name perhaps
    African?), acccusing the Zionist Jew Capitalistic conspiracy, of creating
    the current troubles in Haiti.

    No mention is made of course of the Israeli 250 bed hospital that
    was sent immediatley to aid the hapless Haitians.

    But the US is condemned for giving Israel denaro over the decades, while
    forgetting poor Haiti.

    Of course the fact that Israel is our only reliable ally i the M.E. and
    is the sword that is shielding the Southern flank of NATO against
    the Ruskies hasn’t been mentioned, OR that Israel, which hasn’t needed
    US troops (costing 200,000 pop), is supplying the US with invaluable military and other intelligence info, and serves the US need to store
    arms to be used quickly in an emergency.

    OH I forgot, true, the US gives Israel 2b year in military credits, but
    it must buy the weapons from Boeing, Lockheed, Martin Marietta, etc.
    That my friends creates hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    Perhaps the professor should reminded that Israel is a country in the UN, and the only country in the region created by that organization, as opposed
    to the results of wars (WW1). It is also the only non-dictatorship around for thousands of miles, with a President, P.M., Parliament and independent

    But getting back to the professor who links the US-capitalism-Zionism
    and the US lobby…doesn’t this really say it all?

    Do we need any more proof that there is an Islamic-fascism 5th column
    in this country, whether in the Middle Eastern studies departments,
    other areas on university campuses, Arab anti-Defamation groups?

    Aren’t we aware that there are hundreds of Hasans ready to strike,
    given the go ahead by the Iranian mullahs, or their own insane,
    delusional attitudes about the US.

    What will it take to stop these people, I ask? Why should my taxes
    go to pay for their propaganda and hate?

    Why would anyone attend USC given their tolerance for these
    wannabe murderers of our freedoms and US?

    Folks, the people in Mass have spoken for the rest of US.
    They have sent Obama a’s about jobs, not Afghanistan.
    It’s about no more Hasans, and socialized medicine.

    It’s about not busting up the best medical system on the planet ever,
    for a 31m people who, had they saved and spent more wisely, could have
    had insurance, or chosen to protect themselves, rather than gambling
    on their health.

    It’s about how is America going to pay for Obamacare, especially
    when Medicare and Medicaid and social security are just a few years
    away from bankruptcy.

    It’s about what to do with a country that owes it’s financial well
    being to China (see latest business reports and stock market decline).

    It’s how we will pay ourselves 14 trillion dollars due US, and stop spending
    money we don’t have ( 1.5trillion dollar deficit this year).

    It’s about getting Americans to buy American, and stop patronizing
    the Japs, Germans and Koreans. It’s about keeping manufacturing
    jobs here at home, and not going broad.

    It’s about constructing more nuclear plants for electricity, and
    mining oil shale. It’s about stopping the “liberal” environmentalists
    from claiming doom and gloom and defending polar bears and seals.

    It’s about finally putting an end to supporting Saudi Arabia and Iran, and OPECs extortion of US. It’s about taking out Ahmad using our
    3 battleship groups in the Gulf..

    It’s about telling Hamas/Hez that we don’t appreciate their
    goals of killing every Jew. It’s about supporting Israel in any fight
    with the aforementioned, perhaps with 1 or 2 marine divisions for

    It’s about not shaking hands with dictators. Its about
    stopping our engagement, and discussions with tyrants.

    It’s about a real change in’s about electing
    every Republican running next Nov. It’s about throwing
    Boxer and Waxman out of their plush offices, to be replaced
    by living, breathing, patriotic, pro-capitalistic Americans.

    Its about getting rid of “no child left behind” and cap and trade.

    Its about our future folks

  3. I’m surprised to see this post, what with what happened in the SCOTUS today. Other than exposing your aparent ignorance of the theological context of the word “charisma,” I don’t even see what the problem is here. Unlike this insignificant symposium, what the SCOTUS did today is of tremendous significance to American politics and our future. It goes to show how conservatism is destroying America.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    ” It goes to show how conservatism is destroying America. ”

    More bat poo.

    Yesterday was the second time in 3 months the moronic deaf left moved to raise the debt ceiling again. Thats a hell of a lot more important than campaign funding. But hey, since when was the liberal media ever known to tell us what really matters if it makes their God look bad.
    Intellect ?

    What good is intellect when you’ve got an ideology that stinks so bad no amount of logic can get past it ?

    SCOTUS ?
    hah, that just reminds me of the big red flag no one paid attention to during the election when Obama lied and flipped on his campaign funding. That was the big first lie that should of given everyone a big clue as to what was going to be the status quo of things to come.

    “I changed my mind”

    Hey honey, I know what I said yesterday when I married you, but I’ve changed my mind.
    The left has launched the most insurmountable amount of lies I’ve ever seen in any administration in my life in such a short time.
    You guys got your a$$es handed to you in more ways than one and yet your intellectual selves are still dishing out the same crap that got you in that position in the first place. At least clinton had the freaking sense to at appear that he was moving to the center. You idiots put Pelosi and Obama upo there saying that the agnenda hasnt changed.

    I thought itwas a great decision. Mc Cain -Feingold restricted First Amendment rights. But since when did liberals care about free speech unless it was their own speech and speech that demanded freeing terrorists, murderers and pedophiles

  5. Micky, I don’t recall you complaining when the GOP raised the debt ceiling every year they were in power. But if you think lifting the debt ceiling, a common annual and easily reversable action, is “hell of a lot more important” than the SCOTUS completely reintrpreting the definition of American personhood, then you really are civicly brain dead.

    And you think it’s “great,” huh? You think a corporation or a labor union is the same as a human being under the law. That’s great.


  6. blacktygrrrr says:

    Way over the line. Edited. Step back. Breathe.


  7. I’m sorry. I should not have said that about you guys. You know not what you do. You believe you are right and good and that the politicians and interests you trust have our best interests at heart. But you are wrong.

    With this SCOTUS decision, I have completely lost all my remaining faith in this country. This is no longer America, the great experient in democracy as created by our brillaint Founders. We are now hoplessly caught in the downward spiral of crooked corporatocracy. We will look back at this decision as the final nail in coffin of our Founders’ dream.


  8. Micky 2 says:

    Whats the matter Jersey ?
    Last few days getting to you like the rest of the moonbats scrambling to look like they have a clue ?

    At this rate seeing as how the left is runing out of tricks i wouldnt be surprised if Reid and Pelosi posed nude and went and got themselves a GM pickup

  9. Micky 2 says:

    “I’m sorry. I should not have said that about you guys. You know not what you do. You believe you are right and good and that the politicians and interests you trust have our best interests at heart. But you are wrong. ”

    Actually the movement we see happening, tea partiers, moderates, conservatives, independents is a direct response to the abuse of trust placed in those politicians. Especially the congress in charge for the last 3 years and that moron you guys elected. We are not wrong, we are the majority that has been too silent for too long and are now finally taking action against the elitest self glorified shmucks on the left who think they know whats best for us.
    Our interests at heart ? nah, its not up to your party to decide for us whats in our best interest

    “With this SCOTUS decision, I have completely lost all my remaining faith in this country.”

    Unless their union members passing along millions from Soros, or industry dependent on BS technology claiming to end global warming.
    Now the corporations that Obama is planning on taxing to death will be able to support the candidate that will restore sanity to corporate taxes applied by him. Getting dems out of the executive and congress for a while will actually give corporate america a chance to do what it does best. Put money in people s hands and not a government that thinks it should decide whos worthy of money thats not theirs.

    ” This is no longer America, the great experient in democracy as created by our brillaint Founders.”

    Folks in Mass. might disagree with you.

    Yeah, gee, the ability to exercise free speech for the candidate of your choice never had anything to do with what the founders saw as free speech.

    ” We are now hoplessly caught in the downward spiral of crooked corporatocracy.”

    The markets can decide if their corruption goes to far. Were stuck with you morons for another 3 years.

    So let me get this right. The unions and all the rich liberal elite supposedly on the side of the working man should always be able to donate what they want but Wall street, the banks, Americas largest employers shouldnt be allowed to donate to a candidate that holds their interests >

    “We will look back at this decision as the final nail in coffin of our Founders’ dream.”

    The ruling was that Feingold was unconstitutional and stop this crap that its irreversable. We have a thing called amendments to the constitution.
    It levels the playing field right in time so that the upcoming a$$ whopping you guys are going to be taking will just be that much easier.

    “You know not what you do”

    Thats the attitude thats responsible for you guys getting your a$$es handed to you now and in the next election.
    Only an idiot would think the people are as dumb as you think they are.
    You rail on about democracy, which is a system designated by what holds a majority. That majority is always dumber when they dont think like you.
    When it suits your agenda you brag how they’re so in tune. If not, they’re idiots.
    It works like this, people will have faith in someone to a certain extent, thats how people are, it doesnt make em stupid. What makes them stupid is that even after they’ve been lied to multiple times and keep issuing faith in that person, wont conceded to failure, like you guys do, thats what determines stupidity.

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