The First Android in Chief Spaketh

I originally promoted Barack Obama from the First Gasbag to the First Blatherer.

I am now promoting him to First Android.

I never thought that Barack Obama was a bad guy. I disagreed with him, but he seemed affable enough in his naive wrongheadedness. He was polite in his dismissiveness of others.

I realize now that he might not be human.

I have no proof of this, but given what modern technology can do, I think he might be a robot.

I cannot think of another way to explain his lack of human emotions, or even motions. Comparisons to Dr. Spock normally center on his ears, but I think they might be missing beating hearts as well.

This does not make him a bad guy. Plenty of people have gone through life motionless, expressionless, and emotionless.

The joke about the late Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry was that a computer was located where a human heart would normally be. The San Francisco 49es had robots coaching them for fifteen years. Bill Walsh and George Siefert managed to win Super Bowls without ever conveying anything resembling a Homo Sapien reaction.

In this case sports really is a good metaphor for politics. There is a certain bias against people with “quiet passion.” As a long time manager at Wall Street firms, I had to consciously remind myself that a guy does not have to be loud to have passion.

I am an old school guy that is not into the new sensitivity movement that has wussified men everywhere. I want to see Bill Parcells kicking over a water cooler. I love clips of George Halas and Vince Lombardi barking orders.

In politics, it is not enough to be a “thinker,” which I think is in the case of Obama code for aloof and detached. Bill Clinton was a complete phony, but he knew how to push emotional buttons. George W. Bush truly cared about people, and let them know it.

Barack Obama does love his family, but outside of his wife and kids, he has little to no use for anybody.

Terrorists are trying to murder Americans, and Barack Obama cannot and will not get angry to the point of doing something about it.

The only time Barack Obama shows even a trace of human emotion is when something negatively affects him personally.

Reverend Wright d@mns America, and Obama shrugs. Reverend Wright claims that Obama is just another politician, and Obama then and only then takes umbrage.

For those who claim that Barack Obama “took responsibility” for the December 25th bombing, this is ridiculous. He began spending many minutes repeating meaningless phrases like “systemic failure.” He neglects to mention that it is his system that is failing.

He talks about how now is not the time for blame, when his entire governing strategy is to blame his predecessor. He is flailing on the security issue because he knows that the American people will not blame George W. Bush if a terrorist attack happens on Obama’s watch. Obama deliberately wants to reverse Bush policies. Therefore Obama alone is to blame if we get attacked specifically because of a deliberate policy reversal that leads to tragedy.

From party crashers to suicide bombers, security is simply not as big a priority for Obama as health care. He wants to deal with domestic policy. He has to deal with foreign policy, and he does so reluctantly. He can barely hide his disdain at being inconvenienced.

I am not covering his speech because it was more nonsense. Nobody is going to be fired. He spoke about demanding accountability, but those are just words.

For those that want to know what Obama truly cares about, listen to when he comes close to remotely almost experiencing passion.

In his most recent speech, the only time he truly came close to being animated was when discussing civil liberties. He put his foot down. There will be no profiling.

The rest of his speech was boilerplate.

He truly believes that his way is righteous and that the preceding administration was evil. If Americans get blown to kingdom come, it will be much more difficult to try to turn the USA into a subsidiary of the ACLU.

This Android running our country needs to start caring about Islamofascism. He needs to get angry, not because it affects his poll numbers, but because 300 Americans almost got killed.

George W. Bush worried every day of his Presidency about keeping us safe. I do not see Barack Obama showing much interest in this topic.

He wants to “fundamentally transform” America.

This is how KSM gets a civilian trial.

This is how American soldiers get put on trial for punching terrorists.

This is how repeated security breakdowns can be explained away as “unacceptable,” a word that he keeps using to the point where it conveys a concern that someone left the cap off of the toothpaste.

If this man wants to be a pointy headed academic about health care, that is fine. He can wonkify to his robotic heart’s content.

The murder of Americans requires somebody who is willing to immediately let America know that he spends every waking minute giving a d@mn about getting the job done.

God forbid something were to happen to his lovely children, he would show human emotion.

I am thrilled he cares about his children. He should.

Now he needs to care about the rest of us.

No more platitudes. No more excuses.

I am banging my fist on the table and saying that he needs to get the d@mn job done.

The screwups have to stop.

If he continues down this path, there will be may more dead Americans.

He will then coldly decide whether to take a poll or a focus group to decide whether to issue a platitude, bromide, or meandering to let us know that he kinda sorta cares.

People are trying to kill us. It is time for the Tin Man to get a heart transplant.

The Android needs to learn how to be human so he can understand why humans are so concerned about the life and death struggle of this generation.


11 Responses to “The First Android in Chief Spaketh”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    My debate with an acquaintence continued regarding Obama’s
    importance in anything, (everything).

    He took exception to my idea that HAD that plane been blown out of the sky, AND hundreds more killed on the ground, people would begin
    to doubt seriously Obama’s sincerity to protect the US of A.

    They might ask themselves, “Does he really care, does he get it?”. “I mean, after all, he still wants to talk, engage, negotiate and use diplomacy with those who disagree with us violently”.

    Wathing Charlie Rose sometimes, makes me wonder what have we come to? He also, is of the Obama mindset and continually encourages the US talk (to Iran, etc.). He goes out of his way to interview people who
    basically agree with his ( Charlie Rose Sec. of State) policies., like

    Hey all you out there who lurk here, what about that Katie showing
    a smiling Ahmad pictures of dead bodies (by the thousands) at a
    German WW2 concentration camp. and asking..”What do you think of
    this” (or something to that effect)?

    Long ago, the deniers said they were German civilians killed in
    Allied bombing raids or soldiers (not “Yids-Jews).

    So I ask, Katie, why bother? Hows about asking why millions of Iranians
    have been denied THEIR own rights?

    I believe Obama does have emotion..he just is capable of not showing
    it. He doesn’t wear his emotions as they say. He was elected partly
    caus of this aspect of his personality, the ability to hide his true self.

    A no body, with no economic or foreign policy, became our President
    thanks to two years of the Democratic control of both houses which
    allowed the sub-prime mortgage crisis to get out of control.

    Folks, the desire of people to own homes, encouraged lending practices
    which were obviously not smart. BUT, people, for awhile, were making
    profits on the sale of their homes and borrowing on their equities ( to buy
    boats, cars, vacation packages, send their kids to college).

    I know personally at least 10 people who bought low and sold high.
    No shame there.

    The good Senator who won’t run again, caused the economic breakdown.
    He and his liberal, do-gooder friends, almost brought this country down.
    They are to blame, NOT AIG, which insured the transactions worldwide.

    Now Obama care is also failing to go anywhere (let’s blame Bush guys).

    The insurance companies are telling everyone that the “marriage penalty” will kick in, IF people are forced to buy in exchanges. In other words,
    two single people, living together will see their rates skyrocket, once they
    get married.

    Its like the IRS marriage penalty.

    But with the IRS tax laws, if two people live together, they usually
    share the rent. Sooooo, a single person paying 2,000 month rent,
    will see his (her) rent halve. There are advantages to sharing.

    No one forces anyone to buy a car, one can use public transit
    or car pool., thus insurance is not a necessity of life.

    Under Obamacare, everyone will be forced to purchase insurance,
    sick or not. If not, they will be penalized..oh I can see the IRS now,
    sending notices, filing tax liens (4 times increase this year over last),
    levying bank accounts and salaries…intimidating people with
    real scary phone calls., pay or die guy.

    There are no free lunches people. Profiling ( intelligent discrimination)
    is worth it. Or as the Arabs in Los Angeles years ago said, after
    a Jew was convicted of planning terrorism, why not profile all the Jews, after all. Whats good for the know the rest.

  2. Dav Lev says:

    On giving this another thought, I further came to the conflusion, that President Obama does in fact, have the ability to experience great emotion.

    Interviewees of people who have some insights into him ( through personal experiences or observations) reveal he can be very intense at

    I’m sure on the basketball court, he is more like a koby than
    Kobys boss.

    In fact, his ability to be self-contained, is a learned skill..used
    throughout his life as a kind of self-defense. Not revealing how he
    feels, puts a protective layer on him.

    Havne’t we all at times done the same, to avoid problems, or
    making mistakes in judgement.

    No, I believe he is not a tin man at all..just careful.

    The real question though is can he make the right decision at the
    right time?

    He, and everyone in his inner circle know that Islamic-fascism
    is the caus of most of the world’s terrorism. They just are
    being diplomatic by NOT admitting it.

    I mean for over a decade, most terrorist acts have been commited
    by Jihadists..who admit it and boast of it.

    Bin Ladin gave as his primary reason 911, the US and West’s
    presence in the Arabian Peninsula. Yemen is in the Peninsula.

    I am dismayed that a recent documentary on Mumbai, wherein
    over 150 people were murdered in a few hotels and Chabad House,
    had interviews of people at the sights claiming the murderers were
    simply poor young men, duped into terrorist acts.

    The murderers became the victims according to them.

    I am imagining how the defense will go in Lower Manhattan,
    when Mr. Mohammad has his say in Federal US court.
    Thanks much Obama for your dispassion.

  3. Well, at least now we know that our good host blames George W Bush for the failures in security that led to 9/11!

    Obama inherited the system that failed this past Christmas. It is not “his system,” per se, but he is in charge of it now and it is apparent that the system needs changing. At least three thousand people weren’t killed, so he’s still up by 3000 over the last batter. He does need to put the hammer down. Hopefully he will. On the other hand, hopefully he will not act in a stupid, amateurish, knee-jerk way as his predecessor consistantly did.

    Just the same, a president cannot micromanage every aspect of national security. He has to rely on thousands of people and hundreds of systems and dozens of departments, and a bunch of department heads to perform the day to day functions of national security. So before we start booing or applauding, we should wait and see how he handles this.


  4. I wonder if Dan Lev had the same opinion of the terrorist trials that were tried in NYC when Bush was president… (yeah, right)


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  6. Micky 2 says:

    “Well, at least now we know that our good host blames George W Bush for the failures in security that led to 9/11!”

    Yeah, keep telling yourselgf that and it’ll make us that much safer as much as the blame falkls squarley on Clintons total deriliction of duty.
    At least when we were attacked on Bushs watch he actually did something about it to the point that after that there was no one single attack on American soil or interests after that… period !
    Cant say so much never mind anything at all for Obama.

    “It is not “his system,” per se, but he is in charge of it now and it is apparent that the system needs changing.”

    More bullsht.
    Ever since the first attack be it abroad or here it was incumbent upon him to make it “HIS” system. A system that would never allow another attack on our soil or interests such as was the case with Bush who inhereted the failures of Clinton on 911. At the point of the first attack on Bushs watch Bush took responsibilityt and made it “HIS” system, established the Patriot act, DHS, and cast blame on none of his predecessors unlike this panty a$$ whining blamer we call president who hasnt done a damn thing but to maintain the drone program Bush left in place for him..

    “we should wait and see how he handles this.”

    Yeah, maybe its 3000 dead again that’ll get him off his a$$, you go ahead and wait buddy as everything else hes said needed to be done was an urgent emergency that demaded the swiftest of actions.
    Terrorism ? Nah. lets wait.

    Oh, and by the way, I’ve been asking for months now how you morons can keep claiming its not a war yet you want to convict anyone on the right connected, Cheney etc as war criminals.
    Your man said it, “we are at war”.
    Wise up

  7. Well, Micky, it stands to reason that if the Tygrrrr believes the Christmas Bomber represented a failure on Obama’s part, then he MUST believe 9/11 represented a failure on Bush’s part. No? Am I missing something here?

    It seems to me that you guys just blatantly blame everything on Democrats all the time with no regard whatsoever for the consistency and integrity of your logic.

    Our approach to protecting ourselves against terrorism has been behind the times for over 40 years. Fly into a European airport. What do you see? For the past 30-40 years you see professional soldiers, armed to the teeth, on the watch for everyone and everything. And what did we do after all that hijacking back in the 60’s and 70’s? Nothing. God forbid we impede the private sector with port safety! I remember, after 9/11, that sleazy previous “administration” balked at putting federal agents in the airports and on the planes. They refused to check the arms registries to see if anyone fitting the terrorist profile was carrying guns. And now, the GOP is balking at the notion of actually paying airport screeners good money and allowing them to unionize, because, as we all know, minimum wage shmucks off the street make GREAT guards against terror attacks!

    I blame people like you and our good host, Micky, much more than Bush or Clinton or Obama or any other president or congress. You guys don’t mean any harm, but by voting the way you do, and espousing the obsurdities you espouse, you sure do make it a lot easier for people to harm us.

    As for “we are at war.” That’s exactly what I mean. I’m sure the terrorists thank you from the bottom of their black hearts.


  8. Micky 2 says:

    “No? Am I missing something here ?”

    Yeah, obviously, to anyone whos not an extremist left wing ideolog like yourself who will conveniently ignore basic fact just to sound like he has a clue.

    I never said that Bush was totally exempt, did I ? If I did I would love for you to show me where and debunk anything I said above. Which you seem unable to do, as usual.
    The point is… ( pay attention grasshopper)
    The failure on Obamas part, Clinton, and liberals in general is that after we are attacked you schmucks do nothing.
    After being attacked on Bushs watch it never happened again.
    With Clinton and Obama, not so much.
    Got it ?

    “It seems to me that you guys just blatantly blame everything on Democrats all the time with no regard whatsoever for the consistency and integrity of your logic.”

    Yeah, its called basic math. Math is not a logic to allow for bullsht.

    Obama = A disproportionate anount of attacks on Americans. Three times more in Obamas 1st year than in all of Bushs 8. Dead Americans on our soil as a result of radical Islam in the first year of Obamas administration.

    Bush = Planes in building, thousands of deaths. Resulting in thousands of dead terrorists and not one attack on our soil or interests abroad until Obama came along.

    Clinton = Allowing repeated attacks on our embassies, the Cole, Trade towers, did nothing, allowing 911 to be planned for 4 1/2 years on his watch.

    I dont care what you say. The fact is that since Obamas inaguration there has been a disproportionate amount of American deaths due to radicals at home and in Afghanistan.
    Someone is failing somewhere and it isnt Bush

    ” blame people like you and our good host, Micky, ”

    This statement represents the epitome of idiocy we see on the left.
    Try blaming the terrorists for a change you morons.
    The majority, 75% of the people who risk there lives against these animals are conservatives/republicans and certainly not you panty wearing pu$$ies who think you can talk to these terrorists.

    “As for “we are at war.” That’s exactly what I mean. I’m sure the terrorists thank you from the bottom of their black hearts.”

    Heres another example of the hypocrisy we see on the left. On one hand they want us to believe that what the right is doing plays right into the radicals plans and then themselves decide to try and change the terms. Now that the man they elected has decided to use the term “We are at war” they’ll toss him under the bus for simple semantic righteousness.
    Which of course Jersey just spent a whole paragraph trying to denounce and then in the same day contradicts himself by making semantics an issue.
    Weve been at war since foreigners took our planes and ran them into our bulidings. Thats why the left has constantly tried to have Bush convicted as a war criminal for his actions in Afghanistan. But like a bunch of “unruly children” they decide on the other hand that “war on terror” isnt fitting when the right uses it.
    Hypocrites, you cant convict a man of war crimes if theres no war.

    You’ve got it wrong dudes. Now that they are going to have trials in civilian courts. They got what they wanted. To use our system against us.
    Wake up you idiots before “more” Americans get killed right here on our soil.
    They’re coming after against us again in numbers that havent been seen since the days of Clinton. (er, liberals)
    Period, fact.

  9. Micky 2 says:



  10. Okay, so let’s talk “post-9/11.” Let’s say that “everything changed” like you guys always say.

    What about the anthrax attacks, Micky? What about the “Shoe Bomber,” Micky? What about the ‘Liquid Bomb” plot that the UK had to break up? In 2006 alone, according to the Bush administration, at least 6 plots were thwarted, and one of them by the UK and at least five fugitivs remain at large from another one.

    You don;t know what you’re talking about.

    The FACTS dictate that Americans are far safer when the GOP is not in charge.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    “You don;t know what you’re talking about.”

    Aue contrare` my friend.
    No one died on our soil as a result of radicals after 911 until Obama came along. P E R I O D
    Theres been just as many attacks in the one year since Obama came to office as there was in all of Bushs 8 years.
    The terrorist can spot weakness, they’re on the move.
    Try again.

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