A Texas Suicide Bomber

Only three months after an Islamofascist murdered soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas has become the victim of a suicide bomber every bit as evil as the perpetrators of 9/11.

A 53 year old man named Joseph Stack took a plane and flew it into an office building containing  IRS workers.

This was an act of murder.

I am not interested in his manifesto. I don’t want to understand him. I don’t want to get to the root causes of why this happened. A madman engaged in an abominable act.

Like many, my heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones.

Regardless of where one is on the political spectrum, I implore my fellow Americans not to make this a political issue.

As a conservative, I am waiting to have thus guy linked to every right of center person or group on Earth.

Any moment now talk radio, tea party people, and conservative politicians will be blamed for this. Politicians who take strong anti-tax positions will be accused of fomenting anti-IRS hatred.

Every mainstream conservative had condemned what one awful man did.

This has nothing to do with people that feel that tax cuts spur economic growth, or that government spends too much.

There is zero correlation between wanting lower taxes and flying a plane into a building.

On September 20, 2001, President George W. Bush made it clear the one billion Muslims were not to be blamed for the actions of 20 evil people. President Bush was right.

Well now the 50% of the country that is politically right of center should not be indicted for the actions of one man.

I am waiting patiently to see if the left will let this one go, or if they will exploit this tragedy and blame the right.

This act had nothing to do with politics, economics, or 1040 forms. It was one man who committed one tragic evil act.

To imply otherwise would be to justify evil.

Suicide bombers are evil. There is no political cause that justifies suicide bombers. Whether in Israel, Iraq, or Texas, murderers are murderers. No political or religious philosophy sanctions the murder of innocent life.

The only proper thing to do in this situation is pray to God that something like this never happens again.


4 Responses to “A Texas Suicide Bomber”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    ” am waiting patiently to see if the left will let this one go, or if they will exploit this tragedy and blame the right”

    They cant help themselves. The moonbats are in a feeding frenzy all over theblogs.
    The Tea Party has already released statements that this nut was in no way a member or affiliated.
    Lets just see if the predominantly liberal media takes the responsibility to air that little tidbit.

    Heres a small benign taste, they wont be dignified by links

    I’ve been cruising the blogs and theres definately a bunch of lefties saying some pretty outrageous crap.
    I will not dignify them with links but will post some of the more ridiculous statements.

    “This is a right-wing domestic terror act. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY – THIS SHOULD CONCERN YOU!”


    “Looks like one of the Teabaggers woke up on the wrong side of the bed. LOL. You nuts better not start doing this regularly.”


    “Not a single one of you is concerned that one of your own just committed an act of domestic terror. You are already attacking the messenger and they have not even brought the message in yet.”


    “YOU need to take an ounce of responsibility. All you repubbers are complaining about Bush but still putting all the blame for Bush’s errors on Obama or “The Government”. This plane guy decided to attack the Government. Pilot-guy sounds like a thousand posts I have read on thee boards.”


    “His “manifesto” is rank and file conservative/tea party/ repub rhetoric. I’ve read the same thing on these since before Obama was inaugurated. That dude would fit right in here, and maybe he did.”


  2. “I am not interested in his manifesto. I don’t want to understand him. I don’t want to get to the root causes of why this happened.”

    Ah, good ol’ conservative willful ignorance. Where would conservatism be without it?

    In case you actually want to know something, here’s the “manifesto:” http://www.businessinsider.com/joseph-andrew-stacks-insane-manifesto-2010-2

    As you can see, it’s not particularly rightwing or leftwing. He attacks the bailouts and too-big-to-fail corporations, the current healthcare system, tax examption for the Catholic Church, unions, the government, communism AND capitalism.

    So, it seems like this guy was just plain miserable. Seems like a combination of bad luck, a little incompetence, paranoia and blaming the IRS for tax law, which is like blaming the cops for speed limits. Was this terrorism? Eh. I suppose. But then anything violent is terrifying, so call it what you will. But don’t ignore why things happen. That’s just stupid. This could have been avoided. The guy obviously needed help.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    he attacks everything, I read his manifesto, its all over the place.
    Weve yet to hear any details from family, friends or his business affiliations and til then should just reserve judgement on any ideology.
    if he was a rightest, which is very hard to tell, it just shows that mental illness is an equal opportunity disease

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