Cupid, Shut her up so I can enjoy the Daytona 500

February 7th, 2010 was the Super Bowl.

February 14th is a day for love.

Yet if the Pro Bowl was on January 31st, what else is there to love today?

Oh, that’s right. NASCAR!

Out with the gladiators and in with the carburetors.

Time for the Daytona 500.

Look, I may be balling the current sexual administration tonight. If I do I will be pleasant and if I don’t I will be grumpy. That is all this holiday is about anyway.

It is not a celebration. It is an obligation.

Here are my thoughts from Cupid’s previous birthday.

Now to enjoy ESPN Daytona 500 highlights and Danica Patrick commercials on Go Daddy.


6 Responses to “Cupid, Shut her up so I can enjoy the Daytona 500”

  1. NASCAR??? You watch NASCAR??? Careful there, buddy – you’re going native! What’s next? Hunting? Getting into brawls at the honky tonk? You know, you can be a Republican without being a hick.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Cant be liberal without saying stupid elitest crap like that.
    You go tune into the olympics there buddy and take in some Curling and figureskating, kay ?
    Now excuse me while I go put on my NASCAR pajamas, use my official NRA toothbrush, wash my face with my special “Jesus Soap”, put my Bible on the kitchen table for tomorrow mornings bacon and “Jimmy Dean sausage breakfast and a nice big bottle of “Aunt Jemima pancake syrup, and tuck myself into my comfy flannel “duck/golden retriever, 12 guage shotgun print” sheets and dream of shooting anything not white near the border with my bottle of Jack on the nightstand

  3. Oh jeez, Micky. Cars taking endless left turns really fast… yeah, that’s really exciting. Let’s face it, it’s a hick non-sport for people who need the excuse to sit around and drink beer for hours on end. I’d rather watch paint dry. Vroom, vroom! LOL!


  4. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah, I guess its like watching C-span… bunch of “left’ turns going nowhere.
    These guys need to be in shape for what they do. Theres also alot of strategy going on. Theres risk, its exciting. I’ll agree, i’ve more appreciation for gymnastics etc, but NASCAR is the largest spectator sport for a reason you probabaly cant appreciate anymore than some dont understand grown men fighting over a ball.
    Ya know, Rap and that whiney a$$ Indy rock sells like hot cakes but its also rated at the comprehension of a 12 year old

  5. Well, a lot of my friends think I’m insane for watching C-Span, so point taken. But at least it’s intellectually stimulating. NASCAR is just plain boring. As for being in shape – the only “shape” a NASCAR driver needs to be in is insane. You have to be nuts to drive a car that fast.

    NASCAR is the “largest” spectator sport in that is has the largest arenas. Baseball sells more tickets and football attracts more viewers. Just the same, yes, NASCAR has become very popular, especially in recent years and across demographics. Still, I think it’s a goofball waste of time.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    ” a NASCAR driver needs to be in is insane. You have to be nuts to drive a car that fast.”

    yeah well, the same could be said for guy willing to get clothslined for carrying a ball or jumped on by a 350 lb. linebacker.

    Good, goofball waste of time exists in all arenas, doesnt generalize a certain demographic as stupid, hicks, whatever. People from all walks have been racing anything on wheels since the damn wheel was created.
    Baseballs about as interesting as a handful of valium, but fun to play.
    Ever been to races ? I have, tons of em, my clients are all in the drag bike, car, drag boat business, its a blast

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