Ishtar Monday

Today was going to be Mish Mosh Monday, but I think I already did that one. Ishkebibble might be too tough to spell, so today is Ishtar Monday. I never saw the movie but my dad said it was terrible.

While all of the events in the news could be their own separate column, time does not allow for that. Forgive the short shrift.

The lead story is the successful witch hunt of Bernie Kerik. Anyone who has ever lived in New York knows what a real hero looks like. Rudy Giuliani did not become one of the greatest mayors of all time without a top notch lieutenant.

Nothing currently happening changes Bernie Kerik’s 30 years of service or his heroism on 9/11.

He reached a plea agreement with the state, only to see the federal government take a second bite at the apple. While legally this is not double jeopardy, it certainly violates the spirit of the law. Also, when prosecutors recommend 27 to 33 months and the judge gives 48 months, we see a liberal activist judge run amok. Liberal activist judge almost seems redundant at this point.

For those wondering why Bernie Kerik was attacked, one only needs to look st Scooter Libby. George W. Bush was President, and Rudy Giuliani was on his way to succeeding him. The vitriol toward those two men is well documented, and Mr. Kerik is another pawn that needed to be sacrificed for a greater liberal “good.”

Was Mr. Kerik blameless? No. Should he be sitting in jail while Christopher Dodd, Bill Clinton, and John Edwards roam free? Absolutely not. Bernie Kerik was hated because he was tough on crime, and don’t think for one minute that the leftist judge didn’t take delight in taking down one of the men who instituted tough crime measures. This was pure political payback. It was vengeance. Heroes deserve better.

The judge lives in a safer world because of George W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and Bernie Kerik. Streets from Manhattan to Iraq are safer because of Bernie Kerik. Nothing will ever change that.

Back to real criminals, John Edwards will not go to jail. He and his wife are human parasites, and they nearly brought down an entire political party.

Everybody is now piling on John Edwards, but I am so sick and tired of everybody treating Elizabeth Edwards with kid gloves. This woman rivals Hillary Clinton in the Lady Macbeth department.

People are scared to death to criticize Elizabeth Edwards because she has cancer. It took liberal columnist Kirsten Powers to cut through this. When Sean Hannity would start would start with the obligatory “my heart goes out to her,” Ms. Powers rightfully stopped him and asked, “Why do people always have to say that?”

The reason is because we do not have equal freedom of speech in this country. Conservatives must bend over backwards to show “compassion.” Ms. Powers gets to speak truthfully because she is a liberal. Well here is some cold hard truth from a conservative who says what most people are often thinking.

I have a relative who has cancer. She is a dreadful human being that can’t die fast enough. She contributes nothing positive to this world, and I may kick her coffin when she is gone.

I would rather be this way than be phony. I won’t miss her.

I absolutely do not extend the same sentiments toward Mrs. Edwards, since I do not know her and have never met her. What I do know is that she was willing to put an entire nation at risk due to her own selfishness.

The Monica Lewinsky trial was not about sex. It was about lying under oath. What liberals are now understanding is that the President of the United States cannot ever put himself in a position to be subjected to blackmail. Had anybody discovered the affair, would they have blackmailed Bill Clinton on legislation?

John Edwards messed up. He broke his marriage vows. Had he refused to run for president again, he could have privately lived his life without shame. Human beings make mistakes.

Elizabeth Edwards knew that a presidential run could uncover the truth. She did not care. She was going to be first lady, America and her own political party be d@mned. She is a selfish woman who married a man who made his living lying to people. She is every bit as bad as he is. I do not wish death upon her. I wish for her her to live her final years in relative obscurity, away from the cameras. As for her husband, he will escape jail because he is as politically correct as he is morally repugnant.

While the bad hang on forever, the good leave us with a void. We lost a great American a couple of days ago as Al Haig died. He lived to the age of 85. I would say more, but others will offer more eloquence than me. Al Haig is in heaven, where he belongs.

Another man is 86 years old, and had a health scare. I do not agree with the politics of Frank Lautenberg, but to be 86 and facing stomach cancer is tough. He is a fighter, and we all hope he makes a speedy recovery. Besides, by New Jersey standards, he is a fairly honest politician. He has never to my knowledge been linked to corruption, which says a lot for him in that state. Yes, he is politically correct, but at his age, if there was something, it would have come out. Get better, Senator Lautenberg.

I did watch some of CPAC, but will not be providing gavel to gavel analysis. I heard Glenn Beck on the radio while driving, and while he was magnificent, I prefer the optimism of Limbaugh to the gloom and doom approach. Times are tough, and I believe we will do what is right to fix things. This is not arrogance or hubris, just respect for the resilience of my fellow American citizens.

CPAC was a complete waste because the Paulbots hijacked the event. The voting age should be raised to 30, because teenagers have proven that they do not take their responsibilities seriously. Ron Paul is a gadfly, and nothing more. Anybody that thinks he is a serious candidate ignored the 2008 results. He is a cult figure with a tiny fanatical following. Luckily, there are enough serious Republicans that will settle on a mainstream candidate with an ounce of electability.

The Paulbots spent the last couple years talking to each other, and were shocked when their candidate received so few actual votes. Ron Paul represents the Republican Party as much as George Wallace would represent the Democrats today. His meaningless “victory” did nothing but devalue CPAC. He has every right to run as a third party fringe candidate as he has in the past, but he is not a Republican. It is the Paulbots who can either join the mainstream Republican Party or get lost. It is not the responsibility of the party to bend to them. They can have their moment in the sun, but mainstream candidates should absolutely ignore them, especially on foreign policy. Isolationism is stupidity. We live in a global world.

The only good political news has been the Toyota Prius, which now seems as defective as its owners. I admit it. I have “Prius rage.” I will have more to say about that in the coming weeks, but for now I am thrilled that my least favorite car on Earth is being recalled. Now to stamp “reject” on the forehead of the owners and move on to the next fake environmental savior. The Prius does nothing to help the environment.

Despite failed Priuses, life gets so depressing, and politics often seems to crush more spirits than it raises up. People are starving for optimism and good news. It is in this vein that once again sports has provided a ray of sunshine.

Thirty years ago the United States Olympic Gold Medal hockey team took down the Russians at Lake Placid, New York. Eleven years later the Berlin Wall came down. Ronald Reagan did his part, but Herb Brooks and Mike Eruzione get very honorable mentions.

Then America fell on hard times. Russia was no longer a threat, but new enemies emerged. In 1993, Canada won the World Series and the Stanley Cup as the Twins beat the Braves and the Canadians beat the Kings.

In 2002, the ultimate indignity came when the Canadians humiliated us our own soil with a 2002 @ss-kicking at Salt Lake City, Utah.

This was worse than losing to the Iranians in soccer because nobody cares about soccer.

The Japanese were a brief threat, but Joey Chestnut defeated Kobayashi in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest to win the Yellow Mustard Belt in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Yet America needed to defeat the new evil empire of sports, Canada.

Yes, the Mighty Ducks and Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Calgary Flames and some other team from the scourge of the north, but most of the players were Canadian.

Finally in 2010, 30 years after Lake Placid and 8 years after the humiliation of Salt Lake, America defeated Canada on their own soil in Vancouver. By a score of 5 to 3, America reigned supreme. Now we don’t have to bomb them. I mean we do have the best military, and they have, what, Celine Dion?

(Thank you Evan Sayet for that joke. I never tire of that one.)

The world of politics may be a complete and utter disaster, but at least all is right in the world of sports. In only 6 1/2 months, football season returns.

This includes Ishtar Monday. May their never be a sequel of that supposedly awful movie or its equally comparable dreadful tribute from this column.


5 Responses to “Ishtar Monday”

  1. I’d rather have Celine Deon than a massive military empire.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    Bernie Kerik, Bernie Madoff, what is the difference?

    I haven’t heard anyone saying re: Kerik, ” All you so and sos should
    have been gassed in Hitler’s ovens”.

    Bernie Madoff has had his share of anti-Semites and anti-Israel haters
    spew their venom, in personal conversations, in the media, on talk radio,

    It never is mentioned that Mr. Madoff stole those funds mainly (ponzi schme) from his fellow Israelites. For those who don’t know the difference, Israelite is also a Jew.

    I mean come on guys, we Jews have not been known as Hebrews or
    Israelites for centuries.

    But back to Bernie, the police official helped SAVE New York City from
    imploding..along with R. Giulini.

    I have visited the Big Apple more than once..and like riding the
    subways to Times Square, 14, 34 and 42nd Streets. Sometimes I
    walk along Lexington Avenue, past the prostitutes hanging outside
    the 24 hours restaurants and lunchettes (there are small, restaurants
    in the city more adquately called lunchettes).

    If one desires there are dozens of small and large hotels in the area
    where one can take the women of the night. But, like the women,
    they are awefully expensive.

    Also, for a quick alcoholic beverage, there are thousands of Irish bars
    which serve food. I mean Southern California does have malls, strip malls, and strippers..but it’s a lot easier in NYCity to get around (no car needed there).

    NYCity for decades had been a mess. Anyone riding the subways knew
    instinctively how dangerous it was..espcially before and after the rush hours. I personally witnessed several hoodlum teenagers harassing
    elderly people..and street crime is everywhere..mainly purse snatching and
    tearing off necklaces from unknowing tourists.

    BTW, in their bus station ( Port Authority) people come up to you
    to aid in carrying your suitcase (s), God forbid, you don’t pay them a tip.
    (Do they report this to the taxing authorities?).

    In some areas of NYCity, it’s virtually impossible to ride the elevators
    in a housing project w/o flinching.

    I am reminded of a housing project (my relatives lives) that brought
    in the nastiest looking German Shepards (thats dogs).

    I am also aware that for years, entire blocks of residents
    vacated the city for Florida, etc., just to live a normal life.

    Sooooo, this latest attack on we Conservatives, who only want law and order and to live left alone to prosper, raise our familes, enjoy the
    California sunshine…is a regression.

    Obama now has formed a committee to discuss the deficit.

    Hey guy, I have a solution..hows about reducing expenditures.

    He now (according to the LA Times) wants to improve No Child Left
    Behind, with more money.

    Hey guy, experts have told you it’s not about the money, its
    about students who prefer the good life, like selling crack, and getting

    Obama is about to suggest insurance companies reduce (or at least not
    increase) their rates..unless justified.

    The insurance companies say that rising health costs coupled
    with sicker (elderly-baby boomers) are why they must do this.

    Get it Obama…

    Regarding his foreign policy, the latest folly is sending an ambassador
    to Syria, while Syria still is fomenting trouble in Lebanon, financing and
    equiping Hezbollah and Hamas (terrorist groups), and cozing up to Ahmad in Iran. ( Building 2 more nuke sites for “peaceful” energy purposes).

    And I will sell you the Williamsburg, Washington and Brooklyn Bridges.

  3. So what are you guys saying? The people should get a free pass on committing crimes because they did some things you like?

    And then Dan makes that incredibly stupid statement about aging Baby Boomners and healthcare costs! HEY GENIUS! THEY GET MEDICARE!

    God, you guys should really listen to yourselves once in a while.


  4. blacktygrrrr says:

    Dick Cheney and Bob Dole have both been hospitalized, Cheney with chest pains and Dole with pneumonia type symptoms. They are both honorable public servants, and I wish them both a speedy recovery. Bob Dole is 86, while Dick Cheney is only in his 60s.


  5. Laree says:

    Rep Thaddeus McCotter on Hardball “Only 21% Of The American People Think They Are Being Governed By Their Own Consent”

    My critique of the video, McCotter is ahead in class, and intellect. McCotter is calling for Free Market solutions to Health Care Coverage, Matthews and Connelly are having none of it.

    Rep Connelly of Prince William Co.,Va., tried to get one of his constituents arrested?

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