Ping Pong Ball Sunday

The Wheels on the Tygrrrr Express need to be rotated.

I drove yesterday from Las Vegas to Lake Havasu Arizona, participated in a fundraiser, and then drove back to the People’s Republic of Los Angeles. On Tuesday I drive back to Arizona for a swing through the state consisting of 8 events in 5 days.

There is little in the news today, but a couple items shall me mentioned because I feel like it.

In football news, Kyle Boller is the backup quarterback of the St. Louis Rams. The Rams went 1-15 last year. Normally being the backup quarterback on the worst team in football would be a thankless job, but things are already looking up for Mr. Boller. Not only do the Rams have the top pick in the draft, but Mr. Boller has just become engaged to Miss California Carrie Prejean.

I have never met Kyle Boller, but I have met Ms. Prejean. Some people are incapable of separating politics from anything else, so they have a predetermined and uninformed opinion of her. I have met her and gotten to know a member of her family. They are all lovely people. They are nice, gracious, and respectful of others.

I wish Carrie Prejean and Kyle Boller much happiness, and am thrilled for Carrie’s family.

The other people I want to mention today are Kathryn Moore and her husband David.

I met Kathryn Moore when I spoke to the Balboa Bay Republican Women’s Federated in Newport Beach. She and her husband invited me to a fundraiser to benefit the relief effort in Haiti.

While Mr. and Mrs. Moore are both Republicans, this was a non-partisan event. Between the silent auctions, casino games, and world class entertainment from talented musicians, a great time was had by all. Guests paid $500 per plate, as thousands of dollars were raised for Haiti.

I mention this because there seems to be some illusion that Republicans don’t care about people. This myth has been propagated for too long. Good people come from everywhere, and the notion that Kathryn and David Moore are aberrations is nonsense.

Some people talk about compassion. What I saw in Newport Beach was the best of the human spirit. It was also people that put in a ton of hard work. Event planning is not an easy thing to do. As somebody who speaks to crowds, I just have to show up. Kathryn managed to pull together a gala extravaganza. As she would freely admit, she had plenty of help.

Her company is MyStyle 2020. They bring style, grace, and class to people looking to make upgrades to their wardrobe and beyond. I recommend that everybody thank Kathryn for her good work by visiting her site. As you can see from the home page, charity is a big part of her life.

Haiti is not a political issue, and as time goes by people tend to forget. This should not happen. Keep helping in any way you can.

As for me, I need to rest up. The ping boll of my existence is only 48 hours away from going back from whence I came.


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