Build Bibi Build

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton expressed to Israel that they had their poor little feelings hurt. They were made to feel “insulted,” as if Israel told them that they don’t matter.

For once these people are perceptive. They are right. They don’t matter.

Joe Biden is the Barney Fife of the administration. Barack Obama is desperate to pass a health care bill, and he cannot afford to have anything or anyone screw it up for him. Coincidentally, Joe Biden was sent overseas on a useless trip. Expect this to occur every time a critical domestic debate occurs.

For those who have missed the last few decades, water is wet, the sun rises in the East, and Palesimians blow stuff up because that is their hobby. Taking up tennis or macrame does not have the same lure as bombing discos and pizza shacks.

Some Arab rejects who have been kicked out of every Arab nation they have ever lived in are now trying to take over all of Israel. Those who do not read Islamist textbooks in elementary school know this.

Now Israelis are building on land they own. This bothers Palesimians, because if Jews are building homes, it means they still exist. People who build homes have not been murdered, because dead people make lousy carpenters.

Luckily for Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is not going to surrender. Bibi 2.0 understands that it is better to be strong and temporarily isolated than weak, beloved, and dead.

If ever there was a time for Bibi to commence mass building of homes, now is the time.

Barack Obama is on the ropes. He is obsessed with health care. Nothing else has his attention right now.

Additionally, Bibi has calculated that the penalty for saying no to Obama is…absolutely nothing.

Barack Obama tried to pressure Israel last year, and a 6% approval rating in Israel knocked him back on his ballet heels.

This week the White House officially surrendered. Sending Joe Biden to the area is proof that it is not a priority. Israelis then built, Biden and Hillary cried, and Bibi offered conciliatory words while building continued.

Hillary did not even fall back on diplomatic nonsense about how settlements are “unhelpful.” “Unhelpful” is the word used by diplomats to describe Palesimian murder of innocent Jews.

For those who still think that Israeli settlements are bad for peace, it is time for the finest mind on Earth to give a cold reality check to the geographically and logically challenged.

Sir Charles of Krauthammer laid it all on the line. The Earth intellectually shook, the world got quiet, and eternal knowledge poured forth from the wise man in glasses with the calm voice and the cerebrum of 100,000 men.

Mr. Krauthammer’s words are exactly like those of Obama and Biden except that his are correct, and they matter.

“The Secretary of State said that Israel has to show it is serious about peace. That is an insult. Israel has been looking for peace for the last 62 years. The Palestinians have not made one concession or taken one step for peace.”

I am less eloquent than Sir Charles, but I have a challenge for those who favor pressuring Israel out of a combination of ignorance and hostility.

Name one promise the Palesimians have ever kept (besides the vow to kill Jews. It has to be something positive).

Violence has not been reduced because Palesimians have seen the light. Israel just has better security. Palesimians are still trying to murder Israelis at the same rapid clip they always have.

Until the murderous death culture of the Palesimians changes and all violence ceases, then not one minute should be spent focusing on Israelis building places to house their families.

The only insult in this situation is the Obama administration continuing to insult the intelligence of people by trying to convince them that up is down, black is white, and Palesimians are normal. Suicide bombing is not normal.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Barney Fife need to spend less time harassing Israelis trying to build things and more time disciplining Palesimians and Iranian mullahs who blow things up.

Keep building Bibi. Build Bibi build. Build now, build early, and build often.

Your enemies can’t stop you, and your American “friends” are running away faster than a Palesimian with a dysfunctional suicide vest.


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  1. I’d be less concerned about Israel’s expansion if we didn’t have US troops over in that part of the world. Likud’s taunting of the Palestians could easily become an excuse to kill our soldiers. I don’t like that. I wish these so-called “pro-Israel” folks over here would put our country first for a change.


  2. thepoliticaltipster says:

    Whatever the strategic and symbolic benefits of additional construction (and I think Sharon was correct in realising the necessity of partial disengagement) they are outweighed by the negative international reaction (according to Rasmussen) and the possibility that this crisis could topple Netanyahu. While Obama’s overreaction has exposed his true sympathies, and galvanised Israel’s supporters, this is at best this a distraction from the key issue of Iran and at worst could make it easier for Obama to prevent a pre-emptive Israeli strike on Iranian missile sites. The priority should be to build a congressional coalition to enable Israel to defend herself against Iran.

  3. C’mon, Tipster. You really believe Iran is going to strick Israel? Really? C’mon.

    And you think Obama “overreacted?” Overreacted how? He’s hardly said anything about all this. Secretary Clinton reassured just the today, “We have an absolute commitment to Israel’s security. We have a close, unshakable bond between the United States and Israel and between the American and Israeli people.”

    Let’s get real here. I know conservatives are easily suseptable to paranoid dellusions, but it’s time to shake it off and take a sane, adult perspective on things.


  4. And do ANY of you care about our soldiers over there?


  5. franny says:

    I saw a “build bibi build” sticker yesterday….in very white, Christian northeast Washington……good job…

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