Joe Biden–Exponential Idiocy

The Tygrrrr Express is bound today for Inyo County. Inyo is located in Central California. I will be speaking to their GOP. The warm welcome was extended by party chairman Thaddeus Taylor, who in an irrelevant tangent bears a slight resemblance to actor Jeffrey “Hey Now Hank Kingsley” Tambor.

I will not be covering President Obama’s interaction with Brett Baier because the only substance was provided by Mr. Baier. Mr. Obama made it clear that once the health care bill is passed, we will all see what is in it. He does not want to talk about process, which is his way of telling us all to shut up and do what he says. At least it was nice of Mr. Obama to finally realize that Fox News is not the enemy of America. If it still is, then Mr. Obama should be arrested as a collaborator. I look forward to the next time Fox News is demonized.

Yet today is sadly about Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden is the Barney Fife of the administration, a bumbling fool that seems to disobey the rule about keeping silent and being thought as such rather than speaking and removing all doubt.

Biden was sent to the Middle East so that Obama could try and get health care passed without potential stupid comments getting in the way.

Biden got into a dustup with Israel when they reminded him how little he mattered. What it lacked in politeness, the message resonated as truthful. The conflict over Israelis building on their own land led to temper tantrums by Biden, Hillary, and Obama. Mr. Obama deliberately picked the fight because he needs to attack somebody that he perceive will listen. The entire world stands up to him, so Israel was supposed to be an easy win.

The dustup had finally appeared to have settled, when Biden opened his mouth again.

At the Radio Correspondents Dinner, his attempt at a “joke,” was just plain stupid.

“I just got back from the Middle East. It’s great to be back in America where a boom in construction is a good thing.”

Maybe if a suicide bomber blew this guy’s hair plugs off, he would understand what Israelis go through every day.

The hypocrisy with which the media treats this man is ridiculous. Sarah Palin says things in a folksy manner, and is treated as if she were a moron. Joe Biden is a walking, talking gaffe, and the media shrugs it off by saying, “oh, that’s just Joe being Joe.”

Being a Democrat means never having to apologize for idiocy or other qualities that would get Republicans crucified.

This is the man who made a remark about Indians and 7-11. Somehow he was treated differently than George Allen, who made a very similar remark.

This is the man who expressed praise at how clean and articulate a black man running for president could be.

This is the man who wanted Iraq divided into three parts.

Now this is a man who finds humor in bashing Israel for having the nerve to try and survive knowing that the current administration is throwing them under the bus.

Barack Obama claims that we should be humble in our foreign policy, yet spends every waking minute away from health care trying to overthrow the Netanyahu government.

Joe Biden finds humor in all of this.

Maybe Saint Patrick’s Day had something to do with it. After all, this administration is very green, at least in terms of experience.

Joe Biden has 30 years of experience as a gasbag. If being the Mayor of Wasilla and the Governor of Alaska is insignificant, then surely being a Senator of Delaware is even less than that.

Israel is the size of Delaware, but Delaware is not under attack every day from Massachusetts or Iran.

Joe Biden is too intelligent to be so dumb as to write notes on his hand like Sarah Palin and the rest of the commoners. He does not need a teleprompter like his boss. He just recites the lines from others like Neil Kinnock and plagiarizes the words as his own.

Yes, it was 20 years ago, but why should this guy get a free pass? Why should “just Joe being Joe” be an excuse? When did speaking in an imbecilic manner become acceptable?

His idiocy is growing exponentially.

Thankfully the joke attacking Israel bombed, as did most of his jokes.

It was not funny, nor is the idea that a man who gets paid to take Obama’s kids to school publicly celebrates the lack of real actual work he does while collecting a paycheck as other Americans struggle.

Only a man this obtuse could take a potential international incident that was finally being smoothed over, and reopen the wound.

Israel has always stood besides America, and the current hostility in this administration toward Israel is long past excessive.

The vice president should do what everybody from the president to ordinary citizens in America and Israel expect from him. He should sit down, be quiet, and look like he is doing things.

There must be a ribbon cutting ceremony or funeral he can attend.

Speaking of funerals, more Palesimians tried to murder innocent Israeli today while Joe Biden was Bidening…excuse me, I meant clowning…around.

Dick Cheney is retired, but somebody please find an adult somewhere and send this kid Biden back to the minor leagues of Delaware Triple A where he belongs.


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  1. “Israel has always stood besides America, and the current hostility in this administration toward Israel is long past excessive.”

    This is not true. Past administrations have been far harder on Israel, and Israel has most certainly not always stood with us.

    Eishower threatened to cut off all aid to Israel back in ’56, after Israel took the Sinai and Gaza. That situation remained a sore spot in US/Israel relations, and in 1975, Gerald Ford again threatened the Israeli regime with a cut-off. It wasn’t until Jimmy Carter stepped in, in the late 70’s, that the dispute was resolved.

    Ronald Reagan threw a $#@!-fit in 1982 when Israel bombed Beruit. Reagan put the hammer down on that little episode and Begin backed off.

    In 1990 James Baker threw up his hands in fristration over the bad faith lack of negotiations between BOTH Israel and Palestinian, telling them both to “to call us when you are serious about peace.”

    So, really, you’d have to be pretty ignorant of history to say that “Israel has always stood besides America,” as it hasn’t, or that “the current hostility in this administration toward Israel is long past excessive,” as it isn’t.

    It’s kinda pathetic to see the leaps and bounds conservatives have to make to criticize this administration. Just once, I’d love to see some intellectual heft and substance in these critiques.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    Look all my thousands of fellow admirers of this blog site, let’s understand a simple truth of the Israeli-Palestinian 100 year old conflict.

    This IS not about Israel building in it’s capitial city, which is
    the larget in Israel itself at over 700,000. It is not, and has never
    been about the so-called settlements, which are Jewish areas built
    after the 67 War ( to exterminate the Jewish state using Russian
    supplied bombers, etc.). It is not about Har Homa, or other areas
    within the areas taken by Israel in it’s many wars with the Arab-Palestinian worlds. It is not about 1600 apartment units ( 1200 square feet)
    in a predominately religious section of Jerusalem, (while Palestinians
    build and build and build, typically without permits ( see Haiti
    for reasons why they are not approved).

    It is not about Jerusalem not being accepted by most of the world
    as Israels’ capital ( retaining land conquored as a result of wars), even though we the USA have kept lands for decades taken during WW2.

    This conflict is about Israel itself, a “cancer” in the Arab world.

    Like cancers, the Arabs simply don’t want it there.

    No matter what Israel does or doesn’t do, it don’t matter much
    if at all to Abbas (Fatah head), Hamas and Hezbollah ( the real
    power in Lebanon, once a mighty Christian enclave in the former
    Ottoman Empire).

    The Arabs want Israel’s malls, homes, factories, arm factories,
    schools, hospitals universities..and even fences w/o Jews, (Judenrein).

    They want ALL of Jerualem..the western and eastern, northern and
    southern. It’s not about 1600 units.

    Their cry is, “Still not enough”, yet Biden, Obama and Hillary, and
    even Gates are not hearing that declaration.

    Still not enough…what does that mean exactly? It means
    no matter how much or little Israel still doesn’t suffice.

    IF Israel gave back all the land, there is still Ahmad’s Iran out there,
    threatening to wipe out the state, 1600 or not, Har Homa or not,
    homes beyond the 67 cease fire lines, or not.

    The Palestinians dedicated a street to a monster who murdered
    dozens of Jews, including children, several years ago.

    Did Biden, Hillary condemn that I ask?

    Jordan denies it’s Palestinians statehood..and this

    Obamas term in office imploded from within. He listened
    to Rahm and Azelrod for awhile and got some successes.
    But his court Jews were seen as too influential ( has anyone
    noticed them lately at conferences with the President).

    Rahm knew how to deal with the other side. Obama does not.
    Rahm has experience, Obama smiles and reads his lines well.

    Obama is a nice guy, and great for pick-up games.

    But a lowly GS-5 civil servant knows more than he does
    about government (federal).

    Obamacare..I mean are most Americans dissatisfied with their
    health plans to warrant any change of such dramatic proportions,
    which, the advocates say, is just the beginning, just a sliver of what
    is yet to come.

    We all know what that is really happening. It’s called the Pluto effect.
    We conservatives try to plug up one hole, and others appear. (socialized

    In the LA Times, it is reported that a high percentage of people
    don’t have medical insurance. So what. They can go to
    their charities or free clinics.

    BTW, a hospital cannot refuse to admit a patient who is very ill,
    that’s the law.

    Joe Biden did in fact state that Iraq should be divided into
    3 parts. I heard him myself numerous times, with disbelief.

    And this is the guy sent to the M.E. to resolve the 100 year old conflict.

    Hey Joe, just tell the Palestinians to stop playing games, stop firing
    rockets into your neighborhor, stop rioting in their capital, stop
    making memorials for thugs..and just maybe, you will get a mini-state someday. Oh and recognize that Israel is a state for the Jews, then and now. You have 22 Muslim states for your own and spreading worldwide.

    Get it!

  3. Micky 2 says:

    ” I look forward to the next time Fox News is demonized.”

    That ought to take a whole freeking second

  4. Micky 2 says:

    And Jersey
    Drop your stinking attitude towards Israel

  5. Dan Lev is right when he points out that it is Israel itself that the hostile Muslim states and peoples are against – that no matter what Israel does, that will remain the case. But it is also true that throwing a a bottle of whisky into a fire will only make the fire worse.

    The argument we see here from Dan, and propounded by people like our good host, is self-defeating. They say on one hand that the Muslim states and people will never accept Israel and therefore have no impetus to make peace, and then say on the other hand that therefore Israel should make no effort to make peace either. That, of course, plays right into the hands of the hostile states. So, basically, what they are saying is that the only solution in the Middle East is either the status quo, to the delight of the hostile states and entities, or cataclysmic confrontation. As for the latter, the only possible final outcome would be the deaths of all the peoples of the region. That is unacceptable.

    Unlike the Muslim states, Israel does have the impetus to at least try to make peace, even if they can never fully accomplish it. Yes, I know it’s far harder to build than destroy, especially when for every two steps forward you have to take one step back, but Israel is the only player with the kind of stakes that give it the impetus to at least try. Making things worse, as Likud always does, is obviusly not the answer.

    Please forgive my giant steaming pile of mixed metaphors.


  6. What “attitude”?

    I have no problem with Israel, Micky. It’s the extremist rightwing hardliners – everywhere – I don’t care for.


  7. rudemarc87 says:

    Hey irk! is it cool if I call you irk instead of eric since a lot of things seem to bug you. Im just kidding man i know youre a good sport. I totally agree with you on the settlements and I support Israel 100%. Lets not forget about the $900 mil. Hillary gave to the palesimians through Hamas after operation cast lead. What erics me irk is that you consider obamas eligibility a non-issue to me thats something a shill like glen beck or O’ Reiley would defend. If you consider the non-issue seriously the rest of nobamas foreign policy falls into place. Biden is an idiot remember when he said to mark his words within 6 mos. of nobamas presidency there would be an international crises that would test obamas mettle? Well im still waitnig for obama to grow a pair first. Anyway Im happy the new synagogue was rebuilt next will be the 3rd temple on the temple mount. its just a matter of time something both christians and jews both long for thats something you can bet on. You can see the disgust in obamas mannerisms when he’s seated next to Bibi. Bibi just oozes manly courage and strength that obama despises despite his own arrogant audacity. Bidens idiotic comment is asenine anti-semtism as well as a jab at americans who desperately need work. The goldstone report was also another peice of trash written by a man looking out for his own interest while disregarding the real issues of war crimes commited by a rag tag displaced people group. How could any one substantiate these claims? JMJ what about Kissingers remarks about letting the jews blead in 67? i wasnt born then but i think nixon was republican thats wasnt too big of an intellectual stretch. I really dont know whats going on any more i dont know whats real and a lie are we fighting for americas safety or Israels? Whats with the gov contratcs to amdocs an israeli company used to monitor cell phone calls in the u.s. its alleged they had prior knowledege of 911 scary if true. Leave it to a liberal though to use our service people as human shields like a terrorist jmj.

  8. Hey, rudemarc, I never said we always stood beside Israel either. There’s always been plenty of anti-Semitism here in the US – and that anti-Semitism was almost entirely from the Christian Right (the same Christian Right who conservative Jews naively believe to be friends today). That’s why there’s an Israel today in the first place. Had we, and the British Commonwealth, simply accepted all the post-war Jewish refugees, there’d be no Israel today, and the world would be a much more peaceful place. The timing of the recreation of Israel couldn’t have been worse – but that’s OUR fault .

    I also didn’t mention the ridiculous numbers of Israelis we’ve caught spying on us over the years. So, let’s get real here. Israel may be a close frind of the US but it is not an ally, does not have all the same interests, and is not nearly as close to us as say Britain or Canada.

    That all said, yes, of course we must stand with Israel, but not “100%,” as you’ve suggested. That’s just blind stupidity. A true friend doesn’t simply agree with every stupid thing you do. They tell you when you’re doing something stupid. That’s what a true friend does.

    As for that sleazy-sounding “human shields” crack, I have no idea what you mean by that.


  9. rudemarc87 says:

    jmj the crack was reference to the previous post. but youre right. We cant condone 100% of what they do but 99% they do get it right. Jmj the anti seimitism was even directed by some jews at their own look at bob dylan how could he dare convert to christianity? I think Bob dylan had it right in “with god on our side” The anti-semitism directed from the right is a pervision of replacement theology that claims the church replaced Israel which is untrue after all hitler was a good catholic at one time. G-ds promise to abraham also goes to the muslims which are his descendents as well look how much money they have. Im just saying youre right but your anger is misdirected both christians and jews have long mistrusted each other but now its time to wake up a realize we have an enemy that wants both of us dead and will befriend anyone that wants the same.

  10. Dav Lev says:

    Okay, okay, don’t say me told youse sos.

    Its been over a week since the “flap” of Biden vs Israel, as
    evidenced by the trivial criticism of 1600 apartment units (1200 squre fee) for Orthodox Hebrews, sandwiched between two other religious neighborhoods, in NORTHERN JERUSALEM.

    The Lets get Israel crowd claim East Jerusalem was the intended site.

    Israel did annex the area in 1967, after warning Hussein to remain out
    of the fray. After his Jordanian forces opened fire, Israel seizing the opportunity, and some hand to hand fighting, retook the area ( lost in 48).

    Okay, so what, the Jordaniansa destroyed dozens of Jewish holy sites
    etc., that’s to be expected. But Jews building, that is verboten.

    Only Israel is not expected to play by the warfare you
    bomb, destroy, ethnic cleanse…(see WW2). Instead, it is building.
    Oh me oh my, those Israelites., and w/o oil no less.

    But Biden was just part of the scheme to destabilize the Bibi government
    and perhaps coerce the Jews to get rid of him, and his government, or
    at least bring in someone tolerable (terrible) like Mrs. Livni (Bibis
    pain the you know where). She was part of the Olmert government, which
    announced BEFORE any real serious discussions, what Israel would give up to gain peace. (Peace?).

    So, Bibi was appointed by the President of Israel..he able to form a coalition government, in this Israeli idea of democracy. ( Pick a leader
    then form coalitions, vs the US which forms coaltions then picks a leader).
    It makes more sense, the US that is.

    Israelis are fickle..and also confused from my standpoint. There are
    just too many pressures on such a small state (7m people, the size of
    New Jersey).

    For an example, Israel gave up the Sinai, 3 times its size for
    a peace treaty with Egypt, and the oil fields and airbases it built.

    okay, so there has been a cold peace between Israel and Jordan.

    Now, we see the effects of Biden, Hillary, Mullen, the former army general over Iraq (the “splurge” architect), Mitchell in Obama’s overall policy.

    Israel’s leader is meeting Hillary and Obama, among others during his
    trip here. He has already caved in, to Palestinian demands somewhat.

    Soooo, Biden achieved what Obama wanted him to, a compliant Israel
    adhering to Obama’s overall foreign policy..engage and talk to our
    enemies, while screwing our friends.

    His Obamacare has given him a boost, like a booster shot prevents
    a patient from getting some illnesses.

    I am sure, his ratings will go up, and his supporters will be looking to
    the Nov elections now with glee and hope.

    That is until the bills come due.

    Folks, there are no free lunches in life. Obamacare will cost hundreds of
    billions to the rest of us over time..(wasted money), AND Baracks
    knifing our most reliable and mighty ally, will produce a lot of
    bodies in frozen boxes, before he wakes up, Jewish, Arab and Christian.
    Ahmad is laughing at us thinking, I knew it, I knew the US was
    a paper tiger when pressed.

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