Make liberals bleed in November

It is now all out war in this country.

A few leftists have decided to take a wrecking ball to the best health care system in the world. Now it is time to take a wrecking ball to their congressional majority in November.

At 9pm PST on Sunday, March 21, 2010, the Democrats turned the Spring Solstice into the darkest day of this young decade.

Sundays should be relaxing. Even without NFL Football, 9pm could have been about the newest episode of Desperate Housewives. Not even Eva Longoria letting her (redacteds) bounce out of control at a construction site could cheer me up on this night.

On the other television I could not even enjoy a standout episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump has a great crop of competitors, and I personally am rooting for Bret Michaels of Poison to win it all since I have always liked him and his music.

Yet Desperate Housewives and Celebrity Apprentice are weekend pleasures. Today is Monday, and the first day that decent human beings everywhere must fight back against the Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer reign of (t)error.

It is one thing to lose to Barack Obama. The guy has the entire media behind him. I can live with losing to Steny Hoyer. He is not a nutcase.

Losing to the Pelosiraptor and the Boxer makes me ill.

For those wanting to know how disgusting this health care bill is, the fiery speech by John Boehner should be memorized and repeated every day until the 2010 elections.

I would sooner have Anna Nicole or Britney or Lady Blah Blah or Snookie represent my country than these two bimbos.

Yeah, I said it. They are bimbos. Any woman having a problem with my language can either stand up for Sarah Palin or shut their lying hypocritical mouths. Men objecting to my language can grow a pair.

How else can one describe flighty airheads?

The Pelosiraptor lives in a district with people who would be considered clinically insane in most rational parts of the world.

Barbara Boxer has been in the senate for 18 years and not done an ounce of consequential real work.

Can anybody name one significant piece of legislation that these two dingbats have sponsored before this weekend that mattered?

18 years and 0 achievements…that is the Boxer legacy.

What do these women do all day?

Now they fly in on their brooms and decide to wreck this nation I love with their piousness.

The Pelosiraptor had this to say:

“After passing this bill, being a woman will no longer be a preexisting condition.”

Somebody b*tchslap this imbecile.

Yes, I am ready to spit blood over this legislation. The only solution is to fire these ladies immediately.

These hags will defend their right to an abortion under Roe vs Wade. Yet these same harpies married to their right to privacy have no problem invading my right to privacy.

They passed a bill that mandates that I purchase health insurance. If I choose not to do so, I face fines. If I am unwilling or unable financially to pay the fines, I could go to jail.

This cannot happen in a democracy. Making health care compulsory cannot happen.

If one of these women gets pregnant and decides to have an abortion, I have to pay for it.

It is bad enough my tax dollars have to pay for other people that choose to abuse alcohol and drugs.

I live a responsible life. Why should I be subsidizing irresponsible people?

(Some will try to claim that refusing to buy health insurance is irresponsible. Nonsense. It is a smart business decision for young people based on number crunching. Also, people cannot help getting sick. Avoiding alcohol, drugs, and pregnancy is easy, and consequences are 100% preventable.)

As for the Republicans, they need to immediately be as combative as possible. Yes, health care reform will most likely pass. Yet dragging this process out even a few days will be days that the Pelosiraptor cannot focus on Cap and Trade or other horrific legislation.

For those on the right who are thinking of voting for third parties, I hope fellow conservatives like me slap some sense into you, or ring your necks if that will work.

Anybody on the right thinking that moderate Republicans are the same as liberals is out of their ever loving nose cutting, face spiting minds. Abandoning the Republican nominees in 1992 and 2008 gave us disasters in the White House.

Congressional liberals are already scurrying like little rats, trying to collectively congratulate themselves while individually running for cover. Only people as gutless as liberals could try and pass a bill without even publicly admitting they voted for it.

They need to be smoked out. Let them take pride in their votes. Every campaign commercial in 2010 should feature the Pelosiraptor’s smug mug.

They took over a year to pass a horrendous bill.

We have just over seven months to make sure that they never do this again.

Make liberals bleed in November.

Two women declared war on the citizens of their own country.

They want war…they got it.



5 Responses to “Make liberals bleed in November”

  1. For all the bluster from the Right, I’ve heard very few substantial arguments against this healthcare bill. I’ve heard hypocritical complaints about “process,” I’ve heard ignorance and outright lies about what’s in the bill, and I’ve heard all the phony advice from Republicans that the bill is political suicide. As for the bill itself, almost no substantial critique.

    Thankfully, they finally got it pretty much over with, and it’s only March. November is a ways away and most of the electorates’ minds will be elsewhere when the mid-terms arrive. For those elements of the electorate who are still fussing over this come November, many will be enjoying the new law. The donut hole closed. Pre-existing conditions covered. Small business tax credits for health coverage. Coverage for kids up to 26 through their parents. Lifetime caps removed. These things happen now. So, for every lunatic who rails against this bill, there will be many who come to love the benefits.

    So, bring it on. Once again, conservatism will lose to progress.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah Jersey, you say you’ve heard ignorance and outrigt lies about this bill.
    But you’re full of it, and you now it.
    You go right ahead, play your blustry full of it crap.
    Theres parts that suck.
    If you were half a decent human, never mind “American” you would admit its full of crap.
    I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” -Thomas Jefferson
    And I just want everyone to know that as much as that “TeamRamrod ” wants this done for “the American people” WOW! are there only 31 million of us now. Because three months ago (I know that is ancient history in this debate) he said this bill was needed to cover the 31 million uninsured. So as long as I don’t go on Medicare, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t use a tanning bed, don’t live in “a food desert”, join a Union, don’t drink a soda or eat a salty snack.
    Dont get your hopes too high buddy.
    You’re socialst call it watever you want has some resistance to deal with including the 30 + states that are ready to drag you a$$es thru the coals.
    It aint over til the fat lady sings, and right nows shes a little underweight.
    But of course you and you’re dictative buddies will do their best to keep her away from that ohhhh so delicious soda and pork fat.
    But that fat lady is the American public thats not going to allow you to dictate our lifestyles at the hands of your bs will be right back in your face all too soon

  3. Micky 2 says:

    Conservatism has little to with “progress’
    What you call ‘progress” ia a serious depature from America as weve long known it.
    Conservatism doesnt imply that we are stuck to one standard
    It determines that we hold to a standard set by a Constitution written by fore fathers. It allowed us to move foreward with civil the acts rights that happened in the 60s.
    It didnt/shouldnt allow us to set up a system that allows us to generationally rape our future generations to come just so we can keep your liberal lazy a$$es afloat today

  4. Again, we see no substantial argument with any aspect of the bill. Thanks for pointing that out again, Micky.

    Yes. I know. “Conservatism has little to with “progress.” You’re absolutely right.

    Had we listened to conservatives over the years, there’d still be slavery, women couldn’t vote, children would be working in sweat shops, the rails and highways would never have been laid, and on and on.

    Great ideology ya’ got there, guys!

    Now, the Dems have come up with an interesting way of sticking it to you guys again come November – immigration reform. Last time around, the GOP paid dearly for the over-the-top, rather blatantly racist, anti-immigration rhetoric that was a side-effect of the GOP’s position. Latin voters turned away from the GOP en masse, once voting 40%+ for GOP candidates, the percentages fell through the floor. The Dems are now cleverly bring the issue to the fore again. Let’s see how the GOP tries to handle it this time. Something tells me they won’t be able rein in the teabaggers et al, and the rhetoric is going to get nasty again. This should be very interesting.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    But Jersey…
    You’re confusing progessivness with democracy.(thats a rough guess, an estimation)
    We were construticed on a democratic republic.
    Theres a new ideoligy thats entered our system that casts aside the principles our constitution was built upon.
    Its being built upon what is unsutainable.
    C’mon man, look back at the systems that tried to operate forward on these kinds of operations.
    Russia, Greece, Italy… how are they looking righ now ?
    Its all very nice, as much as every leader has wanted to promise us the world, I appreciatte it, but the money is just not there.
    It wont get there until the market is allowed to flow as it should. Whithout that we have no jobs. No revenue for the government to opertate all this sht they promise

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