Liberal Jewish Gutlessness–AIPAC 2010

At Noon I will be speaking to the Fox Hills GOP ladies in Culver City. At 7:15pm I will be a radio guest of Frank and Shane of Political Vindication.

That concludes the happy news for the day. The rest is garbage, with AIPAC at the top of the trash heap.

While liberal Jews fiddle, the world burns.

As badly as I need to lambaste liberals for everything from the healthcare bill to their sniveling wretched existence, that will have to wait another day.

As badly as I want to spend the day dreaming about the hottest woman on Earth, Shannen Doherty, that will have to wait as well. I did not watch Dancing with the Stars, but she is a hot Republican brunette so I hope she wins and then converts to Judaism.

Yet at this rate, Judaism will not exist in 100 years.

A bunch of sniveling, groveling, liberal Jews (and a few sensible out of place conservative ones) convened for the annual AIPAC Convention. The AIPAC Convention is where a bunch of leftists talk tough but act weakly and liberal Jews repeatedly act as if anybody on this Earth truly does care about them, while thanking anti-Semites for not killing us yet.

If ever a woman deserved a hostile reception at AIPAC, it was Hillary Clinton.

Then again, this is AIPAC. Yassir Arafat would get a polite reception.

You remember Arafat. Hillary kissed his wife Suha after Suha accused Israel of poisoning Palesimian drinking water.

You remember Hillary. She is the woman that early on called for a Palesimian state without demanding anything of the adorable fuzzy little genocidal monsters.

Hillary then discovered (the Jewish) religion when campaigning in New York. Rudy Giuliani was not her opponent, allowing her to win by default against likable lightweight.

Upon becoming secretary of state, she headed a department that does absolutely nothing except criticize Israel. So inbetween months of doing nothing, she attacked Israel.

Hillary despises conservatives. Barack Obama wants to overthrow the Netanyahu government, and Hillary is all too eager to help.

There has never at any time by any Israeli government been a promise to stop building settlements in Jerusalem. Settlements are an issue in Gaza (where Jews left) and the West Bank. Jerusalem has always been exempt from settlement discussions.

So when Hillary and her boss say otherwise, they are, to quote William Safire, “congenital liars.”

Did liberal Jews stand up and demand Hillary for once in her life show an ounce of honesty?

Of course not.

Hillary openly attacked Israel in her speech, and liberal Jews thanked her and asked for another.

How many rectal thermometers do liberal Jews need to take before realizing that the temperature is sky high against them?

How dare this wretched woman lecture anybody about ethics and morality. She escaped jail. That does not make her a good human being. It makes her lucky.

She is not a friend of Israel. She never has been. Liberal Jews know this. They just don’t care. You see, in liberal Jewish land, the enemies are not the ones attacking Israel. The enemies are Republicans and conservatives.

Listening to Hillary talk about sanctions against Iran is pathetic. Listening to liberal Jews believe her is even more pathetic.

Let me explain how the process works.

People scared to death of using military force mention sanctions to appear tough. What they don’t say is that Russia and China will veto sanctions. Even if somehow they pass, they will be watered down to be ineffective, which is the intention. There will be no enforcement mechanisms. In the same way Saddam Hussein had Iraq get around sanctions, the mullahs in Iran will get around them with relative ease.

Liberal Jews cannot and will not accept reality. Much of the world is either indifferent to their plight, or hates their guts. There is no desire to help Israel. The United Nations exists to attack Israel and the USA. Other than passing resolutions against Israel, what does this organization do? Nothing.

Hillary Clinton and her entire state department bureaucracy are Arab-occupied territory. AIPAC can continue kidding itself by believing its own Kumbaya-loving nonsense about sanctions.

There will be no sanctions. The mullahs have carte blanche to do whatever they want.

I will say this again…there will be no sanctions.

Israel is facing an existential threat that is making 1948 and 1967 look like child’s play.

Rather than actually stand up, AIPAC allows Hillary Clinton to treat the crowd like dopes.

Maybe she was right. After all, only dopes could believe Hillary is pro-Israel.

Sir Charles of Krauthammer was at his Krautiest best in calling her words “phony.”

Maybe they are not dopes. Maybe they just don’t care. I have often said that liberal Jews are liberals first, and Jews second. They care about trees, bunny rabbits, and zygotes. Talking about Palesimians murdering Jews is a distraction from eating bagels and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, which apparently is all it takes to be a liberal Jew to begin with.

Until liberal Jews start putting their Judaism above their liberalism, they will continue to attack Benjamin Netanyahu as an obstacle to peace while allowing Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to bully Israel.

Israelis know the truth. Liberal Jews claiming to care an ounce about Israel may wish to listen to the people actually living there, and not some viper paying lip service to defective, delusional Jews inbetween bouts of using those lips to kiss those wishing Israel dead.


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  1. Dav Lev says:

    To repeat: The West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem (including
    the Old City), were taken by Israel in the 67 War.

    Egypt ignored the war that ended in 56 when Israel returned the Sinai
    and closed a vital waterway allowing Israel access to the sea.
    That was an act of war. It also demanded UN troops vacate
    certain key posts, which they did.

    After efforts by the US which failed, Israel sent up 300 plus warplanes
    gambling it would take the Egyptian and Syrias by surprise. It did.
    The war ended in 6 days..with Arab forces from several nations routed
    but not destroyed by any means. (Russia replentished Egypts airforce
    for the next round (1973).

    Israel annexed East Jerusalem..and the Golan Heights.

    Both have been contentious issues since..with the world
    not recognizing military gains. (It took the US 50 years to
    vacate Okinawa).

    The problem here is not an apartment complex in Northern Jerusalem (not Eastern), but “Still not enough” No matter what Israel does or doesn’t do, the Arabs will always want more..until they get Tel Aviv, one way or another.

    This is what AIPAC, and other groups cannot fathom. It is not about
    1600 or 160,000 apartments, it’s about all of Israel.

    AIPAC is the most powerful pro-Israel lobby in the USA.
    It is not the ZOA, a far more RIGHT group, which says it
    like it is.

    But even liberal AIPAC has competition, from the even more pro-Palestinian/Arab group, J Street., which blames Israel for everything including warts…and wants the US to refrain from sanctions on Iran.

    Instead of concentrating on the settlements, AIPAC should only
    have talked about openly, Iran, and it’s goal of nuking Israel, as well
    as giving the green light to it’s 40,000 (admitted) suicide bombers

    I don’t know if I would have booed Hillary had I attended. That’s not polite
    and could be counterproductive.

    But, Hillary in fact, made a fool of Israel’s leadership..when she
    scolded Bibi over the phone. Like the IRS, I guess he just could not
    hang up on her.

    I am sure the NYJews which put her into power, after the debacle
    with her husband, are scratching their heads thinking, “What did I do?
    What now?”

    Knowing my people, it will all be forgotten soon, and she will be

    What gets me also is how anyone can take her seriously?
    She was for the war in Iraq, then agin it? What gives?

    She will say and do anything to get votes..frankly, a real
    scumbag. But she is dangerous to Israel, to the USA, to
    the West and to anyone who is against Islamic Sharia law
    becoming the law of the land (ours).

    Then again, what can we expect from people like Pelosi, Schumer,
    Boxer, Reid, and the liberal doctors who fell in line with Obamacare.

    Maybe the Democrats need more accountants to tell them that
    our Medicare is 30 trillion dollars underfunded. We need another
    entitlement like we need Al Qaeda opening up a book store
    in Santa Monica, or erecting a monument to their members
    killed by our forces after 911..(see Palestinian monument to
    a terrorist who killed dozens of Jews including children).

    Where will all this end? I dont know? Dont’ be surprised
    if Hamas/Hez explodes a tactical nuke one of these days
    in the USA and blames it on the “Zionists”

  2. Rick Lazio was a “likable lightweight”? Lightweight, yes. But likable? The sleazy little punk physically bullied Hillary on national television! If that little Napolean did that to my wife, I’d have kicked his little shriveled gonads up through his skull! Heck, I’m surprised Hillary didn’t do it herself! Lazio lost the election that night.

    What’s upsetting a lot of people with Israel these days is that the Netanyahu government seems to be going out of their way to make things worse. They’re being stupid. That’s all Clinton and others are saying. I’m sorry that any critique of Israel whatsosver so offends some overly sensitive types of people, but that’s what a true friend does. When a true friend sees a firend doing something stupid, he tells him. When a phony friend sees a friend doing something stuipid, he says nothing, or worse, encourages the stupidity. The Obama government is a true friend of Israel. The American Right are phony friends.


  3. LOL! Dan’s always making things up…

    “To repeat: The West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem (including
    the Old City), were taken by Israel in the 67 War.”

    No, Dan, they were OCCUPIED. Israel has NEVER claimed to “take” them.

    Get your facts straight for just once in your life.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    So Jersey
    According to the resolutions after decisions made by the UN the Israelis dont belong there ?
    Me thinks you make up sht as much as you claim Dan does

  5. Dav Lev says:

    This is the bottom line, nothing that AIPAC or any other so-called pro-Israeli lobby does, really makes a difference in US politics and action.

    Lest we forget, the US (and others) placed an embargo on weapons
    flowing into the new state of Israel in 48. The US never did bomb the concentration camps..but in the last year of the war, did open up to
    refugees ( by that time 6m had been slaughtered and 5m gentiles).

    Instead of wholesale prosecution of NAZIs, after the war, we allowed
    their scientists in our country (to combat the perceived Russian threat to US). In fact, Braun worked in our San Fernando Valley as a hero.
    He managed the construction of the V1 rocket at a massive concentration camp which used slave laborers (most died).

    Very few NAZIs were executed and most who were imprisoned
    were released prematurely.

    In 1948, the Israeli-Arab war could have gone the other way.
    Thanks to the Jewish brigade, Israel prevailed.

    After the 1956 War with Egypt, Eisenhower promised never to allow
    the Canal to be off limits to Israel nor a blockade of Israel’s ports.
    That ended when the US did not stop the UN from leaving in 1967
    or Egypt from blocking the Straits. Only Israel’s pre-emptive
    strike stopped the end to the Jewish experiment.

    In 1973, Syria/Egypt, attacked Israel by surprise, violating the 67 cease fire. During the conflict, US supplies finally reached the Sinai desert, but
    too late to make any difference. There was debate about whether to aid the country, whose enemies were being resupplied with Communist arms.

    The US has forced Israel into the Road Map, Annapolis Agreement
    and kowtowing to it’s enemies.

    True, the US did allow low interest loans to Israel (10b) and does
    supply Israel with arms to maintain it’s “technological edge”.
    But recall that Israel withdrew from the Sinai 3 times, giving up the oil
    and military bases in exchange.

    The US gives Egypt over 2b year for virtually nothing. It forgave
    billions in aid to Egypt, bribing that country to join the coalition
    against Iraq (which was in their interests to put it mildly).
    Recall that Iraq sent Scuds into Arabia and Israel.

    Now, the Obama administration is favoring the Palestinians, with billions
    in aid, PR, support at the UN and other venues. It is pressuing it’s only
    ally in the area to compromise and swap land for peace. It wants
    Israel to dis-arm itself from it’s alleged nukes and sign the NPT, while Iran moves fwd with it’s goal of a nuclear arsenal and eventually making Palestine Judenrein (without Jews).

    What will be the final result..your guess is as good as mine?

    But a former general revealed that 30m and 15m dead Iranians
    and Syrians and 1m Jews, if an all our war.

    Iran has already threatened to nuke US cities and use it’s 40,000
    suicide bombers should it be attacked.

    While back at Gaza, more flotillas are planned to break Israel’s legal

    Stay tuned folks, you aint seen anything yet.

    But somehow, I think the Jewish God will intervene, and woe to Israel’s

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