Slurs, lies, demonization, and Obamacare

Many conservatives oppose Obamacare, and want the Democrats who voted for it to go down in flames in 2010. This is about policy and politics. Nothing about wanting to take back Congress and the White House and enact better policies should in any way be seen as a threat to the America way of life.

The left fails to grasp this. Their strategy of personalize, polarize, and dehumanize continues undaunted.

During protests outside Capitol Hill, several members of congress were allegedly victims of racist and anti-gay slurs. While videotapes did show crowds yelling, none of the congressmen have offered evidence that slurs occurred.

(Had people been shouting that Bush was Hitler or Palin should be aborted, the left would be celebrating and most likely getting appearances to discuss such brilliant insights on Jon Stewart.)

I want to make it crystal clear that any evidence presented to me will be looked at. If anybody made slurs toward anyone, I condemn these slurs in the strongest possible terms. If any conservative sees somebody else claiming to be conservative making slurs, make them knock it off.

I don’t know if these slurs happened. I do know that seeing the evidence would make it easier. We live in a  world where many politicos have been brought down since every person on the planet has a camera phone, tape recorder, or other device. Just ask George Allen.

I also know that Barney Frank is the king of crying wolf. Anybody that criticizes his corruption on the financial services committee gets attacked as anti-gay. Several members of the Congressional Black Caucus have race baited, from Maxine Waters to Ron Dellums to many more.

Could the slurs have been made? Yes. Would the congressmen lie? Yes.

I just want the truth.

Even if the slurs did happen, and I am not saying they did, the left can barely contain their glee.

You see, they advance their agenda through bullying and intimidation, and the easiest way to bully conservatives is to call them racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes. One person making a slur means every conservative fits their profile of hate.

Conservatives are all placed into one of two categories. They are either stupid or evil.

Listen to liberals discuss issues. They have no other methods of communication. Anybody disagreeing with them is either a Nazi, Fascist hatemonger or an absolute utter imbecile.

Three instances in the last 24 hours should prove that I am not cherry picking. I could provide thousands of examples. Again, three separate unprovoked attacks in 24 hours. This is in addition to being attacked, again unprovoked, by a batsh*t crazy liberal Jewish woman at a Dennys in Los Angeles and a liberal black cab driver in Oklahoma City. (I will have plenty to say about those two colossal incidents very soon.)

When I questioned on a Facebook thread whether the slurs actually happened, a woman named Joanne Pfeiffer, who I have never met or spoken to, went on the attack in typical liberal fashion.

“Eric, if you want to see video, watch the news…oh, other than Fox.”

This is what liberals consider wit. It is a way of demonizing a complete stranger. First, I am too stupid to think for myself, and Fox News tells me what to think. Secondly, if I saw something on Fox News it can’t possibly be valid because she disagrees with Fox News. This is liberalism.

I let her know that I found her remarks smug, condescending, and insulting, and that further conversation was useless.

Every liberal argument fits into the following attacks in one shape or another:

“George W. Bush is evil.”

“Sarah Palin is dumb.”

“Rush Limbaugh is fat.”

If that fails, they just call conservative dissenters “teabaggers,” as if that is remotely humane or clever.

This is what liberals consider discussion. Watch them in their natural habitat of hate. See if they avoid these lines of discussion. They can’t do it. More importantly, they don’t want to do it.

While Ms. Pfeiffer was unpleasant enough, a hostile caller to a radio show was even worse. I say this because I was the guest.

If anybody has a doubt about my version of events, the podcast will be available soon. The caller accused me of “being hateful, dividing people, hating people.” I asked him to provide a specific example. He kept accusing me of cutting him off. I was not going to give him a platform to make generalizations. He was either going to give specific examples or get lost.

He then stated that “you people” (an interesting phrase said by a black man considering when it was said to blacks in 1992, Ross Perot got in big trouble) want Obamacare to fail because Obama is black.

At that point I had to have this guy hung up on. I will not ever dignify a personal attack on me that is as baseless as it is odious.

Let me explain it again for liberals everywhere. I don’t care if Barack Obama is lightskinned or darkskinned. My problem is that he and his supporters are thinskinned.

I disagree with the bill. For anybody to question that an opponent of Obama policies is motivated by racism without proof to back it up is trafficking in pure slime.

A third incident involved a woman on the phone. A typical Jewish liberal woman, she was no fan of Republicans. When I told her there were plenty of reasons to support Republican policies, her response was “Sarah Palin. Need I say more?”

No, you don’t need to say anymore. You need to have a sock rammed down your throat to keep you from speaking since your words have zero merit and consequence.

I wish we could put electric bracelets or collars around liberals. Every time they uttered such nonsense they would get a jolt. It is like trying to train dogs. It takes time, but eventually they learn new behavior.

I have had it. If somebody wants to discuss policy, fine. Don’t attack me personally. I hit back, and very hard.

Some liberals don’t even mean to be the way they are. They truly just don’t know how to have civilized discussions.

When they say, “you just don’t understand,” or tell me I am “misguided,” “uninformed,” “ignorant,” or any other condescending words, what they really mean is I disagree with them.

Then they tell me I am “uncaring,” “unsympathetic,” or “indifferent.” What they really mean is I favor different solutions because their solutions are disastrous.

When that does not work, they proffer the inevitable attack on George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, or Glenn Beck.

(Liberals need a conservative to despise like conservatives need oxygen to breathe. George W. Bush is gone and Rush Limbaugh is not running for office. Attacks on Limbaugh and Fox News have backfired, so Sarah Palin is the new conservative punching bag. Liberals need her. It is pathological. If she disappears they will go insane until finding a new conservative enemy. I predict Eric Cantor will get the nod because he is Jewish. Minority conservatives make for great villains.)

When I asked a liberal why inner cities like Detroit were being run so badly, they did not place an ounce of blame on liberal mayors. It was all Ronald Reagan’s fault.

I cannot contain my disgust any more.

One solution for conservatives is to disengage. The problem is that silence becomes acquiescence. Liberals will see it as a sign of weakness and act even worse.

Another solution is to hit back with a fury liberals have never seen. I don’t have a big enough platform yet. Besides, too many conservatives are scared of this approach. Like stomping on roaches, it is impossible to get them all.

The bottom line is that political discussion cannot take place place when one side is attacking the other side’s humanity. (Liberals will claim that I just called them roaches. No, I didn’t, even though liberals and roaches spread poison.)

Liberals need to learn to accept the following:

Many conservatives who love their country disagree with Barack Obama’s policies. This is based on ideology and philosophy. It is not based on racism or any hatred of any kind. This dissent is noble and reasonable. These conservatives are not stupid or evil. They just have different views that are equally valid.

Until liberals get to this point, cut them off the moment they open their hate filled lips.

I will not be slurred. I will not be lied about. I will not be demonized.

If you go down this road, I will make you bleed.

The gloves are off.

Hineni. Here I am. Republican, Jewish, noble of heart, and proud of it always.


11 Responses to “Slurs, lies, demonization, and Obamacare”

  1. After reading all this, I still have no idea what exactly is in this bill that you don’t like. And THAT has been the problem with the Right all through this debate. You say that liberals are libeling and employing ad hominem attacks, okay, lots of people do that, regardless of ideology. Not all liberals do that, and not all conservatives do that either.

    But if you want to talk about slurs, lies and demonization, let’s take a look at some of the sleaze coming from the right:

    “To our seniors, I have a message for you: you’re going to die sooner…” Sen. Tom Coburn (insane scare tactic)

    “If ObamaCare passes, that free insurance card that’s in people’s pockets is gonna be as worthless as a Confederate dollar after the war between the states — the Great War of Yankee Aggression.” Rep. Paul Broun (racist anti-Unionist rant)

    “With the president’s signature on the health care bill Tuesday, roughly 50 percent of the U.S. economy has fallen under the purview of the federal government.” Rep. Michele Bachman (insipid lie)

    “It’s a babykiller!” Rep. Randy Neugebauer (Screaming from the Republican peanut gallery in the House)

    “You Lie!” Rep. Joe Wilson (Obama wasn’t lying, but ol’ Joe was!)

    “” Sen. John Boehner (a steaming pile of indignant lies)

    A Google search on “Barney, you faggot” (Righties hurl bigotted epithets quite a bit!)

    Get real. Conservatives can be slobs just like everyone else. Heck, I’d say a little slobbier.


  2. I think it’s time for a retraction… “Slurs, lies, demonization, and Obamacare”? I think we see where the slurs, lies and demonization is coming from now, and I think we can see where it’s leading. It’s time for the pundits and pols on the RIGHT to rein in the rhetoric – or something really terrible is going to happen. And then the Right will be RIGHTFULLY slurred and demonized.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    the right is going to be elected back into power, regardless of your drivvle

  4. Micky 2 says:

    cuz you guys have really pi$$ed of the country

  5. Micky, you and teabaggers and neo-cons and liberal-progressives and all the other little groups are not “the country,” just parts of it. A poll taken the day after the president signed the healthcare bill showed that 49% of the country were happy he signed it. And now, with all this Rightwing violent fanaticism, you guys are just getting more and more marginalized. And now the Dems are bringing immigration back to the fore – and you can be sure the fanatical Right are going to be frothing at the mouth again, and the racism and the vitriol and the violence…

    No, Micky. I don’t see a big Republican takeover coming any time soon.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    The truth in the bill is going to start surfacing, and your 49% is going to take huge crap.
    No, no huge republican takeover as you suggest. But i’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts it wont be long before the party in power makes sausage outta this crap you call steak.

    can you or anyone tell me exactly how this bill insures Americans without being fined up the butt for not allowing X amount of bucks being taken from our earnings.
    And if not, the all mighty IRS will not perform collection ?

  7. Micky 2 says:

    Your “TEABAGGER SHT IS DEAD” got it ?

  8. Wow! I can’t believe you cussed here! That’s new!

    Once the bill kicks in, it will only get more popular. Once seniors see the Donut Hole closing, once small businesses see the tax credits, once insurance companies can no longer exclude children or adults with preexisting conditions, once young adults up to 26 can be covered by their folks, once the lifetime caps are removed, once people get covered preventative care and there no more recissions, and on and on, and this year, right away these things happen, the bill will only get more and more and more popular.

    Look, conservatives said all the same s#!t you guys are saying now about Medicare back in the 60’s, but the GOP wouldn’t dare try to get rid of it now. Heck, the Teabaggers would turn on them in an instant of they did. Medicare is more popular than ever. Back when it was passed, the poll numbers regarding Medicare were virtually twin to what we see today with healthcare reform. History is against you guys on this one.

    The tax penalty on people who choose not to get insurance isn’t that great. For most, it should have little effect. The incentive to get covered is high, and there won’t be that many people (morons) who still insist on remaining uncovered. Remember, now kids up to 26 can get covered by their parents, so that keeps a lot of people out of the penalty box anyway. Also, the Medicaid expansion and subsidized pools will cover most of the working class uninsured. Pretty much the only people who will be effected by the penalty are people who make pretty good money and can easily afford insurance anyway.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    The bill will never kick in.
    Its unconstitutionl to force people to buy things from the government, period

  10. Micky 2 says:

    Of course they’ll try to label as a tax, just watch.

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