Terrorism Hits Moscow

Terrorism has hit Moscow.



A pair of twin bombs have rocked Russia and killed 37 people. While the devastation has not rivaled New York, London, Mumbai, Bali, or Madrid in terms of the number of casualties, the attacks have reminded us of the evil of terrorism.

I have to admit I am very surprised by these attacks. I did not think this would happen in Russia for one reason.

I did not expect this in the nation Vladimir Putin (for all intents and purposes) runs.


It is one thing to attack the United States. The ACLU is there to ensure that our government does not accomplish anything (or overreact if one supports the ACLU).

Putin does not face the constraints of democracy. He has shown in the pass a willingness to crush rebel groups in his nation.

As much as this gets me in trouble with lovers of democracy world wide (myself included), I admire Vladimir Putin.

I would not want to live under his rule. I believe the American way of life and democracy is better than dictatorship. Yet the one time a leader must take bold action and make unpopular decisions is when the nation and people are under siege. Vladimir Putin gets things done.

When rebel groups took over a school and held hundreds of children hostage, Putin did not mess around. He knew that the children were dead once the school was taken over. He let the terrorists know that he was going to have his men go in and kill them all. The terrorists called his bluff. He was not bluffing.

After that, rebel groups in Russia looked in the mirror, thought about Putin, and asked, “Who needs this?” Golf and macrame were less exciting, but getting blown to kingdom come by an iron leader was not what they wanted.

Has anybody noticed that Somali Pirates have for the most part not targeted Russian ships?

Has anybody noticed that Russians are not being taken hostage?

It is one thing to attack America, England, India, Spain or Australia.

You don’t attack Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

These attacks tell me that either Russia is getting softer (doubtful), or the terrorists are getting bolder (very likely). Whoever these killers are, they are not afraid to die. If they are, they attacked the wrong country.

Putin is not going to rest until these killers are hunted down and executed. Collateral damage will not be a consideration. Torture most likely will occur.

This is the American dilemma. The struggle between liberty and safety is a neverending tightrope. Ben Franklin once said that “anybody who sacrifices liberty for even temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety.”

Yet human beings get angry. After 9/11 most people did not want to hear about human rights. We felt bloodlust, and wanted the bad guys killed.

We do not have the right to tell Russia how to govern. We may chafe at some of the tactics that will be used to find the murderers. Yet in the moments following an attack, what the people want is for their leaders to “get the d@mn job done.”

Right now the world is grieving for the Russian people.

As Americans, we are heartsick for them. As lovers of freedom, we hate terrorism.

The truth is we want the Russians to serve up steaks without knowing how the cows are being slaughtered.

All I know is that the sleeping Russian bear has awoken. The terrorists got their shot in.

I doubt it will be worth it for them. I suspect that all of Russia does not contain enough room for them to hide. Mr. Putin will scorch the Earth to get them.

The ACLU will not stop him.

Mr. Putin, your nation was attacked. Do what you have to do. Get the bad guys and kill them.

This is war.


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  1. Well, a lot of the terrorism that’s happened in Russia in recent years has been the direct result of Russia’s oppressive rule, and Russia does get attacked quite a bit. So, be careful what you praise.

    Meanwhile closer to home, the big story from last night is fast becoming a bigger story today. Federal law enforcement yesterday performed raids in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan on one of our very own homegrown terrorist organizations. The “Hutaree,” as they’re apparently known, are a fringe rightwing Christian group focusing their anger on Jews. the “New World Order,” the UN, and law enforcement. They were found to possess Iraqi insurgent styled EFPs, along with the usual assault weapons you conservatives are so keen on keeping legal and easily available.

  2. What’s the problem with this site lately? Can’t post hardly anything!


  3. Eagle 6 says:

    If a lot of the terrorism in Russia stems from its oppressive rule, and it has been happening quite a bit, do we make the connection that homegrown terrorism in the US stems from oppressive rule?

    I do not support these fringe groups, but when the reporter mentions Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan in the headlines, it makes the group look huge – Adrian is close to the borders of Ohio and Indiana –

    They are, indeed, screwballs, but their anger seems more directed at Pres Obama’s election, because he’s part black, and/or the perceived Muslim connection than Jews…of course, without the former, they would likely start targeting the Jews…then whomever else they saw fit…but this is certainly not a good example of why “assault weapons” should be unavailable to the general populace.

  4. Dav Lev says:

    Let’s face it, there are nut jobs in all 3 parties in the US, Democrats,
    Independents and Republicans. It’s one thing for someone to
    mouth off in a bar, while talking to the bartender or another customer,
    it’s another to threaten anyone, or get into a fist fight.

    In fact, I recall a TV program a few days ago, “Judge Judy” which
    had an individual being sued for damaging a parked car, after
    he was tased by the police for disorderly conduct.

    There were videos of the incident, outside a bar, showing that
    he refused to leave, was intoxicated (no excuse here) and
    frankly disobeyed the police, who arrived to quell the disturbance.

    He was tased..with 50,000 amps and enough volts to knock this
    big guy off his feet. He was cuffed and arrested. He was ordered
    to pay 1200 for the damage to the car, which his conduct provoked.

    I was shocked yesterday to see a video of Karl Rove, being
    threatened and assaulted in a theatre in Beverly Hills, by a group
    of leftists angry at his influence on former Pres. Bush.
    W/O security, he was helpless and vulnerable., but nothing
    further happened (a lesson to him about the abundance of nut
    cases out there).

    But all this is paled by the recent suicide bombings in a Russian
    train station..possible by Chechen militants ( no one has taken
    responsibility). V. Patin, no one to fool with (former KGB), is really
    angry at the loss of 38 innocent people, and dozens wounded.
    He is indicating a harsh crackdown once the culprits are found.

    In Israel, Rachel Corries parents have sued the Israeli government, alleging their daughter was the victim of a crime by the Israeli army
    (murder). She was a member of a group (ISM), which
    sends people into the territories to provoke Israel (in this case
    a bulldozer was demolishing a home used to ferry arms to
    the Gaza Strip Palestinians, and according to the driver, did not
    see her standing in front of the vehicle. She was killed.

    She has become a cause celebra for the I hate Israel crowd, and
    a play about the incident is being performed around the world.

    Few Israelis are taking time to worry over the trial or become
    interested. Some say, she and her parents are outright anti-Semites and really want another genocide.

    The same LA Times has an article which decrys comparing the recent
    threats and some violence by Republicans to Crystal Night in Germany
    circa 1938, which was the beginning of the Holocaust, resulting in
    6m German deaths, 350,000 German Jewish deaths and 50 to 70 mi
    other deaths worldwide, including 350,000 Americans.

    I agree totally with the op-ed.

    But there is something chilling about a right wing group which
    planned to kill US police and bomb the funeral…the attack on Rove,
    the leftists who agree with and support people like Corrie

    The real question we should be asking ourselves is, when will
    these people strike more violently, what will their target be?
    Will they attack a subway station, a stadium, what?

    But I’m sure our President will still be traveling around the world,
    talking to Iran’s Ahmad, sending his envoy to Syria, claiming
    a major US ally (Israel) is insulting us and illegally building in
    their capital, and boasting that Obamacare is now the law of the land, (while Karl Rove claims will bankrupt us).

    I agree.

    It’s time for a real change. Its time to vote the rascals out of
    office. Its time to stop beholden our home grown terrorists.
    Its time to try the 20th 911 terrorist, in a military court, and
    hang him high.

  5. Micky 2 says:

    “The “Hutaree,” as they’re apparently known, are a fringe rightwing Christian group focusing their anger on Jews. the “New World Order,” the UN, and law enforcement. They were found to possess Iraqi insurgent styled EFPs, along with the usual assault weapons you conservatives are so keen on keeping legal and easily available.”

    Yeah but the problem with your usual right bashing prognosis is that they were out to kill a cop and then blow up everyone at his funeral.
    Conservatives keeping assault weapons, keenly.

    You mean like thr right to bear arms ?

    “They were found to possess Iraqi insurgent styled EFPs,”

    Please please please tell of any previous militia in America that has been caught with these Iraqi styleed insurgent EFPs ?

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