Eric Cantor Under Siege–Violence on Passover

My prediction has come true. Eric Cantor is under attack. Threats have been made against his life and the lives of his family.

A man named Norman Leboon has been arrested and charged for making videos containing explicit threats to Congressman Cantor.

I made two predictions after the 2008 election.

The first prediction was that the left would not calm down after taking over the White House. They would only get angrier because they would not have anybody to blame if they failed to govern. They demanded quick action, and became hostile when the slow crawl of government failed to move at warp speed.

My second prediction was that Eric Cantor would be the new conservative bogeyman. Liberals hate conservatives for existing and breathing air. Minority conservatives get it worse. Michael Steele has been attacked, although with nothing compared to the barrage launched at Sarah Palin.

Yet Sarah Palin is not in government. She and George W. Bush (not Jewish, but hostage to a Neocon cabal of Jews, so the haters say) are now private citizens. John Boehner is the highest ranking house Republican, but he is not a minority. Eric Cantor is Jewish. He therefore has to be ripped to shreds.

While liberals are claiming that the right is hurling epithets at them, not a single shred of evidence has been proffered. Congressman Cantor, on the other hand, has offered us solid evidence. The FBI does not arrest people for sport. Eric Cantor had his life and his family threatened.

As Jews try to enjoy Passover, Seders take on a vital role in 2010. With terrorism worldwide on the rise and a shaky global economy, the Seder (Passover meal) is supposed to be a respite from the worries of the world.

It seems everybody in this country is allowed peace and quiet except minority conservatives. There is no mercy for Jewish Republicans.

After all, only people who truly despise Republicans could blame Eric Cantor for Norman Leboon. Members of the media have taken the tack that Mr. Cantor brought this upon himself (Wait until tomorrow…unlike liberals, I back up my charges wirh documented evidence). This is similar to the Jeremiah Wright comment about chickens coming home to roost on 9/11.

Does the media have such a pathological hatred of conservatives that they can whitewash assassination attempts and blame the victim? Of course they can.

Norman Leboon was a left-wing Obama supporter. If he was a right-wing guy with a Bush-Cheney bumper sticker, this would be the lead news story. After all, only a liberal could think that arresting militia members who were taking about doing bad things is a bigger concern than arresting people that already did them.

Only liberals could be more concerned with senior citizens yelling “kill the bill” or Sarah Palin saying “reload” rather than Norman Leboon trying to murder Eric Cantor.

I understand that liberals cannot and will not ever see conservatives as human beings, but they might wish to look the Cantor children in the eyes and explain to them why their father does not deserve to live.

Where is the outrage? Alleged slurs that never happened (prove me wrong, show me evidence) are treated like the second coming of lynchings while a man that did want to murder Eric Cantor is a back page story.

A sitting Congressman had the nerve to vocally oppose Obamacare. An Obama supporter tried to kill him.

Anybody who thinks “both sides do it” is living in fantasyland. Conservatives don’t key cars. We don’t run over liberals in our car the way a Gore supporter tried to do to Katherine Harris. We don’t throw shoes at politicians.

When a liberal is the aggressor, there is silence. When a conservative is the victim, the bad behavior is justified and whitewashed.

There is no justification for the reaction to the murder plot against Eric Cantor. From stoned silence to pathetic rationalizations, the left stays consistent.

Nobody seems to be blaming Ed Schultz or other left-wing hate radio for riling people up into a frenzy. After all, if Glenn Beck is responsible for the mythical threats against Jim Clyburn and Barney Frank, surely every leftist in the country should take some heat for Norman Leboon.

(Of course all liberals are not to blame for this. Now they can shut up about blaming the right for anything and everything.)

The left will insist this was an isolated nutcase doing a bad thing.

Then they will go about blaming everybody from Limbaugh to Cantor himself for the murder attempt.

They already have.

Somebody needs to grab these liberals by their prattling throats, shove them up against the wall, and explain it to them in simple terms.

(Do not do this literally. I do not want to be accused of incitement. I am not a liberal, so I do not have an entire media to excuse misdeeds and antisocial behavior.)

Eric Cantor is a human being. Nothing he did justifies what he has faced from Norman Leboon to other credible and…unlike Clyburn and Frank…verified…threats.

His children do not deserve to be obliterated. They deserve to live and sleep in peace.

As for liberals who say “can’t we just talk about something else, like how every Republican like Cantor who is against Obamacare is a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe?” the answer is a resounding no.

If Muslim Keith Ellison was attacked on Ramadan, the ACLU would be rushing to defend him.

Eric Cantor was attacked on the eve of his Jewish holiday.

If liberals had any decency, they would rise up, condemn the attempted murderer, and offer support for Eric Cantor.

I offered support for Anthony Weiner last week. Will any liberals stand up for Eric Cantor?

Of course not. If they did, they would not be liberals.

To all the liberal Jews celebrating Passover, I am so proud that you could spend hours reading about escaping from bondage while refusing to stand up for one of your own.

Until Eric Cantor gets to celebrate Passover in peace, not one liberal in this country should bother engaging in any religious rituals of any kind.

Stand with Eric Cantor, or sit down and be quiet.

Actually, liberals should just do both. Unlike Eric Cantor, they have nothing to say on this issue.

They live in glass houses, while throwing stones and firing bullets.

The bullet did not harm Eric Cantor this time.

It did put Republicans on notice, especially Jewish ones.

The violence on Passover is a harbinger of thing to come. Republicans are under siege.

Until we are dead, the left will not stop.

May God bless and protect Eric Cantor and his family always, and smite down his enemies with the same power and ferocity that took down Pharoah and the Egyptian enslavers of Moses and his fellow Jews.


9 Responses to “Eric Cantor Under Siege–Violence on Passover”

  1. “Liberals hate conservatives for existing and breathing air. Minority conservatives get it worse.”

    See, this is just stupid.

    Liberals disagree with conservatives for the positions they hold. Get it right. Stop demonizing liberals. It makes you no better than the people you criticize for demonizing conservatives.

    “While liberals are claiming that the right is hurling epithets at them, not a single shred of evidence has been proffered.”

    Really, I was sincerely hoping that this angle was beneath you. If people say they’ve been offended, I’ll take them at their word. This “blame the victim” sleaze (that sleaze-monger Andrew Brietbart is the leader of that rabid pack) has to go. There’s not always going to be video or audio of everything in life. It’s a sleazy argument.

    There’s been plenty of evidence of Democrats receiving threats. Just the other day Anthony Weiner got a letter filled with a (harmless, though that was unbeknownst to him) powder. Perhaps your sources are just too limited to inform you.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    Oh give me a break, Jews defending other Jews, just sci-fi.
    Jews don’t defend, they are into Tikkun Olam, ( repair the world).

    They will fight for the rights of people in Darfur, or some other
    God knows where location, but defend their own? Come on!

    Few Jews own guns, and even fewer are members of the NRA.
    They say, we don’t believe in violence, we don’t want guns in our homes.
    We don’t teach our children to act like “goyim”.
    We are civilized, and expect everyone else to be the same.

    Sure, and I’ll sell you the Manhattan Bridge, or is it the Brooklyn Bridge?

    In New York City, it is against the law to even own or possess a gun
    unless licensed. You cannot go to your nearest sports store or Big 5
    and buy a shotgun, forgetting about a handgun.

    The “liberals” in NYCity, ( I have spoken to several ), say, “Thou shall
    not kill”. Duh!

    Hey guys, had 9 million Jews in Europe and Russia owned guns
    prior to WW2, and were not afraid to use them (even if it meant
    losing their lives), maybe, just maybe, millions would have survived,
    including 1.5m little children.

    Where were the Polish/Russian/French Jews after Crystal Night,
    when 7000 German store windows were shattered, thousands of homes
    destroyed, over 200 synagogues burned down, and over 30,000 German
    Jews put in Dachau and Buchenwald..many tortured ( you could hear the
    screams according to prison guards and police).

    It is not known widely, but the Reich ordered all Jews to turn in their
    guns, or be shot immediately. They did..but were shot later.

    In the Warsaw Ghetto (500,000 at it’s peak, a few thousand
    hapless souls revolted, rather than be sent to Treblinka to be gassed.
    Among them, they had less than 100 guns..mainly small arms.
    500,000 people, less than 100 guns, think of it.

    Eric Cantor is a true patriot, who happens to be Jewish.
    I say good for him. He is a minority in a minority, in a minority.

    I can assure everyone that if Jews in US cities faced what the residents of ‘
    Sderot have faced for several years ( over 12,000 rockets fired into
    their communities), US Jews would still find some excuse for not owning a gun..but teach their children about Moses and the parting of the Red Sea,
    you can bet on it.

    Guess what, guys, miracles don’t happen, they have to be made
    and nursed and then manufactured.

    The Jews in Europe learned the hard way, and are now subjects of
    Spielberg films, or LA Times op-eds.

    Funny, but I did not see too many “Jewish” faces at the rally for
    Karl Rove the other night in Beverly Hills. Guess they were
    out promoting Avitar.

    Speaking of Karl Rove, now there is a real patriot.

    I have hope for this country despite the election in 2008,
    when I see people like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Scott Brown
    and Karl Rove, telling the truth to the American people.

    As Rove says, this Obamacare will bankrupt US. Get it,
    bankrupty us.

    He should have added that now that we have reduced our
    nuke arsenal to 1500, who has the upper guessed it,
    the far larger Russian empire and their Arab-Muslim allies.

  3. Micky 2 says:

    “Liberals disagree with conservatives for the positions they hold. Get it right. Stop demonizing liberals. It makes you no better than the people you criticize for demonizing conservatives.”

    you’re quite the hypocrite, you bash every con for every damn thing they ever do.
    Too much.

  4. Micky 2 says:

    “The left will insist this was an isolated nutcase doing a bad thing.”

    While this nutjob did make a considerable donation to Obamas campaign I’ve been hearing that he pretty much hates all government.
    Too bad, because that donation he made to Obamas campaign has only created and even larger government for him to hate
    And, yup the media no doubt is gonna elude to this being radical rightism

  5. I can’t believe the way Dan Lev drags the Holocaust into everything. And then he makes that stupid comment about how if Jews had only owned guns the Holocaust may have been averted! Oh, Dan, Great Thinker! Share more of your Wisdom! What a bad joke.

    Micky, yes, I bash what conservatives do. Exactly right.

    I haven’t heard “the media” refer to this guy who threatened Cantor as anything other than a nutcase – not a rightwing or a leftwing one. He’s something unique.

    By the way…

    I watched some of Sarkozy in NYC today. Great stuff!

    “Welcome to the club of states who don’t turn their back on the sick and the poor.”

    “But if you want me to be really honest, when we see the U.S. debate on the healthcare reform from Europe, it’s difficult to believe.”

    “The idea that we have such a violent debate so that the poor are not left on the streets without a cent when they are sick … Excuse me, but we’ve solved this problem more than 50 years ago.”


    So, how do you guys like Sarkozy now? (snicker, smirk…)


  6. Micky 2 says:

    Well, I was never crazy bout him before and today in his little get together with Obama he said that Obama was a man of his word and keeps his promises.

    NOW ! You wanna talk about ROTFLYAO ?

  7. I think it just goes to show how way over the top you American righties have become. I mean, Sarkozy is a rightwing nationalist by European standards. So what does that make you guys? Screwballs?


  8. Micky 2 says:

    How way over the top we have become ?

    You guys have been a freaking 3 ring circus since the 60s. We put together a Tea party movement aint nothing compared to the “over the top” crap you guys have been pulling for decades.
    And dont even get me started on Obamas over the top legislations and spending

  9. Micky 2 says:

    Sarkozys just a little kiss a$$, rightwing nationlist or not.
    I’m surprised he didnt bow to Obama

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