More racism from the right

At lunch I am speaking to the Lamorinda GOP ladies. Then in the late afternoon I am headlining a San Francisco Tea Party in Union Square. I am sure the attacks will be launched against me any minute now for breathing while conservative. April 15th is the day when the government steals obscene amounts of money from productive people and wastes it on mostly nonsense. Yet on this tax day, I look forward to the left taking protests about economics and pretending like the tea parties have anything to do with hatred of people based on race or creed.

Yes, it seems the left is getting desperate to paint all conservatives as racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobes.

After much searching, I found the bigotry the left was referring to in their anti-conservative rantings.

A bunch of women were holding up signs that said “Lynch.” These women were fired up, and ready to raise political hay.

The ladies at the National Federation of Republican Women (who have been very nice to me) must be racists. After all, why would these mostly white women hold up signs that say lynch on them?

Oh wait…Sue Lynch is the current President of the NFRW.

Ok fine, but why are random men and women in Florida holding up signs that say “Lynch Congress?”

This must be racist. There are minority members of congress, so obviously the signs are violent.

Oh wait…The signs do not say Lynch Congress. They Say Lynch for Congress. That would be Ed Lynch.

Ok, but back to the NFRW. Why did they invite JC Watts to speak at their recent winter conference in Oklahoma City?

Sure, it could be because he played football at Oklahoma, served in Congress in Oklahoma, and was born and raised in Oklahoma. No. The real reason is because his last name is Watts. This was a reference to the 1965 Watts riots. JC Watts is black. Inviting him was a backhanded way of insulting the rioters.

Think about it. When Policeman Crowley was verbally accosted by a left wing gasbag Harvard professor (redundant, I know), what was the name of that professor? Gates. Who was the former police chief that presided over the 1992 Los Angeles riots? That’s right. Gates.

Furthermore, what do people objecting to illegal immigration want to build? Fences. What are fences? Gates.

Shazaam! It all ties together.

Racism has its roots deep in this country, but for those that remember the 1980s, the television show “Night Court” with Harry Anderson and John Larroquette was the prime practitioner. Think about it. You had Mac. He was black. He was not the guy in charge. He served under Judge Harry, who was White (Other white characters served under Harry, but this is irrelevant).

In addition, there was a character played by Richard Moll. His name was Bull. This is obviously a reference to Bull Connor.

Finally, since every thing in life comes down to Selma, the show did have a character named Selma played by an actress named Selma. She was replaced by a character named Florence, played by Florence Halop. Some will say that Selma was written out of the show because she died, but obviously Bull had something to do with it. Florence also died, so maybe Bull killed them both out of racism (They were both white and replaced with a black actress, but those are facts, and don’t matter).

Some will say I am making fun of racism. No. I am making fun of those that claim racism based on the slightest hint of manufactured outrage.

I guess I have minority sympathy fatigue.

Does real racism exist? Yes.

Do most decent people everywhere condemn it? Yes.

Do people on the left use racism as a sledgehammer to intimidate the right? Absolutely yes.

As another April 15th has come and gone, and the government has stolen more of my hard earned money, it would be nice to get through a week without the left claiming that supporting tax cuts is racist and protesting against tax hikes is bigotry.

I know, there are signs in Hawaii that say “Duke for Governor.” I know there are people on the left that confuse Hawaii with Louisiana, and that the people must be supporters of David Duke. Or perhaps they could be supporting Lt. Governor Duke Aiona in his bid to replace the retiring Linda Lingle.

Every bogus claim of racism undermines real racism in the same way that fake accusations of rape undermine real rape victims.

The left does not care. It is not about the real victims. It is about advancing a political agenda. The real victims are pawns.

Oh wait…I can’t use the word pawns. Pawns are the least important pieces on the chess board, and everybody knows that chess is a racist game since the white pieces move first.

We can’t play checkers, because Checkers was the name of Nixon’s dog, and Nixon advanced the Southern Strategy that drove black Americans into the waiting arms of the patronizing Demagogic Party.

Actually, I can prove that conservatives breathing is racist. Well not breathing, but drinking water is racist. Water is H20, which is HOH. HOH when sounded out is a slang terms used to refer to women, including black women, as prostitutes. Hos hang out with pimps, players, and mack daddies. These are basically guys that engage in illegal activities while wearing cool 1940s style fedoras.

(Full disclosure: I am a fedora guy.)

Now that everything except sitting silently, which the left wants us to do, has been eliminated, I will wait for my tax refund in the mail so I can get some of my stolen money back. I sure could use a tax cut.

Actually, that would be racist. Instead I will ask for a distribution reduction.


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  1. Dav Lev says:

    It’s all about money, Eric. It’s who gets the most out of
    the politicians. It’s which politician has the best sell ( of US taxpayer

    I am reminded that over 12% of the budget (federal) is not
    paid by those that are required to pay taxes ( one-half the electorate).
    The others get off with lower incomes, exemptions, deductions from
    AGI, tax incentives, real estate tax deduction, etc.

    That means, in my estimation, about 100m are within the requirements to
    file and pay taxes.

    For example: in 2004, the tax gap ( taxes that would have been paid
    had everyone filed proper tax returns, paid on time and filed returns)
    was about 400 billion. Of that, the IRSS collected 50 billion, of which
    30b was straight collections ( taxes shown on return, and not paid with
    the return).

    The budget that year was, to the best of my knowledge, 2.4 trillion.

    I do not know what the gap will be on this year’s budget of over
    4.5 trillion? One can only imagine.

    And besides, the IRSS is allowing for the sub-prime mortgage problem
    aftermath and the mini-depression There are still over 9.5% unemployed
    and an equal amount underemployed..totalling about 30 million

    According to the Prime Minister of Singapore, what worries the world
    is the US dept (still). It is antisipated that China will again bail US out,
    by paying the deficit..for interest, and probably not change their
    calculation of the value of their currency. That means they will still
    prevail in exports..w/o creating much new demand within their country.
    Our answer, is to save more and spend less.

    Tell that to the liberals.

    One of the foremost labor leaders just resigned, while Conan
    is taking the opportunity to work after George Lopez. No recession
    for them I guess. But they are really both funny…
    He achieved an amazing fete, he helped Obama get elected.
    Considering only 20% of workers are unionized..that’s an accomplishment.
    He did create some controversy within his union..which detached itself
    from the larger Teamsters (if memory serves me well). Some thought
    this was a bad move for labor. I don’t know?

    He is also an adviser to Obama.

    Note that a UCLA head shrink just became a member of GM.

    Will that increase the value of their stock?

    Can they now better compete with another US company, which
    did not receive 80b in bail-outs..Ford, whose stock is now over 13.00 per share. Good old US enterprise. It works guys, when people buy American.

    Dont get me wrong, I love the Japanese and Germans. I just don’t buy their cars. Or as one former survivor of the Holocaust said (Romania),
    if Hitler had won the war, there would have been thousands of camps worldwide, to get rid of the untermenchen…(moi).

    Sooooo, I buy Fords and Chryslers.

  2. Micky 2 says:

    I married a Portugese/Scottish/Chinese/Hawaiian woman and had me a half Mexican blue eyed daughter 20 years ago just so I could establish a cover.

  3. Micky 2 says:

    Heresan interesting tidbit, none the less from the NYTs

    “Poll Finds Tea Party Backers Wealthier and More Educated
    Published: April 14, 2010
    “Tea Party supporters are wealthier and more well-educated than the general public, and are no more or less afraid of falling into a lower socioeconomic class, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

    Poll Finds Tea Party Backers Wealthier and More Educated
    Published: April 14, 2010
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    Close LinkedinDiggFacebookMixxMySpaceYahoo! BuzzPermalink Tea Party supporters are wealthier and more well-educated than the general public, and are no more or less afraid of falling into a lower socioeconomic class, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

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    Gretchen Ertl for The New York Times
    Walter Maciel, center, of Tewskbury, Mass., at the Tea Party rally Wednesday on Boston Common.

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    Document Reader: Complete Poll Results
    Why I Joined the Tea Party
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    How the Poll Was Conducted (April 15, 2010)
    The Radical Center: The History of an Idea (April 25, 2010)
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    The 18 percent of Americans who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters tend to be Republican, white, male, married and older than 45.

    They hold more conservative views on a range of issues than Republicans generally. They are also more likely to describe themselves as “very conservative” and President Obama as “very liberal.”

    And while most Republicans say they are “dissatisfied” with Washington, Tea Party supporters are more likely to classify themselves as “angry.”

    The Tea Party movement burst onto the scene a year ago in protest of the economic stimulus package, and its supporters have vowed to purge the Republican Party of officials they consider not sufficiently conservative and to block the Democratic agenda on the economy, the environment and health care. But the demographics and attitudes of those in the movement have been known largely anecdotally. The Times/CBS poll offers a detailed look at the profile and attitudes of those supporters…. “

  4. Micky 2 says:

    WOW, What happened ?
    I could swear I deleted all that irrelevance… sorry

  5. I don’t think it does conservtives much good to make light of racism.

    I also don’t think it does them much good to assume that because a person has a lot of money they must be “productive.”

    These are the kinds of things that turn people off on conservatism.

    Racism is real and ubiquitous, and the wealthy as a group aren’t really very productive.

    And finally, switching the accusation unto the accuser, with underhanded comments like “Every bogus claim of racism,” just makes the Right looks just plain ol’ nasty.

    The viscerally defensive reaction of conservatives to the accusations of racism also serves them poorly. It’s similar to the way many in the black community take offense to Bill Cosby when he “airs the dirty laundry” of black counter-culture. People in groups often react defensively when they know their is an element of truth in accusations made of their groups. Conservatives know full well that there is a palpable element of racism among them. So, when some conservatives are accused of racist behavior, the whole group often over-reacts to the accusations, rather than to say, “Well, yes, there is some elements of racism within the conservative community, and we should work to purge it.”

    That level of honesty would go a long way to endearing conservatives.

    Making light of an obvious and real problem is just immature and only serves to further prove the accusations.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “I don’t think it does conservtives much good to make light of racism.”

    Heh, no more good than it does for you guys to invoke into everything you can and being your cheapest lamest form of rebutal.
    I doubt that Eric was making light of racism but more making light of how the left uses it to make issues out of nothing just they can say they’ve concluded the argument.
    Just saw the local news on our local Tea Party rally.
    Chock full of every race under the sun. The more you guys keep throwing in the race card the better you make my arguement.

    “Making light of an obvious and real problem is just immature and only serves to further prove the accusations. ”

    Make laugh some more, please. Get off your high horse.
    You sit there and call people I respect offensive names and tell me to get a sense of humor when I protest.
    Eric got tired of your hypocrisy or the sexual connetation you used against the Tea Party and banned the use of it.
    What a phony,” yeah I can call people who disagree with me some sexual expletive, but you cant point out the ironic idiocies in my party”
    You labeled and segregated a sect of Americaas nothing more than stupid racist hicks.
    Did you read the NYTs poll ?
    “The 18 percent of Americans who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters tend to be Republican, white, male, married and older than 45. ”

    Yeah, there you go. It says only 18% white.

    Have a seat

  7. Micky 2 says:

    actually I’ll have to take that back, the 18% represents only those who identify themselves as members, my bad.

    Theres more.

    This report from two “mainstream” media sources does its best to portray Tea Party people as rich, dangerous, racist and hypocritical…but then what’s new? The MSM has been doing that since they realized they couldn’t get away with totally ignoring the Tea Party movement.

    But I thought it was interesting that, since the “mainstream” media also likes to portray conservatives as ignorant hicks, at least this survey did shoot a hole in that little smear.

    “So don’t worry too much about the MSM’s silly polls, my fellow patriots. You know you’re over the target when you catch a lot of flack, and with the amount of triple-A the liberals are throwing at patriotic Americans, their hair must be turning white as they contemplate what will happen when our bomb bay doors open on Election Day in November.”

  8. Micky 2 says:

    You can also thank Rick Santelli, a Latino, on MSNBC for starting all this.

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