Obama No Heart Whitey–The evidence

I finally have proof that Barack Obama is a racist who hates Caucasians.

It was not easy, but I can finally say that the man has malice in his heart. He is no better than the Black Panthers or the KKK.

On the way to giving his eight billionth groundbreaking speech, his motorcade stopped. Apparently the president was hungry. With Secret Service around him, he walked into the establishment that has represented anti-white bigotry for decades.

If I were to walk into a store that had the n-word on it, I as a conservative would be vilified. Not President Obama. He gets a free pass.

Perhaps I should not use the word pass. Passes happen in sports, which Norah O’Donnell and other leftist imbeciles would extrapolate to mean that I am making remarks about black people and athletics.

I definitely cannot use the word free anymore. That is racist because it implies that black people get things for free. It must mean I am making a remark about government cheese. That would be a reasonable assumption given that all that cheese would affect any man’s system, which explains why the president is so full of (redacted).

There are many companies that make cheese, from Sargentos to Kraft to Cracker Barrel.

That is what this is all about…Cracker Barrel.

That is the name of the restaurant the president ate at for lunch.

Cracker Barrel is racist. It is anti-white bigotry. President Obama should know better than to eat at such an establishment. He does know. He just does not care.

To make matters worse, his Ipod (not the one he gave the Queen as an insincere gift, the one he owns now) contains music by the Rolling Stones. They sing the song “Honky Tonk Woman.”

The man is a bigot. Not since Sherman Helmsley as George Jefferson referred to Tom Willis’s daughter as a zebra has white America been so abused. What in the name of Roxie Roker is going on with this man?

If Weezie were alive today, she would not tolerate this (R.I.P. Isabel Sanford).

Well I am tired of being led by a Cracker Barrel eating, Honky Tonk listening anti-caucasoid.

How do I know these things are racist?

Because this is Obamaworld. Everything is racist.

What did Mr. Obama eat at this restaurant? Soup. What came with the soup?

That’s right…crackers! Not only that, he asked for extra crackers. This man has no shame.

He may be a lousy baseball player (Am I allowed to say that? What about criticizing his effeminate bowling?), but he certainly does not mind playing the race card at the ballpark by singing some song about crackerjacks and demanding that he be brought a box.

Given that many black people live in Seattle (actually they don’t), and that Seattle was famous for grunge, it would make sense why Barack Obama would listen to 1990s grunge group Nirvana. Kurt Cobain killed himself, which is one less white person for Mr. Obama to have to look at. Also, Mr. Cobain sang “Polly want a cracker.”

Mr. President, your bigotry must stop.

The man flies on a private airplane. The airplane was invented by the Wright Brothers. Orville and Wilbur were religious men (I have no idea), and their favorite prophet was Jeremiah. Jeremiah Wright is a racist pastor. Holy Louis Farrakhan, the coincidences cannot be ignored any more.

Barack Obama has had conversations with Al Sharpton. Sharpton needs to change his last name since his entire last name is bigoted. The word “sharp” can mean “tart,” which would imply that he is a racial prostitute. It can also be a type of cheese, which gets us back to Cracker Barrel. The anagram for sharp is harps, which are played by angels in heaven. This means people want him to die, since harps are played in heaven, which is racist. The second syllable is “ton,” which is a cheap shot at his being fat.

So now that we know that Mr. Obama is a skinny man of dark pigmentation, it makes sense why he hates fat, white people.

When does the madness end? Do I support the lynching of black women because I eat at Sizzler, which is short for “Sizzle Her?”

I am against burning black women. I like a good salad bar (them corn fritters is tasty). Is this that complex?

Liberals started this stupidity. They practice this to demonize conservatives, and to advance a politically correct agenda. They are even doing it in sports.

Memo to leftists: The Washington Bullets changed their name to the Wizards. They still suck.

Even if Barack Obama was shooting 3 point baskets for them, it would not matter.

Now I will not rest until the NBA allows enough white players to be in the league in proportion to their percentage in the general population. An 80% black league is proof of racism. It cannot be merit based.

So until the NBA is shut down for racial discrimination, Barack Obama is a racist for watching the games.

I bet they even serve Cracker Barrel cheese and white crackers at his annual NBA finals party.

What a racist.


4 Responses to “Obama No Heart Whitey–The evidence”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    Dont forget Reids racists actions by putting immigration on the back burner.

  2. Eagle 6 says:

    This is a tough one…rhetorical questions abound… Who is more racist, a person who provides the tools or access to tools for people to be successful, and then holds them accountable, or a person who perpetuates dependence by providing free food, rent, et al and doesn’t expect anything from them? Who is more bigoted…one who provides free health care to a fat smoker, or one who demands the person quit smoking and lose weight prior to providing free health care? Fine line between accountability and tyranny, but there is a line, nonetheless…the greatest challenge with the former is determining whether those “tools or access to tools” are sufficient…but I’m not convinced you can call our American President a racist, Kenya?

  3. Micky 2 says:

    I dont think he racist in terms of inferiority simply due to pigmentation. But I do think he carries an affection for minorities that he expects the rest of the country to carry also.
    Why dont you as many minorities at Tea Partys ?
    Because they are the ones who voted Obama into office on the premise they’d be on the recieving end of other peoples wealth. The majority of those people dishing it out are the average white middle income American holding a job and the small percentage (around 5%) that actually foot up to 40% of this countrys revenues.

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