Beating women is now legal…it’s about time!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, so I was nice to women. Enough warm and fuzziness. The gloves are back off.

Women have now been reduced to second class status. Beating them is now legal and encouraged.

It’s about d@mn time.

Not since Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla were on the “Man Show” has been being a member of the superior gender been so enjoyable.

I am so tired of the fact that men have to listen to women nag. I miss the old days where we can slap them in the mouth and end the conversation.

An old joke one of my former coworkers used to tell goes like this…

“What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?”

Answer: “Nothing. You already told her twice.”

Before the feminist hags and harpies get hysterical (too late), they should realize why I support violence against women.

I support it because they do as well.

Wait a minute. Didn’t you hear that loud press conference where the crybaby women burned their bras and asked for royal asskickings daily?

Perhaps you missed it. It was done quietly, the only time feminists are ever quiet about anything.

For those not paying attention to the NOW (with good reason, as always), a worthless organization declared open season on them.

The United Nations, which exists solely to hate America and Israel, named Iran to it’s human rights council dealing with women’s issues.

No wonder the Pelosiraptor put on a Burka when she went to Syria. They would have beaten the daylights out of her had she refused. She is pretty brave standing up to Republicans here, but boy did she know her place over there.

This UN action is consistent with the NOW caring not one bit about women.

Bill Clinton serially abused women. Ted Kennedy killed one. They are champions of women’s rights.

George W. Bush freed millions of women in the Middle East.

Sarah Palin balanced running an entire state and an entire family, producing a budget surplus and normal children.

Dubya and Palin are despised by the NOW.

Iran is a murderous regime led by a man who wants to kill all Jews and gays, and reduce all women to slaves.

Hey, if feminists like him, who am I to argue? He should beat up millions of women right now. What would women in this country say or do about it, something?

Come on. If he kills pregnant women, then he is pro-choice. He is on their side.

Some will say that just because the NOW are staying silent for the first time in their screaming, angry lives, does not mean they agree.

It is not like silence is acquiescence.

Oh wait, yes it is.

Women’s groups are protesting some immigration law in Arizona, despite the fact that the crime rate in Phoenix has killed many liberal women.

They are enraged over Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. They are silent over Iranian leader Armageddonijad.

These women know how to be assertive. Ask any guy who wants to watch football in peace when the trash has not been taken out.

So rather than fight for the rights of women, let’s just surrender. Let them be permanent second class citizens.

If that is what they want, that is what they deserve.

If somebody tried to take away my rights, I would scream bloody murder.

So go ahead Mr. Armageddonijad. Beat the daylights out of the women in your country. As long as you hate America and Israel, they will stay silent. Make derogatory remarks about George W. Bush and Sarah Palin, and the NOW will have you headline their next harpie convention. You will be treated better than a guest lecturer at a Poison Ivy league University.

As for the liberal women who object to my words, just shut up and sit down. You don’t matter. You said so yourself with your deafening silence.

Whatever you do, don’t criticize the United Nations or Armageddonijad. You might be mistaken for…heaven forbid…a conservative.

You stand for nothing, so you might as well sit there and shut up for once in your hypocritical leftist lives.

Now to watch sports and eat red meat. I hope my team beats the other team like they were women in Iran.


9 Responses to “Beating women is now legal…it’s about time!”

  1. Form what I understand, in general, women are really no better off for Bush’s stupid wars than they were before. So much for freeing millions!

    While I suppoes bashing the UN is just as easy as bashing lawyers, stockbrokers, tax collectors and politicians, the fact of the matter, as with those latter, we need them. If it wasn’t the “United Nations,” it would be the “League of States,” the “Assembly of Nations,” the “World Council,” or something like that.

    Contrary to the hyper-paranoia, the UN isn’t out to get anything or anyone. It is a nuetral body, for the most part. It’s simply a place for the nations of the world to gather. If it wasn’t the UN, it’d be something else. Either way, we need a place for the nations of the world to meet and talk.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    “Form what I understand, in general, women are really no better off for Bush’s stupid wars than they were before. So much for freeing millions!”

    right, the typical idealistic limp wristed but predictable BDS punch from the left.

    Since 2006 more girls are going to school in Afghanistan and Iraq than ever before. To the point it pi$$ed off the Taliban so bad they just gassed 7 Afghani girls schools in protest. But they still go.
    Women in Iraq now hold positions in government andare allowed to vote.
    And lets not forget the millions of African women saved by Bush in the most successful AIDS campaign in that egion ever.

    Try again.

    “we need them. If it wasn’t the “United Nations,” it would be the “League of States,” the “Assembly of Nations,” the “World Council,” or something like that.’

    Yeah, liberals love to give names to things that elevate them above whatever useless content they avail.
    They need our 25% contribution more than we need them. I cant think of the last thing they did for us that didnt cost us more than it was worth.
    They just allowed a woman hating Jew hating b*stard to be a part a womans rights league for crying out loud !
    How freaking useless is that ?
    BS IPCC reports on climate change, Kofi Anans son and Saddam scamming the oil for food sanction, a$$ clown dictators get a podium to call others leaders Satan, yeah, the majority of its members are nothing but a bunch of overdressed panhandlers
    The should pack their crap and move to Holland

  3. Micky, I hear all sorts of flowery stories about Iraq and Afghanistan from certain quarters, and all sorts of bad news ffrom others. On balance, from all I’ve heard, things really haven’t changed that much. Some women are worse off in Iraq and Afghanistan, some better. It seems that Iraq, though, the country is sliding toward the Religious Right, which is NEVER good for women ANYWHERE.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    Whatever Jersey.
    Its well documented in enough forums to where its a lot more believable than anything derived of your BDS.
    The religious right ?
    Remember, lots of cleavage causes earthquakes.

    The religious right today is in no way to be compared to any theological middle eastern dictatorships which operate on 17 century civilities.
    Give it a rest

  5. The Religious Right is just as regressive here as it is there or anywhere else, relatively speaking. The Religious Right is ALWAYS bad. It’s just a matter of degree.

    Iraq is far more theocratic than it was before, and it looks like it’s going to become moreso. That spells bad news for women. Period.

    The war was extremely stupid.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    Oh please, give it up, you sound ridiculous.

    First of all I know you’d just love to elude to the wars validity. Thats irrelevant right now.
    Whats relevant is the fact that your bleeding heart activists woman and human rights groups are no where to be found because it would conflict with the a$$ kissing you’re dishing out to Muslims and terrorists.
    I mean really, if things are so bad as you say where the hell are your minions ?
    Where were you when honor killings, child marriages were taking place, girls schools being gassed and Iranian women were being shot dead for speaking out ?
    BUT ! OH NO !
    You guys can beat up on the Christians whom today except for a few fringe loon denominations dont come anywhere close to the violations being committed by Muslims against women.
    Iraq hasnt even organized its democratically elected government yet so so please, theres nothing to back your claim of increased theocracy.
    Right now for every Christian woman whos barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen theres a million Muslim women being abused having to walk 3 steps behind there husband wearing unbearable garb in temperatures over 100 degrees having to everything except wipe their husbands rump

    Try again

  7. Micky, conservatives have no room to talk about women’s rights. They have never been advocates. They use it when it’s convenient to them, they fight it when it inconveniences them.

    It’s just another con bait ‘n switch and no one’s buying it except other cons, and even most of them know better, but as they just don’t care about women’s rights, it means nothing to them.


  8. Micky 2 says:


    Tell me that Muslims have better records today on womens rights than Muslims do and I’ll tranquilize you from a distance and run you to the nearest nut house.
    Its like apples and oranges.
    Your code pinko freaks would be killed if they did to any middle eastern theocratic dictator what they did in just one day here.

    Like I asked, wher are your bleeding heart “care so much about womens rights” activists ? Not in the middle east… thats for damn sure.
    So please, spare me this crap that the left cares so much about womens rights or else you guys would be in the middle east right now at some Saudi princess’s door step pitching a fit, or tossing another one in front of any mosque here in the states.
    You’re nothing but a bunch of chest banging self conflicted loosers who cant decide if you want to give Islam and radical Islam a pass or confront them on their horrific treatment of women.
    What am I saying ? You’re not conflicted. You know damn well that any critique`of Islams treatment of women would be in direct confliction to your a$$ kissing appeasing CICs agenda with the middle east.
    Make me wanna puke.

  9. Micky 2 says:

    Tell me that Muslims have better records today on womens rights than Muslims do and I’ll tranquilize you from a distance and run you to the nearest nut house.

    should say …

    Tell me that Muslims have better records today on womens rights than “Christians” do and I’ll tranquilize you from a distance and run you to the nearest nut house.

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