Lying Cr@pweasel Tuesday

At Noon I am speaking to the Sandpiper GOP ladies in Galveston, Texas. At dinner I am speaking to the North Shore GOP ladies in Houston.

Ok, enough pleasantness.

Today is Lying Cr@pweasel Tuesday. This holiday is being celebrated in honor of Connecticut Attorney General and senatorial candidate Richard Blumenthal.

For those who need a real military officer to yell “you can’t handle the truth!” to everyone else, the truth is that Blumenthal lied about serving in Vietnam.

This was not Al Gore telling a tall tale like inventing the internet. This was not John Kerry having Cambodia seared into his memory. He was never in Cambodia, but he did serve in Vietnam. His post-war actions were abominable, but the man served his country.

This was not Bill Clinton or John Edwards. This was much worse. Clinton dodged the draft, but never denied that. Edwards committed personal violations of his family.

Blumenthal is now the worst guy to have that name. Somewhere Sidney Blumenthal is no longer the poster child for terrible Blumenthals.

Richard Blumenthal lied about serving in Vietnam.

This was not a mistake. The man lied. Yes he served in the marine corps. So what? He claimed that he served in Vietnam, and he didn’t. No amount of liberal hostility toward every Republican on Earth will change that fact.

While the liberal media remains disinterested in any scandal not involving a Republican, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson gave straight talk. Others were soft-pedaling the criticism. Thompson assessed the situation succinctly and perfectly.

“He’s a lying weasel.”

I will take it one step further, using a word coined by Michelle Malkin.

The man is a cr@pweasel.

There is no sugarcoating this. There are no mitigating circumstances. This man is a disgrace.

This is an affront to every man that ever saw combat.

Making matters worse, this was a pointless lie.

The man was trying to replace Christopher Dodd. The bar for ethics was set very low. A lack of corruption would have been a reward in Connecticut, rather than the expected norm.

What could possibly have made this man think the truth would not come out?

Some will praise the Jayson Blair Times for not burying the story. You don’t get praise for doing what you are supposed to do. For once they didn’t suppress a story. My prediction is when everybody is done praising that rag of a paper, they will then decide that the story is old news, and we should move on.

(George W. Bush and Dan Quayle never got such latitude, and they did nothing wrong.)

Why is Blumenthal still running?

Can Connecticut not do any better?

This story must not go away until Blumenthal drops his senate bid. This man cannot and must not serve.

This is not resume padding. This is fraud.

Republican Wes Cooley of Oregon faced the same exact lie. He resigned. his closest friend, the man who retired and recommended Cooley to succeed him in Congress, was the first to tell him to leave.

How many Democrats want Blumenthal to leave?

The man is an attorney general. Between him and Eliot Spitzer, do any top law enforcement officials obey the law?

I disagree with liberalism. Yet I don’t impugn the integrity of all liberals. Plenty of liberals from Hubert Humphrey to Walter Mondale to Russ Feingold have served honorably. I question their policies but not their souls.

Politicians have to be leaders. This man cannot lead. Nobody will follow him. Nobody should follow him.

In New Jersey a lying liberal criminal named Robert Torricelli was replaced by an equally liberal but honest Frank Lautenberg.

Decent liberals exist.

Mr. Blumenthal has no shame or decency. His half-hearted, defiant non-apology apologies ring hollow.

This lying cr@pweasel needs to go.

Congressmen Massa and Souder are bipartisan sources of shame. Congress is better off without them.

We get the government we deserve. We deserve better than Richard Blumenthal.

Our president promised change we can believe in.

Well I want to believe in my government again.

I want principled men in and lying cr@pweasels out.

Get lost Mr. Blumenthal.


5 Responses to “Lying Cr@pweasel Tuesday”

  1. Ah, liars. What a bunch.

    What Blumenthal did was beyond horrible and he should drop out – but he should wait so that the Dems can pick a suitable replacement rather than have a primary mess.

    I don’t know why you slammed Sydney Blumenthal. He’s a good man who taught Matt Drudge a hard lesson – liars get caught, eventually.

    Speaking of liars, what Blumenthal did was horrible, but even more horrible was what the Swiftboaters did to Kerry. It’s bad enough to lie about yourself, it’s much worse to lie about someone else.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Wheres Dan Rather and his trusty typewriter when you need him ?

    Kerry was full o sht too.

  3. The Swiftboaters had no way of knowing either way whether Kerry served as he said he did or not – by definition, that makes them liars, and dirty, lowdown, sleazy liars at that.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    Got anything to back that up ? better than the first hand accounts of the FREAKING BOAT HE WAS NEVER ON !!!
    But I digress, maybe they just made a lucky guess right ? :-(
    He demeaned a generation of Vets trying to score political points just like when he said you’d end up in Iraq if you didnt get a good edumacashun
    Kerrys still full o sht.

  5. Micky 2 says:

    Rather can fix this

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