Political Hawaiian Tsunami

A political Tsunami has just swept across Hawaii.

Republican Charles Djou won the special mail in election for the congressional seat of Neil Abercrombie, who retired to run for Governor.


Hawaii is a state dominated by Democrats. They do have a Republican Governor in Linda Lingle (who is also retiring), but overall the state is reliably left of center. Senators Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka have both served for decades. Congressman Abercrombie had a safe seat. This should have been an easy Democratic victory.

Several factors worked to elect Mr. Djou. The naysayers will use these factors to disavow the loss, but that is what naysayers do.

The Democrats had two candidates that tore each other’s eyes out. Neither one would back down. With those two splitting the vote, Djou was able to win with only 39% of the vote.

The two Democrats combined for 58%, so had the state required a majority, the Democrats would have been favored to retain it. Woulda, coulda should…a plurality was required, and Djou won within the rules.

In 6 months the candidates will have to do it again, but Djou showed a ton of credibility by winning.

Djou was very likable, and he had diverse groups helping him that normally would not put a ton of energy into a Hawaii race. The Republican Jewish Coalition went all out to help him. I know this because I received a blitzkrieg of emails.

(If not for my preset schedule, I would have been on a plane to Hawaii. Others did go. The dedication, mobilization, and energy of conservatives in this race was palpable.)

2010 could be like 1994. Democrats will point to a win in Pennsylvania. They were supposed to win that seat. They retained it. Hawaii was a Republican pickup that was every bit as important as winning the New Jersey Governorship.

Mr. Djou has only 3 months to develop a record before the Summer recess and 2010 campaigning goes full throttle. It will be interesting to see what he can do in such a short amount of time.

There is plenty of time before November for the Republicans to find a way to screw up. Wild cards are by definition unexpected. Yet right now the Democrats are reeling. If I were a liberal thug, I would advocate that we keep our boot on their throats.

We will know soon if this Hawaii victory was a blip on the radar or the beginning of a political tsunami.

For now, Republicans should briefly enjoy this sweet win, and then quickly get back to work.

Congratulations Mr. Djou…excuse me, make that Congressman Djou.

Welcome to congress, and good luck.

Time to roll up our sleeves.

On to the next task.


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  1. Oh God, not you too! There’s simply no way 2010 will be like 1994. The swing districts are not there, the GOP is not nearly as popular as it was then, and the GOP is running a lot of far-right Tea Party types who simply turn off most voters. Djou would most definitely not have won were it not for the split Dems. Come November he will lose his seat. period.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    “Come November he will lose his seat. period.”

    No, not necessarily “period”

    There stands a chance he’ll lose one on one with a dem but weve yet to see who he’ll be up against. If he shows enough moderation in 6 months to another 10% he could very well garner those votes and win.
    But, with the pervasive moonbat mentallity thats run this state broke who knows ?

    ” Tea Party types who simply turn off most voters. ‘

    heh, you guys need to make up your mindsand get your stories/bs/messages together.
    For the last couple months the left has been lamenting over how theTea Party is whats causing alltheseelectoral shifts to the right.
    And yet simultaneously out of the other side of your heads you’re saying that they’re a bunch of insignificant harmless seniors pushing walkers.
    But, not after calling them racists while at the same time labeling them as “white” trailer park trash red neck crackers. (they’re not racists, they just hate whites)
    Can one entire group of people speaking at the same time be considered an oxymoron, or just a bunch of morons ?

    By the way, the first original rednecks were multiracial union coal workers who wore red bandanasto set themselves apart from scabs, sooooooo….

    You might wanna sht can that expression

  3. Dav Lev says:

    I would have voted for Spector. I liked his foreign policy views
    and his economic.

    He lost to someone whose foreign policies I have reservations about.
    But that is for another time. Yet, there is still time to send the
    winner back to his legislative district and vote for the opposition
    in Nov.

    Look what liberals have wrought, look at No. Korea and Iran,
    both of which have, or will have nuclear weapons. (No. korea
    is preparing to test a hydrogen bomb per reports).

    Iran needs no further explanation. According to a writer for the
    LA Times (possibly the worst metropolitan newspaper in the country),
    Iran offered MOST of it’s refined uranium in exchange for fuel rods,
    supervised by Brazil and Turkey. (Who in the world would trust
    the Muslim nation?).

    Assuming the “deal” goes through, and Iran is threatening to walk
    out on future nuke discussions (what have they been doing all along?) if shunned, they still will have one-half their enriched ore. This is enough
    to make a bomb. They will also be allowed to enrich more yellow cake
    (uranium ore).

    I mean how many bombs will it take, either detonated by Hez/Hamas
    or Iran to take out Tel Aviv, a very crowded city and destroy
    the Jewish experiement once and for all.

    Speaking of Israel, the P.M. of Lebanon has on op-ed in todays pro
    Palestinian LA Times (they will deny it). He says the fault lies with
    the Jews, who turned down an offer by the Arab League for peace,
    if only, if only they returned to the pre-67 borders (prior to the Six Day

    Head I win, tails I win.

    In the meantime, both Hamas and Hezbollah (in the Lebanese
    parliament), have violated their cease fires with Israel consumated
    by the UNSC. Hez has Scud Ds, Katys, Zelzels and Fajrs, while
    Hamas is beefing up it’s arsenal AND building fortifications to
    thwart any Israeli tank attack ( in response ).

    Israel withdrew from Lebanon twice and the Strip, and got
    thousands of Kassams in exchange. When it retaliated,
    the world (through Mr. Goldstone/Jew), condemned it.

    Israel’s mistake was in allowing Hamas/Hez cease fires,
    rather than forcing surrenders and it may pay dearly for these

    But according to Hariri, if only Israel goes back to the borders,
    and returns all the land to Syria, Lebanon….there will be peace between
    Jew and Arab.

    I have a bridge to sell you cheap, for 24.00. It’s called the
    George Washington. And I will throw in the Manhattan Bridge for
    good luck.

    Good luck!

    In California, the Republican candidates are tearing each other
    to pieces in the race for gov and Senator. Read today’s LA Times.

    Personally I like Campbell. He is Conservative on taxes
    and somewhat liberal on social issues. The base of the party
    from what I read, are opposed to much of what he wants.
    In California, (not Kentucky) that’s a mistake.

    Let’s face it, the Democrats have the numbers, and numbers is
    what counts. We Republicans must widen our base to include
    smart Democrats..even those that are somewhat liberal. It’s about
    winning. Rahm and Axelrod KNEW WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN, and
    they did it.

    For decades, the Conservatives and Republicans have been relocating
    out of California, replaced to a fault. This is reality.

    I don’t care about abortions, or other wedge issues. I care
    about the economy of the state, businesses, AND our
    policy towards our enemies and friends.

    The liberal Democrats still don’t get it.

    Per the LA Times, one-half of all small businesses are in
    malls, which make up one-half the retail sector. The
    Democrats are murderous when it comes to business.
    Let’s face it.

    Personally I don’t care about gays in the military, as long as
    they don’t take showers with me or share a bunk. Rosy palms
    are not my cup of tea. As fighters, they can die however just
    as we straight people can. I would put them point.

    I am against our paying more than 20% in taxes, and that includes
    federal and state. I am FOR either a surtax on the sale of
    real property, doing away with tax exemtions on gains, and a small
    value added tax ( to make up for the deficits, state and federal).

    You buy more, you pay for it.

    I am against higher Federal gasoline taxes, now proposed, with
    gas at 3.20 gallon in California.

    I am against giving exemptions to commercial properties ( Prop 13).

    I am also against allowing unlimited use of medical providers
    just because we all pay for it.

    I have an acquaintence who likes to use the walk-ins
    of hospitals on a whim, rather than go to a regular primary physician.
    They should charge extra to cut this out. We all pay for it ultimately.

    I am against allowing US citizens to go to Mexico for medical treatment,
    thus undercutting our own providers. They do it to save a buck.
    If we must all pay under Obamacare, lets take away the incentive
    not to contribute.

    I am for going after the deadbeat taxpayers (over 400b/year) now.
    Lets hire more IRSers and US Attorneys to prosecute tax evaders.
    Think of it, 400b not paid to the IRS.

    Regarding the tea parties, they are on the fringe, and so are
    many liberal leftist groups. That’s okay, as long as they are not
    violent and break laws. Let them have their say. But we do not
    want another Greece or Thailand.

    Food for thought youse guys.

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