Obama BLT anti-Semitism

I finally have evidence that Barack Obama is an anti-Semite.

In the past I offered the Obama anti-Semitic sex tape, and proof that Obama is anti-Caucasoid.

The evidence is overwhelming, and I now have proof.

Barack Obama spent 20 years in the church of Jeremiah Wright.

Now some people can dismiss this. After all, if Barack Obama is a typical politician, which he absolutely is, then the church is just a means to an end. For all we know he slept in church. Many Christians have told me that church can be boring, especially if the equivalent of Reverend Lovejoy is giving the sermon. I have been to many synagogues, and some do cure insomnia.

Yet Reverend Wright is delightfully insane. This guy is not boring. Nobody could sleep through his sermon. Sleeping in New York City during construction hours is easier.

Yet Jeremiah Wright is a bigger problem for Mr. Obama.

Jeremiah Wright believes in Black Liberation Theology.

Some people say that Black Liberation Theology is racist. Some say it is anti-white bigotry. Some say it is anti-Semitic. I say Black Liberation Theology is a secret code.

The answer is in the acronym.

The initials for Black Liberation Theology are B.L.T.

What else is a BLT?

That’s right…bacon…lettuce…and tomato.

There you have it! I have just proved my case. Mr. Obama is anti-Semitic.

Some of you are puzzled. It’s ok. You are slow. I will connect the dots of bread crumbs for you.

Barack Obama has eaten a BLT before.

(In his defense, this proves he is a Christian and not a Muslim since Muslims cannot eat pork. If he was Muslim, religious Muslims would condemn him for it. He could also be a self-loathing Jew, but if that were the case he would have more death threats. He is not Jewish. He eats pork proudly, so he is a Christian.)

By flaunting his dietary habits, he is letting the Jews know that he will do as he d@mn well pleases. Forget Jewish traditions. He has no interest in respecting the people of the book.

He has eaten pork products in New York City and Los Angeles, which both have large Jewish populations. Try eating pork in Dearborn, Michigan and see what happens. Try bringing it in a Minneapolis cab and see what happens.

Not only that, every aspect of his leftist agenda can be found in this sandwich.

What color is lettuce? That’s right. Green. He is an environmental nutcase.

What color are tomatoes? That’s right. Red. He is a communist.

What happens when one mixes lettuce and tomatoes, combining the red and green?

That’s right. An administration with Van Jones, an environmentalist commie.

It was so obvious. I can’t believe none of you saw it.

Now some of you may say that eating a sandwich seems like a pretty benign activity, even if it is a sandwich with potential sinister overtones. So why make a big deal out of it?

Because I was doing my impersonation of a liberal.

Everything is racist. Everything is offensive. Black “leaders” called for a ban on vanilla extract, even though it is the same color brown as chocolate extract.

Eating deviled eggs is offensive to everybody because it contains white, black, yellow, red, and satanic references. It might be the only food that offends all 7 billion people. It can even contain green in the form of cilantro, which makes sense since the greeniac vegans don’t eat eggs. They would be offended by the deviled eggs as well.

Barack Obama has eaten a BLT with a side order of deviled eggs.

He hates all people everywhere.

Or he truly is the greatest uniter in the world. Everybody in the world who does not eat these items are racist and anti-Obama.

Somebody get some matzoh ball soup to the president. Just make sure the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld is not serving it.

There is enough bigotry by leftist Obama supporters without having to resort to dredging up old wounds of anti-Semitic broth servers…in New York no less.

I am off to eat a sandwich without bacon. It will be on white toast. I hope the president does not consider that an act of aggression.


3 Responses to “Obama BLT anti-Semitism”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    Fully one-half of all US Jews do not believe in G-d.

    This is dismaying and unacceptable.

    This explains why so many Jews voted for Obama.
    It is well known that “liberalism” has replaced G-d
    in many Jewish families.

    While other faiths also have adherents who do not believe, it
    is higher among the Jews.

    I believe part of the reason is that Jews have a G-d that is
    not describeable. No adjective can be used to describe Hashem
    the Jewish G-d. ( Read the great Jewish philosophers).

    Liberalism can be summarized..Tikkun Olam This means repairing the world.

    Jews think they can undo all the wrongs of the world..beginning with
    civil wrongs, discrimination (USA), Darfur, Armenian genocide,
    Muslim treatment of women (read the Taliban, etc.), the low
    minimum wages, the treatment of the Elephant Seal, abuse of
    women (by men), etc.

    Some of the most active pro-Palestinian groups are made up of Jews
    (Americans for Peace Now, J Street, etc.).

    Protestors in Israel and the “territories” tend to be Jewish, or
    lead by Jews abroad.

    Therefore, it is understandible why 85% of US Jews voted for Obama,
    even though they knew his background and leanings.

    To them, Obama means equality for all…..and liberalism.

    One plus one equals two.

    Many Jews violate their bible by eating pork. It’s called
    not being kosher. Many Jews intermarry and raise their children
    out of the faith. Also a violation of the bible.

    No where in the bible does it require Jews to be Democrats.

  2. Micky 2 says:

    This has potential for elaboration that could give you a good routine lasting at least another 5 minutes.
    Maybe you can get close enough to him the next time he takes Sasha and Malia to the Baskin & Robbins and ask him for proof of citizenship. See how he likes that flavor of BS.

  3. Tygrrrr better hurry up and copywrite his theory before Beck gets his hands on it! LOL!


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