Defeating the Ground Zero Mosque With Honor

I will not be covering the Rod Blagojevich story because it is far from over.

Personally if the entire world was like me (thank heavens they are not), everything would be put on hold for the Brett Favre press conference. # 4 will have to wait until the weekend, when sports trumps politics.

For some reason, some people consider issues other than Favrewatch. Therefore, I am sticking to the second biggest story of the day.

Many decent Americans of all stripes are against building the Ground Zero mosque.

Many misguided leftists are in favor of building it.

I use the word misguided because I do not think the supporters of building the mosque are evil. I think they have their heads up their hides. A mosque is not a threat to them. They would rise up in protest if something truly dangerous to them was being built, such as a Christian daycare center.

As expected, the left is accusing people against the mosque of being bigots. Leftists is as leftists does. Anybody to the right of Leon Trotsky or the Pelosiraptor is unsurprised by the accusations. Being called bigoted by leftists is boring at this point. It is like being called ugly by Helen Thomas. It means nothing.

I believe the builders of the mosque build it at their own peril, since it will most likely be blown up.

While I am totally and unequivocally against that approach, to ignore the possibility would be naive.

The left lives in a world where everything they say and do is virtuous and noble and principled, while everybody disagreeing with them is either evil, stupid, or both. This is not new. They usually begin sentences on the left by saying something condescending like “I don’t see how anybody could possibly (insert issue of disagreement)…” Of course they don’t. That would involve tolerance, which in their world means agreeing with them always or being terrorized.

There is an honorable way for good people to defeat the mosque project. It involves using the tactics of the left, although for a significantly more decent cause.

The only thing liberal bullies respond to is force. Force can mean military. In this case it means financial pressure.

Liberals love to roam the streets yelling insipid comments like “no justice, no peace!” They boycott companies for sport.

It is time for anybody and everybody associated with building the mosque to be financially pressured.

Bill O’Reilly alluded to this in a very roundabout way by saying that he did not think any construction company would take the job. I am not so sure he is right. It only takes one company to say yes. After all, al-Qaeda killers do find lawyers (usually imbecilic liberal Jews) to defend them.

One lawyer can defend a client. Building a building takes many people.

Everybody from crane operators to cement makers to widget producers should be under the microscope. If we find out that cement company A is bringing the cement for the job, then every other homeowner and business should go with cement company B.

Liberals will call this intolerance, because such tactics are only allowed when they are the ones doing them.

Politicians should be pressured as well. Liberals will complain (everything they say and do involves complaining, so tune it out as one would any white noise. White noise is not a racist expression. Look it up.) that this involves using the mosque as a political issue. It is a political issue, and the politicians up for election in 2010 will quickly see why the mosque is a bad idea. Elections help politicians “get religion.”

(See Harry Reid)

Politicians advancing the idea are either not up for reelection yet (Barack Obama) or leaving office anyway (David Paterson can say whatever he wants, he is now untouchable, and yet even he is troubled by the location).

The Ground Zero mosque should be in every political commercial across America. If Democrats truly have the courage of their convictions (try not to laugh when saying that), they will loudly justify why they support it. I predict they will fold like Harry Reid.

Back to the boycotts. I predict that companies involved in the building will be too gutless to admit their roles. They will try to keep their involvement secret. People should flood the justice department with Freedom of Information Requests until Attorney General Eric Holder has no place to hide. Barack Obama can claim executive privilege and national security to try and keep the information secret. Let’s see how well that works.

Violence is not the answer. The answer is a dose of good old fashioned free market economics. Make companies financially bleed if they help build this mosque.

When the left inevitably tries to hurl bigotry charges, offer to contribute money to any company who builds mosques within 100 feet of the residences of Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Barbra Streisand, and every other liberal imbecile who preaches tolerance but doesn’t really mean it.

Actually, to really enrage them, again, I keep coming back to Christian daycare centers.

If enough Americans role up their sleeves, this mosque will not get built. The only nails being hammered will be the ones in the metaphorical coffins of those who supported this wretched project.


18 Responses to “Defeating the Ground Zero Mosque With Honor”

  1. Well, I don’t know what “liberals” you’re listening to, but the vast majority look at this the way I do:

    Is building this Muslim community center two blocks from the old WTC site a good idea? Not really. Maybe. As long as it’s a genuine, friendly outreach of good faith.

    Do they have the right to build it? Yes. The area is zoned to allow it.

    Can people of good faith pressure them not to build it? Sure. Why not? As long as they don’t get insane about it.

    Is there really anything legally (via the courts, etc) and constitutionally we can do to stop it? No.

    So, that sums it up. If that’s too “gray” for conservatives, well, that’s too bad. Life isn’t as simple as they wish to believe.

    What liberals do take umbrage with here is the rabble-rousing, simple-minded, hateful, vengeful, sectarian, pandering Muslim-baiting the Right is pursuing here. It’s pathetic.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    “What liberals do take umbrage with here is the rabble-rousing, simple-minded, hateful, vengeful, sectarian, pandering Muslim-baiting the Right is pursuing here. It’s pathetic. ”

    Uh, I guess you completely missed Pelosi enquiring as to whether or not the family members of 911 victims protesting the location should be investigated ?

    Pfft, try again bro

  3. Micky 2 says:

    All you morons on the left who are calling us bigots, Islamophobes etc.. are the baiters.

  4. Dav Lev says:

    Good commentary, one of the best yet by Eric, I applaud him for his

    Lets be truthful, if the mosque is ever built (and Im sure a lift-wing
    construction company will be found, perhaps financed by George
    Soros under the table (are you listening IRS?), and it is subsequently blown to pieces, I would not shed one tear.

    But unlike 911, I would warn the inhabitants first.

    On 911, the purpose was not only the twin towers, but a cascading
    effect in lower Manhattan’s Westside (the Eastside has ove 200 Jews still, folks). The goal, 100,000 dead and injured.

    We all know that afterwards, US officials going to Saudi Arabia, home
    of the terrorists, were told the we Jews warned the Jews in the 2 buildings to get out (a mossad plot) AND that mossad was behind the bombings ( to infuriate the US against the innocent Arabs).

    Oh well,in a country which regularly flogs young girls.and still behead
    people in public, what can we expect? When was the last time that country allowed a synagogue to be built or for that matter allowed Jewish tourists?

    Anyway, lets look at this another way folks. Assume the 911 incident
    involved Israeli Jews, on visas or immigrants to the USA.

    We all know how some would react here. Lets go further,
    and then assume a US Jewish group, whether Orthodox, Conservative
    Reform, or Reconstructionist ( the four main Jewish groups) asked
    to build a large temple one-quarter mile away from the site.

    Get my point.

    Hmmmmmmmm, what would the liberal do-gooder groups do? Hmmm,
    I wonder?

    But I have another idea to why Bloomberg approved the construction.

    Was he warned that not doing so..well you get the point. With 700,000 Jews in NYCity, most of whom are against gun ownership…and voted for
    now are you understanding?

  5. “Lets be truthful, if the mosque is ever built (and Im sure a lift-wing
    construction company will be found, perhaps financed by George
    Soros under the table (are you listening IRS?), and it is subsequently blown to pieces, I would not shed one tear.

    But unlike 911, I would warn the inhabitants first.”

    Wow. Dav, you really are nuts. This is what I was talking about when I said that people shouldn’t shouldn’t go insane about this.


    Pelosi doesn’t want to investigate the 9/11 familes. What she wants to know is who is funding some of the protestations. It does appear there are some rabble-rousers out there who are funding some of the protests just to make trouble. She just wants full disclosure. frankly, we’re all getting a little sick of these fake, “astro-turf” movements.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    Try to keep up.
    Pelosi wants the organization behind the funding of my emotions to be investigated.

    ‘we’re all getting a little sick of these fake, “astro-turf” movements.’

    Then tell her to shut up

  7. Micky 2 says:

    “There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded,”

    “no question”
    really ?
    Hmm, I havent seen any “concerted” protests yet. Just every poll in the country saying the same thing amongst every demographic there is.

    No one gave me or the millions a dime to feel the way we do Jersey. No one.
    but, she’ll pee away a few millioln just to look like she cares, right ? Her a$$ is made of astroturf. And gladly so as it’ll cushion her arrival at the curb in Nov.

  8. Micky,

    There has been a concerted campaign to make a big deal out of this – what I would consider rather minor and insignificant – community center. The Left aren’t the ones making a big deal out of this. We don’t care. As long as Cordoba House is on the up-and-up and this isn’t some sort of “plot” or propaganda device, we really just don’t care. I don’t blame Islam itself for the 9/11 attacks. The Right, on the other hand, blames Islam itself, even if not always very directly. Extremism is extremism and there’s nothing new about it, really. We’re the big empire in the world today, we have been meddling around in that part of the world, that part of the world is a misreable hell-hole, we make a convenient scapegoat for the rabble-rousers over there – a convenient unifying enemy. That’s the back-story to 9/11. If these people weren’t Islamic – if they were Christians, or Spaghetti Monster worshippers, or whatever – 9/11 would probably still have happened. By making this an Islam-vs-Christian-West issue, the Right wants to make Islam the unifying enemy just as the terrorists wanted to make us their unifying enemy. It’s the Red Scare all over again. Like I said – extremists are extremists, nothing new to see here.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    “There has been a concerted campaign to make a big deal out of this ”

    Got anything to back that up ? Nancy ?

    Jersy. The left is in soooo much trouble right now we dont need to “ginn up” or create anything.
    Theres plenty of fodder to nail you guys with.
    Its Obama, Pelosi and Reid who’ve ben making all the noise while making it quite apparent they’re all using this for political expedience.
    Jersy, blab whatever crap you’ve been repeating for years the fact is its not the US whos vowed to wipe the great satan off the planet and adopted N*zi doctrine to execute that dream.

    Right now all we need to do is highlight all the failures of this congress and administration til your leases are up.
    Piece of cake. Dont need no mosque controversy. You’re all doin just fine on your own

  10. Well, Micky, I’d think any sentient human being who pays even the slightest attention to the news would agree that there is a concerted effort to make a big deal out of Cordoba House. It’s pretty strikingly obvious. Just Goggle “stop the ground zero mosque” and you’ll find petitions and organizations devoted to stopping the construction. The Coalition to Honor Ground Zero looks like a pretty well-organized group, a virtual who’s who of Rightwing Islam-baiters. A bunch of trouble-makers and rabble-rousers if you ask me.


  11. And look – again – this “issue” is not a product of the Left. We didn’t start this. If anything, we wish they’d never have proposed the damned Mosque/community center/whatever-the-hell-it-is in the fist place. The Left and Democrats needed this like a hole in the head. But once the Right made a big stink about it, we had to do the right thing, and the right thing here is to let them build their stupid center – it’s a constitutional expression of a fundamental American right. Of course, it plays right into the hands of the low-brow, rabble-rousing Right. What are we gonna do? The best and really only thing we can say is, “Well, I wish they weren’t building it, but they are, and hey, who knows, maybe this will be a good thing.” That’s all we can do. The Right knows this, they know we on the Left have no choice but to take this position, and so they have their meat to throw around and there’s nothing we can do about it but to remind people of the importance of the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. That’s it.

    So, enjoy your rotten meat, I hope you all choke on it (metaphorically, of course).


  12. Micky 2 says:

    “Well, Micky, I’d think any sentient human being who pays even the slightest attention to the news would agree that there is a concerted effort to make a big deal out of Cordoba House’

    Polls were taken on this long ago.
    The majority of Americans were not paid or organized into their beliefs.

    Yeah yeah yeah I know. According to you they’re all idiots.
    And besides…


    Constitution, bill of rights bla bla bla … no one is arguing that but still you think that diversionary tactic works.

    You guys are so damn guilty and afraid its not even funny. You dont even have the balls to stand up for common decency.

    Lets put it this way.
    I am fully whithin my rights to move in across the street from you and plaster my house with ten foot murals of GW Bush everywhere.
    But I wouldnt, Ya know why ? Because I’ve got enough class to realize thats the last thing you want to see as you walk out the door everyday.

  13. Micky 2 says:

    The Coalition to Honor Ground Zero has been around for almost ten years.
    Contrary to Pelosis witch hunt

  14. Micky 2 says:

    Its very frightening that this blooming idiot of epic proportions is third in line to the presidency. God awfully frightening.
    Nausea, goosebumps, tweaking sphincter just at the thought…

  15. It’s just so telling to see a conservative reveal their true stripes… “Constitution, bill of rights bla bla bla …”

    So telling.


  16. Micky 2 says:

    “It’s just so telling to see a conservative reveal their true stripes… “Constitution, bill of rights bla bla bla …”

    So telling.”

    Whats telling is that as many times as weve said we dont begrudge anyone their consitutional rights you morons have no other course but to bringing it up when its a question of decency and whether its simply a good idea or not. No one can really make the case that just because you have the constitutional right to do something means you should actually do it.
    So, be honest, put the constitutional issue aside and please try to argue the issue as presented.
    But you cant, because no one, repeat, no one, is denying anyone their constitutional rights.
    I’ll give you a little insight as to just how prevalent your weakness on this is.
    Weve been debating this elsewhere also and the same thing keeps happening. Liberals cant win this one so they keep repeating the same damn moot crap over and over.
    Check it out

    Micky Says:
    August 18th, 2010 at 5:05 pm
    “So in one hand you’re saying that it’s within their constitutional rights to have it, but in the other hand you’re saying we shouldn’t allow it?’

    Uh, No I didnt say “we shouldnt allow it ”

    I simply made my case why its a bad idea.

    Still, tell me, why wont Obama comment on the wisdom ?

    i dont fear the mosque
    Do I have to paste my comment on that all over again ?
    What is this, a f-ing merry go round ?

    The people dont want it.
    Its distasteful. Its offensive. It brings too much to mind for those whos loved ones died. Its the religion that harbors, hosts, and breeds the exact kind of a-holes that killed their loved ones and you’re too fcking scared to respect that they dont.
    If y’all were so f-ing brave you’d stop acting so freaking guilty, walking on eggshells and appeasing the world by telling them in agreement how rotten the US is.

    Robbie G Says:
    August 18th, 2010 at 5:30 pm
    @ Micky
    “What is this, a fcking merry go round”

    F-ing seems that way don’t it

    Its constitutional – but its a bad idea..

    Are you saying that we should ignore the Constitution…

    No it’s just a bad idea

    So you hate Muslims

    No it’s just a bad idea..

    The Constitution says we need to…

    Head pops….NO NO NO 1000 time NO it’s just a bad f-ing idea.

    Get it ?

    And please, as long as Barry is shoving trillion dollar unconstitutional mandates down our throat dont get me started.
    What was that some moonbat rep said the other day ?
    ” The fed can do whatever it wants, the constitution doesnt matter”?

    Hows that for “telling”?

  17. Dav Lev says:

    Flash, flash, flash, please excuse my mistake in the first post.

    At one time there were 500,000 Jews living in the Lower Eastside
    of Manhattan. Many have moved away, to the suberbs, or have simply
    died of old age.,their children preferring not to live in the hot steamy
    area. (Anyone visiting their roots or Jewish culture there knows what I
    am talking about).

    Many other minorities now reside, in the area from the Westside Highway
    to East Broadway and beyond, and up to 14th street.

    The include Chinese (in Chinatown), Italians (in Little Italy), Puerto Ricans,
    blacks, Polish immigrants and their children, etc.

    Had the Muslim terrorists succeeded in their original goal, hundreds
    of thousands of these people would have been affected.

    Yet, the mayor New York City, who himself is considered a Zionist,
    and cannot visit Arabia, or pray in a temple as he might wish, fosters
    the building of a mosque, intended to provoke US, the patriotic

    Yes, this has become political as expected, with liberal Democrats
    supporting everyones right to worship their faith wherever they want (except in Arabia), vs the Republicans, who are divided, some believing
    this wedge issue will just alienate people from the party.

    Folks, if Christians/Jews were responsible for 911, would we be
    building a huge church (temple) and community center so close
    to 911?

    My friends, the Muslims build mosques over churches after they
    defeat we Jews/ shows the supremacy of Allah over
    we “Infidels”.

    Let me suggest the following: when the Koran is changed to delete
    the phases, …behind a rock and tree where their hides a Jews, come and kill him, then we should allow a mosque.

    In the meantime, if the mosque is built, Bloomberg should be impeached,
    and the area protested..24-7. This is the least we can do for our 3200
    dead and 200,000 intended dead.

  18. Micky 2 says:

    Nothing a few hundred gallons of pork blood cant fix

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