The Ground Zero Mosque–What Nobody is Factoring In

I have been asked by many people why I have not covered the Ground Zero Mosque.

The simple answer is because the issue is so painfully obvious to anybody who is not a Jihadist or leftist that my words would be wasted. When it comes to analyzing Radical Islamists, American liberals need to be slapped upside the head by Jack Nicholson as he does his best Colonel Nathan R. Jessup, yelling, “You can’t handle the truth!”

I am not here to preach to the converted or educate the imbeciles of the world. I am here to try and sway those in the middle to come to the right by showing them the utter folly of the left. The Ground Zero Mosque has already caused the middle to recoil in horror, rendering my work duplicated.

Anybody with clear eyes can see that the Islamists in the Middle East will claim victory, fire guns in the air, and celebrate another successful battle in the holy Jihad war against the Great Satan.

Anybody with an ounce of honesty will see that this has nothing to do with “interfaith” dealings. This is one faith dominating all other faiths, which is what Radical Islamists want. Interfaith means having a synagogue and a church in the area.

When some nuns wanted to build a church near Auschwitz, enough people realized that legally right can still be morally wrong. It was insensitive, and the church got scratched. Even if the intentions of the builders was noble (it isn’t), true sensitivity means recognizing the feelings of others.

(Jayson Blair Times Spinster Maureen Dowd once commented about Cindy Sheehan that a grieving mother had an opinion that was “absolute.” She does not seem to hold the same view of 9/11 moms who have lost loved ones, since most of them are not leftists.)

Spending time analyzing Barack Obama is a waste of time. The man is gutless. First he proudly stands up for the right to build the Mosque.

(No, I do not think he is a closet Muslim. He is just a guilty leftist who loves the smell of his own rumpus.)

Then when he saw the reaction of the American people, he instantly backed down and said that he was commenting only on the legality of building the Mosque, not the morality of it.

This is garbage, even by Obama standards of being full of garbaggio. Legality was never the issue. We all know (or should know) that the permits were in order.

(Ironically, everybody in New York outside of Islamists have difficulty getting permits for anything. Try getting a zoning permit for a hot dog stand without bribing 30 different people.)

Barack Obama is the defective leftist superhero who was created when Platitude Man and Captain Obvious had a baby.

(Do not make a gay joke out of this, Captain Obvious could be female. You are all either homophobes or sexists for thinking whatever you were thinking.)

If a presidential candidate is asked about abortion, and they respond that it is a “complex moral issue,” that does not tell you where they stand. Barack Obama had a pro-Muslim position in front of a Muslim group, and a different position for non-Muslim America watching television. That is who he is, for those who forgot his various stands on the Israeli security fence depending on who he was lecturing.

President Obama then got defensive when people had the nerve to point out how full of hot air he was. Not only did he not comment on the morality, but he was now explicitly refusing to comment on it.

Mr. President, you should comment on it! Stop being gutless. Take a stand one way or the other. Stand for something. You have an opinion on everything else, yet on this issue you are more interested in following polls than leading. If you disagree with me, justify your position. Stop hiding.

As shocked as I am to say this, the voice of reason on this issue was Redeye host Greg Gutfeld. He suggested that next to the mosque we should build a gay bar. After all, if this is truly about tolerance, Muslims will accept people different from them who practice a lifestyle forbidden by Islam.

My only objection to Mr. Gutfeld is that I am horrified that he thought about this idea before I did. I am usually good at finding the most offensive solution possible and bragging about it. I concede this round. He figured it out, not me.

Yet there is one very serious issue about the mosque that should be analyzed, and nobody is talking about it. It must be discussed.

This concerns the backlash.

Anti-Islam backlash is occurring in small doses. France just banned the burqa. As I said when it happened, I was not comfortable with that action. However, I understood that Christians worldwide have just had enough of Radical Islam.

I don’t want any innocent people of any faith getting hurt. I remember when 9/11 happened, I was terrified for the safety of my very Americanized Muslim roommate. I did not even want him going out in the street for those first few days. He looked at me and said,”Eric, I’m from Philadelphia.” I looked at him and said, “A nutcase on the street might not know that.”

There were random acts of violence after 9/11, including the fatal stabbing of a Seikh man. Seiks are not even Muslims.

I do not want a single innocent life to be shed. Yet if this Mosque gets built…mark my words…it will be blown up. All the security in the world will not stop it.

There are one billion Christians. It only takes one of them to avenge 9/11 by blowing up the Mosque. I do not blame one billion Muslims for 9/11.

(Although I do blame them for not standing up in this country. Muslim leaders have been tepid at best and insidious at worst.)

I will not blame one billion Christians for one bad actor.

I will say over and over again that I am not endorsing violence.

I am just a realist. If that mosque gets built, it will have a very short life span. It will be blown to kingdom come.

Some will say that to do this would not be very “Christian.” While this is true, again, Christian America has had it.

(The Jews will not do it because they have enough problems, and do not need another reason to be afraid. Christians will not have such fears.)

Christianity and Islam are headed on a collision course. Muslims hate references to the Crusades, but Christians have realized that being nice has not worked. Their attitude is that either Radical Islamists knock it off, or Crusades Version 2.0 gets unveiled. It starts by letting Islamists know that Ground Zero will not ever be Islamist territory.

People will spend millions if not billions to build a building that will be reduced to rubble faster than one can say Twin Towers.

Some liberals lamented that to rebuild the Twin Towers would be a bad idea because it would be “asking for trouble.” So is building the mosque.

A rich person wearing expensive jewelry in a poor neighborhood does not deserve to get robbed. A woman wearing a short skirt in a bad neighborhood does not deserve to be raped. Yet in both cases the victim would be exercising bad judgment.

Blowing up the Mosque would be legally and morally wrong. Building it is still bad judgment.

Those insisting on building it do so at their own peril.


11 Responses to “The Ground Zero Mosque–What Nobody is Factoring In”

  1. Toma says:

    The wife and I were watching the news this morning and listened to the commentary on The Mosque. You are right as I mentioned to my wife this morning if The Mosque is built it will be destroyed.

    Most Americans do not want The Mosque. Most Americans who happen to be Muslem do not want The Mosque. So why would the handful of Muslems who want The Mosque demand that The Mosque be built. Simple, to cause division.

    Obama expressed support for building The Mosque and then backed up after realizing that his Muslemness was showing. It is hard to hide what you are when that’s what you are.

    I don’t believe The Mosque will be built at ground zero. The division has already been demonstrated and mission accomplished. It was all a divisive ploy and nothing more need to be done. Unless of course, the afore mentioned handful would like to see The Mosque destroyed or perhaps they could destroy it themselves. That would be more their motif.

    Now, I have a question. How well would a Christian book store be accepted near ground zero? It couldn’t even get an application for a permit, bet on it. And, if there are any Christian book stores in the area their future may be in question.

    It depends on how hard The Handful want to push.


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  3. “Those insisting on building it do so at their own peril.”

    The other day a Mossad agent was bailed out of jail for the suspected killing of a Hamas leader in Dubai. I understand why Israel does what it does to survive. It’s geographically small country with existentially serious threats. We are not. We are a huge country, with a huge military/colonial empire, with no serious threat to our existence.

    This comment, “Those insisting on building it do so at their own peril,” sounds like it came straight fomr the mouth of a Hamas leader, the sort of “leader” a Mossad agent would be instructed to keep an eye on.

    Feeling a little hypocritical yet?


  4. Toma,

    Rights are not decided by the plebiscite, right?


  5. Toma says:


    It depends on how one defines qualified voters. In the real world rights are decided by the reigning authority, or the most powerful.

  6. Micky 2 says:

    “Feeling a little hypocritical yet?’

    Not til they let us build a few churches and Synagogues across the middle east.
    And then there was that whole sneek attack on 911 thing.

    The bottom line is this. Weve got an emotional issue thats contested by a constitutional issue.
    Those emotions are not all that flexible while the constitution actually affords the supporters of the Mosque to put it just about anywhere they want.
    If they truely want to build bridges, create this atmosphere of understanding between Americans and the Muslim community they wouldnt be performing what is just punk a$$ intimidation as I’m sure they’re well aware by now how the majority of Americans feel.
    The goverment should have no play in this other than to uphold the constitutionality of it. Not stopping it, not helping it. Which is why Obama should of kept his yap shut. But, he made it political as soon as he spoke out of both orafices simultaneously.
    The problem is this.
    Erecting the center/mosque has driven us “the people” to act upon civil aspects ourselves by threatening to open gay bars etc next door. Thats all fine and dandy and feels great to say it but I’ll bet both nuts that going forward like that what we’ll end up looking at will become an escalation of hostilities and not some great kumbaya movement where white gay Jews, strippers and Muslims all come together.
    No one can argue the legality of this. But hopefully the ones behind this can see that they’re firing the flames of the people they say they want to embrace. I have a feeling there will be bad things happening that will result in the Mosque not being built or if it is it will be subjected to constant attacks in many forms.
    Comfort zones are not defined by the constitution. But still, we all know the discomfort of someone whos standing too close to us.
    It doesnt pi$$ me off so much that they came up with idea. What does pi$$ me off is the responses after Americans made their feelings evident.
    This one of those situations in life where you can only hope that basic civility and common sense come to play. If they dont, the results will work it out by its own means.
    I’m not threatening a conflict. I’m actully afraid it will escalate to one.
    Its punk bullsht and all we can do is hope this place slips up one day and gets shut down.
    That… can be arrainged. Stranger things have happened. Catch my drift ?

    (comments were mine, pasted from another blog on the same issue earlier)

  7. Toma,

    In a constitutional republic, rights are enumerated in the constitutional document, not by “qualified voters.” You sound like a Roman senator.


    If you saying that if middle-eastern aristo-theocracies don’t do something, we shouldn’t either, then you may as well call yourself a a “Saud.”


  8. Toma says:

    What constitution? Nothing was mentioned about a constitution. Qualify your terms or review definitions. A plebiscite does not need a constitution only a quorum.


  9. Toma,

    Rights – like the Right to practice religion – are enumerated in the constitution. They are not to be quashed by the plebiscite. You do get that, right?


  10. Micky 2 says:


    Christianity has come a long way in 2000 years. Islam has not.
    If they want the kind of rights they take advantage of here then it would only make sense for them to institute them in their own countrys.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    ” “Those insisting on building it do so at their own peril,” sounds like it came straight fomr the mouth of a Hamas leader, ‘

    nah, it sounds more like a homosexual walking into a biker bar just because he can…at his own peril.

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