Charles Manson joins the Obama Cabinet

Not since the Sierra Club engaged in bombings of fur coat manufacturers in 1983 has their been such a close link between environmental greeniacs and murderers. This is the world of eco-terrorism.

Eco-terrorism is the result of leftist who care more about trees than human beings.

Yet even I was not prepared for President Obama to sanction murder in his cabinet all in the name of environmentalism.

In what appears to be either a very bad public relations move or a soft on crime weekend furlough program that would make Michael Dukakis proud, Mr. Obama has decided to welcome a cold-blooded killer into our government.

Charles Manson is now in charge of a major portion of American environmental policy.

The man who once screamed “I’m your mother’s icebox” is now in our government.

(Actually Adam Sandler playing Charles Manson on Saturday Night Live said that, but either way it is pretty d@ng funny.)

Yes, America. Charles Manson is in our cabinet.

See for yourself.

They look exactly like this.

While many people will admit that the third picture is indeed Charles Manson, do-gooder liberals will insist that the first two pictures are of a harmless man named John Holdren.

First of all, he is anything but harmless. He is another leftist wack job who wants to create a green world, even if the gains of the evil industrial revolution have to be rolled back.

(Unabomber Ted Kazinsky agreed with this philosophy, and could very well have been Mr. Holdren’s second cousin.)

Yet forget his politics. Look at the man. Not since my tour of liberal arts colleges have I seen such sinister looking beards.

(Tangent…for those who watch Law and Order, always suspect the guy with the sinister looking beard. He did it.)

I know many people think I am suffering the same hallucinations that had me questioning why former New Jersey Governor John Corzine was hiding in my swimming pool. I know I should not have had the FBI round up Amish people and ZZ Top, not to mention some Chabad Rabbis.

This is worse. We cannot have Charles Manson setting environmental policy. Not only was he a killer, but even worse, he came about during the 1960s and 1970s. Nobody from that era should be allowed anywhere near power. I never dropped acid or wore leisure suits, nor do I want to be led by somebody who did.

Look at Holdren closer. He has one jaundiced eye that is bigger than the other eye.

Notice the anti-Republican newspaper Mr. Holdren is reading above.

This is critical for two reasons.

After three years, I finally figured out how to incorporate “Bill the Cat” into my blog. This has to happen more often.

(In the 1980s I had the presidential campaign t-shirt of Bill the Cat and Opus the Penguin that read “America’s ill and so is Bill.)

More importantly, Bill the Cat’s famous phrase is how all of America should react to John Holdren.


(Spitting up hairballs is optional. That might be made illegal if Mr. Holdren determines they are not environmentally friendly.)

Based on criminal profiles that are not as up to date as other techniques, Mr. Holdren is a psychopathic killer. This is obvious to anyone who has ever studied phrenology. Somebody check to see if the guy has bumps on his head.

Do not let this man kill the economy.

We must shave his chances of him gaining any political power.

The vote will be razor thin.

His ambitions must be trimmed.

He is scary. He is scraggly.

Mr. Obama, I draw the line at Charles Manson joining your cabinet.

Do what Bill the Cat failed to do when he ignored Nancy Reagan’s anti-drug campaign of the 1980s.

(Poor Nancy Reagan. Of all the ways to be mentioned in a Republican blog, this has to be among the worst.)

Just say no.


2 Responses to “Charles Manson joins the Obama Cabinet”

  1. Ah, yes, what could be more evil – more Charles Manson-esque – than trying to make a cleaner, greener world? Amazing.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    Safer, greener world? I did some simple math calculations.

    My State of Calif has about 40m people..give or take.
    We are growing at 2% year, give or take.
    Therefore, in the year 2050, there will be approx. 72m people,
    give or take. Los Angeles County will grow from 10m to 22m.

    The USA now has 305m people.It is growing at about 1% year.
    In 2050 there will be 400m give or take. By the end of the Century
    it will have over 750m people.
    (In 1938 there were 140m people in the US of A)

    The planet has 6.5b people. It is growing at about 2% a year.
    We can envision over 10b in 40 years..I dont want to think of
    the end of the Century.

    Yes, we need green power..sunlight/ power all that will
    be necessary to run the planet and keep the people from starving.

    But I have a suggestion..lets not dwell on fossel fuel and cap and trade
    (tell it to China/Russia/Brazil/India).

    Lets relocate people to the moon, starting with the Palestinians and
    Ahmads thugs. But please Obama dont take in 100,000 of them.
    I dont want to share my pool with people who want me dead.

    Get it.

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