Radical Islamofascists Murder Innocent Teddy Bears

I have been trying for 9 years now to convince everybody that the greatest threat to civilization is not some abstract concept involving something green, but Radical Islamists who murder people indiscriminately in a desperate attempt to spread a worldwide Caliphate.

Yet some people just refuse to be outraged by this. They are more threatened by George W. Bush and Sarah Palin, who as of this writing have never tried to murder anybody. In fact, their desire to preserve life is why the left hates them.

Many on the left care more about trees and animals than human beings. I have pointed out that on 9/11 the terrorists murdered trees and bunny rabbits. The left shrugged.

Yet finally, it seems that the terrorists have crossed a line so heinous that even leftist ostriches will have to remove their heads from the…well, let’s call it sand.

Todd Venezia of the Post Wires brought this chilling story of animal barbarism to my attention.

“Algerian Jihadists tried to launch a cyber-attack against the website of Israel’s historic Belvoir Fortress but instead wound up defacing the website of Belvoir Castle in Britain, which hosts a festive annual ‘Teddy Bear Picnic.'”

This is an outrage. For decades kids have been singing “and that’s where the teddy bears have their picnic.”

No more. These terrorists hacked a teddy bear website. They might as well have hacked off the heads of these young cubs.

It is one thing to shout about death to America and death to Israel. Plenty of imbeciles in this world hate Americans and Jews.

Nobody should hate teddy bears. You can’t hate Winnie the Pooh. How dare anybody attack Paddington! The Berenstein Bears brought so much joy to so many children. The terrorists looked at the Care Bears and decided that they did not care!

Islamists don’t like cute little bears. They don’t even care about caring, or sharing. In fact, some of the bad guys prefer swearing.

They are animals.

Actually, the teddy bears are animals too, but nicer ones.

Live teddy bears are not the only ones in danger. I bet these bloodthirsty Islamists even hate stuffed teddy bears.

That’s right. The stuffed animal you bought your child as a present for their birthday or a holiday…the terrorists hate those things.

These Islamists are monsters.

Like true terrorists, they even kill their own. I am sure some politically correct toy company has created “Burka Bear” for young Islamic children. Did the terrorists bother to think that some of the bears at this teddy bear picnic may have been Muslims?

No, of course not. In an attempt to hack the Jewish and American bears, cubs just getting through Ramadan became collateral damage.

So who is to blame for all of this?

Barack Obama.

That’s right. It is so obvious. It is as plain as the cute little button nose on a teddy bear’s face.

(For the uninitiated, that is as cute as it gets.)

President Obama is from Chicago.

What are the sports teams in Chicago?

That’s right. The Cubs and the Bears.

(Mr. Obama claims to root for the White Sox, but that is just to win over white voters. If he rooted for the Black Sox he would be accused of cowtowing to Reverend Wright, while rooting for the Red Sox or Reds would bring up more communism charges. Rumor has it Van Jones went to one of those games.)

(Also, the Bears got slaughtered by some Colts in the Super Bowl while George W. Bush was in charge, so maybe everything is his fault after all.)

So there you have it. Terrorists are murdering teddy bears while our president does nothing.

Mr. Obama never prevented this attack because he is obsessed with partisan politics. Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was one. He was from Chicago, and resembled a teddy bear. Teddy Roosevelt was the original Teddy Bear President, and a Republican. If these were liberal animals, Mr. Obama would save them.

(Provided it helped his poll numbers.)

Additionally, Barack Obama hates Wall Street because he cannot snap his fingers and make stocks go up. Who is fighting him on this? The bears.

This type of cyber attack would never have happened earlier this decade. Tony Blair would have cracked down. The new leftist running Britain is obviously to weak to stop such evil deeds.

Not since self-loathing Stephen Colbert (ironically pronounced Col-Bear, yet he hates bears) attacked these adorable critters on his show has such a sweet adorable group of animal lives been so threatened while the world watched as helplessly as a United Nations Bear Cmmittee.

I have done everything I can to convince America about the evil of Islamofascism.

If more teddy bears get murdered by Islamofascists on Mr. Obama’s watch, he will not be able to blame his predecessor.

The clock is ticking.

Liberals, wake up already. It was one thing when the Islamists murdered people.

Now they are after warm fuzzy critters. This will make children cry.

Do something Mr. Obma. You promised to fix everything. Fix this, and happy children will lead to happy parents.

As for your children Sasha and Malia, make sure the Secret Service is doing their job. Rumor has it they own Teddy Bears, and the terrorists will stop at nothing to hurt those little Cubs.

Oh, and if you can fix the Chicago Cubs, I will believe you are as superhuman as even you think you are.


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  1. “…the greatest threat to civilization is …Radical Islamists who murder people indiscriminately in a desperate attempt to spread a worldwide Caliphate.”

    ““Algerian Jihadists tried to launch a cyber-attack against the website of Israel’s historic Belvoir Fortress but instead wound up defacing the website of Belvoir Castle in Britain, which hosts a festive annual ‘Teddy Bear Picnic.’””

    ROTFLMAO!!! If that’s the greatest threat to civilization, then I’m very optimistic about its future! With enemies like those, who needs comedians? LOL!!!


  2. Dav Lev says:

    I dont know how many people come to this website on a regular basis?

    But for those that do, did anyone listen to Ahmad being interviewed last night on the liberal Charlie Rose PBS TV show?

    Ahmad, like Hitler is clever, maybe a genius.

    Being a crook is much more difficult than being honest, as we all know.
    It takes some ingenuity to fool law enforcement, cook the books,
    file fraudulent income and business tax returns.

    Many crooks are psychotic, chronic liars, with a straight face.

    Ahmad is both smart, and psychotic. He is also fooling much of the
    world. How then is nothing being done to stop him?

    Diplomacy, is useless, sanctions are futile, and he admits it.
    (Turkey, our NATO friend, is in a 5 year deal with him. China
    who we buy from, has trade relations.

    Our President said today that military action is not desirable.
    Duh!..His military chief said military action may be necessary if
    all else fails..which should be the govts position.

    Obama is undermining his own general, yet accepted the resignation
    of one of his best, recently, for a dumb interview, which meant nothing.
    We were winning in Iraq..now look at the situation, no govt, and we are
    beginning to lose again.

    Israel is the Zionist, racist state, that must be destroyed, along with
    all its supporters, according to Ahamd. That means me.

    I dont like people who threaten my life. Perhaps he would prefer
    we all just walk into gas chambers, as we did during WW2. You know,
    good hapless Jews, vs those who fight to defend themselves.

    Israel is now the focus of worldwise Islamic fascism, from Al Qaeda to
    Ahmads regime. It is convenient, the great scapegoat.

    And what is Israels crime, it was created by the UN, after being
    in existence for 5,000 years. Its people were around before Allah
    was even a concept. The so-called Palestinians are not what they appear.
    They are in fact the children of Arabs from Syria, Egypt, and Turkey, who
    migrated to Palestine when Jews developed the area.

    The Palestinians were originally from Crete..sea people, who became the
    Philistines. They were not Arabs folks.

    Ahmad decries the UNSC resolutions against Iran as the result of pressure
    on some of the council. He says he was told this on the QT. Sure.

    Ahmad says the protestors attacked police..which gave them the right
    to beat them up and torture them, like in any country. No mention of
    why the protests, or the fact that he called in the police and Hezbollah

    Ahmad says his country is doing just fine, sanctions and all. After all
    the stock market is going up and countrys are investing. Sure, like
    Brazil,Turkey and China.

    Ahmad says 1.5m refugees will be created thanks to the peace talks, which
    wont succeed. Refugees?

    Ahmad says the US gave Israel, the bomb. What, we invented it guy, or
    havent you heard.

    I guess anyone who says the Holocaust must be psychotic.

    But the Democrats and Obama still dont understand the danger to
    all of US. They are all bogged down in the mosque and Koran burnings.
    Like who cares? I dont.

    That is why we must vote all these dangerous liberals out in Nov,
    starting with Barbara Boxer, who voted against ending Husseins

    What she doesnt get is that as a Jew, she is given priority by
    Islamic Fascists.

  3. The only people Ahmadinejad is fooling is people like Dav Lev.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah right Jersey.
    Hes no doubt fooled the POTUS and the UN

    but, not to worry, kay bud ?

    Woodward just quoted Obama saying we can absorb another 911, no worries

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