My anti-Israel stance

The pressure of the 2010 election season has really gotten to me. I have now decided based on conditions on the ground to take an anti-Israel stand.

I am now anti-Israel.

For those who are wondering why the most pro-Israel guy who bills himself as the preeminent Jewish Republican blogger in the country would switch sides.

First of all, I am exhausted, and am clearly (e)mailing it in today. I began yesterday in Phoenix, flew to Oakland, drove to a rally in Sacramento, drove back to Oakland to address a tea party group, and then took a redeye to DC. I normally sleep well on planes, but a couple of screaming children put the kibosh on that. I am torn between having their mother sent to Guantanamo Bay or just deported anywhere. Children should be banned from planes altogether. They can be as cranky as I am at the moment.

Second of all, in this case being anti-Israel is the right thing to do. Israel has been around long enough and accomplished nothing that positively affects my life or the lives of others I care about.

I would drag this out longer before getting to the punch line or something else resembling a point, but for those who forgot what I wrote a few sentences earlier, my lack of sleep has led to a lack of effort.

So why would I possibly have anything against the nation of Israel?

I have nothing against the nation of Israel. I mentioned Israel, not the nation of Israel.

I was referring to Steve Israel.

While most of you at this point stopped caring, some of you at this point may be wondering why I have a problem with the former NFL player from the San Francisco 49ers.

Well for one thing, I never liked the 49ers. Their fans were insufferable.

For another, that is the wrong Steve Israel. He is not even Jewish.

The other Steve Israel is Jewish, and he needs to go. He has long held the New York Congressional seat adjacent to Peter King.

It is a spiritual part of America, with a King serving side by side with Israel.

Yet trying to join the King and take down Israel is John Gomez.

I have met John Gomez. He is a good guy, and a good conservative Republican. He is one of many underrated candidates Americans should look at in the 2010 elections. He has the support of Republicans as diverse as Michele Bachmann and Rudy Giuliani.

So just this once, Jews and evangelical Christians should be willing to act like United Nations diplomats and reflectively vote against Israel.

Say no to (Steve) Israel. Support John Gomez.

Oh, and while Mr. Gomez will be voting for himself and not his opponent, Mr. Gomez is pro-Israel. Well, he is anti Steve Israel but pro nation of Israel.

Now that I have done my part to defeat Israel, I can do what any good political soldier can do at a time like this.

Time for my nap.


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  1. I’m surprised that you singled out Steve Israel here, New Yorks answer to Joe Lieberman. He was a supporter of that insipid war invasion of Iraq. I know he took some heat recently for his support of J Street, but made it very clear that he does not endorse all their positions. Sure, he’s not a neocon, as some Dems essentially are, but he’s not the typical target of attack from the Tygrrrr Express. Odd. But I guess this is more about an endorsement of Gomez than a slam on Steve Israel. Gomez is pretty much a cookie-cut Tea Party type, spouting the same failed ideology of the recent GOP one-party-state past. If there’s one thing you can always count on conservatives to do, and that’s to live in utter denial of their failures, to the point of starkly obvious dellusion.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    I am a Conservative, somewhere between David Brooks
    and Newt. I will vote for Whitman and Fiorino next month.
    I want Boxer and Brown to retire to Florida and leave us alone for

    As a born again Jew, ( I was bar mitzvahed at age 13, did not attend synogogue afterwards for several years, then returned to the Sabbath
    service), I am in a small minority. I read the Conservative bible of course.
    It explains the prehistoric animals in langage we can all understand.

    Jews dont vote for Republicans. They vote for liberalism, or Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), the perview of the Democrats.

    They also vote for people who like to tax and spend, in the name of
    saving us from greed, and wanting to keep some of our earnings for
    discretionary spending.

    You see, Jews believe that unless the Democrats win, the Republic will fall into disrepair, we will be a failed state, we will be second to China,
    unless government spending is at least 40% of the gross domestic produc t.
    They dont care that the deficits will be a burden on their children and grandchildren, who will be mortgaged to the Chinese, (who just received
    a slap from our Treasury Department).

    Talk to a Jew, and he or she will tell you all about how difficult it was
    for their grandparents in Europe, who left and came to America, before
    people were unionized by these same people. They forget that prior to and during WW2, anti-Semitism was at an all time high,..and German American Bundists were lurking, waiting for the opportunity. Or as one friend told me, “He was on a battleship in the Pacific. The officer in charge told him, after we kill Japs, we will go after the Jews”.

    In Germany, in 1938, German police were heard to say the same thing
    after beating the US. Hmmmmm.

    Jews worry about global warmimg…saving the elephant seals,
    and saving the whales. After all, its been hot in California lately,
    very hot.. Must be global warming. As far as the seals and pups,
    just look at the films. And lets not forget the tuna fish, which are
    being caught to extinction by those Japanese. ( But tuna is
    sold all over California).

    Yes, we Jews are for the common man, the guy on the street.
    No matter that the Republicans are the people who risk their gelt
    in stocks and bonds..and otehr instruments, and even
    suffer losses sometimes ( AGI investors lost 500b).

    We pity the poor shelp who lost his home through foreclosure. After
    all, what nerve the banks had, convincing him to borrow hundreds of
    thousands to buy another Lexus, or boat, or take a vacation to Europe,
    all on the banks money.

    Did it ever occur to anyone that when someone purchases a home,
    and borrows from a banik, the money always goes to someone.

    Anyway, I also am against Israel, but not Steve. I am against Avi
    Llieberman the F.M. with a big mouth. The nerve of this bum..telling the UN that Arabs and Jews cannot live together or even side by side, at least not for a generation.

    He said there should be a tranfer of land or people..(Arabs). The Arab
    areas in Israel can go to a PA state. The settlements can be annexed by Israel. A fair deal, right? Wrong?

    How dare he say something contrary to his boss, who believes Jew and Arab can love one another after 100 years of fighting. Yes, Jew and Arab, breaking pita bread together..having exchange students..learning about
    one anothers culture and religion. Judenrein, forget it..they will learn to
    appreciate one another.

    BTW, there were two riots…this past week. In East Jerusalem,
    a security guard was ambushed..and he shot back, killing two attackers.
    Rioting for days ensued. The never of a Jewish guard, firing back.
    Oh these stick necked Jews, daring to shoot back.

    In Northern Israel, thousands demonstrated against the deaths of 13 Arabs 10 years ago..killed while attacing Jews, throwing stones on the roads, etc. How dare Jewish police defend Jews. Its unacceptable.

    Anyway, the Arabs today threatened by “fire and blood” they will avenge what happened. After all, this is not 1948, when they left believing they would return to all those dead Jews and their property. I mean, how could Jews defeat the armies of 7 Arab countries, including the Arab Legion (Jordan).

    Yes Mr. Lieberman, I hate Israel, and you for telling the truth no one wants to admit.

  3. Dav Lev says:

    What wont the Jews do to undermine peace in the M.E?

    Latest report from the Holy Land reveals 3 bombings of mosques
    in Arab towns in the West Bank (Fatah country).

    Palestinians report seeing a few settlers setting fire to a synagogue last week.

    Palestinian spokespersons say this is all meant to provoke a religous
    war ( hmmm.5.5m Jews vs 400m Arabs not including Muslims who aint
    Arab). It is being done to undermine the peace talks (even though
    the Pales have walked out til the freeze goes into effect again, throughout
    the territories).

    The settlers claim just a few are involved..and anyway, why arent the Arabs forbiddento build..the land after all is disputed, not part of a Jewish or an Arab state. The 48, 56, 67 and 73 Wars all confirmed the temporary
    status of the land.

    The Jews have built settlements on 3% of the West Bank….most of the remainder is Arab or barren.

    Jews say, if there are Muslims living in Israel, in peace and love,
    how come Jews cannot live in Palestine, in peace and love?

    I think its a reasonable question.

    Anyway, the P.M of Israel is having some difficulty getting a few months more on the freeze..from his own party and the settlers. You see, in Israel, there is a democracy and people voice their opinions.

    In the Gaza Strip (Hamas controlled), contrary voices are quickly shut,
    either by being thrown off of roofs, shot, or just plain hung.

    There is a bit more democracy in the West Bank, if you consider
    Hanan Ashrawi democratic.

    BTW, President Carter, is advertising another one of his books.
    He still clings to the settlements as the root cause of the worlds ills.
    If not for those settlements….He also likes No. Korea, Chavez and Casto.

    So much for wisdom.

    Perhaps the title peanut brain really does apply to him.

    I also hate Israel, and leftist Americans. You see, Hitler was a leftist.
    Dont believe me, read his NAZI agenda and platform. Look for similarities
    between the Reich and the Democrats…both hate corporations and love
    the land.

    Hey guys, I just got a send in ballot for Nov 2. Will vote straight
    Republican….and for legalizing MJ. (Hows that tobacco and beer).
    I have met so many people in hospitals and nursing homes who
    must use wheel chairs. Do you know why? Caus they smoked,
    something about circulation and breathing.

    Now if Whitman gets 40% of the Hispanic vote and 40% of the Jewish vote, she will win.

    Hey my fellow Jews, vote for her, its in your interests. And stop funding
    the liberals. They dont love us anyway.

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