Maybe Barack Obama is destructive for America

The gloves are now off. To quote a real adult, former Vice President Dick Cheney, they are off “big time.”

I have been as gracious with the First Toddler in Chief as I can possibly be.

It  seems Barack Obama will not now…nor ever…stop throwing temper tantrums.

In a Rolling Stone interview, he whined that Fox News is “destructive” for America.

Maybe Barack Obama is destructive for America.

After all, Fox News employees do not demonize Mr. Obama or question what is in his heart. They take a critical lens to his policies.

Barack Obama has the entire United States Government at his disposal. Much of that apparatus is used to harass and intimidate anybody who dares to disagree with him.

I gave Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt. I kept saying that he was a good person making wrong decisions. I never accused him of having malice in his heart.

To say that Fox News is destructive for America is malicious.

These comments are serious because when he attacks Fox News, he is really attacking their audience.

He is attacking me.

You see, me and every other conservative in this country are too stupid to think for ourselves. We believe what Fox News and radio personalities tell us what to think. This is as insulting as it is false.

Fox News exists because many Americans got tired of the overwhelmingly liberal tilt of every other news station. They wanted hard news, not leftist opinion and editorializing disguised as news.

I have said on many occasions that Mr. Obama is an inflexible ideologue who sees anybody who disagrees with him as either evil, or a completely misguided imbecile.

In an attempt to cover up his own failed record, he is willing to engage in more scorched Earth tactics to try and save his party from a massive electoral defeat that will be a repudiation of him.

I disagree with the president on issues. I never made it personal.

He is wrong on taxes.

He is wrong on trade.

He is wrong on Israel.

He is wrong on Iraq.

He is wrong on North Korea.

On issue after issue, he is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

This does not make me evil.

This does not make me stupid.

This does not make me destructive.

This makes me an American who loves his country and simply has a different vision for what I want America to be than Mr. Obama.

In 2000, I began by merely disagreeing with Al Gore. Then he said that the election was “a choice between good and evil.” At that moment it became personal.

In 2008, I disagreed with Barack Obama. In 2010, I am on the verge of saying it is personal.

Barack Obama is a crybaby who is too thin skinned to accept that not everybody is going to spend their day shoving their heads up his hide and admiring the view.

Fox News is doing its job. Even Barack Obama admits they do it well.

Maybe if Barack Obama did a better job of doing his job, he would not need to lash out at others for merely existing, breathing, and disagreeing with him.

Fox News exists because it has ratings. That is the free marketplace, something Barack Obama knows nothing about.

Fox News has the American people. More people watch it than the other cable networks combined.

Barack Obama attacks Fox News because he is not ready to take the ultimate step, which is to attack the American people for their opposition to part of his agenda.

Barack Obama has contempt for ordinary Americans.

He sneers at those who “cling to guns and religion.”

He looks perplexed at farmers, wondering why they do not grow arugula.

He saw his Caucasian grandmother as a “typical white person.”

He was convinced that the white police officer “acted stupidly” without knowing the facts.

This is Barack Obama. He has predetermined and unshakable opinions. He is right, and his opponents are enemies who need to be destroyed.

Maybe one day Barack Obama will be more concerned about solving Iran than Fox News.

Maybe one day he will go after the Mullahs with more passion and ferocity than American political conservatives.

Of course, if he did this, he would not be a liberal.

There is no need to work with this man anymore. He has his enemies list, and all conservatives are on it.

He is willing to tear everybody else down to prop himself up.

His toddler behavior is destructive for America.

So somebody please shut this baby up. Give him his pacifier.

Adults lead. Babies cry and complain.

Fox News is America.

If Mr. Obama goes after them, he goes after all of us.

Fighting back is the only solution.

I will not be demonized by this man. He is not God. He is just another man.

Lately, he is not a very good one.

He is just a man.

A destructive one who babbles about bipartisanship while poisoning the well of discourse.

He is just a man.


He is just a man.

Actually, he is not. He could be one day if he ever grows up.

For now, I just hope he for once in his liberal ideological life just shuts up.

If someone has nothing nice to say, they should say nothing.

Say nothing Mr. Obama.

America deserves better than your bile.


2 Responses to “Maybe Barack Obama is destructive for America”

  1. “After all, Fox News employees do not demonize Mr. Obama or question what is in his heart. They take a critical lens to his policies.”




    You’ve GOT to be kidding. right? This can’t be a honest, “real adult” opinion! I mean, HOLY COW, MAN!!! What a WHOPPER!!!

    “This president I think has exposed himself over and over again as a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture….I’m not saying he doesn’t like white people, I’m saying he has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist.” – Glenn Beck

    “Dijon mustard? (the presdeint asked for it on a burger) I think the president watched a little too muich televsion as a kid. (plays old Grey Poupon commercial) Alright, I hope you enjoyed that fancy burger Mr. President.” – Sean Hannity

    “(Is President Obama is getting) tripped up because he talks up, or at least uppity?” – Niel Cavuto–ms

    It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on…

    You’ve have to live under a rock to believe “Fox News employees do not demonize Mr. Obama or question what is in his heart.”


  2. Toma says:

    Obama has proven to me through his words, actions, policies and the people he has around him that he is a Marxist Muslem. Now if this fact is demonizing him then so be it. The statements quoted above are true statements made by people that work for Fox News. Personally I don’t have a problem with any of the statements or the fact that these people are employed at Fox News. I do have a problem with the fact that Obama and his people scare the hell out of me. I do believe that he is a destructive force that must be dealt with carefully until we can replace him.


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