Only Massive Palesimian Deaths Will Bring Peace

A couple of days ago some Palesimian savages (redundant, I know) murdered four innocent Jews, including a pregnant woman. These victims were civilians. After claiming responsibility for the killings, Hamas leaders celebrated their deaths with victory chants.

Everybody from Barack Obama on down to the most useless forms of life known as European United Nations diplomats lamented that this might disrupt the peace process.

I will explain for the millionth time why Palesimians do this.

The reason…just because.

That’s it. Palesimians murder Jews because that is what they do. I know many people truly wonder if water actually is wet, and actually, yes it is.

The Palesimians have never given up violence because peace has never been their objective. Their objective is the destruction of the state of Israel and the removal of every Jew from “Arab” land. When the Palesimians talk about “Palestine,” they are talking about all of Israel.

Their solution is to keep murdering Jews.

So again, for the millionth time and beyond, the only solution is for Israel to wage war and win.

I will say it again. There is no peace process. There never was.

A peace process is possible when both sides at war categorically renounce violence as a solution, lay down their arms, and refuse to pick them up again no matter how glacial the dialogue. Until violence is totally eliminated as an option, there can be no peace process.

Northern Ireland had a successful peace agreement because the Irish Republican Army stopped using bombs as an intermission between rounds of jawboning.

The Palesimians have never renounced violence. If they put down their weapons, there would be peace within hours. They know this. They refuse to do it for one simple reason.

The Palesimians do not want peace. They want the total and complete destruction of Israel.

When Palesimians say they want a homeland of Palestine, they mean every single square inch of Israel, not just the disputed territories.

Palesimians are nothing more than defective Arabs who need to be returned to the manufacturer who created them. That creator’s headquarters can be found several million feet below the Earth.

There is not a single thing that these savages bring to the world that can remotely be considered positive, unless one is a fan of senseless murders of innocent individuals.

80% of Palesimians support Hamas, so the ones not spending every waking minute trying to murder Jews are statistical aberrations. Even by Arab standards, they are outliers, the very definition of skewed.

The solution is for America to have a president who will support the Jews rather than try to be an honest and equal broker between vastly unequal parties. This American president will allow the Israeli Prime Minister to deport every Palesimian out of the land of Judea.

Where will the Palesimians go? Nobody should care, as long as they go. The ocean is lovely this time of year. That is where they want the Jews to go. Since they want the area occupied by the Jews, we should give them the area they want us to occupy in the future. Knowing them, they would probably try to take the ocean anyway if Jews built boats there and subsisted.

Palesimians are Arabs, mainly from Jordan, some from Egypt. America can provide Jordan with money to be used on Palesimian relocation assistance. America can then take steps to make sure that Jordan does not massacre them all like they did in the 1970s when they killed one million of them. We can watch carefully. Or we can pretend to care and let Jordan run wild. What would the U.N. do, something?

America pressures Jordan to take them in. Israel relocates them. Then the world worries about more important matters, such as…anything.

There will never be peace as long as Palesimians accept waging war as an option. They will never give up that option. Therefore, the only solution is to win the war.

While Ehud Barak is discussing giving up parts of Jerusalem, Hamas is calling any deal unacceptable. Abbas cannot control Hamas. Therefore, there can be no peace.

Israel is at war. It must win to survive.

There is not one single Jewish instance of murder against Palesimians. Everything Israel does is in self-defense. Benjamin Netanyahu has a moral obligation to defend his nation.

It is time for Israel to defend itself once and for all, and end this state of perpetual war with Palesimian barbarians.

If every single Palesimian has to die to prevent the murder of one more dead Jew, then let’s get to work.

My hope is that enough collateral damage will allow the statistical non-genocidal aberrations in Palesimian culture to surrender in peace while retaining their lives.

I am not optimistic.


11 Responses to “Only Massive Palesimian Deaths Will Bring Peace”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    The problem with Eric’s remedy for the conflict, is basically this:
    it is not a remedy.

    There are several proposals on how to end the 100 year old war.
    Drive all the Arabs out of the West Bank and East Jerusalem into
    Jordan and Syria.
    Re-divide up the land (Western Palestine) from the Sea to the
    Jordan River, relocating the Israeli-Arabs in the Galilee for example
    to Jordan or a Palestinian state. The Jewish settlements in the territories
    would become part of Israel proper.
    Allow for a one state solution, with Arab having full rights, to vote, etc.
    Split the West Bank away from Israel as part of another Arab state (two
    state solution). East Jerusalem’s Arab neighbohoods would join the W.Bk.
    Make a greater Israel, from the Med to the Jordan River, giving
    Arab Palestinians 2nd and 3rd class voting, etc., or allow them
    areas similar to boroughs..which they would control, and voting rights in,
    but not in Israel itself ( 67 borders).
    Return the Gaza Strip to Egypt and W. Bank to Jordan and internationalize
    Create two states, but bring Israel into NATO. ( to defend against
    Iran, etc.).
    Use the 1m man Israeli army to finally destrloy Hamas and or Hezbollah, once and for all. Send in 5,000 tanks, and use Jericho and Popeye Missiles.
    Nuke Iran and hit Lebanon and Hamastan equally hard.
    Create two states..between the Med. and the Jordan River, one
    Jewish, the other Muslim. Make the 5 major settlements part of Israeli
    territory, but give the Pales a link to the Strip in exchange. Give
    the Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem to the new state. Demilitarize
    the W. Bk. Deal with Hamas by sealing off the Strip (Egypt/Israel) and
    reduce their influence. Give the Old City (sans the Jewish portion) to
    the Pales State.
    Your choice.

  2. Micky 2 says:

    Only a complete f*cking idiot would allow a neighboring terrorist state to prosper to the point they could expodentially improve their offensive/defense/radical capabilities.
    What dont you and you kumbaya cohorts understand about a relentless enemy with a relentless agenda ?
    Every damn thing you’ve suggested has been proposed or tried and failed.
    Over and over.
    We had this debate, you presented ideas you said were new. I presented history that showed you wrong.

    Enough is enough, especially when what we just saw was a blatant attempt to disrupt another halfa$$ed pose for peace.

    Face it, they’re a bunch of punks who need to be b*tchslapped into a dry well

  3. Jeez, Micky, what was that? A preemptive debate? LOL!

    I just have a few of questions about this plan of our good host’s:

    Then what? Does he really believe that would erally change anything? Israel is heavily dependent on Palestinians for labor. Shall we send our Mexicans over there to offset the labor drain?

    Exactly how would this be accomplished? Would the Israeli military just plow through the West Bank and Gaza and force-march everyone out of there and kill the rest? Really?

    Does our good host really believe the Palestinians weren’t already there? Does he really believe most of them are from Jordan and Egypt? If so, where does he get this information? I’ve never heard anything like that before.

    And finally, most Palestinians, regardless of what they think about Israel, are peaceful. Doesn our good host truly believe that further displaing these people will somehow create less animosity? Really?

    I think this is one hellaciously dumb idea.


  4. Oh, and Micky, it’s hard to call Palestine a “state.” A “state” has tangible borders, a recognized government, a say in its affairs. Palestine, for all intents and purposes, has none of that. Palestine is not a “state,” unless by “state” you mean “in a state of disarray.”


  5. Micky 2 says:

    ‘ I’ve never heard anything like that before.’

    I’ve showed you the stats from many sources outlining where todays so called “Palestinians” came from.
    State shmate whatever. The point is that it would be national suicide to allow a neighboring people who hate your freaking guts and have backers with all the money in the world, this close>< to nukes,and allow them to prosper.
    Their track record and intention is clear to even the biggest idiot, no accounting for liberals.
    And whats this crap that Israelis need Palestinian labor ? How far up your a$$ did you have to reach for that one ?
    Just another pretentuous set up so you can call the Israelis slave drivers ?
    As a matter of fact Israel is the only country in the middle east that allows diversity and free trade among its neighbors and across the planet so it makes no sense that would be dependant on one people for labor anymore than we truly need illegals taking jobs that Americans actually would take. I’ve been to the “pay same day” employment agencies all across California looking work myself at times and trust me, theres just as many Americans that would work as laborors in construction, landscaping and service industry as there are illegals.

  6. Micky 2 says:

    Honestly, how many other countries would tolerate repeated attacks on their innocents before they did something substantial ?

    Only one… us.

    talking peace with the palestinians while their a-holes still run wild is like screwing in the name of virginity

  7. Micky, and for that matter our good host,

    “Palestine” is a latin – Roman – name for that part of the world. That word – Palestine – goes back over two millenia. It refers to the local, indigeneous or not, people of that region. “Arabs” and “Jews” all share a common ancestry with the people of that region. Thye’ve been there for a long, long, long, long time. The only differential is religious/cultural/linguistic. Even those differences – to someone like me, looking from the outside in, with an educated perspective – are functionally insignificant. Yet these terrible, horrific, tragic problems persist.

    If I had an answer – or thought you guys did – I’d yell out “Eureka!” and head out for our Nobel prize, but unfortunately life isn’t that simple.

    As for your glorious review of Israel, I’ve got news for you, Micky – it’s just a state. It isn’t heaven on Earth. Otherwise, you Christians would be wrong, right?


  8. Micky 2 says:

    Thats besides the point.
    Dinosaurs were extinct millions of years ago. I cant just up and call my dog a T-rex and say the whole world is his.
    Actually, the word “Philistine” is what contributes to the main foundation of the word “Palestinian” and existed long before Latin ever assigned any such word. The Philistines which were basically a bunch of morons, converged on Cannan and later became known as Palestinians, or Caananites.
    Today Palestinians are just bunch of punks who got together from neighboring Arab states to form a coalition of Jew killers conveniently right after WW2 the Balford accord and the decree by the league of nations.
    Call Israel what you want. They need Palestinians for anything like you need another hole in your head.

    “You Christians”

    Man, you’d better stock up on the Ginko buddy, or lose your pathetic generalizations. You forget who your talking to. Its not about my adherance to any particular doctrine or religion.
    This is about basic right and wrong. I fail to see how even an atheist based on human decency could condone what the Palestinians are doing.
    i’ll just assume that in your case it because the left hangs a little higher than the right, effecting your thought

  9. Micky 2 says:

    “and head out for our Nobel prize,’

    keep it, they mean as much as your crys of racism

  10. Micky 2 says:

    But hey, that didnt stop you morons from giving one to the bigoted racist lying sack of crap murderer Arafat

  11. leonkushner says:

    I loved the frank honesty of the article. I would think it totally obvious that you can’t make peace with an enemy who wants to kill you. Therefore the only way to have peace is to get rid of the enemy. I’ve read the other letters with all kinds of suggestions. My favorite solution (for real), is to give them money to leave. With all the billions of dollars spent by Israel for security (ie. posting guards at all buildings, building the fence, maintaining a state of the art military defence, etc., why not use a fraction of that money to simply pay the Palestinians to leave. Giving each family a few hundred thousand would send 95% merrily on their way to the US (their arch enemy), Canada, UAE, etc. The other 5% who refuse the offer would have to leave at gunpoint. Then Israel takes over the Gaza strip and the West Bank. After that, any mortar, missile or any other attack coming from Israel’s neighbours would result in a proper air attack that would bomb the area from which the initial attack came from. Just like in the old days in the 70’s and 80’s when the IDF air force would bomb the towns that the terrorists lived.
    Would innocent Arabs die as a result? Possibly, but how innocent is a person who witnesses a terrorist attack but does nothing to stop it from happening in the first place? If Israel’s neighbouring country’s governments do nothing to stop terrorists in their midst from attacking Israel, then they are equally guilty in the terrorist attack and deserve what’s coming to them.

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