Why President Obama is Failing

I will not be dealing today with the murder of 4 innocent Israeli Jews by savage Palesimians. I need a day to calm down and temper my rage. Palesimians are a scourge of the Earth, and their ceasing to exist would improve this world. For those trying to separate the good from the bad, the good ones will condemn this murder, as well as Hamas and Hezbollah itself. Cue the chirping crickets.

Now on to President Obama. My remarks are not about his speech yesterday. The speech itself was not bad. Mr. Obama is way too dispassionate for me, but his remarks about President George W. Bush were gracious enough. My criticisms of him today are based on his overall presidency since taking office. Yesterday had some positive overtones, but unless it becomes a trend, it remains an aberration. His overall presidency is failing.

Right off the bat I want to make it clear that Barack Obama is my president.

I did not vote for him. I am totally comfortable in having not voted for him. I disagree with most of his agenda and am supporting candidates who will work to defeat that agenda and implement policies more to my liking.

Yet he is still my president. I don’t want to see him fail, especially on the world stage.

Given that he is a liberal and I am a conservative, he will not listen to me. Yet the Americans in the middle who decide elections are not happy with him. The left can complain that the voters are not sophisticated enough to understand his brilliance, but snobbery like that doesn’t convince the masses. It only makes them more entrenched in the other direction.

Barack Obama is failing, and this must stop for the good of the country.

I am not ready to declare him a failed president. He has plenty of time to turn it around.

Before he can turn it around, he must take steps to show that he gets it. His biggest flaw is his unwillingness to adapt.

The first thing Mr. Obama needs to do is to stop whining. He needs to man up and grow a pair.

George W. Bush inherited a slowing economy and a collapsing stock market. By the time he was sworn into office, the NASDAQ had lost 90% of its value and the DOW was plummeting.

There was not a single time when he blamed Bill Clinton. George W. Bush simply put his head down and did his job. This was before 9/11. With a razor thin majority, he got his tax cuts passed. Growth was stimulated.

One can vociferously disagree with his policies, but at least he enacted them. Had he spent every waking minute blaming Bill Clinton, he would not have been able to get anything done.

Every time Barack Obama (and his many subordinates) blames George W. Bush, the people see him as smaller and smaller. He has had the job for almost two years. It is his job to fix the problems.

Those on the left romance the economy as eight fabulous years of Clinton followed by eight awful years of Bush. This is false. Both presidents had exactly the same circumstances. They had bad conditions in year one, very good conditions in years two through seven, and a bad eighth year. To blame the 2008 financial crisis on President Bush and then use that to invalidate the virtually perfect economy of 2001-2007 is as wrong as blaming Bill Clinton for the 2000 economic meltdown and invalidating the years 1993-1999.

Barack Obama is failing because he will not take the steps necessary to fix the economy. I agreed with George W. Bush’s economic plan and disagreed with Clinton’s plan. However, there is no denying that both men immediately went to work on the economy. One cannot deny that both men made improving the economy their top priority upon being sworn in.

The second thing hurting Barack Obama beyond his whining is his stubbornness. He campaigned on a bad economy but got elected and focused on healthcare. He bragged that his plan would lower the deficit while reducing costs and improving coverage. Yet now Democrats are being told not to say this on the campaign trail. His plan is troubled by the fact that the numbers do not add up. He knew this. He didn’t care. He rammed the plan through against the will of the people. The people begged him to focus on jobs he did not.

More importantly, time is finite. Every minute spent on healthcare was a minute not spent on the economy. The rationale of now or never on healthcare is understandable. However, the drastic economic situation should have forced him to adapt and rearrange his priorities. The American people were not talking about healthcare. They wanted jobs. He didn’t listen.

The third problem is his seeming unwillingness to adapt. When the Republicans lost Congress in 2006 it was not because of the economy, which was humming on all cylinders. The public was frustrated with the War in Iraq. President Bush fired Donald Rumsfeld (who I liked), hired David Petraeus (a phenomenal leader), and instituted the surge. It took losing an election, but President Bush got the message, adapted, and won Iraq.

In 2008 President Bush signed the original bailout package of 800 billion. I was against it on free market principles. I disagreed with him. Yet he put aside his own longstanding free market beliefs himself and signed a bill that was contra to those beliefs because he felt that this was an unprecedented situation. That is adapting.

Barack Obama could say that the extraordinary situation America is now facing has forced him to change course (he can still Blame Bush if he needs to on this one). Therefore, while it totally goes against his philosophy, he is enacting business tax cuts. Income, capital gains, and other business taxes will be sharply reduced. The Bush tax cuts will be extended (although making them permanent would be better). He can even cite President Bush enacting the stimulus as a precedent for his shifting position. He can still claim to be against the policy, but blame the terrible times for forcing him to do it. It would be smart policy and smart politics. He can then take the credit when the tax cuts (as they always do) work.

The stimulus bill Obama signed has failed. Again, it is too soon to say his presidency has failed. Yet this specific policy has had enough lag time. President Obama condescendingly declared that spending is stimulus. This is not true. The stimulus consisted of big money payoffs to unions and other liberal interest groups. It did not lead to shovel ready jobs. Temporary census workers now know what temporary means.

The jobs are not coming back because employers are afraid to hire. They are hoarding cash because they believe correctly that Mr. Obama is raising their taxes (letting the Bush tax cuts expire) and increasing their costs (especially healthcare).

This leads to the fourth and last problem with Mr. Obama. He is incredibly pompous. In short, he is a typical pointy-headed academic. He can spout theories, but has never actually run a business or held any executive position. He is so positive that he is right that it leads him to demonize those who disagree with him.

Disagreeing with his healthcare law means being against any kind of healthcare solution, rather than just supporting-a different one. Disagreeing with him on border security means one is anti-Mexican rather than concerned about sovereignty. Questioning his budget busting liberalism brings out cries of racism, rather than admitting that conservatives find him no more insufferable and wrongheaded than John Kerry, Al Gore, or Michael Dukakis.

Mr. Obama got elected for the same reason that every president since the modern television era has gotten elected. He was the most likable candidate.

He was likable when he ran for president. I disagreed with him, but found him to be an affable enough fellow. He was more likable than Hillary (a relatively easy task), and came across as more optimistic than John McCain, who often seemed dour.

Barack Obama is not likable when he demonizes political opponents. He is not likable when he is condescending toward the voters. He is not likable when he keeps blaming his predecessor (who to this day is as gracious as ever).

President Obama cannot blame the culture of Washington. Every president has that. He is no different. Yet his unwillingness to work with the other side has only hardened their opposition. Had he truly reached out, they would have been committing political suicide opposing him. His inflexibility allowed them to respond in kind.

Barack Obama must stop whining, stop being stubborn, learn to adapt, and stop demonizing those who disagree with him.

He needs to order his subordinates to knock it off, since it reflects badly on him. He absolutely has the power to make them stop.

In short, it is time for the childish temper tantrums to stop. He needs to enter adulthood.

This means learning to be flexible in a heartbeat. Flexibility does not mean compromising beliefs and principles. It means not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

He protested that he was not an ideologue. The fact that he even had to say that meant that the perception had taken hold. Richard Nixon said he was not a crook. These are defensive comments.

The economy is not recovering. It may not be completely cratering, but the “recovery” is a myth.

This does not even begin to get to foreign policy, where all the same flaws in Mr. Obama’s character apply.

It does not begin to get to racial issues, where too many times he has injected himself into situations and further polarized the discussion, rather than defuse it. Again, Mr. Obama simply needs to end his rigidity, which leads to predetermined and often erroneous conclusions.

Barack Obama is not a bad person. He is not evil. I do not hate him.

I just wish he would be more of a leader. Leaders do not focus on the past. They focus on the future. Somewhere from being a candidate to winning the election, “Yes, we can” turned into, “I could have but my predecessor prevented me.”

Ronald Reagan was a leader. Ronald Regan did not become Ronald Reagan by bashing Jimmy Carter. Reagan became the man many lionize today because he had a clear, positive vision for America. Then he took steps to implement it. He had setbacks, and lost congress in 1982. Yet he retained his optimism and made people feel good through his efforts. His words were matched by his deeds.

Barack Obama has the potential to succeed. The issue is if he is capable of making the hard personal choices to reach that potential.

He wanted all of us to change. It is he who has to change. He is very good at lecturing everybody else. If he can look inward, admit his flaws, and change himself for the better, he can still have a successful presidency.

It is up to him. The clock is ticking for him and all of us.


15 Responses to “Why President Obama is Failing”

  1. “The first thing Mr. Obama needs to do is to stop whining. He needs to man up and grow a pair.”

    You see? This is why we liberals say conservatives simply lack sophistication. This is not an adult, asute critique of the preident. This is a lowbrow, immasculation the sort of which we hear from insecure teenagers. I’ve never heard the president “whine” about anything, and he obviously has a huge “pair, or he wouldn’t have made that meteoric rise to the presidency in the first place – just trying was an amazing feat. But conservatives use words like “whine” and “grow a pair” to feminize the president, only making the conservatives themselves look trifling, misogynistic, and adolescent to mature, rational adults. This blog should be above that sort of silly nonsense.

    And just what could George Bush have “blamed” Clinton for? For handing him a books in the black? What? Was he going to blame Clinton for pursuing the same deregulatory policies as himself? Was he going to blame Clitnon for the tech crash? Would Bush have done anything differently? This is comparing apples to oranges. Obama is absolutely right and correct to remind Americans at every turn that it was the failures of the Bush/GOP One-Party State that so damaged this nation to its core. They did it. They are responsibile. And if the American people are too stupid and fickle to recall these facts, then Obama needs to educate them every chance he gets. I know for an absolute fact that if the situation were reversed, you conservatives would be giving your chosen president the exact same advice.

    And to separate healthcare from the economy shows a complete ignorance of both sectors. Healthcare is a huge factor in the economy, and healthcare inflation has been out of control for years. Just the same, most Americans not being the brightest or most imaginative of folks, the reform itself is politically unpopular. It took true conviction and a giant “pair” to get healthcare reform done, proving your assessment of Obama’s character complete wrong.


  2. Toma says:

    But then I’m a lunatic, unhinged, radical, racist. How low brow is that?
    Oh, I’m also a dangerous extremist because I’m a veteran. Oh I forgot, I’m also a stupid uneducated dupe because I disagree with you and your leader and his ideology and his policies.

    Just repeating some of the terms you and your fellows use to describe me and my follows.


  3. You can disagree with Obama’s policies all you like. I know I disagree with many. But this underhanded rewriting of history and these adolesecnt attacks on Obama’s manliness are just pathetic.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    “You see? This is why we liberals say conservatives simply lack sophistication. This is not an adult, asute critique of the preident. This is a lowbrow, immasculation the sort of which we hear from insecure teenagers.’

    Yeah, as Obama would say; “they acted stupidly”

    Spare me the crap …puleeeeeeese.

    Leftist morons are know for saying the stupidest evil crap I’ve ever heard in my life.
    By the way, you have no idea how tired everyone is of hearing the incredibly imaginative high brow left call us Nazis and racists.

    Give it a rest.
    We swear it up at your blog and then you come here and give Eric sht for that milquetost analogy ?
    yeah, he does need to grow a pair. Or would you posers be happier if we suggest him seeing a doctor to treat his low testosterone ?

  5. Micky 2 says:

    “But this underhanded rewriting of history ‘

    No, you’re to re-write the debate. Its not about history. You were b*tching about words.
    And talk about “childish”. You’re the kid who painted the horns on Bush at your blog

  6. Micky 2 says:

    BTW, Eric, this has been one of your better pieces.

  7. Toma says:

    Jers, you write a blog?


  8. Micky 2 says:

    Click on his moniker/name

  9. Toma says:

    Nice lay out. I read some of the posts. I think I’ll send all my income to the Democrats instead of just a third. They will need it to clean up the mess the conservatives have made of our economy. I realize now how inept I am taking care of my affairs. I’m such a foolish squanderer of my resources. I really need someone smart to take care of me and my family, and the liberal Democrats say they want the job.

    That is the inference.


  10. Well, Micky, we swaer it up at my blog because I like to swear, and I think it’s cathartic, to be honest. Eric, ironically, keeps it very prim and proper around here – which I do respect – but then won’t hestitate to say things are just kinda teenagy sometimes: the misogynistic references about women’s looks, feminizing political oppenents. It’s wierd to me. I guess we all have our idiosyncracies and peccadillos.

    Now, of course, I was responding to BOTH his attack on Obama’s manliness and his assertion that somehow Obama is wrong to remind us of where we are today and wrong about why we are there.

    Toma, if you give “Democrats” a third of your money, then you really need a better accountant. That doesn’t sound like a poltiical problem to me. ;)

    Thanks for the bump and the compliment guys!


  11. Toma says:

    You got me on that one Jers, actually I’m retired and only do part-time day work. Your site is nice good luck. With your permission I will visit.


  12. Eagle 6 says:

    I tried to get on Jersey’s site a few weeks ago, but the cyber patrol won’t allow it – they don’t mind teenagy yummie bouncies, bull spit, and peeling the banana, but curse words are prohibited…so I’ll be visiting in a couple months when I leave AfWhackistan and join the disunited states of America…

  13. Toma says:

    I just opened it and read a couple of posts. I didn’t try to comment. The cycops might not let me in either. Hurry home Eagle we need you here too. I have a son-in-law coming over sometime early next year. We are really dreading it.


  14. Micky 2 says:

    “the misogynistic references about women’s looks, feminizing political oppenents.’

    Hmmm…you wouldnt be talking about leftist attacks on Palins appearance…would you ?

    I swear it up too.
    Mostly because it gives moonbats the opportunity to bash my grammar instead of address the claims and facts that they cant argue.
    It works like a charm

  15. Eagle 6 says:

    Thanks Toma… I’m in the safe zone – so as long as I don’t venture outside the confines of Camp Blackhorse, no IBA required! Of course, working with Afghans is like 50 First Dates, but each battalion usually has one or two leaders who have lights on behind their eyes…so just when I think there is great hope, I wrestle with the concept that my interpreter is getting married in one week…and he has yet to meet his bride…and they will have an Army of infants…Ah, this is the true legacy of Ishmael…
    If your son is near Kabul, have him look me up. [email protected]. (no one knows me by the listed name, so I think it’s safe to put out there)…

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