Stephen Colbert and our esteemed Congress

Stephen Colbert has finally illustrated how worthless and useless congressional liberals are.

He was invited by Zoe Lofgren to testify on Capitol Hill on an immigration issue.

One question must be asked.


Some will say that he could not have lowered the bar or reduced the dignity of the institution because it was in the toilet long before he arrived. The Pelosiraptor and the Zofgrentaor are after all two main bastions of uselessness.

That is irrelevant. The goal is to fix Congress and make it better, not surrender and dumb it down even further.

I personally like Stephen Colbert. I find him hilariously funny sometimes. Unlike John Stewart, who is merely a pompous @ss who posing as a hipster, Colbert actually has a comedy routine more clever than telling conservatives to go (redacted) themselves. Stewart offers hate speech disguised as comedy. Colbert pokes fun ina  way that is not vicious or destructive.

Colbert’s monologue before congress was funny. It was also inappropriate.

I rarely agree with John Conyers, but he was totally right when he asked Colbert to leave the hearing room.

Congress should be doing actual real work. The Pelosiraptor is complaining that she does not have time to get to tax issues. Was Colbert’s testimony more important?

Colbert spouted amusing nonsense, but the problem was not him. He did what he does, and he did it well.

The problem is that the Democratic Party has this obsession with talking to people who play roles on tv but do not listen to real people who actually live their lives.

Liberals are Hollywood, which is why they worship it. This is why they would consult with Titanic director James Cameron on political issues rather than deal with the fact that our nation is sinking like the Titanic.

What comes next?

Do we ask Lindsay Lohan to testify on teenage drug use?

Do we have the cast of Jersey Shore or the Real Housewives of Jersey discuss…well…anything?

Should Lady Gaga due to her last name be asked to testify about Gerber baby food?

We are becoming a nation of imbeciles, and it must stop.

John Conyers is wrong on many issues, but he came across as a man who genuinely cared about the serious business that congresspeople are there to do.

The world is on fire. Terrorists are trying to kill us. The dollar is crashing. Unemployment remains sky high.

I speak for a living, and my presentations are comedic. I respect what Colbert does. Yet there is a time and a place. America is on the verge of financially dying, and comedians should not be performing at funerals or in the hospital while the doctors are furiously trying to save the patient.

Then again, maybe the Democrats have already killed the patient, and a little levity is an attempt to distract the public from the code blue.

The Pelosiraptor lowered the bar long before Mr. Colbert spoke. I can only hope that next month she is fired, so that some serious politicians can get down to doing actual real serious work.


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  1. Colbert was asked to testify because he was one of the only 16 – he was one of only four at first – people who had at that time signed up for the “Take Our Jobs” campaign, which you conveniently neglect to mention in this piece. So, either you did not watch the testimony (I did and thought it was poignant), or you simply want to bash Democrats for $#@!# and giggles, completely ignoring the serious issue at hand.

    “Take Our Jobs” is a campaign set up by the UFW and their president, Arturo Rodriguez, to see if Americans truly want to, or can, do the “jobs Americans do not want to do.” Given that all of 16 signed up, I think they made their point. Rodriguez and Lofgren had recently been “interviewed” by Colbert about farm issues, specifially the use of undocumented labor by the agricultural sector. Colbert offered to partake in the campaign, which he did in his usual hilarious style.

    So, you can certainly see the connections and why Colbert was asked to testify. Also, I think Lofgren and Rodriguez correctly believed that Colbert, a master of the word, could well articulate the issue, as he did. It’s sad to see so many compaints about his appearance on the Hill. I didn’t know we had guest restrictions in the People’s House. With all the sleazy scum I’ve seen testify before congress, I thought Colbert was quite the breath of fresh air.


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