Election 2010–My message to liberals

Election 2010 is almost upon us, and no matter what the results, I have a message for liberals that they need to hear over and over again.

Liberals…pay attention to me closely.


You have not mattered since the 1960s. You can win elections from time to time when people get bored with the right, but you cannot govern.

The Democrats seized power in 2006 by standing for nothing. Republicans helped them along with sex scandals and out of control spending.

For two years the Pelosiraptor stood as speaker with zero on the agenda. She blamed President George W. Bush, saying that if only the Democrats controlled everything, a broad agenda would be passed.

The agenda was poison for America, but at least for once liberals would advance their beliefs and be principled.

No, because if they did then they would not be liberals.

Cap and Trade…thankfully dead.

Gay issues…the left favors gay marriage but will not have the guts to advance it. Either repeal “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” or don’t repeal it. Take a stand either way. Having the president “study” the issue is nonsense. There is nothing to study.

Some will say that liberals should get credit for passing their awful health care bill, the most significant piece of leftist legislation in decades.

If the legislation is so great, why are they running away from it?

Because liberals are gutless little rats unwilling to admit who and what they are. They have to fool the American people because they cannot even stand up for what they believe.

(A rare exception is Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. He is fiercely defending his health care vote, and expressing pride in doing so. This is called being principled.)

For 28 years, Barbara Boxer has not done anything resembling real work. Her entire career is hating Republicans.

(She just sent a letter to public schools asking teachers to recruit students to help with her campaign. This is illegal. Of course, Boxer is a liberal, so the story will be largely ignored.)


This is all the left has left.

Joyless Behag (Nee Joy Behar) is reduced to calling Sharron Angle the B-word.

Jon Stewart is holding a rally for inconsequential people to spread misery and attack other people who actually do matter. No doubt the ground will be trashed when they leave.

Barack Obama is reduced to groveling in front of this miscreant talk show host, who calls him “dude.”

(We cannot even upgrade the First Crybaby in Chief to “First Dude,” since Todd Palin earned that title by engaging in activities of substance while married to Sarah Palin, the queen of substance and normalcy despised by the shallow abnormal left.)

Bill Clinton heads a rally in Michigan and nobody shows up. When you can’t even get union thugs in Detroit to support you, you know you are irrelevant.

Hillary Clinton is hiding somewhere around the world, distancing herself from the liberal debacle.

Candidates on the left are running to the right to save their jobs. Truly moderate Democrats like popular West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin are running to the right of Zell Miller to stay employed, firing shotguns through cap and trade. This reminds me of Bill Clinton duck hunting and performing an execution of a mentally retarded Ricky Ray Rector during the 1992 campaign, in addition to Michael Dukakis sitting on the tank in 1988.

If you want to run as conservatives, join the Republican Party and actually be conservatives.

The Pelosiraptor is staying liberal because she has a safe seat. Why should she care if Joe Manchin could lose? He is not a true leftist, so she cares not at all.

To understand the very essence of what makes liberals so vile, ask them a simple question.

Are you proud to be a liberal?

Unless the answer is a resounding “yes” without equivocation (think Marv Albert, minutes the backbiting), then those liberals need to do what they do best.

They need to curl up in a fetal position, suck their thumbs, and one day work up the courage to get back to their only skill, despising conservatives for disagreeing with them while the American people side with the conservatives.

This is not about the 2010 elections. This is about the last 40 years.

Ronald Reagan won the cold war. George W. Bush led a successful war on terror.

Both of those men cut taxes.

They stood for something.

The left still thinks that JFK and Camelot exist. If FDR were alive today, he would smack liberals not for their beliefs, but for refusing to have the guts to publicly state them when it counted.

The left has lost the debate because they cannot and will not demand that they be judged on their “record” and “accomplishments.”

When conservatives lost the 2006 and 2008 elections, I never blamed the voters. I blamed Republicans for getting full of themselves and getting away from governing properly, and getting enmeshed in scandals.

Conservatism is now revitalized with true believers who wish to cut spending, cut taxes, balance the budget, and strengthen our military.

Liberals offer nothing but crying, shrieking, and name-calling. Nothing even remotely resembling a policy exists, nothing the left would publicly admit to supporting anyway.

Don’t get complacent, Republicans. We have won the debate but we still need to win Congress and governorships to prevent corrupt leftist census redistricting in the years to come.

It is time to play whack-a-mole and send these liberals scurrying back to their hideouts where they can cry and complain to each other in remote undisclosed locations where the public so disgusted with them does not have to look at or listen to their revolting sniveling personas.

The movie Caddyshack bragged about “The slobs vs the snobs.”

(The left treats the right like slobs because the left are snobs.)

The left now consists of the slugs (slinking away) and the smug (insisting they are the true oracles as they slink away).

Whether they slink away or get dragged away kicking and screaming, they will go away. The SEIU cannot rig every single ballot machine in enough time if conservatives fight them.

In 2008 Barack Obama said “Elections have consequences. I won.”

In 2010, it is payback time.

Liberals complained that they inherited a mess.

No, liberals are the mess.

The economy was just fine until the Pelosiraptor took over congress and Barney Frank helped drive the economy into the ditch. The Republican economy of 2002-2006 was great. The Pelosi-Frank economy of 2006-2010 was miserable. Pelosinomics and Frankonomics battered consumer confidence in this country.

(Republicans did not lose in 2006 because of the economy. It was doing well. Iraq was the issue.)

The left destroyed the economy and cannot fix their own messes, nor own up to them.

The public knows the left is impotent.

It is time for the children to be sent to bed and for the adults to take over.

Liberals, I do not care if you use your baby bottles or your thumbs. Just sit there quietly since you will not dare state what you believe.

Attacking conservatives is boring. You had the power. You screwed it up.

You failed, and all the Jon Stewart hate rallies will not save you.

(Axis of Anti-Semitism leader Arianna Huffington is paying leftists to attend the rally and transporting them, as is Oprah Winfrey. This is to prevent the humiliation Bill Clinton just suffered in Michigan. Liberals only care about restoring sanity when they are given free stuff, such as tickets and transportation. The people who attended the Glenn Beck rally actually have core beliefs, a concept the left attacks because it is beyond their grasp. Paid mercenaries never do comprehend true believers.)

All of King Obama’s horses and men will not put Joyless Behag back together again.

All the botox in the world will not prevent the conniption that will split the Pelosiraptor’s face when reality sets in and that speaker gavel is ripped from her clenched fists.

Republicans who advance will do so by being conservatives. Democrats who survive will do so by not being liberals.

Ballots do not need to be counted. The verdict is already in.

Liberals…you don’t matter.


10 Responses to “Election 2010–My message to liberals”

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  2. Wow. Only a conservative would say that of full fifth of his fellow Americans “don’t matter.”

    One problem with this entire post, of course, is that you confuse liberals with Democrats. While one in five Americans identify themseklves as “liberal,” more than two in five identify as “Democrat.” Further and completely belying your argument, just as many (if not slightly more) Americans identify as “Democrat,” or “leaning Democrat” as identify as “conservative” or “Republican/Republican leaning.”

    So, however you choose to label them, Liberals and Democrats do matter, but Democrats are not nearly as Liberal as you say they are, while Republicans really do tow the conservative line, at least enough to keep conservatives in line with them regardless of what they actually do. Meanwhile, Americans are pretty evenly divided by party, but not by actual beliefs, proved the huge number of “swing” independents, and polls over the years consistently showing that most Americans are rather progressive whether they would label themselves as that or not.

    The most stunningly absurd part of your argument is that notion that somehow on the very day the Democrats took the House and Senate, the country entered recession. You are positing, without any substance other than pure chronological circumstance, that nothing that was done before 2007 caused the collapse that came upon it. It’s so intensely silly as to prove once and for all – conservatives simply do care about honesty, integrity, or the good-faith stewardship of the nation. All they care about is winning elections.


  3. blacktygrrrr says:

    I am going to directly enter the fray today. (Also, I will not be commenting on the possible bomb plot involving suspicious packages until we know more.)

    “One problem with this entire post, of course, is that you confuse liberals with Democrats.”

    Not at all. I chose my words precisely. Democrats can be relevant again if they get away from liberals, a shrieking and shrinking minority. Bill Clinton understood this.

    “The most stunningly absurd part of your argument is that notion that somehow on the very day the Democrats took the House and Senate, the country entered recession. You are positing, without any substance other than pure chronological circumstance, that nothing that was done before 2007 caused the collapse that came upon it.”

    Every once in awhile I set a deliberate trap. I will spring it after the election, but this is an entire column in itself.

    Stay tuned!

    eric :) aka the Tygrrrr Express

  4. Micky 2 says:

    “Only a conservative would say that of full fifth of his fellow Americans “don’t matter.”

    Only a liberal/progressive a$$hole in Chief would call the majority of Americans ready to strip you morons of your power in 4 days “enemies”.

    “Americans are rather progressive whether they would label themselves as that or not. ”

    Weve always been a right of center mostly Christian nation. Its not even debatable.
    The only reason the swing was to the left in 08 was because people were tired of war and wanted to either win or get out. None of which Barry has seriously accomplished since theres still 50,000 troops in Iraq and things are reverting back to insurgency.
    Its one thing when the independents and moderates swing away from a sitting administration. Its an a$$ kicking when even devout democrats dont want to be seen with the cheif and are running from his failed policies.
    Its that exact delusional arrogance in your post that sets the example for why yer all havin yer butts handed to you…in pieces.
    You all failed to recognize this countrys people for who and what they are. You played the typical liberal card that says were all too stupid to know whats good for us. As a result you shoved the “whirlled peas” down our throat and now its coming back up, in your face.
    As I only said a hundred times Jersey.
    Its really stupid to assume everyone is dumber than you.

    Maybe now you’ll understand what I mean

  5. Dav Lev says:

    Lets get one thing perfectly clear, Democrats are liberals, Republicans
    are compassionte moderates or conservatives.

    Democrats believe, (mistakenly) that more govt is better govt.
    All the Feds have to do, is print morey, or increaes taxes to pay for
    (what we Jews say) Tikkun Olam.

    Tikkun Olam is “repairing the world”.

    In other words, we have a responsibility to save everyone.

    To do that, we print money, or increase taxes.

    Under Bush, the interest rates were minimal…GDP at the highest
    ever, inflaton virtually nil…we put hundreds of billions into defense
    industries. We stopped Islamic fascism from more 911s ( no more
    WTC bombings). we got on Islamic charities which give money to
    terrorist groups, we ened Al Qaeda in Afghistan and Iraq.

    Saddam Hussein, murdered over 1m people after he took over the
    country. He was found in a hole, and was hung. Absent his fall,
    his sons would today be in charge…allied with Ahmad in Iran,
    and Khan in Pakistan. They would have meetings regularly with
    Chavez (Venezuela )and Jong (Korea).

    Examine Barbara Boxer. She was against our invading Iraq, both
    times. Come the final jihad, she would be the first to be detained,
    arrested, imprisoned and who knows what, by the extremists.

    Obama is a kind, sympathetic, intelligent, inspirational man.
    Inspiration is good for students. Deeds and works are what count.

    Yes, 35m people, are now eliegible for health insurance, and students
    under 26, who can remain under their parents policies.

    Folks, teenagers and young adults dont get sick.
    Folks, 270m Americans had insurance.

    Soooo, while 35m people are unemployed (underemployed) and losing
    homes faster and faster..Obama and his advisers concentrated on
    35m Americans, most of whom dont need or want insurance.

    Jimmy Carter says perhaps a Republican Congress is good for the country
    and good for Obama. Perhaps.

    Robert Reich, former labor secretary says the rich must be taxed
    higher rates..they dont spend money anyway. Hmmmmmm.

    Bush’s war was Iraq. Obamas war is Afghanistan.
    Bushs mistake was in staying. Obamas mistake was in
    continuing, sending in thousands of soldiers, when the real
    enemy lies 1,000 miles to the East. Its called Iran.

    While all this is going on, Obama gives money to the Pales
    who are trying to unite with Hamas (Strip), which today, had
    tens of thousands protesting the peace talks, shouting”death to

    Mr. Obama doesnt get it, as nice a guy as he is.

    Folks, its time for a change. If you are a minority and are told
    minorities always vote Democratic..think about the above.
    Where in the bible does it require anyone to vote for the Democrats.

    Remember, Hitler was a liberal. Read his agenda and his platform.

  6. Eric,

    Liberals are very disappointed and disaffected with the Democrats right now, as you full and well know. The Democrats are far from being in the sway of the liberal wing of the party. Anyone who says otherwise is simply playing politics and not looking at things the way they really and obviously are. If Obama had managed to achieve universal healthcare, a return to more progressive taxation, a real Keynesian respose to the recession, and a few other liberal demands, he and the Democrats would not be in the position they are on now – because they wouldn’t have alienated half their base.

    Contrary to the silly and ignorant belief that “Democrats are liberals” it is a easily demonstratively provable fact (that any idiot could look up in minutes) that only about half of Democrats are “liberal.” Sure, they all may be relatively liberal compared to the extreme right, but only about half of Democrats identify as liberal. Most are rather mainstream and moderate, with a strata of views that run the center/center-left spectrum of American political thought.

    More proof? Remember “Reagan Democrats?” Democrats are far more amenable to voting accross the aisle than Republicans. remember, there are and have always been more Democrats than Republicans. Democrats are the Big Tent.

    The main them we’re hearing in this election is that the Republican base (like the Tea Partiers) is “energized,” while the Democratic base is “demoralized.” What they mean by base, of course, is the die-harders of the parties – the 20% or so each of the far left and right ends of the political spectrum.

    What this tells us is that the Democrats have not governed left enough to energize their base.

    This simple equation belies the entire notion that “Democrats are liberals.”


  7. Oh, and Dan, that whole “Hitkler was a liberal” thing is the single sleaziest, stupidest, nastiest, phoniest, scummiest thing I’ve ever read. You should be ashamed of yourself. To compare the NAZI party with modern American liberals is the most insipid pile of sleazy turd ever shat out by anyone.


  8. blacktygrrrr says:

    As the son of a Holocaust survivor, I am against invoking Hitler, Nazis, brownshirts, or any other simile in any connection with any American politician.

    George W. Bush was not Hitler. Barack Obama is not bringing us 1930s Germany. We have to keep the gloves up. There is a major difference between arguing about taxes, trade, and foreign policy, and implying that our political opponents want to put us into ovens. Such rhetoric weakens the true horror of the Holocaust.

    It was also horrible for President Obama to tell a Hispanic group to punish their “enemies,” meaning Republicans.

    Hate speech is wrong. Stick to policy. My criticism of liberals is their refusal to do this.


  9. Dav Lev says:

    To those Democrats who still intend to vote for Jerry Brown,
    please, please, read Saturday’s LA Times, a very liberal paper
    for the truth..and as my Christian friends tell me, “The truth shall set
    you free”.

    Jerry Brown was a flower child. Anyone growing up in the 50s, 60s and 70s knows it.

    His father, helped make the University of California, the best
    university system in the world. Jerry almost ruined it, among other things.

    He was against Prop 13, then enforced it vigorously..and was applauded
    by the originator, Jarvis.

    Again, meaning, he favored the high taxes on property…as values
    were going up, taxes increased commensurate, according to
    state law. After it passed, more and more people realized that
    it applied also to strip malls ( proliferated afterwards to a fault).

    The property tax increases were limited however, per the new law.
    In essence, property taxes were held to 1.25% of the appraised value
    of the home, or residence (see websites on the Net for more info).
    It gets complicated. The municipalities had to juggle fees, fines, etc.
    to compensate for the lost revenue from the state.

    But this is just the beginning..he was so thrifty, he slept on a mattress
    according to the report, and denied legislators their legal expenditures.

    He did aid the farm workers…and intervened in a strike.

    He almost destroyed his fathers greatest achievement, the university

    What will he do now with the State colleges, which are about to raise fees to over 4,000 year? The universities under Brown Sr, charged 65.00 a semester. Get it.

    He added minorities to a fault to state positions..including the inexperienced. Take a look at his car pool lane fiasco..while
    tens of thousands of motorists were stalled or bumper to bumper
    they could not enter the diamond lanes w/o a car pooling.

    And on and on and on.

    Yes, Meg ran a poor campaign..and her controversial maid problemo
    didn’t help with Hispanic votes. Did she know or didnt she?
    Could she have seen throught the perfidy of a false SSnumber?
    I dont kinow. Bernie Madoff fooled people out of 16b in his ponzi
    scheme, before his sons tattled to the SEC or FBI. These people
    had CPAs and tax sttorneys but trusted this crook.

    Sometimes its hard to see through fraud..done cleverly. That is
    why its harder to be crooked.

    Carla Fiorna ran a large enterprise. Barbara Boxer runs off on her

    Enough said.

    To my fellow MOTs…vote your interests..they are best for our state
    and nation.

    Remember, Hitler was considered a liberal., though his
    tactics were admittedly brutal. Go to his party’s platform..
    compare it to what the liberals say today.

    BB voted twice against taking out Saddam, a junior Hitler.
    He murdered his own people, by the tens of thousands.
    He killed 1m Iranians using WMD. He almost made an atomic
    bomb, if not for we Jewish Israelis. Then what?

    Today, Yemen sends a few small explosive packages, and the
    country goes bananas. Compare, if Saddam used a suitcase
    nuke bomb in Chicago, or New York or Los Angeles.

    Obama speaks to audiences, who love and admire him.
    Thats okay. But look at who they are, the naive sheepish collegte
    ]students, the minorities who see in him a messiah, the labor
    unionists who got huge pay checks and pensions while GM
    and Chrysler needed US to bail them out, caus no one bought their

    After 2 years of a do nothing administration ( oh yes, 35m people now
    have health insurance), we can really CHANGE things..back.

    I watched Bush Jr. applaud the win yesterday by the Texas Rangers.
    There is hope. He was RIGHT all along.

  10. Dav Lev says:

    The 3rd Reich did not start out preaching the deaths of
    millions of people. Tragically, it gravitated there.

    It was an outgrowth of some inequities after WW1, as we all know.
    Germany was in a mess..its inflation, people fighting one another.

    It did take on a dynamic..which lead to WW2.

    I would not want to compare the Holocaust to our politics.

    Lets be frank, many people in Germany thought Hitler was a passing
    fancy..he was clownish..a boring soldier during WW1.

    But Hitler understood the hatreds between peoples, in German and
    Europe and prayed upon it.

    In France, he had the police round up and deport Jews and others
    to Drancy, before shipment to Auschwitz. He planned the same
    for England.

    Obama helped pass a health insurance plan, which requires everyone
    to buy insurance..if not, the IRS will knock on their doors.

    Has anyone ever been approached by the IRS? They levy, lien
    and summons for information. They seize the right, title
    and interest in assets. They investigate people who they think
    coimmited fraud OR who are turned in by others for alleged fraud.
    They have a reward system based on the taxes collected.
    They also hired 3 collection agencies to collect delinquent taxes (
    since rescinded).

    Obamas administration has deported over 350,000 thousands illegals
    last year (read LATimes). There are 11m illegals to go. It will
    cost 60b by some estimates. People married to US citizens and children
    are affected. Yet, the Congress cannot pass decent legislation.

    In Afghanistan/Iraq…US military personnel are exposed to danger
    all the time. But when poppy plants are seized by we and the Russians
    their leadership is critical. Something about sovcereignty.

    I ask, how are the Taliban getting their revenue?

    Believe me.

    Iran wants to talk, to engage to sit down with the West after their
    one year lapse. They say they want discuss Israel’s military might,
    while planning to bomb Tel Aviv. They deny their enrichment if
    for a bomb.

    Talk about another Holocaust…Ahmad is prancing around the world
    threatening another one..and nothing is being done by our army
    with 3 aircraft carrier groups in the Persian Gulf.
    Get it!

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