Election 2010–Lower Level Races

Tip O’Neill once said that all politics is local. Many people argue over abortion and gay rights, yet many others simply want the potholes on their street fixed.

Local politics can be incredibly boring, but it matters.

This past week I have endorsed Governors, Senators, and House members. Those endorsement lists will all be updated before the election.

Here are some local races around America I care about. I have met these people, and they are good people.

Check them out.

ALABAMA–State Senate Clay Scofield

ARIZONA–City Council Shawna Thornton

ARKANSAS–Assessor Tommy Thompson, Judge Rick Davis, Justice of Peace Susan Wilkins

CALIFORNIA–Assembly Al Waisman, State Senate Nachum Shifren, Assembly Alvaro Day, Assembly Craig Deluz, State Senate George Runner, Assembly Nathan Mintz, State Senate John Stammreich, Los Angeles City Council David Barron, Secretary of State Damon Dunn, Controller Tony Strickland, Mayor Hermosa Beach Kit Bobko

Abel Maldonado for Leiutenant Governor. Normally I would not care about at Lt. Governors race. I suspect they do less than Joe Biden. However, Gavin Newsome is the Democratic nominee. Some people would love for Newsome to be the Lt. Governor to get him out of the way, but if the Governor dies, Newsome becomes Governor. This cannot happen. Support Maldonado.

Steve Cooley for Attorney General. Cooley has been a very good District Attorney in Los Angeles after the disaster that was liberal social engineer Gil Garcietti. Cooley understands that prosecutors are not hired to sing Kumbaya with criminals.

FLORIDA–Attorney General Pam Bondi, State Senate Ellyn Bogdanoff, House Majority Leader Adam Hasner

GEORGIA–Attorney General Sam Olens

IDAHO–Superintendent Tom Luna, State Rep Ralph Perez

MARYLAND–Holly Henderson for House. She is a black, female Republican who sought my endorsement by email. I looked her over, and I am happy to do so. Maryland needs a breath of fresh air.

NEVADA–Judge Bernie Zadrowski, Judge Suzy Baucum, State Senate Elizabeth Halseth

NORTH CAROLINA–State House Theresa Yon, Judge Anne Marie Calabria

OHIO–Treasurer Josh Mandel

SOUTH DAKOTA–State Senate Dan Lederman

TEXAS–State Rep Bill Zedler, Judge Matt Rinaldi, Judge Melissa Goodwin

VIRGINIA–Delegate Jackson Miller


2 Responses to “Election 2010–Lower Level Races”

  1. YA’ know, I saw a couple of Judges in there. For the life of me, I will never understand why we elect judges! It strikes me as so profoundly unwise. A judge should be a person who is above politics as much as possible. Now, of course, judges are political animals just like the rest of us, and appointed judges, especially those with tenure limits, will be motivated by politics. That’s life. But elected judges are pure political entities. They answer to the whims of the people first, and then the law, and that is dangerous to our society.

    I’d like an amendment to the constitution that bans all judicial elections in America.


  2. Actually, come to think of it, we should constitutionally ban all elections of law enforcement and judicial positions as well.


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