Theories on the Juan Williams Firing

As reported the other day, Juan Williams was fired from National Palestinian Radio.

As we get close to the 2010 elections, it does matter why this man had his reputation and integrity attacked. There are several theories as to why exactly he was fired.

The first theory is the ideological bigotry theory. Juan Williams is a liberal, but he is not hateful. He does not despise conservatives. Despite a lifetime of civil rights activism as a proud black liberal, he does not detest conservatives for merely existing and breathing as many liberals do. He has defended Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly from charges of racism, making it more difficult for the rest of the left to use that broad evi brush to demonize opponents and dominate political discourse.

NPR is a leftist bastion of hatred, and Williams strayed from the leftist plantation. He had to be removed before NPR became forced to air opposing viewpoints and have people see those viewpoints as reasonable.

The second theory is the George Soros theory.

Soros is a convicted felon, which the world must be reminded of every time he opens his criminal mouth. He was convicted of insider trading in France, and makes his living destroying currencies and spreading misery. He owns the Democratic Party and funds leftist bile worldwide. He hates Fox News because their opinion commentators have the nerve to tell the truth about him and his leftist crime syndicate.

“Americans Coming Together” is really about ripping Americans apart. That is what he funds. Juan Williams has appeared on Fox News, and Soros wants to destroy Rupert Murdoch and Fox News. Al Qaeda is not the enemy of Mr. Soros. Fox News is. Firing Williams was a message to the entire left that they had better fall in line. He draws the line.

Yet a third theory is even more sinister than George Soros. While Soros is a certain type of evil, he does not overtly murder people. He hates America as much as Islamofascist terrorists, but they are more evil than he is since they overtly murder people.

Juan Williams may have been fired because NPR caved to the Council on American Islamic Relations, known as CAIR.

CAIR is a terrorist organization. They respond by claiming that any criticism of CAIR is a criticism of all Islam. No. That is a lie. 99.99% of all Muslims are good people. CAIR associates with the remaining .01% of Arab Muslims who are terrorists.

They can protest all they like. Money laundering and financing terrorism is terrorism.

Juan Williams expressed a genuine concern about Muslims wearing their garb on planes. He was not advocating a policy change, just expressing a personal feeling. Islamists have gone after everybody from Theo Van Gogh to Salman Rushdie to South Park. They pressured NPR, and NPR caved.

So which theory was the real reason Juan Williams was fired?

I do not know. They are all plausible.

More importantly, why does this matter?

Because NPR is a welfare child of taxpayers. If they want to be a totally private company, they can keep their books closed. If they want my money, they had better come clean.

It is time for Republicans to for once in their cowardly lives to not back down. NPR should be defunded until the leftists running it disclose their operations.

This is not just about one radio host losing his job. This is about an entity receiving government money to advocate a political ideology that is against what many taxpayers believe. There may be machinations and pressure from everybody from George Soros to Al Qaeda.

NPR is not some harmless entity broadcasting cooking shows that bore people to sleep. It is a leftist enterprise that associates, however loosely, with the worst elements of global society. It does not matter which specific group cost Juan Williams his job. They are all bad.

As with everything else, we should do what leftists hate more than anything except conservatives.

We need to get to what leftists desperately need to suppress to survive…the truth.


6 Responses to “Theories on the Juan Williams Firing”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    Actually, I thought they fired him because he was just a conservative plant.
    I went vacationing, been outta the loop. But isnt that the rationale whenever two parties agree ? Ones a plant ?

    I guess from now on when I generalize and say “moonbats are screwing up the country” I’m going to have to be more specific and give an enumerated list of just which ones I’m refering to.
    Besides, I jumped on the plane right when all this started. Did Juan not say it was those Muslims who indentified themselves “first” as Muslims in Muslim garb and not Americans that made him nervous ?
    Hell, if little green men were flying our planes into buildings I’d be nervous if I saw one on my flight.
    But hey, thats just me.
    And probably Juan also

  2. Micky 2 says:

    But, when churches recieve tax breaks they’re supposed to holster their political feelings ?

  3. “We need to get to what leftists desperately need to suppress to surviveā€¦the truth.”

    I guess we have new bunch of wacky conspiracy theorists: NPR Truthers!


    Nobody cares about this story. We’ve got serious issues to worry about.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    ‘Nobody cares about this story.”

    You wish.
    Its pretty serious when a station that espouses freedom of speech all day long shuts it down when its not PC or contributes to a competitor.
    It also goes to more fed bucks being wasted. It also goes to Soros and Co. buying reporters and outlets.
    It goes to controlling the speech, and thats huge bro whether you like it or not.
    I know, you’d love for this to go away…it wont until the franchise gets defunded, off the air, or Williams kicks NPRs arse in court

  5. Dav Lev says:

    “Jews should have been forced to live in Uganda during WW2, that was their only salvation.” “Jews have 60% of US money and control the Democratic Party”. “The Democratic Party better do what Jews want it to”.
    “The Jews stole the land from the Palestinians”. ” “Jews helped Hilter prior to WW2, then complained he was hard on them”. “The Holocaust was
    a Zionist plot to create Israel, and garner sympathy for this effort”. “Those dead, are not Jews, but German soldiers”. “How could so many Jews’have been killed, it was physically impossible to burn them”.

    And finally, “Jesus was not a Jew”. All of the forementioned were told to me by nice, American people..not Muslims however, admittedly. I can print 50 more anti-Semitic and anti-Israel statements, but wont now.

    A bishop at the Vatican recently said that present day Israel is not in the bible, and there is no such entity as the chosen people, the Jews. All of mankind is chosen, and besides, the Jews have brutalized the Palestinians.

    Hezbollah, according to a French paper, has 10,000 operatives manning
    40,000 rockets, shipped to them by Iran, by way of Syria. They are
    being guarded by 3 Hezbollah units..and the training by Iranians.

    So much for UNSC resolution 1701. (Ending the Israeli-Lebanese war).

    A Palestinian official is threatening they will terminate any agreements made wiht Israel under Oslo 1 and 2, if Israel threatens the peace process ( continues to terminate the freeze put on 10 moonths ago, for construction in the W. Bk and Jerusalem).

    A high Egyptian official says it will be Israel’s fault if the peace process fails. All the consequences will fall on Israel’s shoulders. The freeze must be reinstated. Failure to do so, with the Pales walking out, will create
    a terrible situation, blamed on the Israelis.

    NPR has gone over to the enemies of peace, justice and our American
    way . It is an abomination by even associating with CAIR, whose
    leaders say one thing while supporting the goals of terrorist groups.
    George Soros would have been gassed had he lived in Poland during WW2.

    Taken alone, none of the above are a danger. Put together, they
    are a part of the Islamic-fasist movement now spreading throughout
    the US.

    Hitelr started out with a few people, getting drunk in a bar.
    He wasn’t taken very seriously. He wrote a book, which no one
    took seriously.

    This Nov folks, we have a opportunity to send our leaders a message.
    Do it. Vote right.

  6. Micky 2 says:

    FOX gave Juan a 3 year 2 million dollar contract.
    Nuff said

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