Happy Swanson Dinner Thursday

On Wednesday I decided not to fight with thousands of people at an airport for the right to fly somewhere.

On Friday I have decided not to fight with thousand of people at a mall or electronics store for the right to buy something I can buy online.

I have friends and family, but this Thanksgiving Thursday is a day of calm and quiet.

I am not spending it with my family because they live 3000 miles away. I will see them next week for Hanukkah, which is a much bigger deal for me.

Most of my life is spent around people, so what is necessary from time to time is the ability to decompress. I am Type A, and have to learn how to mellow out.

So with nobody telling me I “can’t,” I shall watch 9 hours of football and pound out a Swanson (turkey, of course, with stuffing) Dinner.

Chances are food coma will force me to sleep in on Friday, which I will somehow force myself to do.

Then it is back to work.

This day off will be well spent. It is not how everybody would do it, but others do not lead my life, and I would not know how to lead theirs.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and may it be whatever works best for you.


3 Responses to “Happy Swanson Dinner Thursday”

  1. Eagle 6 says:

    While you are gorging on Swanson Turkey, save room for my favorite turkeys…the Lions… they have enough talent to beat any team in the league right now…they just don’t. Could be an upset today… Enjoy the holiday… I was thinking of introducing you to an old girlfriend’s daughter – raven-haired Jewish beauty…her Mom was stunning…then I finally tracked her down on Facebook…Mom is still stunning but more in an invasive electrical jolt to the nads kind of way, and her daughter changes her name every few weeks, so even though she is an extrovert, football and right-side politics are out! Enjoy the solitude…I love being home…I love my wife…I love my kids and grandkids…AND I love the peace that also comes with solitude!

  2. Micky 2 says:

    Awww, c’mon !

    Theres gotta be a deli near were you can at least get a hot turkey sandwich soaked in gravy

  3. Eagle 6 says:

    or you could join me in a hot plate of crow… At least the Lions were in the game for a while…

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