Liberals, Laws, Lies, and Exemptions

For those not paying attention the last few decades, here is how liberalism works.

Liberals pass laws that they know are harmful. They couch these laws in warm fuzzy language. When that is insufficient, liberals simply lie. They try to fall back on “unintended consequences,” even though the consequences were totally intended.

In the last couple years, we have seen Democrats advocating that “the rich” pay higher taxes. The reason why liberals have no problem with this is because too many of them simply don’t pay taxes. From Timothy Geithner to Kathleen Sebelius to Charles Rangel, the Democratic Party truly has become the Leona Helmsley Party. Only the little people pay taxes.

Yet the last couple years is amateur hour compared to the last few weeks. The left is getting more and more brazen, and the recent election results seem to have them trying to jam everything through now before the official change in power.

Start with environmental bigotry. Yes, I use the word bigotry. The left is actually engaging in discrimination against anybody not sharing their radical greeniac agenda, with the government actively participating in this vile behavior.

Start with “green” cars. They are a sham. The battery for the Toyota Pious…excuse me, Prius…leaves a bigger carbon footprint than most regular cars. This is consistent with “scientists” who cook the books because the data proving their theories is totally screwed up.

Yet forget that much of the environmental movement is a complete crock. The issue is that with some issues, the left knows that nobody wants what they are offering. So what is their solution? Create new rules with special carve-outs.

The Chevy Volt costs $32,500, which is a large price to pay for a hideously ugly car. Yet even Toyota Pious drivers are less than enamored with the Volt. In fact, they are…revolted.

(In shocking news, the private sector makes better cars and everything else than the government.)

This car is so universally rejected that the government is offering a $15,000 credit.

Why is this necessary? Why should people be given any credit for this monstrosity? I thought liberals were people who cared for the sake of being noble and virtuous? When did they become greedy capitalists needing to be paid for doing the right…or in their case left…thing?

Then again, liberals love being subsidized, so it does fit in that way.

Yet this is not the only exemption given to these insufferable leftist bores.

Hybrid drivers are allowed to ride in the carpool lane.

Why is this allowable? Why should these elitist snobs be allowed to avoid the traffic that everyday normal commuters have to tolerate?

If leftists want to be socially responsible, they should do it for pure reasons, not goodies and privileges at the expense of everybody else.

I have said on many occasions that if Pious drivers want to be politically on the left, that is bad enough. Just get the hell out of the left lane. The left lane is for fast drivers. Prius drivers are slow. They can deny this, but I have driven behind enough of them to know that their insufferable personalities are matched by their insufferable driving habits. It is difficult to drive fast when you are in a pretzel busy sniffing your own backside. Yes, they are noxious for the environment despite the fact they still think their’s don’t stink.

This is not about social responsibility. It is about leftists helping leftists.

For those not convinced, switch to healthcare reform.

Obamacare has many detractors and fewer supporters.

President Obama said people could keep their own doctor. This was a lie. The left knew this.

President Obama said individual costs would go down. This was a lie. The left knew this.

President Obama said mandates were necessary, and that the entire plan would fall apart without mandates.

This was truthful. Mandates are vital to the plan. Many Attorney Generals are fighting the mandates in courts, but that is a legitimate legal issue. The more sinister issue is not the mandates, but the liberal exemptions.

In 1994, liberals in Congress exempted themselves from Hillarycare. This led to Newt Gingrich offering a positive mandate in the Contract With America, that being the requirement that Congress live under the laws they pass.

In 2010, the left is still lying and cheating. Unions are being granted waivers from Obamacare.

How can this possibly be allowed?

Why should corporations be subjected to an awful law while unions are exempt?

Because the unions know it is a bad law. Barack Obama does as well. This is about doing what Obama does, which is reward friends and punish enemies. Let the evil, greedy corporations sit in the back of the bus while the noble, virtuous unions get exemptions from ill-advised laws.

If Obamacare was good, why would unions ask for exemptions?

If Obamacare was good, why would President Obama grant the exemptions?

Leftists will never be convinced because they like the system where they get to impose crippling rules on everybody else while they get exemptions. This is also the case with airport security.

The new TSA rules have been very controversial, but I am not going to wade into that now. I fly frequently, but until I fly again in a couple of weeks, I will withhold judgment on the procedures.

I am not concerned about the full body scan from a privacy standpoint. If people want to look at my body, fine. If I end up on the internet, I had better get royalties. Maybe Playgirl magazine will pay me for a copy of the scan. As for the sexual assault pat-downs, I can always request that a hot underwear model perform them.

Jokes aside, other people are more concerned than me, but until I am at the airport, I will hold off rather than spout off. I do have concerns about the radiation issue of the scans, since I fly frequently. We cannot have people getting cancer. Dentists now give people protection, but I am not sure what will happen at airports. I want to know more about the radiation issue. At this point I am not alarmist or dismissive, just inquisitive.

Yet again, all of this can wait. My problem is that leftists spend their lives trying to force equality on people when they see some people as more equal than others.

Arab Muslim women are getting exemptions from the pat-downs.

Sorry to disappoint the ACLU, but these are the exact people who should be getting increased scrutiny, not decreased.

I have said over and over that we should profile Arabs at airports. They didn’t consent to be profiled? Well I didn’t consent to 9/11 and every other terrorist attack caused by Arab Muslims claiming to want to kill us because their version of Islam desires this.

Most Arab Muslims are not terrorists. So what? Most terrorists are Arab Muslims.

If we profile, liberals claim they will change the profile. That is much more difficult to do than leftists imagine. They don’t have many wheelchair bound 90-year-olds willing to become kamikazes.

So leftists don’t want Arab Muslims to be treated in an inferior manner. Well don’t treat them superior either.

American law must supersede religious law. When Janet Napolitano says that TSA can make “adjustments” to the new rules, what she means is that Arab Muslims get exemptions while Jews and Christians don’t.

(For those wondering why leftists worship Islamists as passionately as they worship environmentalists, it is because Islamists hate Christians, conservatives, and Republicans. There is a common enemy.)

I take this personally because some imbeciles working airport security (not all of them, but too many of them) have bothered me about my Jewish hat on my head.

I am frequently asked to remove my hat and place it through the conveyor belt. I politely refuse to do so, explaining that it is a religious hat. My grandfather bought some of these hats in the 1940s, and I am not going to have a finely crafted multi-decades-old fedora be ruined by some conveyor belt.

When I refuse, most of them let me walk through, and then ask to see the inside of the hat. I take it off, and they go through it. Some of them are gentle. Others have zero concerns about ruining my hat.

Now this would not be a sore subject if everybody had to put up with this. Yet are Arab Muslims asked to take off their turbans? Of course not.

Anything hidden in my hat can also be more easily hidden in a turban.

I have known many good people who wore turbans. I am just asking for equal treatment under the law.

Here are some phrases that I now say to airport screeners.

“Do I look Arab?”

“I’m Jewish. We don’t blow stuff up.”

“You don’t check Arab turbans. My Jewish hat is not the problem.”

I really don’t care if Hussein Ibish thinks I am insensitive. I am a Jewish person being subjugated while Arab Muslims get special treatment.

From tax cheats to greeniac lunacy to healthcare lies to airport security biases, leftists have perverted the rule of law so that leftists and Islamists get a better set of rules than Christians, conservatives, and Republicans.

Either scrap the liberal laws (best case scenario) or scrap the liberal exemptions.

Liberals claim they are just tweaking laws. What they are doing is enforcing lies.

This cannot happen in my America.

Not now. Not ever.


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  1. You hit a few disparate topics here, and where “liberals” fall into these topics vary widely. You assert there are a number of “lies” at play but do not flesh out the proof of dishonesty. You also assert that somehow lawmakers are intentionally making “bad law” but in no way flesh out such a conspiracy.

    Take the electric car incentives. It’s hard to see some evil consipracy in promoting a car that produces less pollution (at least directly from itself – and the carbon footprints vary depending on where the car charges), is produced in America, and puts us on a stronger export footing, something we desparately need.

    On tax law, this is just about fair play and simple arithmetic. We’re going broke and the wealthy are not paying their share. You may disagree with that, but for many it is a plain and stark reality.

    On healthcare, you’re arguing moot. The bill is just barely kicking in, and over the long haul it is predicted to reduce costs to taxpayers and premium payers alike.

    As for airport security, that annoys everyone, but the fact that over 90 percent of people on terrorism watch lists can still buy guns in America doesn’t seem to bother you at all. So, if I were you, I’d withhold the hypocrisy for another peccadillo.


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