Eric Holder: Terrorist Enabler

Not since the Pelosiraptor threw a party last week to celebrate the “achievements” of her incompetence has one person glorified his own failure with upbeat insistence of success.

For those who do not watch the aerobics channel, President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder spend their quiet moments together in complicated gymnastics positions bent over and admiring each other’s liberal scents.

Both of these men are more concerned with repudiating their Republican predecessor than with keeping America safe and secure. Every time they screw up, they either blame the previous administration. When that does not work, they simply declare every failure a success.

This was learned from the Clinton Administration, where personal responsibility was illegal. We were told that we were “at peace.” The truth is Radical Islamists were at war with us, and the Clintonistas did nothing about it. Two of the tragedies inflicted on America while Bubba babbled were the twin attacks in 1998 on the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. These were acts of war that were never treated as such.

The man responsible for planning those attacks was Ahmed Ghalaini. For those keeping score, he is a young Arab Muslim male, bringing the percentage of terrorist attacks by this type of individual to near 100%.

Yet with Eric Holder in charge, the American Civil Liberties Union is now free to promote their “hug a terrorist” agenda. After all, hugging trees can be boring because at least terrorist respond.

(Perhaps if liberals knew that terrorists killed trees and bunny rabbits, the left might start disliking Islamists.)

In order to try to erase the very existence of George W. Bush from history, Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder decided to reverse every decision he ever made. This was reflexive. If he favored something, they had to be against it.

Coercive interrogation methods were ruled by Eric Holder to be torture. Keeping prisoners awake for hours or in stress positions was replaced with providing them Chateau Briand and Caviar and hoping that some bonding while watching cable television would lead them to being nicer.

Military Tribunals were supported by former Attorney General John Ashcroft. Since he is a religious Christian, everything he favored had to reversed lest defending America effectively be considered Christian hegemony. Now terrorists would be tried in civilian courts, with full legal protections.

Enemy combatants are now undocumented freedom fighters.

Eric Holder insisted that this strategy of treating terrorists as common criminals would work. Naysayers pointed out that civilian trials were risky. Holder insisted that convictions were a slam dunk. Given that he was not advocating rigged trials, his overconfidence was nothing more than liberal fumes wafting from the backside to the face and being inhaled more frequently than a California college student visiting the marijuana clinic.

Things got off to a bad start when a judge threw out some of the prosecution evidence because it was obtained using coercive interrogation methods. This is Eric Holder’s America, where we show our tolerance of Islamofascists, and they respond by trying harder to kill us while Holder preens for the cameras.

Holder insisted everything was fine. Then the verdict for Ghailani came in.

Not guilty on 224 of 225 counts, guilty on one conspiracy count. Not guilty on all 224 murder counts.

This was a 99.99% failure, yet Holder and Obama claimed victory. After all, one guilty count will probably mean life in prison for Mr. Ghailani.

Oh really? Not so fast.

Mr. Ghailani has a right to appeal. The conviction could be thrown out on a technicality. A second trial could take a few more years. He theoretically could be totally acquitted. He has already beaten most of the charges. This was a virtual complete failure by our government.

Eric Holder and Barack Obama have a simple plan for dealing with terrorism.

Their strategy is to repeatedly get lucky, and pray that luck does not run out.

The Christmas Day bomber in Michigan was caught on the plane trying to blow it up. Holder claimed success. He got lucky. A total failure nearly got 300 people killed. A private citizen did what the government failed to do.

The Times Square bomber was caught due to an alert hot dog vendor. Holder claimed victory. He got lucky. A total failure nearly got thousands of people killed. A private citizen did what the government failed to do.

Now Ghalaini gets acquitted for 224 murders, yet one single count of conspiracy results in a conviction. Eric Holder declares victory. He got lucky. This total failure results in the families of 224 victims never seeing real justice. The government failed.

This is the fantasy world of Eric Holder and Barack Obama.

So where do they from here?

They stall.

The plan is to wait to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammad after the 2012 election. They reason they are reasoning that if the economy recovers and there is not another terrorist attack, Mr. Obama will be reelected. Then he and Mr. Holder can just ignore the will of the people totally without pretense.

This is called rolling the dice. It is gambling with American lives.

This cannot continue.

We cannot have Americans facing intrusive body scans and intense pat-downs while Muslim women are exempted. We cannot have Jews being told to remove their fedoras while Arab Muslims keep their turbans on. Harassing 3 year old babies with formula and 90 year old grandmas with sewing needles is not the answer.

The answer is for the children in the White House to stop their adolescence and become adults like President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

This means coercive interrogation methods must be restored. KSM was waterboarded, and he gave up accurate information. Waterboarding worked.

This means keeping Guantanamo Bay open permanently, and doubled in size.

This means subjecting terrorists to military tribunals far from the reaches of the ACLU, the Jayson Blair Times, and C-Span. No more civilian trials for these monsters.

This means enforcing the death penalty, not giving terrorists life in prison where they can continue to spread global influence from behind bars.

This means staying in Afghanistan and Iraq for as long as it takes to get the job done, and stopping this nonsense of timed withdrawals designed to let our enemies know when to start attacking again.

This means allowing the worst offenders to be given to foreign allies not under pressure of the liberal media. “Renditions” are fine, since true liberals believe we should not tell other countries how to run their business. After all, we are humble now. Telling these other nations what to do would be arrogant.

This means not allowing Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder to go on tv and babble about “sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, and everything that’s wonderful.”

God forbid there is another terrorist attack, blaming George W. Bush won’t cut it.

Eric Holder and  Barack Obama will absolutely have blood on their hands.

It is not too late for them to take off their diapers and grow up.

Eric Holder does not have to be remembered as a terrorist enabler.

He does not have to watch Americans get murdered by 3rd world genocidal lunatics.

He could try and spend his focus keeping American safe, which is a fancy way of saying he should just do his job.

The terrorists are led by warriors. Our government is led by social workers.

The result is dead Americans and triumphant terrorists.

The Ghailani trial was not a victory for American values.

It was a victory for Islamofascist barbarism.

Everybody outside of Holder and Obama can see this.

Unlike them, our heads are attached to our necks, not up our hides where the sun fails to shine and logical reasoning fails to breathe.


Very important update: At 12:12 PST I received a telemarketing call from a group claiming to be a politically conservative organization. The recorded message said that we had a “traitor” in America named Barry Sotero, also known as Barack Obama.

I find this deeply offensive. Barack Obama and his lackeys are doing a terrible job, and deserve to be fired in 2012 (Eric Holder should resign now). To call them traitors is unacceptable, and I categorically and unequivocally reject such language.

I trust that nobody officially with the Republican Party would ever send such a stupid robocall. This was definitely an outside group.

I could have ignored this and never reported it, but somebody else would have. My blog is about combating ideological bigotry and promoting integrity. I will continue to dedicate the next two years to verbally fighting President Obama when he is wrong (almost always), giving him credit when he is right (virtually never), and sticking to policy.

I will never question his patriotism. He is simply a lousy leader who is wrong on the issues.


4 Responses to “Eric Holder: Terrorist Enabler”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    I’m so disgusted theres not much I could say that you wouldnt delete

  2. lexi says:

    very well written, its funny and brutally true the same time – thanks and consider me a new regular of your site :D

  3. Micky 2 says:

    Ironically…its “National Toilet Day”


  4. Dav Lev says:

    Eric Holder has been waxing and waning on this thing about
    GITMO prosecutions for 2 years now.

    There are about 170 detainees remaining. No state wants them tried
    in their court (New York State offered a prison, it has many prisons upstate with lots of concertina wire for anyone not famlilar. Prisons in
    upstate NY are its source of stable revenue and employment.
    (See NYState Troopers at any street corner.with their large gray hats
    and uniforms..looking like the Gestapo and acting similarly).

    As far as the remaining terrorists, they are not exactly pussycats.
    Try them all in military courts..find them innocent and release them to
    their home countries, or convict them..and use a 12.00 hangmans noose.
    Its fast, easy and inexpensive.

    It costs taxpayers money to keep them forever.

    As far as their gaining sympathy and recuits in the outside world
    while detained..I mean, do they need any excuse to kill Americans?
    Come on.

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