Shut down all California Universities

Despite the holiday season, politics has not taken a holiday. In fact, the cauldron has blown. Between Wikileaks and the left’s obsession with raising taxes (I will get to them next week), I need to be cloned (heaven help us all) to get to everything.

Yet today I am delighted that England is channeling its inner California as students riot for the sake of rioting. Europistan is a lost cause. It is not my continent. At the rate it is going, it might be incontinent but not a continent. Their students are their problem. I live in California, and I will not sit silently as young thugs terrorize my state.

California is broke.

In an attempt to close a budget shortfall created by failed leftist policies, tough choices need to be made.

(Liberals love to blame conservatives for everything, but liberals have controlled California for decades. High taxes and excessive anti-business regulations, the twin loves of liberals, have destroyed the state. Our most recent governor was a liberal despite having an “R” next to his name. He caved to the left and continued the wreckage.)

Since raising taxes any further would kill California for good,  fee hikes of a variety of sources are necessary.

Naturally, the people who contribute virtually nothing to the tax base are the ones insisting on their God given right to continue to be parasites.

College students do not want to pay more, under the illusion that higher education is a right.

Sorry to disappoint those taking 7 years to get their degree in Homo-Vegan Chicano studies, but they are not needed in my state. They can go somewhere else.

It is time to declare the public universities in California to be complete failures. It is time to shut them down.

The students will not be hurt. They can move to Arizona or Nevada or anywhere else and get an education. For those afraid that this will hurt the California economy, just the opposite is true. Drains on society will be removed, and these people will come back when the economy improves. The weather is too good to keep them away.

As for “academics” losing their jobs, so be it. People used to make good livings picking cotton until the cotton gin came along. The automobile made the horse and buggy obsolete.

People can get an education anywhere. They can go online and get degrees. There is no need for physical universities. College football players can just become minor leaguers, which every other sport has.

All academics do is produce the next generation of Homo-Vegan Chicano Studies majors.

I am tired of people who produce nothing encouraging other non-producers to expect actual workers to do any more and pay any more.

In this world people either show value or get crushed. Workers are leaving California for lower tax bases while students continue to drain the state coffers.

I would not feel this way if California students were actually getting real degrees and learning how to become bankers, doctors, and corporate attorneys. We do not need any more protesters who major and skill in nothing but protesting.

Students will claim that they should not take the blame for the economy because they did not create the mess. True. They are the descendants of the hippies who decided that more drugs and less entrepreneurship was the wave of the progressive future. While Texans were busy drilling for oil, Californians were training their students on how to speak to dolphins and seals to get them to sue big oil. Californians may not speak English, but at least we have kids who can speak fluent Dolphin.

As for the brick and mortar buildings, we should convert them into prisons, since the criminals are already there.

We can start by closing the liberal arts colleges. Business and medical schools can stay open for now.

For now, all students should be forced to show that they know basic relevant skills before being allowed to get an education here.

They must be able to balance a checkbook, name 6 Supreme Court Justices, read at a 10th grade level, and show proof that they have the intention of getting a real degree. If it did not exist 20 years ago, it is not a real degree. Exceptions can be made for technology and the internet, but “Internet Homo-Vegan Chicano Studies” is not acceptable.

The money we could save should be returned to the tax payers. Yes, I am crazy enough to advocate tax cuts for real, actual workers. It is a revolutionary concept that academics and their students would not grasp.

When a business is faced with bankruptcy, it has to ruthlessly cut costs or die forever.

California is a failing business. Either it gets rid of dead weight, or it dies.

Our education system can no longer be “reformed.” We could sooner win a Great Society War on Poverty than fix these broken institutions of lower learning.

Shut down all public California universities.

We can’t afford them, and they don’t deliver the results necessary to bring a reasonable return on investment any time ever.

California can become great again, but only by shutting up protesters and forcing them to get real jobs at real companies where they can learn to do real work with real value.

This training can be learned, but not at California universities. Look at who is doing the teaching.

It is hopeless. The only solution is for education to go all virtual and treat public universities like Old Yeller.


2 Responses to “Shut down all California Universities”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    Eric is over generalizing the problem of state schools.

    Some school departments are absolutely necessary for
    the growth of our state, our nation, and services we all need
    and do utilize.

    For years, I have been against the Universtiy of California
    requiring 4 years of a liberal eduation, to enter graduate school.

    2 years of a language are demanded at the UofCal system.

    Other than Spanish, I ask why? Okay, so German might
    be a pre-requisitive for anyone needing a MA or PhD in the scieces.
    But for a pre-med degree or zoologiy?

    I am remidned of a friend who simply didn’t make it over 4 years.
    At least one-third dont of freshman.

    He had personal problems..and perhaps was simply not a good student,
    albeit doing okay in high school.

    He wound up working in a simple job for a civil service agency.
    That job required only an 8th grade education to be honest.

    True, some students go on to get post doctorates, or degrees in
    law, medicine, the sciences. A fraction do.

    Then there are the Mrs. degrees..not someones joke, but
    reality. I mean how many females ever utilize their education
    beyond nursing (a baby that is), or food science ( feeding baby food)?

    Let be honest.

    Trade schools teach people a career, how to work on an actual job.
    Colleges allow students to remain children for a few more years,
    paid for by their indulging parents, charity, grants, or we taxpayers.
    (Id like to know what percentage of student loans are ever paid back?).

    Yes, we must compete with India, China, and Japan accademically.
    But extending the school day and year, as proposed by Obamas
    man in education is simply impractic al, tedious, and a waste of time.

    Its not the time, but the quality, of both students and facilty.

    You want good teachers, pay for them, dont destroy their incentives by
    grading them on the grades of students who probably should be in the army or civil service (two that always need personnel).

    Some students just dont appreciate learning English literature,
    or algebra or physics. I mean, when was the last time
    all of us used these skills. As far as knowing about vacuols..
    well you tell me?

    If X plus Y plus Z equals..get my point!

    95% of students do routine work, after graduating.
    5% need a higher degree.

    As far as those students who protest fees….let them eat cake,
    or learn how to make pastry in a bakery.

    I like watching college basketball and football. I enjoy
    seeing grown men run up and down a field or court, attempting
    to throw a ball into a bucket or ran it into an end zone.
    I really do.

    However, after so many decades of watching the above..
    who cares? Does anyone remember Karem or Bill Kilmer?
    Are they important?

    The Lakers beat the Clippers by one point. I thought they would
    lose. But really, who cares?

  2. It’s funny that you write this post now. I understand your position. It is the mainstream Republican thought on the matter. Yet it still so diametrically opposes reality.

    Americans are continuing to fall behind the rest of the world in education.

    An no, it’s not because they’re all getting “liberal” educations. In fact, not many of us get much of an an education in the first place, let alone a “liberal” one.

    Most degrees attained are in business and services, not “Homo-Vegan Chicano studies.” That metaphor really represents just a tiny percentage of disiplines.

    The fact of the matter is that America woefully lags behind our competitor nations in educational investment, especially at the university level. The GOP answer? Cut university investment. Is there any good thing conservatives would like to do for America, or would they prefer to only have an impotent government that never does anything other than enforce the police and military states?


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